story: friendship or love (part 1)

She heard the doorknob turning but as usual ignored it.
“Get up Sam.”
She heard her mother entering her room. She didn’t get up instead tried to go again in her deep, stress-free slumber.
“Get up girl. Are you going to sleep this late in your in-law’s home too?”
Ah. Again In-laws. She was fed up of it. Marriage and in laws. Ideal wife and daughter in law. It irritated her to the core. The talks about her marriage.
“Ma. Its a Sunday today. Let me sleep”, she mumbled out irritated.
“I know its a Sunday today. That’s why I am asking you to get up. The guy’s family is coming to meet you. Get up or you will be late.”, her mother warned her again and snatched the sheets from Sam and started folding them.
Ahh. Not again. She was tired of all this. Proposals for marriage and the so called meets between the families.
“Not again”, she spoke her mind out.
“What do you mean by not again. I know you don’t want to marry. But think about us. Are you going to be a burden on us for lifetime? Do you want us to face those pitiful looks and hear those ungrateful and taunting advice from the society?” , Sam’s mum spoke.
“But..I was just saying that….”,she wanted to continue but she was cut off in the middle of her sentence.
“Just get ready fast.” Came the nonchalant reply.
And with that her mum went out of the room leaving her hurt and annoyed to the core. Mum wasn’t like that , she thought. Something had happened. Her family never considered a burden. And her mum wasn’t like this. She wondered what made her say this. Whatever it may be but her mum had hurt her bad. She was burden for them now. She asked herself if she wasn’t self-sufficient. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She wasn’t emotionally weak but this talk at the start of the day was not just bearable.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the continuous ringing of her phone. She picked the phone from the lamp side table and looked at the dialer’s name. It was Radhika, her best friend. Actually her soul sister. They knew each other since they were eleven years old. They had been in the same school. Though their college was different but they kept in touch. Sam rejected the call as she knew picking it up would mean Radhika knowing about what happened recently. And then her mood would be off too. Radhika could read her face well. Arjun too could but there was only one who was best at it and it was Neil. But she and Neil were not on talking terms yet. And it was usual. Their fights. Patch-ups.
Sam was lost in Neil’s thoughts when the phone rang again. Oh she couldn’t pick it up. Radhika would feel bad too if she came to know of it. And Sam didn’t want it to happen as Radhika was getting married. To Arjun. They both loved each other but they hadn’t confessed it till now. They were marrying as their families wanted them to marry. Those idiots wouldn’t confess even now.
Radhika would not confess as she thought that Arjun would mock her. Or it would affect their friendship. And Arjun too wouldn’t confess it. Anyone else would say that he didn’t confess as he was egoistic or unexpressive. But it wasn’t like that. Arjun didn’t want to confess. And that’s it. Well they both were crazy. Mocking each other. Teasing. Ranting about each other all day and night. They were cute.

Arjun, Radhika, Neil & Sam were childhood friends. They were together since their sixth grade. Though they weren’t friends then. Though they all were together since long but Sam and Neil didn’t get along well until they were in the same college and sharing the same apartment. Actually Neil’s apartment. They spent time together and became friends.
And now they were the fantastic four. Sharing everything with each other. Joys. Sorrows. Happiness. Sadness. Appreciations. Scoldings. Everything.
Sam was happy to have such great friends. But she didn’t want to spoil their mood now.
The phone rang again. This time it wasn’t Radhika but Arjun. Radhika would have told Arjun that Sam wasn’t picking her call. God why were they so caring. Sam wasn’t going to pick it up anyway because her voice would tell them that she wasn’t fine & then they would worry for her. She waited for the phone to stop ringing and then put it on silent.

