Story of Friendship and Love – Part 3


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So here is the next part

Sanky got shocked when he saw ragini. Ragini was sitting on her bed like a lifeless body, she had puffy eyes, her pale face had stains of tears. On her body there were marks. It looked like someone had beaten her very badly with belt. Sanky was crying seeing his best friend in that state. He composed himself went towards ragini
Sanky(while sitting beside ragini): rago, look your sanky came(very calmly)
Ragini just sat there without any expressions
Sanky(cupping her face): rago please look at me please look your sanky is here
Ragini looked at him and suddenly she started beating him and yelling
Ragini(beating sanky and yelling): noo go away please dont hit me dont hit please I beg of you. Please…. And she fell unconsious. Sanky got shocked seeing his best friend behaving like this and when she fainted sanky got even more shocked
Sanky(tensed): rago wake up rago come on wake up and he yells: ARJUN come fast.
Listening to sanky arjun ran upstairs along with dida and sumi
Arjun: what happened sanky
And sanky told everything to them. Arjun gave ragini an injection
Arjun: dont worry sanky I gave her the injection let her rest for sometime
Sanky: maa do you mind if I take rago to dida’s house. I cant let her stay here for a second with that mr. Gadodia
Sumi(worried for ragini): yeah sanky take her to maa(dida) house
Then sanky picked ragini up in bridal style and went out of the room. Before they could step out of the house shekhar stopped them
Shekhar: Stop sanskaar dont you dare to take my daughter away from here
Sanky(sarcasticly): your daughter ha ha. What you have dond withe your daughter an enemy wouldn’t even do it. You literally sold your daughter to that monster. And if you try to stop me mr. Gadodia I swear I’ll get you jailed and that to life imprisonment
Shekhar got shocked plus scared after listening to sanky. Then sanky took ragini to bose house and he placed ragini on bed.
Sanky:maa dida arjun you guys go take some rest I’ll stay with rago here
The trio just nodded and went to their rooms
Sanky looked at ragini’s dull face and he became teary eyed and started thinking of their friendship

There is a knock on the door of bose house. Dida opened the door and saw a couple with a boy of 5yrs standing outside the woman was almost 6months pregnant.
Dida(very happy): ram sujata finally you both came to India.
Rp(taking blessings from dida): yes maa finally.
Sujata was going to take blessings from dida when the little boy spoke
Boy: mamma dont do it, baby will get hurt na
Dida: aww dont worry son I wont let your mamma bend okay. Now happy
Boy nodded smiling
Dida: and what’s your name
Boy: Sanskaar Ramprasad Kashyap
Dida: wow sanskaar such a nice name
Everyone went inside the house. Then sumi came
Sumi(very happy): sujataaa omg finally I’m seeing you after 7yrs and hugged sujata
Sujata hugging sumi back: even I’m very happy to see you
Rp coughing to get their attention
Rp: dear saali sahiba even I came back to India after 7yrs
Sumi: ohh my jiju got angry(holding her ears) sorry jiju
Rp smiled at her and gave her a side hug
Then sumi went to sanky
Sumi: hello sanskaar
Sanky: hello aunty
Sumi gave him chocolates and sanky gave her kiss on her cheeck. Just then a girl of 5yrs came running inside the house. She was fully drenched and had mud on her clothes and face. Sanky saw her and went to his dad and took his handkerchief went to the girl. He wiped the mud of her face. The elders were smilimg looking at sanky’s antics
Sumi: ragini what were you doing outside and you’re fully drenched
Ragini(puppy face): maa I was dancing in the rain but suddenly I fell in the mud
Sumi: ok come let me change your dress. And they went to ragini’s room. After sometime they came back. Ragini greeted everyone.
Dida: ragini wont you show your room to sanskaar
Ragini: yes dida come lets go. She hold sanky hand and went to her room
Soon both of them became friends. Rp and sujata stayed there for almost 2yrs. Preeti started a little bit walking. Ragini and sanky never left her hand. Both of them went together to school and they became best friends. One day ragini told him
Ragini: sanskaar why do you have such al long name
Sanky: so you find my name to long then call me sanky na everyone in school calls me like that
Ragini: noo I will give you a name and only I can call like that
Sanky smiled at her. Suddenly she yelled
Ragini(shouting happily): I know what I will call
Sanky: ok tell me my new name
Ragini(very happy): adi I will call you adi
Sanky: but why adi
Ragini: just like that
Their bonding became stronger day by day amd only ragini called sanky as adi and of someone else called him adi she used to beat that person. They even used to adress eachother parents, they called sumi maa and rp and sujata as mom and dad and preeti was their princess

Sanky was smiling thinking about their childhood. His chain of thoughts was broken by sumi’s voice
Sumi: sanky
Sanky: yes maa come sit
Sumi thank you so much for coming
Sanky: maa dont thank me. Does a mother even thank her son(fake anger)
Sumi: sorry beta I really didn know how to handle ragini I was so broken to see her like that
Sanky: dont worry maa I’m here I promise you I’ll make her my old rago. And he thinks about the phone convo

Sanky gets the call. He gets happy seeing the caller id
Sanky: hello maa how are you
Sumi(crying): sankyy
Sanky(worried): maa what happened why are you crying is there any problem
Sumi(crying): sanky ragini..
Sanky(very tensed): what happened to her pls tell(almost crying)
Sumi: sanky that samrat mallik has beaten her very badly and has thrown her out of hos house. She’s sitting like a lifeless body. Pls do something(crying)
Sanky(shocked): WHATT
Sanky got very angry on that samrat mallik
Sanky: dont worry maa I’m coming and I will not spare that mallik.
Flashback ends

Hope you all like this part. If there are any suggestions they are most welcome

Precap: maybe some more flashbacks and ragini getting consious

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Who is samrat? Ragini husband? Loved ragsan bond..cant wait to read more

    1. Khushiii

      Yes he is ragini’s husband

  2. superbbb episode dear…loved dere childhood days…dey r sooo adorable!!!waitng for nxt part eagerly..
    ..keep rockng dear take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Khushiii

      Thank you so much Fairy

  3. Akshata

    poor poor ragini, but loves ragsan’s bonding. what happened in their past that cost her so much?

    1. Khushiii

      Thank you so much and you’ll get to know soon

    1. Khushiii

      Thank you so much

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    1. Khushiii

      Thank you so much

  5. Ragsan scenes are cute, can’t bare this samrat?

    1. Khushiii

      Thank you so much

    1. Khushiii

      Thank you so much

  6. SNY

    Amazing dr

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    u din tell me ur writing kushii??????? i will read and let u knw my thoughts aand give me link of previous epi kushiii

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