Story : Friendship or Love (Chapter 1 Contd.)

Chapter 1 (contd.)

“What?”, he asked.

“Am I looking so good that you can’t take off your eyes from me?”, he asked nearing her and then put those pieces in her hand.
Ah again. Why is he so obsessed with himself? She ignored his query and instead thought to warn him for better.

“If you think that you can change my ideology after marriage, then you are going the wrong way.”, she half warned and half taunted.

“I never go the wrong way. And don’t you worry. I am not gonna force myself on you. I respect your sentiments.”, he told his opinion.
For the first time since the last one or two hours, she felt as if he wasn’t too bad as she thought of. It looked as if he understood her completely and really respected her. She knew very well that she wasn’t good at judging people. And she couldn’t trust him at the very moment.

“You aren’t marrying me out of pity. Are you? If it is so then let me tell you that it won’t work. Your pity isn’t at all needed.”,she shot out.

“You think anyone’s gonna pity you. Aw. You live in your fantasy world then.”
Sam scrunched up her nose and a frown appeared on her face after listening his reply. The egoist.

“You look cute like this.”, he said.

“I can’t digest flattery.”, she replied and got up. He got up too.

“I wasn’t flattering.”, he said complaining.
She threw those broken pieces into the bin and came near the table and sat down again to pick the remaining pieces.

“Then?”,she asked uninterested.
He got down too beside her. No, just too near her. She could smell his cologne. It was like smelling burnt coffee. Geez did guys use that kind of cologne. Ah, he was an exception.

“You really looked cute that way.”,he said trying to convince her.

“Are you done. If so then tell me if you really don’t have a problem with me being a virgin”, she couldn’t believe that Adarsh Malhotra, the player was having no problem with her wish. She picked up the remaining pieces and stood up. Well he followed her trail to the bin.

“Come on, don’t act like a dumbo. I have told you already that I have no problem and I don’t like repeating my words. Just get it in your mind for once and for all.”, he growled in irritation.

Great she irritated him. Wow. What if she irritates him some more. He will definitely say a no. Won’t he?

Well, come on girl, play your trick.

“I am thinking that when you don’t have a problem, we can tie up together. Ah well. But you are a man only. You too have some desires. Don’t you?”, she said throwing the bait.
“What do you mean?”, he barked.
“I was the one acting dumbo,” she said sarcastically.

She moved towards the washbasin and washed her hands. The handwash smelled of rosemary. The fragrance was hypnotic.

“Don’t act smart. Just be straightforward.”

“I meant to say that since you are a play….”, words stopped in her tongue when she saw him staring at her. Like the way he did earlier on the terrace. He pulled up the locks of his hair and pushed her aside.

Stupid. Idiot. You crossed your limits. She told herself. She looked at him hoping he won’t mind her words. Nonetheless they were true. Very true. He was a player.

“If you will keep gaping at me like this then anyone will think that you have fallen for me.”, he said ignoring her words. Maybe he didn’t hear it. Well that was good. But why was he acting narcissist. Always speaking about himself. The self-centered flirt.

“And you were saying something about me being a player. Weren’t you?”, he washed his hands and dried them with the towel.

Crap. He heard it. Now you are gone. She told her mind. He was waiting for her reply.

“Um. Er… Nothing. “,she replied hesitatingly.

“I didn’t know that Ms. Samaira Khanna can be nervous too.”

To hell with his sarcasms, she was really nervous as hell. If had been someone else, it wouldn’t be the case. But he. She didn’t know him. Okay. She knew him since the last two hours. But still. She wasn’t friends with him. She didn’t know how would he take her comments.

He came near her. Real close. The smell of his cologne reached her nostrils. It wasn’t anything like burnt coffee. But now she realized that it was that of raw coffee beans. Ugh girl you are thinking about his scent. What a nice place and time for such a thoughtful topic. Stupid, speak out. She muttered in her mind only.

“I was saying that since you are a player, wouldn’t it matter you? I mean my wish? And if it does, I have a suggestion for it too. What about you having an extramarital affair or using those one-night stands for your pleasure?”, she tried sounding cool and calm but she wasn’t and it was visible in her quavering voice. Still, no worries. She had pointed a finger at him. He was surely gonna be affected. She was guilty to insult women in common. But there were women who did it for money or for pleasure.

“What an idea Ms.Samaira! I wonder why it didn’t come to me earlier . But then won’t you have a problem with me having an affair?”

He accepted it. The jerk. He showed his true colours. Why would she have a problem?

“No.”, she clipped.

“Alright. Thanks then… Wait I wanna give you something.”, he mumbled nearing her and then kissed her on her left cheek.

