Story : Friendship or Love (Chapter 4)

Sam drove to her office. She had to do a lot of work and unfortunately all the work concerned Adarsh.

Just as she reached the reception, she was welcomed with many greetings. On any other day,  she would have replied back but today, she just nodded in response to the greetings of her employees and went towards the elevator. She reached her cabin in five minutes.

A few minutes later, Chris, her Assistant, came inside her cabin holding a file.

“Good morning, Mam. “, he greeted cheerfully. “These documents require your signature for approval. I have checked the details, you just have to sign…. “, he stole a glance at Sam to check if she was listening and he knew in an instant that she had a rough start. That’s the reason she didn’t greet her employees like she usually does.
“But you can sign them later on.”, and with that he turned around to go.

‘This guy’, Sam thought. He just needed a single glance to know how she was feeling. And then, he would make some excuse and  leave her to herself. But not today. Until when would she run away from her problems?

“Chris, wait.”, she said stopping him in his tracks.

“Yes Mam?”, he asked while turning around.

“Give me that file. I will sign it now. ”

” But Mam, it’s not that important. You can sign it tomorrow.”, he replied as sincerely as ever.

“Yeah, I can but until when will I run from my problems? I have to face them.”, she told him truthfully.

He gave her the file unwillingly. She read the documents again and signed them.

“Here you go.. “, she said and handed him the file.

He took the file and passed a heartwarming smile at her.
” Have a good day Mam. ”

” Chris “, she called him after thinking for a few seconds. She could trust him. After all he was her good friend and had helped her a few times.

” Yes Mam.”, he answered.

“I want you to do something. Have a seat.”, she said indicating towards the chair opposite to hers.

“What is it Mam?”, he interrogated as soon as he was seated.

She cleared her throat and said, “I want you to gather every piece of information about Adarsh Malhotra as soon as possible.”

“Okay Mam. I will see to it. Anything else, Mam?”, he inquired.

“Yeah. Actually I am getting married to Mr. Malhotra and I need you to do something regarding that.”, she stated.

“That’s a great news Mam. Congrats for your wedding. I knew from the start that you and Neil sir were made for each other.”, he blabbered.

“Chris.”, Sam reprimanded. “I am getting married to Mr. Adarsh Malhotra not Neil Malhotra…”

“What? “, he asked shocked and stood up from the chair and stared at her for a full minute. When he recovered from the shock, there were many questions. “Why? When? How did this happen? Do Arjun and Neil know? Is this some sort of business deal or a prank that you are playing on me? Or did he force you? I swear I am gonna kill him if he did so.”

“Calm down Chris. Have a seat please and then I will answer your questions.”, Sam handed him a glass of water and continued when he drank it.
“…Yesterday Adarsh and his family came to my place with a proposal. And we talked. I told him that I wanted to be a virgin and he agreed even then. He said he had no problem with that. I told him he could have mistresses to sate his desire and that bastard had no shame to say that he wouldn’t. Anyways, we both agreed to the marriage. And Arjun and Neil know about it. And this marriage is definitely not some business deal. And I need your help. Will you help me, Chris?”

“I will certainly help you but why did you agree to this marriage in the first place?”, he asked bewildered.

“Chris, you know my present situation. Abhay, Anshita and Mom were the main reasons. Leave it. I want you to keep track of Adarsh. Where he goes, whom he calls, who he meets and his every single activity. I wanna know his every transaction and every deal. Hire P.I.s or detectives. Do anything you want. I wanna know if this marriage is harmful to me in any way. Alright?”, she ordered.

“Okay.. “, he said and left her cabin.

As soon as she was alone, her thoughts drifted to Neil. He was drunk last night. He claimed her and the way he kissed her, made her feel disgusted. He had forced himself on her. He wasn’t the same Neil anymore. He was acting way too possessive. What if he became obsessed with her like Anil? How will she protect herself? No no no. She couldn’t handle the possessive side of his. She could only imagine how obsessed he was with things he wanted and if he wanted her….. 

It was better to leave that sentence incomplete.