She got up and took out her clothes from the closet and went to the washroom to freshen up for the so called meet between the boy’s and her family.
After being in the shower for about 20 minutes , she came out of the washroom wearing a tight skinned black jeans and a pink shirt. She went up to her dressing table and saw her reflection in the mirror. It was not just a mirror but it was her companion who knew her since a long time. It was the same mirror in which she saw herself every time any guy came up with a proposal and every time when she was rejected. She was just tired of all this , tired of all the rejections and the accusing stares of all those guys. This was not what she dreamt of, not even a bit of it, she sighed heavily. Then her hands went to the drawer and she took out a comb from the drawer. Now holding it in her slender hands , she went deep into the thoughts of her ideal marriage and husband. She wanted such a partner who would accept her as she was , an idiot , a fanatic and a complete mess ; she wanted a partner who wouldn’t ask her to change according to the norms of the society; someone who would know of her pain even though she tries hard to hide it and above all she wanted a husband who wouldn’t be interested in taking away her Virginity , yes she wanted to be a virgin , a virgin mom . She had planned to adopt a girl after her marriage. Actually she didn’t want to marry because she thought that marriage meant having kids with your partner , biological kids but being a virgin was her utopian vision in this cruel and mean society .
Even though every marriage is not about having one’s kid but it was her society , her relatives and her own family who made her think that marriage was all about se*. And her mom wanted to get her married because she didn’t know about her daughter’s utopian vision. Sam never talked to anyone except her friends about her wish because she knew that this would create a huge uproar in her family and there would be no peace at all in her home sweet home . Though she always told her family that she didn’t want to marry but they took it lightly and never asked the reason.
A knock on the door brought her out of the foggy collection of her memories. She turned around to see her mum standing at the half open door .
“Sam, dear, I didn’t want to hurt you with my words. I am just worried for you. I hope you will understand. You know about Abhay’s affair and how eager he is to marry that girl. Right ?”, Sam’s mum, Mrs.Piyali soothed out the words with increasing moisture in her eyes.
“Mum, I know about him and I understand your concern and I am not upset with you . How can I be upset with my cutie pie ?”, Sam replied trying to hide her hurt heart. She was hurt with her mum’s words but it would only hurt her mum if she said that she was hurt and she didn’t want to hurt her mom. Her mom had faced many problems when Sam was a teenager. As for Abhay ,since their childhood Sam literally wanted to slap him hard for his deeds. He was the rowdy, arrogant,rude , ill – mannered boy since his childhood . He was just one year and two months younger to Sam and this was the reason why he would never ever listen to Sam. He never considered her elder to him. He was like this only, she concluded at last in her foggy mind.
“Ma don’t worry , you go prepare breakfast, I will be there in half an hour …. smile ” , Sam completed her sentence and her mom nodded and went out of the room closing the door behind her and once again Sam went into her memories ….

Abhay would never respect her but this time he didn’t even care for the family and it was just too much . Presently , his girlfriend Anshita ,was bearing his child, illegitimate child.
When Sam first heard about Anshita from Abhay , he was in 8th standard and he had accepted that he had a crush on one of his classmates. When asked about her name , Abhay told that the girl’s name was Anshita. He was in 8th standard then and Sam therefore didn’t care much about the issue. Later when Abhay went to college for higher studies , one day she caught him with a girl far away from his college campus during his college hours. When she asked him about it he introduced her to the girl , Anshita , his college friend and said that it was the first time he was bunking his college and that too for just a few hours . Sam left them there and went home . ‘Ya , he’s bunking for the first time and he isn’t a small kid anymore . And he doesn’t like my interference in his issues , so why should I gave a damn to him ‘ , she thought on her way back home. But suddenly the white Hyundai Verna she was driving, screeched and came to a halt as her memory cleared, ‘ ‘Anshita? ……isn’t she his schoolmate? What were they both doing together? Is Abhay having an affair? ‘, she thought . ‘Let him be , why do you care ? ‘ her inner self taunted at her such a caring attitude towards her undeserving brother. She agreed with her inner conscious and drove home . Few days later , she went to Delhi as she was studying in a reputed MBA college in Delhi and she soon forgot about her brother. Years flew by and she completed her MBA and returned home. Abhay too had completed his engineering at his college and was now just enjoying on their dad Mr. Samrat’s hard earned money . Sam worked as a CEO in a MNC for three years . These years gave her the most important teachings of life and she earned a lot of money as she didn’t spend even a penny of her salary because her father didn’t let her.” Save your salary for your future ” , her father would say this every time she asked him the reason for refusing her to spend her salary. And in the years that followed , she came to know the reason ,when she thought of resigning from her post to set up a company of her own and she discussed about it with her dad. He was happy that she wanted to do something on her own unlike and contrary to her brother. He provided her money too to invest in the share market and to establish her own office . Slowly and gradually , her office grew in size as her investment increased and people got to know about her skills at accounts . Many MNCs offered her jobs but she rejected them all. Her two room office soon expanded and she established her empire in Jammu, her hometown and in Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. She was a well known name among the top business icons due to her rise in business in such a short time period and that too without any family background. This was the reason she got many proposals for marriage. She became a reputed personality and a billionaire after a struggle of just five years. But one may call it her destiny that none of those proposals was successful. At first she wasn’t unhappy for being rejected. But things changed when her family got to know of her brother’s deed. He was going to become a dad but his relation was an illegitimate one. Anshita and Abhay were not married legally and this was the reason her mum wanted Sam to get married before Abhay’s reality comes in front of the society. Her mum thought that if Abhay’s truth came out, it would defy Sam’s name too. People would think that Sam too had such an affair. People would say “like brother,like sister. This habit of illegitimate affairs is in their blood. Brother was also involved in making someone pregnant before marriage and so the sister would also have been pregnant with someone’s child.”
Sam understood her mum’s concern now but she felt that her mum’s concern would just smother her someday. ‘Why should she marry in a hurry ? And that too because her brother has done something. He is just having an affair and it is his life. Sam was never against Abhay being in a relationship until he took responsibility of the girl. But her family was an orthodox one. Although she was never against affairs, she herself was never in a relationship. She had got many proposals during her college times but she rejected them all. She never wanted to be in a relationship. Yeah there was a time when Neil claimed to be her boyfriend but he wasn’t serious about it. Was he?