Geez. He kissed her. She stepped back. The jerk kissed her. He crossed his limits. How dare he?

“How dare you kiss me?” She asked fuming with anger.

“Calm down Miss. You are my fiancee. So kissing isn’t much an offence.”, he muttered calmly and stepped back too.

“Not for you. But for me… “She stopped abruptly thinking whether to continue or not. He wouldn’t understand it. But he had to be warned.

“Just be in your limits. Got it?” And with that she headed towards the guest room.

“Okay I will be. But I wonder if you that a kiss has nothing to do with your virginity. Do you?”

Did he just say that? What was he trying to implement? She wasn’t a small kid to not know what it meant.

“What do you want to imply?” She stopped midway and turned towards him.

“Nothing, I was wondering if you are a prude too beside being a virgin.”

God! She was feeling short of a curse which would suit him perfectly. He was impossible. Idiot. Bagger. Chav. Plonker. And many more.


Sam got ready hastily as she was already getting late. She was going to meet Radhika & Arjun after a long time. She wanted to meet Neil too but they both hadn’t patched-up till now. She just wished to meet him once and she would apologise. She couldn’t stand him not talking to her. After all he was her best friend. He understood her so well. She hoped Arjun & Radhika would persuade him to come.

She had lots to talk about. Arjun and Radhika’s marriage. And now her marriage too.

She took her phone, the car keys and her back-pack hurriedly and went outside.

No one was at home except her. Every one had went to meet Aunt Sara.

She felt alone in that huge bungalow. She wasn’t at all interested in showing off to people that she had money neither was she interested in spending money like flowing water. It wasn’t that she was a miser but she wanted to lead a normal life. Like she lived before stepping into this huge ocean of business and enterprises. She hated to be in limelight. Now when she had achieved almost everything in her life, she wanted to work for the society. For the betterment of girls in the society. She was funding an NGO for the purpose. She felt delighted & content to see those girls smiling happily at her. It would add more happiness to her already happy life.

Her life was awesome. She had everything she had yearned for. Every little bit. From loving friends, pampering dad and caring mum to sometimes arrogant & sometimes too sweet younger brother. Everything. Yet sometimes life felt incomplete. She didn’t know why.


It didn’t cost her much time to reach the garage. She opened the door and settled comfortably on the driver’s seat. After that, the key went into the keyhole and the voice of the engine being ignited reached her ears.
Alright now. Get going girl. Or else you are gonna get murdered. She muttered to herself and turned on the FM and got going.


She was stuck in traffic. Heaven help her now! Sam was already half an hour late and there wasn’t any chance to reach there before another thirty minutes. She turned off the engine and went into her thinking zone.

Life was pretty. Wasn’t it? Her life was always awfully nice to her. She had no bad past to crib over. Had she? Suddenly an image flashed in her mind. It was him. The creep. Jerk. Pervert. How could she forget him? Wasn’t he the very incorrigible bastard?
He tried hook and crook to destroy her but she got saved. Thanks to Neil. Hadn’t it been for Neil, Sam wouldn’t be where she was now. She would have lost herself years ago if Neil didn’t support her. Emotionally and mentally.
Though they weren’t at good terms then. And Neil always seemed rude & arrogant to her. But he provided her support when she needed it the most. He was there for her as a bosom friend listening to every piece of shit she blabbered during and after her worst nightmares. And she realized later on that he wasn’t like what she thought of. He was soft, helpful, caring & generous. And that’s how they became friends.

The blaring sound of horns made her come out of the ‘Neil trance’. She wondered why she was always thinking about him. And the answer was obvious. He was her mentor. Her hope. Her only solace other than Radhika & Arjun.
She thought if he too considered her something.
The honking of the horns continued and she saw the car behind her in the rear view mirror. It was a vintage car. Thinking of vintage cars, she remembered Neil’s liking for them. Though he fancied those vintage cars but he did not own any of them. He didn’t want to. She wondered if he would come. Again Neil! Couldn’t she think of something else?
No, not until she apologised & they patched-up. Till then she would consider herself guilty. The signal turned green and the traffic cleared giving way to her.


She reached there one hour later than the decided time. O God in heaven! Help her now in facing them. All three of them would yell at her incessantly for being too late.

She stopped right in front of the black gate with a signboard hanging on it. Something was written over it. She remembered the writing and the lines too. The board said, ”Beware, crazy freaks’ residence”. She smiled remembering the old sweet memories. Hundreds of the nights they spent here. Together. Just four of them. In this farmhouse. The same old dear farmhouse. Their farmhouse. Yeah theirs. All of them had an equal contribution. It belonged to all four of them and still no one in particular. They had built it here on the outskirts of the city for their sneak outs and night outs years ago. And now whenever they had to meet, they gathered there. No one else knew about the farmhouse. Not even their families. Today too they had decided a night out here. Almost in a jungle. But it would be fun. Real fun around those crazy friends.

