Story: Forever and Always (Chapter 1)


Chapter- 1( The Stalker)

Radhika hurried towards the library and she saw that it was locked. Damn, the woman really left. If Arjun wouldn’t have opened the door to the storeroom, she might as well be locked till the morning. Her bag was on the bench outside of the library. At least, Mrs. Webber put it out.

Radhika swung the straps of her college bag on her shoulder and meandered her way out of the campus. What was Arjun doing near the store room, that too this late? Her frown cleared. Oh, yes, the gym. It was beside the store room. He had been working out. With his girlfriend, she thought wryly.

What made her kiss him, geez. He didn’t kiss back, the guy as well be marble statue. Her first kiss had been one sided. Crap, how humliating. But, she was thankful to him. If she had been locked in all night, what would have happened. Radhika shivered. It was dark outside and freezing. Walking again. She knew Viren wouldn’t come to take her home. He never came. She lied to his parents that he did. Every time.

Thankfully, the college wasn’t as that far. It was a miles distance. Yeah, she could walk that much. The street lights helped but they were dim. She reached walking into the rich lane half an hour later. It was brightly lit. The light obviously coming from the rows of beautiful and large houses. The end house was Arjun’s and the lane starting next to his house was terribly dark. Radhika stopped dead and gulped. Obviousy, her day had been worse than bad today. Like always. It was a long lane. She didn’t know who or what might be lurking in the dark.

Radhika you’re not a child anymore, her mund chided. She looked across at his drive way. His shiny red Camaro was parked. He was home. She blinked up at his window. It was dark. She again slid her gaze back to the lane.Taking a deep breath, she kept walking.

Think it’s brightly lit. It’s not dark. Her mind chanted. Radhika’s breath shortened and her head began spinning. There were small houses and the last was hers. Still breathing heavily she looked back, her heart stuttered. There was a tall guy, he had a hoodie covered over his head. Radhika couldn’t make him out but hell, was he following her? Shit. She started run walking. She stubbled upon something, her feet became unsteady but she did not stop walking. The footsteps behind her too took pace.

She rushed towards the five steps of the house, dashing inside she took two steps at once and bursted into her room and locked the door from inside.

She sagged back, feeling immense relief travel through her body. Her eyes widened again, the window!

Flying across the room she almost the glass window but when she glanced down, her breath caught and froze, her mouth hunf open.

It was, her mind gasped…it was…was it?!?

Arjun? His face did not show, but his back , his hoodie, his hands in his jean pockets, it was him following her?

The held up breath whoosed out in a gasp. The hell? How? Why did he follow her…like a creep? Maybe, she has finally gone crazy. He walked away long the street. It wasn’t Arjun, was it? Maybe not. It was not him.

She shook her head and wiped out that thought.

The day had been immensly bad, it ended even more badly. She winced thinking about the kiss.


Sorry, its kinda short than the oder two stories, but I wil possibly update tonight..

Hope u al like it 😀

Song dedicatn- Haan hasi bangaye..haan nami bangaye…tum mere aasman aur phir zameen bangaye…:D

Credit to: kfar

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  1. Farah love ur stories pls update if possible fast

  2. .hai*@farha..i had no xm…my eldr brother have cme 2 house on eid holiday as he stay In dhaka 4 study so having a gosip with via…bt check ur page api my Rockstar api u r roking with dis stry n mised u….dearest api…hw r u ???

  3. sry kfar its a speling mistake Farah…

  4. i jus looooooooooooooooooove u a stories farha

  5. Lykd it so much. ..update it so dear…

  6. Likd it soo mch….update soon deary… 🙂

  7. nice nice very nice dr,write more stories,i really like ur ff

  8. brilliant epi..shw perfect emotion of radhika…m to shocked y r arjun followed her…suspense….n hasi ban gaye is one of my fav nw days…good one…n happy to knw u will post story today…waiting

  9. already read…..still hair rising……tight hug my dear rocking buddy….

  10. Hey farha just loved this part so much .

    Sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemistry between the two.

    Loved it soooooooooooooooooooooomuch dear.

    Keep writing this story loved it

    I also loved the song Haan hansi ban gaye , haan nami ban gaye, Just loved romantic songs.

    Just imagine in this story. Radhika is lying on the bed and arjun make tatoo on her back on top of it. sooooooooooooo romantic.
    Song of the day

    Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar
    Kaa kisi ke intazar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa
    Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar
    Kaa kisi ke intazar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Basane lage aakhon
    Me kuchh aise sapne
    Basane lage aakhon
    Me kuchh aise sapne
    Koyi bulaye jaise nainon
    Se apne nainon se apne
    Yeh sama sama hain didar
    Kaa kisike intjar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Mil ke khayalo me hi apne balam se
    Mil ke khayalo me hi apne balam se
    Nind gawayi apni maine kasam se
    Maine kasam se
    Yeh sama sama hain khumar
    Kaa kisike intazar ka
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Me to hu sapno ke raja ki rani
    Me to hu sapno ke raja ki rani
    Sach ho na jaae ye jothi
    Kahaani jothi kahaani
    Yeh sama sama hain iqaraar
    Ka kisike intazar ka
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Yeh sama sama hain yeh
    Pyar kaa hmm hmmm
    Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm
    Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm

  11. Hi farha,,,super yaar,just loved it buddy

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