She would have supported Abhay if it wasn’t about Anshita’s respect. But if Abhay doesn’t marry Anshita then her respect will be at stake in their Orthodox Indian society where being pregnant before marriage is such a crime that the girl won’t even get a place in hell, along with this she will get a tag of ‘being characterless’ as a special gift.

‘If Abhay and Anshita are serious about the relationship and have faith on each other then why the hell is her family interfering in their matter. They both can easily handle their issue. They are not kids’, Sam thought about asking her family to let them both handle the issue.
She thought that she would ask Abhay and Anshita to get the child aborted if they don’t want it.

“Jeez, I am tired of all these petty issues. I just wanna go Bangalore. Only there will I get peace”, Sam mumbled out the words irritated.


“So she knows how to make food. And all along I thought that she is a businesswoman so why would she bother to learn cooking”, Mrs. Malhotra said taunting Sam.
Mrs. Malhotra was the boy’s mum. Short-haired, plumpish, and a complete showoff.
Sam shifted her gaze from the such a talkative lady to a loner type of man, Mr.Malhotra. He was the complete opposite of his wife. If Mrs.Malhotra was a showoff then he was like a turtle, always in his shell. He was 5″4 , a few inches taller than his wife. He was a typical gentleman. It was a bit extraordinary for the men of his age group to be masculine and manly. But he was really a sweetheart, an ideal father like Mr.Sanjay.
Sam could see both the men talking among themselves, maybe about the ongoing political developments of the country.

From the corner of her eye she could see him,Mr.Adarsh Malhotra , the rising tycoon. In only two years he had established his own empire

So this was the Malhotra family.

Everything was fine bit Sam couldn’t digest one thing, Adarsh bought a proposal for her, why? He would have got many better girls. But why her? She wasn’t as good looking as compared to those who swung by his arm. She had seen his photographs with many models and brunettes in business magazines. Sam was nothing compared to him. He was a charmer.

Sam’s gaze went to him again and this time she could see a small smile playing at his lips, adding more charm to his already attractive boyish personality. He was smiling at her? Like literally smiling at her?

“You two go to terrace to talk. Right?” . It was her mum who broke her gaze.


“Ya, you two should go and talk so that later on there is no problem. Right?” Mrs.Malhotra smirked…
‘Oh gosh ! What a lady is she ?’, thought Sam and replied in affirmative to her mum’s and Mrs.Malhotra’s suggestion and got up from the sofa chair.
“But wait, you should not go to the terrace. I mean in this scorching heat.”Mrs.Malhotra shot the words at Sam. “Oh, I understand your concern Mrs.Malhotra. Don’t you worry there is a small room on the terrace and they can sit and talk in there.” Mrs.Piyali’s words soothed Mrs.Malhotra. Adarsh too got up by now and started moving towards Sam and they both went towards the terrace. Sam was thinking about Adarsh all along the way to the terrace. He was around 5″7 , fair complexion, masculine ,black hair all gelled up like he had come for an important function. He has come with a proposal. Yeah that was important for him but maybe not for Sam as she knew that this time too it would be rejection. “You are lost in my thoughts this early. I knew my magic would work but this fast…” Adarsh taunted at Sam’s such a lost-somewhere-deep-in-thoughts-expression. Sam was shocked to the core at his words. She had thought him to be sober and reserved like his father or to be rude and arrogant and nonchalant like all other of his adversaries. But he was different from all of them.