She honked the horn of her Lotus Evora outside the farmhouse. The watch guard came out and seeing her nodded his head and opened the gate. She moved her car into the portico. There were two more cars parked beside each other. One was a shiny yellowish Aventador. Probably Neil’s. Neil wasn’t talking, she told herself for the hundredth time.

The other one was a red shiny Ferrari. Well this could be Arjun’s.
He had a craze for cars. Everyone had. Except her. But there were only two cars. Radhika didn’t come? How couldn’t she? Maybe she was late like her?

But if she didn’t come Sam was not gonna leave her. It was a longtime-no-see meet. And there was no chance missing it. She muttered something under her breath and got out of the portico.

She walked towards the garden. It smelled like always. Of lilacs and lavender. The fragrance was lulling. The lush green leaves of the trees were soothing her irate nerves. She was in paradise.

“Finally, you made it. Wasn’t it too early?”, a sweet saccharine voice called from behind. She turned around just to see Radhika staring at her.
“Sweety.. Met you after so long….”, Sam almost shouted in excitement and leapt towards Radhika.

“Don’t stray off my question.”, Radhika said annoyed. Aw. She was upset. No worries. A sweet tight hug & everything is gonna be right. So she stepped towards Radhika and hugged her tight. Real tight. She almost squeezed Radhika out of excitement.

“I missed you like hell.”, she said hugging Radhika even more tight.
Radhika broke the hug and said, “I missed you too Sammy.”

“But not more than me. Right? And sorry for the delay. Couldn’t help getting late.”, she replied innocently.

Radhika just smiled back at her.
“I thought you didn’t reach till now.” , Sam added.

“Me? And pray why?”

“I didn’t see your car over there.”, Sam and Radhika reached for the door at the same time.
“That’s ’cause Arjun picked me up.”, Radhika replied.

Arjun. Sam was longing to meet him. He was her life. Her sweet sugary lifeline. Her companion.
As soon as she entered the apartment, she saw someone sprawled over the couch. His back was towards her. His hair were all dishevelled. He was pulling his locks. And in an instant Sam knew it was Arjun.

Whenever he did it, it signalled that he had just fought with Radhika.
Sam wondered what happened now
These idiots won’t improve. She turned towards Radhika who just shrugged her head in response.

“Hello. My gormless pie.” Sam said tapping at his shoulder. He hated being called such name. But Sam loved calling him senseless and idiot. She tried new names for him whenever they met and he never took those words seriously. Instead he came up with names of his own.

His form stiffened and he turned to see her standing in front of him. Weeks. Ah no. Months passed since he met her. His princess.

He jumped from the couch and came towards her.

“Princess! At last you got the time.”, he smiled and lifted her up.

“Yup. How can the princess stay without her big goofy daft cow.”, she said still wiggling in his arms.

“At least stop calling me those names now.”, he complained and put her down.

“Anything special? Or did you get a certificate to stop me from calling you those names.?”, she replied teasingly.

He suddenly pulled her closer and her body sagged into his. He whispered in her ear, “I am already f*cked up my airy-fairy ankle-biter.”

“First stop calling me that. I just hate being called a kid. And did you fight with Radhika again?……..”, she said keeping up the pace with him.
“…..And tell me what happened this time.”

He just nodded his head in a no a like those school going little kids do.

“I didn’t fight. I have many other important works to do than to fight with her. And you know about the matter. Don’t you, princess?”

“Oh please Arjun. Can anything be more important to you than her.”, she said and turned around to see if Radhika was there. Well she wasn’t.

Arjun just smiled at her and signalled her to speak slowly.

“Sammy here’s your juice.”, she heard Radhika coming from the kitchen carrying three glasses of juice in the tray.

“How’s life going Arjun?”, she asked changing the topic. Arjun didn’t want Radhika to know that he loved her. And Radhika too wished the same. They were same. Sam sighed and took the glass as Radhika neared her.
Arjun didn’t take it, so Radhika kept the tray on the table.

“Well my life sucks. Sam. You know I am tied up with the chuffer.”, he said pointing towards Radhika. He started it again. Now it was Radhika’s turn to come up with something.

“If I annoy you this much then why are you marrying me?”, Radhika shot out.

“You should be grateful that I am. You little minger.”, Arjun teased Radhika some more.

