Voice over: Badh raha hai samaj ki asliyat ka saya Kaustuki ki ore (the black shadow of society is moving towards Kausutki)
One Boy is trying to harm Kaustuki saying “Ladkiya agar had se jiyada badh jaye to nasoor ban jati hain (If girl face success more than enough then they becomes problem for everyone…..

Kaustuki returns home and becomes silent all becomes tensed
Voice over: Kabhi rehti thi jiske dum se ghar me raunak kyu pehen liya usne Khamoshi ka choga (because of whom Mehta’s residence was lighting in happiness why did she wore cape of silence)

Scene2: Kaustuki crying and telling something to Basudha and her eyes are widened with disgust she hugs her and consoles broken Kaustuki
scene3: Abhi and Basu are seated on the terrace and Basudha says “Yaha har tarah ki humiliation sehne ke liye sirf hum jaisey normal log baney hai janab jo chahey humarey naam ke sath khel jata hai par ab nahi mai usey in sab ka hissa nahi banney doongi meri beti bakiyo ki tarah kamzor ban ke zindagi nahi jiyegi ek incident usey tod nahi sakta (here only we normal people are there to face every kind of problem whoever wants plays with our names but now enough I won’t allow anyone to make her life miserable my daughter will not live that life of cowards that broken life just because of one incident)
Abhi looking at Basudha being suspicious
Voice over: Basudha ka badla mizaz kya hai kisi honey wali anhoni ka raaz (changed behavior of Basudha is it indication the secret of getting something wrong)

Basudha opens the door in anger and shouts holding Khurana’s collar
Basudha: How dare you do that You were cheap i knew it but such a cheap man I couldn’t think about that you will pay for it Khurana I will destroy you
Khurana with an evil smirk: you have to think about that before coming here and that too alone
he held her hand and Basudha looking at him in full rage and he is giving evil grin
Voice over: Mandara raha hai Basudha par khatrey ka saya kya bacha payega Abhi (the threat is on Basudha will Abhi be able to save her)

Screen freezed over his face

Okay this was the trailer i dont know what i have written so no shoes please and I will upload the episode tomorrow as today i have to go out for some important work then villian actually i thought that only two or three villians are there in real KKB so I introduced some new as the 72 episode ran with only love and care now it must have some thing different so Khurana is one of them then lets see what is hidden further

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  2. Superb twist yaar….

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