“Oh girl! I never thought that you would think so much about me.”
This time too he smirked while saying those words. His lips quirked up a little at the corner when he saw Sam staring him with a blank face.
“And how far is the terrace?” He said ignoring Sam’s questioning stare.
“Oh My Goodness! Just help me out to be patient with him. I don’t wish to lose my patience.” Sam murmured those words and moved forward to open the door of the terrace. It was a sunny day and a warm gush of wind greeted her at the terrace. She had come here after a few months. She started turning her gaze from one end of the terrace to the other. A room and a wash basin attached to the wall of the room at one end, a cemented water tank and a plastic water tank in the middle, and a beautiful view of the nearby scenery at the other end was what they both saw as they moved forward.
“Your mum was talking about that room. Right?” He flung a question with such an obvious answer at her pointing his finger towards the room.
“Ya, its the same room mum was talking about and can’t you use your common sense to answer your question yourself?” Sam snorted back irritated at his such a childish behaviour.

He was acting as kids. Throwing meaningless questions at her. She moved towards the room and he too followed suite. As she entered the room she signalled him to close the door.
He gave her a questioning look and said,”this soon”.
His words again came as a shock for her when the double meaning words registered in her mind. ‘He is so cheap. What else can one expect from a businessman who changes girlfriends frequently at the use of money. He is a Casanova, a mansl*t and knows when and how to use his looks and money to woo girls and to get them in the bed.’, she said to herself and heaved a sigh. She went to take the remote and switched on the air conditioner.
“Its so hot that’s why it was necessary to switch on the AC and close the door this soon. Got it” she answered his double meaning query very patiently.
“Its alright. I was just asking.” He said quirking up his lips at her such an ignorance of his double meaning sentence and pointed towards the chair kept beside the bed and signalled her to sit.”I wanna ask you many questions.” He broke the silence again.
Oh Goodness is he a media reporter or a crime investigator. Flinging questions at me and that stupid ones. She thought and settled comfortably on the bed instead and kept the pillow in her lap.
“Ya.” She clipped.
‘Which is your favorite book?’ He asked. ‘Except any business magazine or study related books you studied in your college. I hope you read other books too.’ He added sarcastically.
“I have read many books as I have an inclination towards reading. My favourite is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.”