He did the wrong thing. He just poked a tigress. Radhika won’t leave him now. It would rain curses now. From both sides. Sam left them there alone and went to look for Neil. He wasn’t here. Must be in the study, she thought and walked off towards the study leaving the glass on the bureau in the way towards the study. Arjun and Radhika were too busy to notice her going.

But she could hear Radhika cursing Arjun.
“How dare you call me that. Have you seen yourself?If I am that then you are….”
Radhika stopped midway seeing Arjun saunter towards her.
“Yeah. I am ..”, he asked to complete her sentence.

“You are…plug-ugly. A lazy sod. And mind you, I don’t need any of your gratefulness……….”she went blabbering.
He came near her only to pull her more closer. His hands went sliding down on her waist and she was pushed into his body.
“……Arjun. Look, I don’t want to spoil my mood. I have met Sam and Neil after a long time. So just stop irritating the hell out of me and leave me.”
“Really. Well nothing such is gonna happen. Try as much as you want minger.”,he said leaning in closer to her face.

“Can’t you just stop calling me that? Who do you think you are?…..”
Well done Arjun. She started blabbering again. She will go on. You yourself are responsible if your ears bleed out, his inner voice warned him.
“………..Can’t you understand a simple thing? I have told you more than a thousand times that I am not a monger but you…..” she stopped talking all of a sudden when his lips hovered over hers and he whispered, “Do you want me to kiss you shut up?”


This is the part. I know I missed out Neil. Couldn’t help it. It was already too long. I am gonna put him in the next part for sure.
Have to study but couldn’t resist myself from coming here and typing it all. Hope you like and that its not boring. Next part will be their night out and marriage prep. Don’t know when am I gonna post it but it will be by this week only.. Till then take care. And give your valuable feedback.

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  1. it ws an voww epi srsly yr u really nailed it ardhika’s fight ws soo cute nd Sam’s concern for neil is something like she couldn’t remove him from her mind loved it nd yeah missed nesam’s meeting but its ok will wait for next epii love u tysm for updating

    1. well thanks a lot shreya. I have just gone mad after reading farha’s story… so no words. have lost all of my vocabulary. just Neil’s words r playing in my mind. will try updating the next part by this weekend.

  2. Nice friendship yaar and arjun rads awesome

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    2. @Lakshmi
      thanks. next is nesam’s fight and Ardhika’s patch up. hope u like it. till then take care .
      thanks dear..a lot.
      thanks to u too. well I actually sort of lost the plot. am confused about how to put up the next part. at one point I think of putting up the past. the next moment I think of putting Nesam’s cute fight. well am just literally confused to the core. and did u just say marriage. well SAM’s allergic to it. sry but I myself donno who is gonna marry whom. think I have gone crazy. well I really have after farha’s story. now waiting for thena to post hers.

      sry Dearies . I know am talking rubbish. so I will just up. and you all just take care.

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  5. It was really awsome … anu
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    1. thank u dear. will update by the weekend. and i have a query
      why did u stop writing ur ff.
      take care and love u too

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  8. thanks aastha for liking it. marriage? well I don’t know what am I gonna put in the next part but I just hope u like it. and ya I am studying in 10th std. and its the only reason that I can’t update regularly. till the next part which will be most probably nesam’s fight (not serious one) and an insight in the past. but it can be otherwise too. till then take care

  9. anu my dearyyy it was awesome. Everything was superb. U write tooo gud yaar. Neil has occupied full brain of sam now. why is sam marrying some other. ufff these two people will never learn to listen to their hearts. always in their own imagination. I like sam’s character. she is matured but little kiddish.

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    1. thanks a lot. and sry couldnt reply as i was busy studying and once i get hold of the phone. its almost impossible to leave it and concentrate.
      and Beware Crazy Freaks just came up in my mind as I call myself a crazy freak.. Didnt know that it would be so apt.

      i am thinking to update the next part tonight but lets see what happens. i myself am not so sure. till then take care.

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  12. thanks a lot farha(hope u dont mind me calling u by name.. i know i have been calling u like this since long. and i am sry for that.)
    ur comment means a lot to me. and u din just commented but u appreciated my writing. well i am out of the world now. u and thena are my inspiration and i more than happy to read ur feedback.
    to be honest, i was a little sad as you din comment but then consoled myself saying that you must have been busy but now you just sent me on cloud nine. i am so happy.
    today i was narrating NeSam’s story to my friend and i was so happy recalling it all. the pendant part, lilac tree and lanterns(dats my fav.) and neil saying love u but love u not. she liked it a lot. well everyone who listens likes ur story. am waiting for the next up part. pls. plss. post it soon if u get time.
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    1. Typo…how ‘dare’ he kissed sam…I hate auto spell check

  14. thanku Roma.. I have submitted the next part. hope you will like it.

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