A Story of Four Lovers (SNS+YHM) Part:8

Thanks Riana, Sowmy, Isuri, Jasminerahul, kumud, Rani, Mansi,Isaaq, Nandhini, Parichary and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 8. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Raman calling Ishita, Ishita’s mom is dead, Ram and Priya are Gopi’s parents, Ahem and Gopi decides to propose each other.

The Episode starts with Mr. Khurana saying to Ishita that Ishita, My breakfast has done..!! Ishita says Mine also….I can’t get any idea…. What I do..?? Mr. Khurana smiles and says You can do party with friends or can go for outing with friends..!! Ishita says Outing is nice idea….Thank you papa..!! Mr. Khurana smiles. Ishita leaves.

Mr. Khurana thinks Ishita is my own….Even though….She isn’t my biological daughter….!!!! That’s why….It has to be said….Relations doesn’t exist by blood….They exist by hearts..!!

Ishita comes to her room. She calls Gopi. Gopi picks phone. Ishita says Gopi.. Actually..I’m thinking of outing with my friends..!! Gopi says Wow Ishita..That’s great..!! But…. Ishita asks but what Gopi..?? Gopi says I can’t come..!! Ishita says okay..bye..!! Gopi cuts call.

Screen shifts to Modi Mansion. Raman and Ahem are shown sitting in a room. Ahem gets call. Ahem picks. Raman says who is..?? Ahem says Ishita..!! Ishita says Is Raman with you..?? If yes..Then put phone on speaker..!! Ahem puts phone on speaker. Ishita says Ahem and Raman..I’m thinking of outing..!! Gopi can’t come..!! Ahem says Wow..But I can’t come..!!

Ishita says And Raman..?? Raman says Why not..?? I’ll surely come.. and anyone else..who is coming..?? Ishita gets glad and says Yeah.. Sid and Roshini are also come..!! Raman says But for where.. you’ve planned..?? Ishita says We have decided for Agra and tonight..We’ll go Agra through Flight..!! Raman says Wow..Okay..I pack my bags..!! Ishita says okay..Bye..!! She cuts call.

Screen shifts to Tej-Jhanvi’s room. Jhanvi says Tej..I’ve decided..!! Tej asks what..?? Jhanvi says I want that Ahem get marry to someone soon..!! Tej says But so soon..?? Jhanvi says I’ve seen girl as well..!! Tej says Who is that..?? Jhanvi tells him. Tej says Yeah..She is nice girl..I will contact with her parents..!! Jhanvi says Hmm..!!

Screen shifts to Gopi’s house. Gopi thinks Which Cafe I should choose to propose ahem..??

Screen shifts to Modi Mansion. Ahem is in his room. Ahem thinks I should call Gopi now..!! Ahem calls Gopi. Gopi picks and says Hello Ahem..!! Ahem says Gopi..I want to meet you..!! Gopi thinks Even I want to meet you…. Gopi asks where..?? Ahem says Valentine Cafe….I have also book a room there..!! Gopi says and when..?? Ahem says 9:00 p.m. Gopi says okay….I’ll surely come..!! Ahem smiles and says okay. He cuts call.

Gopi comes downstairs. Raya was there. Gopi says Mom….Can you please come to my room..?? Priya says Sure..Why not..?? Ram asks Gopi if she is going somewhere..?? Gopi says Yes dad..!! Priya says Gopi, Was you okay yesterday in party..?? Gopi says yes..But…. Priya says But what..?? Gopi tells Ram and Priya about her state in party and Today at Morning in Modi Mansion. Raya are shocked. Priya says okay..you go..I’m coming..!! Gopi nods and leaves.

Tears roll down over Priya’s cheeks. She keeps her head in Ram’s lap and cries. Ram says Priya….What’s this..?? Priya says Ram..Which mother will can see her kid in being this disease..?? You know Gopi has Blood Cancer….Blood Cancer….Blood Cancer….!!!! Ram says I know Priya…. I’m also Gopi’s father…. Do you think.. I’m happy to see my daughter in this state….No..!! Priya says I know but…. Ram says We’ll soon find the bone marrow which will match…. Priya says I hope so..!! She wipes her tears. Ram says Now go to Gopi..!! Else she come here..!! Priya nods. She leaves.

Priya comes to Gopi. Gopi’s clothes are shown on bed. Priya says What’s this Gopi..?? Gopi says Mom..please help me to select a good dress..Please Tell me….How you propose…. Priya says What..?? Gopi shy. Priya says Oh Oh..!! Gopi says please tell me na mom..!! Priya says But how all this happen..?? Gopi says Mom… Please..!! Priya says Okay..!! Priya helps Gopi in selecting dress. Priya says Gopi….I think this saree will suit you than modern dress..!! Gopi says Awesome choice mom…. Thank you..!! Gopi kisses Priya. Priya says you’re welcome.

