Story: Forever and Always (Chapter 1 Continued)


Chapter-1 (Continued Part)

After an hour of frantic thinking, Radhika somehow managed to go down for dinner.

“Radhika, darling, how was your day?” Naina, her step mother asked smiling sweetly.

It was frankly a bizzare and embarrassing day, please don’t remind of the events.

“It was good.” Radhika lied in reply.

Radhika returned the smile with extreme difficulty. As usual the dinner was silent. They were having spaghetti and meat balls. Again.

Misha was texting with one hand and forking spaghetti with the other, Viren obviously was not in his place beside his sister. Step dad, head deeply immersed in the paper.

But, just then, He put down it and stared Radhika.

His stern gaze held her captive and she gulped down the uneasiness.

“I hope Viren had dropped you from college?” He asked, taking out his spectacles that were shielding from over his nose.

Radhika smiled in return to put down the dread little.

“Oh, yes. He did. As always.” She replied, her tone a little over convincing.

Aw hell.

He tilted his head to the side and gave her a penetrating stare. Oh, god, he was better with spectacles. Only.

“Where is he now then?” He asked, his elderly tone very untrusting.

Damn, if he wasn’t so clever.

“Uh,..he had a little work at the place he is working part time. So, He went away right after dropping me here.” Radhika tried to sound casual. Very desperately.

Her step father still didn’t look convinced, but then he nodded and went back to his paper.

Radhika let out a whoosh of held up breath.

Good save!

Radhika finished the excruciatingly, painfully silent dinner. She escaped to her room and kept thinking.

At around twelve, her head jerked up from on her pillow. Sleepy eyed, she shook her in disappointment. Viren. He’s come in late again. The zooming of the bike’s sound was umistakable.

Radhika got out of her bed, put on her coat and got out her room.

She walked down the stairs and stopped dead on the last stair.

Radhika saw the front door open. Viren got in, he removed his leather jacket and hung it by the door.

He sauntered inside, totally unware of her presence, he walked past her and moved into the kitchen.

Radhika followed him.

“Why are you late?” She asked to his back.

He ignored her and took out a cool water from the fridge, his tatoo over his neck and streched down his back, and travelled onto his wrist. It wasn’t a design. It was a bird, a phoenix, she guessed. It’s the bird, which burns and dies, and rises again from its own ashes. Viren had it done last year, and now in the light purple tee with its half sleeves, it looked fascinating.

He turned around and flicked a glance at her.

“None of your business.” He clipped.

Of course, it wasn’t.

She ignored his rude pushing her aside comment.

“Well, what is it that is keeping you out this late?” She persisted again worriedly.

He again ignored and took a long gulp from the bottle, his one beefy arm perched on the counter.

Radhika tried again.

“You know how mom and dad…” She started but her mouth shut up when she saw him visbily get taller and broader, as his eyes flashed and snapped back to hers.

“My parents. Not yours. Never yours. Get that through your little head, and what they feel and don’t feel is none of your f**king concern again.” He bit out.

Radhika flushed hot.

Viren again, leaned in the counter with both of his broad beefy arms on the counter. His face all hard and unmovable. He looked like a dark avenging angel. A very pissed off devilish handsome looking angel.

“Now, turn around and go back to your room as you came.” He whispered, his tone dangerously close to losing control.

Radhika backed away and turned around.

Rude, obnoxious, arrogant jerk. Radhika muttered a line of curses under her breath. Her blood simpered and boiled at his brusque behaviour.

She shook her in immense exasperation.

“He would never change, if only his inner personality was as good as he looks.” Radhika still mumbled on and reached her room.

She slid under the covers thinking sleepy eyes and yawning over a pair of intense dark brown eyes staring at her so heart warmingly. As such, Radhika went into a deep peaceful slumber. A slumber without any anxious thought for the time in her life.

A light smile attached to her lips throughout the night.


Haha, alrighty, I had a little so updated this?

How do u like Viren?

So, was listening to the song- Burn- by Ellie Goulding— dedicatin to u all n also Samjhawan song…

Til den- keep smiling, love all..

Credit to: kfar

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  1. Hey kfar,,,hug for u buddy,,,enjoyed it…keep going yaar

  2. Farah nice episode but I didn’t like viren behaviour towards rads

  3. farha…..super dear….u know i’ve been following u since u started here…..again reading hahahaha…..missing u soooooo much these days…..luv u loads dear….

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  5. I love burn burn song and i sing or hum most time man we have many likes same ur song choice and whatever song u till named are fav

    1. Oh dats realllllly cool unknown i lv all those songs n glad to know we match in music n all 😀
      chalo ye mera last msg hai til 2days i think agar time mila toh how nice it wd be but abhitoh good nite take care friends:D thanks all of u lovelies for such nice cmnts love u lots:D

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    Waiting eagerly for the upcoming episode. When they both met again. fire and ice. Ardhika.

    Love you dear. Keep writing.

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