Story of Friendship and Love – Part 10 (swasan raglak)

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Sanky: swara
Rago(confused): who is she
Sanky: she was my wife
Rago got shocked: what!! Was matlab?
Is she…
Sanky: nooo yaar we’re divorced
Rago: why didnt anyone tell me about it
Sanky: I told everyone not to tell you actually when that servant of samrat said that you dont wanna see my face then I thought that you dont want to keep any relation with me. And then that samrat chapter you were already tensed so I didnt want to disturb you
Rago: tell me everything about her(smiling)
Sanky: well her name is swara. Swara verma daughter of bussiness man Vikram verma. She’s a doctor and now she’s in New York or India or I dont know(chuckles)
The first time when I saw her I was just lost in her. She was perfect.

Third person’s pov
Sanskaar saw her for the first time in a park. He was there with Sahil and rp. It was so he boring so thought to play a prank on someone. He wrote I love you on a paper and gave it to a child who saw playing there amd told him to give it to the girl who was sitting on a bench and tell her that rp send it for her. The kid ran towards the girl gave her the paper and told her what sanky said to him. Sanky couldnt see the girl’s face as he was facing her back. The girl read the paper and turned to rp. She came to rp and started shouting on him, while sanhil were hiding behind a tree and wathing everything but still sanky could she her face. When the girl was about to slap rp sanky ran to them.


Sanky: hey hey stop miss
Then swara looked at him and sanky was mesmerised to see and said
Sanky: I love you(still lost in her)
Girl: excuse me
Sanky came back to his senses and said
Sanky: I’m really sorry miss actually it was just a prank really sorry(holding his ears and puppy face)
The girl just smiled looking at sanky
Girl: its okay but dont do this again okay
Sanky: done(saluting her)

The girl started laughing seeing his antics. And sanky was lost in her again. And the girl went from there
After a week rp got health issues so sanhil took him to the hospital and there sanky saw her again and this time in doctors clothes. She was looking so beautiful that he couldnt take his eyes of her. Coincidently she was the one who was treating rp. Sanky went to talk to her into her cabin
Sanky(knocking on the door): may I come in
Doctor(looking to her files): come in
Doctor saw him and gave a warm smile and that was it for sanky he was mesmerised to see her
Doctor: hey pls sit. I’m swara
Sanky: hi(sitting). I’m sanskaar actually my dad is your patient
Swara: mr. Ramprasad??
Sanky: yup
Swara: dont worry he’s fine now
Sanky: thanx
Like this they started meeting always they became friends. Sanky who fell in love with her at first sight, was falling again and again in love with her. Even swara started developing feelings for sanky. One day sanky decided to tell her his feelings. He called swara to a place.
Swara came to the place she was wearing a pink dress with diamond work on it. The place was very dark and she getting a lil scared
Swara(lil scared): sanskaar where are you

Just then the lights get turned on. The hall was full of swara’s photos. Swara’s happiness had no boundaries but she wanted to see the person who had done all this(sanskaar. And there he was in a black tuxedo he was holding a big card in his hands on which was written I Love you Swara. Swara was just looking at him as he was walking to her. Sanky sat on his knees still holding the card
Sanky: swara I’m very bad with those chessy lines which you in the movies. All I can say is that I fell in love with you that day only when I saw you in the park. So miss swara will you marry me
Swara had tears in her eyes.

Sanky: plz say fast my knees are hurting me will you marry me
Swara(shouting happily): yes yes yes I will marry you sanskaar
Sanskaar took her in a bone crushing hug which was full of love. After somedays they got married. It was a simple wedding only the friends parents except for sumi and dad of swara. Swasan were very happy to be witj each other.

Rago: so when you both were so happy toh divorce kyun
Sanky narrated the rest of the story

Sanky’s pov
I was at office when kavita called to come home immediatly. I went to home. Swara was sitting on bed with kavita sitting beside her. I got tensed but when she told me that she was pregnant I was so so so happy. After that I almost never went to work. I was always with her. But phir ek aisa toofan aya ki hamari zindagi hi barbad kardi. One day preeti’s friend shanaya came to meet us. Swara was not at home that time. Shanaya came to my room we talked about random things and it was time for her to leave. When something went in her eyes I started blowing in her eyes and at that time swara came to the room. I didnt see her as my back was at the door side. And she misunderstood us she thought that I was kissing shanaya. And she shouted my name
Swara(angry): sanskaar
Sanskaar turned her side and was shocked to see her so angry
Sanky(calmly): jaan what happened why are you so angry
Swara(angry): you are asking what happened you cheated on me how could you sanskaar(crying) why did you do this to me
Sanky who wasnt getting anything asked
Sanky: jaan what did I do
Just thwn swara threw some photos on his face
Swara: this is what you did
Sanky got shocked to see those photos it were pictures of him and a girl in intimating position

Sanky: no shona thes pics are fake I didnt do anything
Swara(very angry): dont you dare call me shona mr. Sanskaar. No I have seen your true face. I hate you
Sanky(trying to convince her) noo I didnt do anything I love you dammit I love you more than anything why will I do this
Swara: just shut up sanskaar stop lying
You know dad was right I shouldnt have married you.

Sanskaar crying: I didnt do anything please believe me
Swara: I dont wanna see your face again in my life you blo*dy Womanizer. And this was it for sanky. He could bear anything but couldnt hear his love calling him a womanizer who only knows how to use women
Sanky(angry): stop it just stop it swara. How many times should I tell you that I didnt do anything.
Swara: stop shouting sanskaar. Now I want only one thing
Sanky: what
Swara: divorce

Sanky was heartbroken and on a verge of crying: pls dont pls shona. I wont be able to live without you
Swara: I dont wanna hear anything I want a divorce. And she left the room angrily. She was going downstairs when she slipped and fell. Sanky came running to her and brought her to the hospital. There the doctor said that swara had a miscarriage. Sanky was now completely broken. He wanted to meet swara but swara’s dad didnt let him see her. The next day sanky got divorce paper that swara sent

Sanky(teary eyed): I gave her everything rago everyrhing she wanted when she asked for divorce I gave her that too.(breaksdown)
Rago hugged him while consoling him: shhh adi. She was consoling sanky but she was also crying listening swasan past and sanky’s breakdown. Rago made him sleep on bed and went to her room to sleep

So so so sorry guys actually my school us started so thats why I couldnt update from so many days. Hope you all liked this part. Thanks once again for those comments and for reading. Lots of love

Precap: maheshwaris in baadi and swara ki entry

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