At Night….
At Airport….

Ishita and Raman are shown. Ishita says These Sid and Roshini are taking is much time..!! Raman sees a car coming and says I think they both have come. Car stops at Airport. A boy comes out. Raman says Sid..!! Sid’s face(Ravi Dubey) appears. A Girl comes next. Ishita says Roshini and Sid…. come buddies..!! Girl’s face(Nia Sharma) appears. Roshini says Coming Baba..!! Rosid and Ishra greet each other. Ishita says OMG! 5 men’s are left..Let’s go..!! Sid says Yeah!

At Valentine cafe….

Gopi comes in her car. She is in beautiful saree. Gopi thinks Today….I’ll propose Ahem..!!

Precap: Ahem says I love you Gopi..!! Zalima….plays…. Gopi says I also love you Ahem..!!

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  1. Riana

    Gopi has BLOOD CANCER!!!??????…..Vry Saaaadddd…Gohem will propose soon…cool…Ishra n Rosid r in Agra…Nice!!!

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Riana di.

  2. Riana

    Btw…the photo idea is good??

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks once again Riana di.

  3. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see sid roshni’s entry.i thought its sid roshni from ur kb ff.Sid Roshni’s jodi name is SidNi not Rosid.waiting 4 nice ishra moments in Agra.hope its gopi who is chosen 4 ahem,not ishita.thx 4 giving important raya scenes as per my request.shocking that gopi has blood cancer.poor gopi doesnt know it.raya scene was very sad.priya helping gopi to choose saree was nice.gopi looks beautiful in saree.Ahem will b lost in her.waiting 4 gohem confession.waiting 4 ishra scenes in Agra.
    wow…update with pics.it was a surprise.hope u will do it again.on IF i update ffs with pics only

    1. Riana

      Oh yah Rosid is of…Roli n Siddhant from SSK…

    2. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di.

  4. Krkavita

    Read all the chapters. Gohem & Ishra scenes are good. Ishita loves Ahem but her love is one sided as Ahem loves Gopi. Shocked that Gopi has got blood cancer. Priya helping Gopi to select her dress was awesome. Does Gopi know that she has got blood cancer? Waiting for the next update.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks krkavita.

  5. Nice dea

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Isuri.

  6. Nice dear update soon

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Isuri.and will try my best to update soon.

  7. Kumud


    1. Shakaib

      Thanks kumud.

  8. Isaaq

    Gopi has blood cancer? That’s so sad

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks isaaq di.

  9. intresting yaar.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sowmy.

  10. Ishita isn’t Mr Khurana blood daugher!????

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Rani.

  11. Mansi

    Really shckd to knw gopi has blood cancer??poor gopi doesn’t even knw ram n Priya hide DS fact frm hr ishita gt glad whn Raman agreed for a outng gd to knw did n Roshni r too in ur ff☺hope Jhanvi choose gopi only as ahem’s bride☺soo ishita isn’t Mr khurrana’s biological daughtr????precap is really gd update soon with pics only?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Mansi.

  12. ishita scene was emotional so mr.khurana is not her real father what is the reason behind mrs.khurana’s death waiting for ishra scene pls update soon

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jyoti,

  13. This story is so lovely and bit sad to read about Ishu and Gopi life.

    Gopi have blood cancer. Gopi’s parents hope to get bone marrow donation to save Gopi. Priya and Ram conversation was amazing and knowing that they need each other for Gopi and love her. Ahem and Gopi will not get to know about Gopi blood cancer.
    Mr Khurran was saying that Ishu is not his biological daugher but who is Ishu parent. I hope that Mr Khurran will tell Ishu who is her biological parents. Knowing that Ishu will breakdown after hearing that Mr Khurran is not her biological father. Ishu will get hurt by Gopi and Ahem propose without let her know.
    Ahem will be seen worry for Ishu strange behavior and Raman noticed this and will take care of Ishu. Raman will ask Ishu to be his wife and will make her happy. Ishu agreed to marry Raman.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Parichary. Your imaginary is nice,

  14. Nandhini

    Ishita is not khuraana’s daughter?? Then whose daughter is she?? Poor gopi…when she fell sick i thought she must be having some kind of disease but i also thought she must be aware of her disease…but her parents only know dat…thats so sad…the photos kept inbtwn lines are so beautiful??

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Nandhini di.

  15. Shakaib

    Thank you guys… You all like the photo update. Will try to update next one also with photos.

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