Story of Friendship and Love Part 11(swasan raglak)

Hey guys. So sorry for late update. And thank you so much for the comments it really means alot to me.So here is the next part

Ragini was preparing breakfast when laksh came hiding from everyone and back hugged her and rested his chin on her neck
Rago: laksh what are you doing. What if someone sees us
Laksh: shhhss no one will see us dont worry. (he turned her around and put his hands around her neck). Now give me a kiss jaldi
Rago: no way. Leave pls(pushing him away)
Laksh: no give me a kiss and I’ll leave promise
Rago tried alot to send him from there, but laksh was very stubborn. Finally rago gave up
She was about to kiss him. They were just inches apart then laksh felt splash of water on his face and got up with a jerk.
Laksh(shocked): tsunamiiii(shouting)
Then he heard someone laughing. He was surprised to see the person
Laksh: SWARA ki bachi I wont leave you now.
And he started chasing her in the whole room

Swara: what happened lucky monkey(laughing)
Just then ap entered the room. She got shocked seeing the scenario. The room was messed up
Ap(shouting): stop it!!! (to laksh) what is this laksh
Laksh: maa dont shout on me it’s this swara who began first
Swara(innocently): huuh what did I do
Laksh: maa you know I was just about to kiss rago and this girl poured water on me
Swara&ap: whatttt
Then laks realised what he said and bit his tongue
Ap&swara burst out in laughter looking at his face
Swara: bua I think that you should get him married to his rago(teasingly)
Ap: haan otherwise he will only dream about her and their incomplete kiss
Laksh was embarrassed and ran to the bathroom and here ap&swara burst out in laughter

Sanky was in his room combing his hair when rago came
Rago: gm
Sanky: gm rago rani
Rago: I forgot to ask you one thing
Sanky: what
Rago: why does swara’s dad hate you so much
Sanky: woh actually he wanted a rich son-in-law
Rago: hmmm ok(realised what he said) whattt!!! Rich son-in-law. Doesnt he know who you’re
Sanky: nope I never told him swara doesnt know either
Rago: but why
Sanky: arey you know na that I never come infront of media. Everyone thinks that SK is sahil. They dont know that I am SK sanskaar kashyap. Actually when swara saw sahil for the first time she was so nervous. She has lots of respect for SK. So I decided not to tell her my real identity. And her dad wanted her to marry SK but when he got to know that sahil is already married he got heartbroken(he said with expression)
Rago just looked at him for a min. And then both burst in a laughter
Rago: okay lets have bf now
Sanky: you go I’ll come
Rago went and just then sanky got a call

Phone convo
Sanky: hey laksh
Laksh: hey sanskaar listen my parents wanted come to baadi to talk about our(raglak) marriage
Sanky(very happy): yeah sure when are you coming
Laksh: in the evening
Sanky: ok see you later bye
Laksh: bye
Sanky cut the call and rushed downstairs and told everyone what laksh said.
Everyone was happy and rago was blushing listening to sanky

The maheshwari entered baadi with swara. Everyone in bose house got shocked to see swara same happened with swara seeing everyone except for sumi,dida& rago as she didnt know them. Everyone greeted each other and took seat
Sumi: ap ji where is Laksh
Ap: he went to park the car, he must be coming
The youngsters didnt speak as they were still in shock. At that time sanky was coming to hall from his room when he slipped due to water on the floor and got hurt on his forehead. Everyone ran to him except for sumi. Cause someone called her from outside. Swara got shocked to see him. Rago panicked seeing sanky head bleeding
Rago(panicks): kavita call the doctor fast. Look how much he is bleeding
Dp: swara beta pls do something
Swara: make him sit on the sofa, guys
They made sanky sit and swara started doing dressing of his wound. Suddenly they heard sumi’s voice very loudly as if she was shouting on someone. Sanky didnt care about his wound and ran outside. There he saw shekhar and sumi arguing. Shekhar was about to slap sumi when sanky held his hand and stood infront of sumi
Sanky(angry): how dare you mr. Gadodia

Shekhar(angry): leave my hand sanskaar. Its between me and my wife
Sanky: wife???(jerked his hand) No mister she is only our mother and not your wife.
Sanky and shekhar started their heated arguement. Suddenly rago shouted
Rago(shouting): STOP IT. Just stop it dammit.(to shekhar) mr. Gadodia pls leave from here and(angry) adi go inside right now and get your dressing completed. At that time laksh also came inside. Swara did sanky dressing
Rago(to ap&dp): uncle aunty do you know about my past(nervously)
Ap went and sat beside rago(cupping her face): yes beta sanlak told us everything about you. And we are very proud to get you as our dil. Ap&dp blessed rago
Dp(to sumi dida& ramta): when do you all think will be good day for their engagement
Everyone was very happy. And they decided that the engagement will be after 2days. Raglak were very happy. Laksh winked? at rago while she was blushing?. The maheswaris left, but suddenly swara came back.
Sumi: swara beta what happened
Swara: aunty I wanted to request you all pls dont tell bua uncle and especially laksh about us(swasan) if they get to know about it I fear he’ll break this alliance(folding her hands) pls dont tell them
Everyone nodded. Swara left from there.

So so so finally I uploaded this ff. I am very sorry guys I know I take too much time to upload my ff but what to do my studies dont give me time to write. But now I’ll try to be regular. Thank you once again for reading and commenting

Precap: raglak ki engagement❤

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