Story : Friendship or Love (Chapter 3)

Arjun was taking Radhika to her home. She was sitting beside him. And he was driving silently. Many thoughts were playing in his mind. He considered himself a stupid to act so foolishly in front of her. Always loosing his self control. But what worried him the most was Sam’s decision to marry Adarsh and the reason behind his proposal. He couldn’t guess what was Adarsh’s motive. That annoyed him. He felt helpless. Frustrated and dumb for not guessing the reason. He didn’t want to talk to anyone now. He wanted to be alone. To think about Sam and this sudden marriage. He had to save Sam. She was his princess after all. He loved her and he had to protect her. She was his best friend.

Radhika was observing Arjun since the last few minutes. He was silent. Ignoring her. He didn’t even see her while she got into the car. It hurt her. His ignorance.
What had happened to him? Why was he acting distant?
Why did he come closer to her & then go miles away the next instant? Why?

She couldn’t handle it. His ignorance and the worry about Sam. She was already exasperated thinking about the reason behind Adarsh’s proposal and now he was ignoring her. She couldn’t deal with both of the things at one time. She had to cope up with it and the only way was to ask him about his behaviour. She cleared her throat to seek his attention.

He didn’t budge. Instead he raced up the car. Great. There he goes ignoring her again. What was going up in that brain of his?

“Arjun….”, she said after not being able to take his silence anymore. He didn’t reply. Hell! Something really got up in that stupid head of his. She called him again.

“Why are do doing this to me, Arjun?”, she almost yelled when he didn’t reply even after she called out for him for the fourth time. This almost yelling got his snapped at her. “Doing what?”, he asked bewildered at her such a sudden outburst.

She raised her eyebrow at that. He really needed to ask her that? He just stared at her blank faced.


Sry girlies. I know this isn’t even an update. But I am really really sorry. Like really very very sorry. I can’t just update these days. Though exams are over but I can’t just grab the phone and post. I know I am very late but…….

Well to be honest, its been more than a week since my exams are over but I still can’t get myself into that writing zone. Yea.. I don’t feel like writing anymore. Though the plot is all in my head. All words, phrases and sentences but I don’t get enough of writing spirit. I am being such a lazy sod.

And I can’t promise when will I post next though it won’t be any soon. Cos my dear parents ain’t letting me touch the phone as I am stepping into eleventh standard. Time to throw away all the fun. According to them. Really sorry guys.

Life sucks. But its life and I am not the one to get pessimistic so easily. So shutting up my crap.

Once again really really very very sorry.

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  1. Hey this was good. Don’t worry about not updating daily. I understand so just update when you feel like no rush. 🙂

  2. dont wry anu……i already completed my 12th n i assure u 11th s nt so difficult……if u wrk hard ull succeed………….

  3. not bad…

  4. hey Anu it happens…take your time…write whenever you feel like …and your readers will be their anxiously waiting for your story. tc

  5. Hey anu, don’t worry dear…parents always think good for their kids…don’t get disheartened n wrote whenever you feel like it…11 n 12th grades are very important for all the students….so just take it easy. …we loveeeee youuuuuu. ..won’t forget you….take care sweetheart. …love you loads. .

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