Just as she was thinking of ways to avoid Neil’s growing possessiveness, her phone rang. She picked it up without looking at the caller id.

“Hello Sam…. “, came a whisper from the other line and in a split second Sam knew something horrible happened to her sugar plum. Her voice was broken and Sam could easily hear the sniffles.

” Radhika… Sugar plum, where are you?”, Sam asked getting up from her chair. She desperately searched for her car keys. She needed to be with Radhika. God knows how much hurt she was right now and whoever hurt her would pay the cost. She would make him or her pay off for putting Radhika in such a miserable state.

“At home. Sammy I need you… “, Radhika pleaded.

” Yeah sugar plum,  just five minutes and I will be there… “. Sam sighed when she found the keys and ran towards the door.

“Please don’t be rash on the road.”, Radhika spoke.

” Uh… Um….”. Even now when she was so hurt, Radhika cared for her safety. Before she could say any  further, Sam hung up on her. She felt bad for hanging up on Radhika but she couldn’t be sane right now to see her bestie writhing with agony.

She sped through the corridor and reached the elevator pressing the button for the ground floor. It didn’t cost her much time to reach the reception.

Sara, the receptionist looked at her and passed a smile as she saw her approaching. “Tell Chris I am leaving and divert all my calls to his number. I don’t wanna be disturbed today. And tell him to do the task I assigned him. Alright?”, Sam ordered rather than asking.

Sara just nodded seeing how much in a hurry her boss was. She knew not to ask any more questions. She wasn’t new here and she definitely didn’t want to lose the job due to her useless enquiries.

Sam spun around quickly and didn’t bother to her the receptionist’s reply. It was her company and her employees. They had to follow her orders.

She got out of the building and the valet appeared asking for the keys but seeing the look on Sam’s face, he knew not to push his luck.

Sam scurried towards her ‘Evora’ and settled down hastily.

Radhika was waiting for Sam. She knew she shouldn’t have called her but seeing as Sam was her only best girl friend, and that too that she wanted to share her pain with someone, she couldn’t stop herself from calling Sam. 

It had been just five to seven minutes since the phone call and the door to her room burst open and there stood Sam raking in her surroundings. Radhika smiled sheepishly glancing around her room. The white puffs from the pillows were spread here and there, all her clothes were scattered around the room, her bedside lamp was smashed into pieces, her walk in closet door was wide open showing off her latest collection of Louis Vuitton. All the things in her room were scattered. It seemed as if her room was ransacked. The only thing that was in its place was her bookshelf with the collection of her all time favorite authors and books.

Sam needed time to take it all in. Radhika’s room was such a mess right now. She passed her a sheepish smile but Sam knew not to fall for her innocent look. Radhika’s room depicted her mood. And by glancing around the room, Sam could imagine what Radhika was feeling right now. Broken, shattered, unworthy, disrespected and hurt.
Sam took two long strides and hugged Radhika as soon as she was at an arm’s length from her.

“Oh my goodness, Radhika. I promise I am gonna kill that blo*dy bastard who did that to you… “, Sam blabbered.

Radhika giggled at how protective and dangerous Sam sounded right now. She knew Sam would kill anyone for her but only if she knew who had hurt her sugar plum, Sam wouldn’t have spoken those words. Radhika couldn’t imagine Sam hurting Arjun in any way.

“You won’t.. ” Radhika said.

“I definitely will. Just tell me already…. He made you feel like shit Radhika. Why won’t I kill him?”, Sam asked sounding restless. She really was ready to kill him.

As much as she hated to admit, but Arjun did make her feel like crap. And by seeing the determined look on Sam’s face, she knew he won’t get away easily. The fun starts now.

Really Radhika! You are going to take advantage of the situation like a sly b*t*h and prove him right?

No. She won’t. And she wasn’t such a b*t*h to break the unusual bond Sam and Arjun shared only because Arjun told her how he felt about her.

“Tell me, Radhika. Wait, does Arjun know about this?”

Why did she have to drag him here?

From the expression on Radhika’s face, Sam now realized the whole thing. Arjun won’t live long now.