And then he threw more questions at her and she answered them patiently. He was just trying to be frank with her.
“Let’s be straightforward. Do you any condition for marriage or any wish I should know about in case we tie up together?”, she asked him.
He stared her for a minute and then said, ” No. There’s nothing to share at present.”
“Well I do have a wish. I wanna travel. I have travelled through U.S. but I wanna travel even after marriage. I hope you or your family won’t have any problem”, she replied.
“No. Not at all. You are a free bird now and will be even after marriage. “, he soothed her.
“I wanna be a virgin.”, she replied and noticed his expression changing from a calm one to serious one. She knew it would happen. Her wish would rake up his anger. It wasn’t new. It happened all the same whenever those guys came with a proposal.
She continued anyway, “Look, I don’t think marriage is all about se*. Its about understanding and supporting each other at times of need. If you don’t think so you can say a clear cut ‘no’. It won’t affect me as I am used to it. Many guys have rejected the proposals after talking with me. I myself don’t wanna marry but it seems that I have to because of my parents. But well you don’t need to worry about all that rubbish. You are just going to say a big flat ‘no’. Right?”, she completed her talk.
But he stood up and went climbing the stairs downwards. She followed him. She knew it would happen. He would say a ‘no’. Well that was good. Ah perfect.
They reached the guest room where both the families were talking as if they were long lost friends. They both went in there. All the four heads turned towards her and waited for her reply.
“I don’t have any problem until he has some”.she said and walked oof to the dining table outside the guest room.
“I’ll just come” she completed her sentence.
Now it was his turn to strike the ball.
“What about you?”, she heard his father asking him. She knew the answer. It was oblivious. She went towards the other end of the table and filled the glass with water. She looked at him through the open door. He was silent. He too looked at her and she smiled knowing his reply. As soon as the glass touched her lips, he replied, “I too don’t have a problem”.
And with that the glass fell from her hands and broke. The water splashed everywhere and a voice called out, ” what happened Sam?” It was her mum.
Another voice followed, “I’ll have a look. You don’t worry.” It was him. Yeah he. Why did he say yes?
She was still thinking about it when he came out of the room. He reached her and it was only then that she realized about the broken glass. She bent down and started picking up the pieces. He too bent down near her and helped in her picking the pieces.
“Why did you say yes?” ,she asked him.
“Should I have said otherwise?”
“Yes. You should have.”
“Because I want to be a virgin and it is…”
“..acceptable to me.”, he replied cutting her off.
She stared him unblinkingly and unbelievingly.
“What?”, he asked.
She couldn’t believe him. This guy. He was all serious and angry when she said that she wanted to be a virgin. It seemed that he would eat her up. Raw. But now.
Ugh. She was going off road.
Well this is the story. Not like manmarziyan. Four of them are friends. besties. The story revolves around their friendship and love for each other. Its my first ever story. And i wanna thank farha & thena. Their writing has inspired me a lot. Well to be honest i don’t read other ffs. Had read nisha’s and natasha’s ffs once or twice. They were great.
Well bear with my typos and grammatical errors. I was thinking of writing since days but couldn’t write. Today my hands were itching to write so i wrote and posted it.
Well the story is playing in my mind. Its like an oldage serial which never seems to end.Sam is going to marry Adarsh but dont worry NeSam are gonna be together sooner or later. Sam and Neil both have a past. Bitter past. Sam is a billionaire and an optimist. Neil’s a bit pessimist holding himself guilty. he is a billionaire too. Radz and Arjun have their unique love story.
The characters are totally different from the show. Hope you like it. Will be waiting for feedback. Will try to improve the writing.

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    It was awesome plot n nice narration. Superb. I loved the intro of characters. So r u writing it as a single story or planning to seperate ardhika n nesam. I wanna see more of their friendship scenes n their bonding. It would be lovely to see that . Thank u again for a new story.

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    I dont know how to start ur ff was just amazing ….. i really lyk sams idealogy of being a virgin ….. i agree with her ….
    Marraige is about respect care . . Etc
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  9. roshni thanks for the compliment. I myself wanna keep it going but I fear I caning update regularly.
    hayathi dear there is a reason behind him saying yes. will reveal it later.
    manha ya dear its me the same anu but this is a different story. thanks for liking it.
    lakshmi thanks to you liking it.
    zayn ya actually she is gonna give up her guards as per the story which is playing in my mind now. don’t know if I’ll change it or not.
    Sonia and aastha thanks for commenting .
    shreya sry to say but I am not so sure about the next update. I mean its gonna be interesting but I can’t update it soon as I have my exams going on.
    I actually typed it last night in a hurry sneaking from my parents. thanks to you all for reading it and commenting

  10. well its “he was a sweetheart like Mr.Samrat.” boy’s dad.
    dry for the typo. actually you will find many of them.

  11. well its “he was a sweetheart like Mr.Samrat.” about boy’s dad.
    sry for the typo. actually you will find many of them.

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    1. Roma Roma Roma you are gonna kill me by this much praise. thanks for the professional writer compliment but to be honest I don’t feel like one and I know I have a long way to go. thanks again for liking it with the typos.
      u have written oblivious in place of obvious.
      Mr.Sanjay in place of Mr.Samrat
      well well well there are many others.

      @cool ff . thanks for liking it but as I said earlier I myself donno when am I going to post it. it may take time .

      @shree. you found it interesting but I can guarantee you its confusing. like very confusing. I myself am afraid about how am I gonna put it up clearly.

    2. Roma Roma Roma you are gonna kill me by this much praise. thanks for the professional writer compliment but to be honest I don’t feel like one and I know I have a long way to go. thanks again for liking it even with the typos.
      i have written oblivious in place of obvious.
      Mr.Sanjay in place of Mr.Samrat
      well well well there are many others.

      @cool ff . thanks for liking it but as I said earlier I myself donno when am I going to post it. it may take time .

      @shree. you found it interesting but I can guarantee you its confusing. like very confusing. I myself am afraid about how am I gonna put it up clearly.

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