Story: Forever And Always (Chapter 1)


Chapter-1 (The Brooding Prince)

All night long in darkness. Radhik drew her knees together. Tears spilled from her eyes. God, please help. Please help me, she prayed silently. Her body went high alert when she heard a strange scratching sound, her eyes darted all around. She peered, there were old wooden racks and some equipments but other than that Radhika couldn’t decipher a thing. A new shiver raked her skin, the scratching sound stopped and started again.

Something moved, under the cloth of the rack. It grew in size. Her eyed went wide and she let out a blood curdling scream.

As soon as her scream resounded the store room and as she was ready to faint, the door burst open abruptly. Her stooping eyes flew open when magically a bright light flooded into the room. Radhika scrambled up so fast, all the blood rushed to her brain and her feet went unsteady and rubbery, but Radhika didn’t care, she was already running out of the vile place, but not before she collided hard with a wall of a chest.

Thank god, somebody opened the door. The warmth of the person’s body reassured her that she was alive. She hugged tight, thanking hoarsely, murmuring words she didn’t know. The shivering in her body and the shake in her voice did not leave. It told her how much scared she had been. Still was.

“It…it’…d..dark.” She sobbed, and clucthed tightly to the comforting warmth of another person.

The floodgates opened and she sobbed and cried her lungs out. She surely was making a mess of the guy’s shirt, but she didn’t care. It was either this or swooning altogether. Her shaken mind thought this option was better as she let out her fear and cried rivulets silently. The guy, a student perhaps, didn’t seem to mind.

Thank god, he was there or she couldn’t think what would have happened.

“Dar..k..afraid..” She murmured again hoarsely, all the shouting surely was going to give her a sour throat.

Radhika knew she didn’t make sense and she was embarrassing herself and the guy but her body and mind reacted to the incident badly. It was out of her control.

With blurring tears, she looked up to see who the guy was. She blinked several times, tears flowed out of her eyes and travelled down her cheeks clearing her vision. Her sobs turned hiccups. Deep brown sizzling eyes clashed with hers. Radhika sucked in a breathn Her already scrambled mind was turning witless. Her eyes maybe were acting up because of the shock of her breakdown or she had gone truly crazy, also due to the shock, as her rescuer was none other than Arjun Mehra. The guy whom Radhika stared at always. The guy was her silent prince. Her prince. The unreachable territory in her life. She was clutching his sweatshirt so tight, as if her very life depended on it. Radhika was so terribly shocked that she could do nothing but stare at him wide eyed. Oh, crap, she sobbed and drenched rivulets on his chest like a five year old kid.

Reality seem to set in. God, he would think she was a freak or much worse a mad case. Her body stiffened by the minute, hiccups again attacked her throat crimsoning her cheeks.

His intense stare ran all over her face. Radhika couldn’t read him. She really wasn’t in the state. Still, she could see he didn’t any expression over his face. His lips were tightly closed. His cheek bones were as chiselled. His eyebrows razor sharp. His eyes impassive. If she could compare him now looking at his face this close, then a marble cut sculptor would have a better expression than the one he was gracing her with.

Warmth was spreading into her body all over from her waist and it was because his incredibly large hands held her waist tight, her front was totally without an inch of gap was plastered to his body. Radhika stood an average of 5’5 and he was good five inches taller than her, thoroughly dwarfing her tiny body with tall and broad shouldered muscles. He was manly. His hold on her waist tightened. Her face was upturned to his. He had bent and now he was only mere inches away from her face. Her chest heaved up and down on his, rubbing against with warmth. Her body shivered in a different kind of response. His eyes slid all over her face again. Radhika’s face heated up, her eyes strayed to his lips which were really close to hers. They were soft. His breath was falling and mixing with hers. She reached up on her tip toes and put her lips on his. A delicate touch. Just a whisper, but it sent shock waves into her body from the tingles started on her lips. His lips were firm and soft. He didn’t respond. Radhika didn’t know what she was doing. It was like she was in a trance. She again pressed on more with her lips, the only response she got from him was tightening of his hands on her waist, other than that he stood stock still. Just as he started responding, Radhika’s body froze in extreme fright.

“Ari, are you still here?” His girlfriend’s enquiring voice broke the fog of heat from her mind.

Radhika’s eyes widened. Crap. What had she done? She jerked her head back and was out of his arms in seconds. Crap. Crap. Crap. She just forced her body on Arjun Mshra. The Arjun Mehra. She saw his eyes narrowed at the steps she took distancing herself from him. Oh, god, he wasn’t going to tell on her, was he? He seemed angry or annoyed based on his drawn up eyebrows. His lips thinned out. Yep, she managed to anger the passive guy. His fierce expression said so. His eyes slid to her next. The brown orbs blazed into hers, swirling her into an oceanic storm. Oh, no, not again. Radhika stopped dead when his gaze hit hers. She wasn’t going to make a fool of herself again. His eyes locked with hers told her something, they seem to propel her body back to his.

“Ari?” Called out the voice again, this time it grew louder and closer.

Radhika jumped back. She wasn’t even aware when she had closed the distance and had came into touching range to his body again. Damn, was he a magnet or what?

Radhika spun around before he could spell the magic of his eyes again. She ran fast, as if the very devil was at her back….


So, there’s the part, dis chappy has one more part, then comes chap2, which I loveeeeee too much, all friends gather in the canteen and it is hilarity extreme 😀

So, had typed hurriedly, please excuse the lot of errors which I may hv made in dis story n the previous one..

And guys, how do u like it?!?!?

Alrightly now, I’m sleeeeeeepy n tired.

Song dedication to all- Rolling in the deep- by Adele 😀

A fact about me: I’m crazy about music, I’m addicted to chocolates and my passion is to read books….( a total head case, hahaha)

Well, sorry about the weird jokes.

Til den- Rock on, lovely beauties 😀

Credit to: kfar

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