“That jerk. I am going to kill him. Radhika will you prepare a death bed for your so called fiancé ’cause I am gonna chop his…..”, unfortunately Sam couldn’t complete her sentence as Radhika clamped her mouth shut.

‘Who was she? A face reader? How could she know that Arjun hurt her? Did Arjun tell her already? But the look on her face clearly showed that Sam didn’t know about it earlier. How could she know then? ‘, Radhika thought.

Sam removed Radhika’ s hand from her mouth. “I’m your best friend, sugar plum. How can I not understand that the reason you are like this…”, Sam said pointing at her state “ that good for nothing so called fiancee of yours, who unfortunately is my best friend. But don’t you worry, I will love to kill him with my bare hands for you.”

“No.. Sam please, I don’t want to be the reason you put off your years long friendship with him.”, Radhika urged.

“That depends on what he did. Tell me what happened or shall I call him myself? “, Sam questioned.

” No, don’t call him. I’ll tell you. “, and with that Radhika narrated everything to Sam. Everything included her worries about Sam, hers and Arjun’s fight in car and lastly Neil’s behaviour.

“He loves you Sam. He truly does. I can see it in his eyes….” Radhika concluded.

“Doesn’t matter Radhika, I don’t love him though and anyways I am tying a knot.” Sam didn’t want to put Radhika at more misery by telling her what she was thinking.

“Um.. Yeah I will talk to him though…”, Radhika offered.

“No.. You won’t. You have put yourself through so much. You don’t need to do anything for anyone else. Just keep your head high. And dare you forgive that a*sh*le. He doesn’t deserve your apology right now or until he truly regrets everything he did and despises himself for that.”, Sam told her and Radhika nodded understandingly.

Sam and Radhika spent the whole day together. Radhika felt lucky to have a friend like Sam who knew what she felt.


Neil went to his office but soon enough he had to leave his favourite place ’cause his buddy needed him. Arjun had called him earlier and asked him to reach his penthouse.

As soon as he reached his penthouse, Neil punched in the security code Arjun had told him once.

When he entered the sight he saw was what he had least expected. Arjun was sitting on his bar with a drink in his hand. Usual it was the opposite. Neil would be the one holding the drink while Arjun would stop him from drinking. And today, it seemed that Neil needed to take Arjun’s place seeing how much he had drunk until now.

Something big must have happened that he was acting like this. He approached his best friend.

Arjun had drunk fifth or sixth glass of vodka. Or maybe more, he had lost count of how many drinks he actually had. Why remember the number of glasses when they could easily make you forget what’s on your mind?

He had forgotten what was on his mind. Right? No.. He still remembered what he had done. How he had insulted Radhika. His Radhika. How he had pointed a finger at her. He remembered every little bit of it. Damn. Why wasn’t the drink affecting him?

He poured him another glass of vodka.

Alcohol makes people forget their pain but why didn’t it affect him? Was he that bad that even alcohol didn’t want him to forget his pain?

Hell. What was he thinking? He got frustrated and threw the glass at the floor.

“Calm down bro.”, Neil said when he saw how angry Arjun was.

“I can’t calm down. I f**king can’t. I messed up everything.. “, Arjun slurred through his sentence.

“Everything is gonna be alright, Dude. Don’t worry.”, Neil consoled.

“No. Nothing is gonna be fine. She won’t forgive me. Ever. I am a fool to do all that.”, Arjun whined like a little child with tears streaming down his face.

Neil was dumbstruck when he saw Arjun crying. Never in his life had he seen him crying. Arjun, who had been the strongest person he had ever seen was crying. He was broken for sure and it would be too difficult to fix him. No number of consolations could help him. Neil sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

“I am sure she will forgive you. She loves you dude. Why won’t she forgive you?”, Neil said. He knew Arjun was talking about Radhika. And he knew it too that she would forgive him no matter what.

“No she doesn’t love me anymore. She despises me and I am sure as hell about that.”, Arjun replied, his voice filled with pain reflecting his current state.

Neil felt bad seeing his best friend in such a miserable state. He felt helpless knowing he couldn’t do anything for Arjun.


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