STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 97

Episode 97
The episode starts with the man saying “Sahib, Bibi ji you go from here now let us fight among ourselves and decide what is wrong and what is right” Abhi and Basudha were still stood there looking arguing with each other and came out of thoughts when one of the students called them, They came out of senses and both moved towards the bus looking at the sudden change which happen within one night as for Lajo she was thanking Pragya joining her hands and stopped her, she stopped and Lajo reached her said “Bibi ji I won’t forget this ever you saved my life saving her otherwise I was thinking that my lado (doll) will also be in same state as others are here thank you so much bibi ji” Pragya looked at Abhi and then kept hand on the infant’s head saying “you know you and I, both are same both faced the same situation and both did the same as today just the difference I escaped from here rather than fighting with them and you fought with them for her so don’t thank me because yours value is greater than me as you didn’t ran away and I did so No thanks and all okay just take care of her” she started to move with him but stopped hearing one statement of Lajo “Bibi ji she is your daughter too, and I am happy that Basudha Sangwang is not like Bhawri Sangwang”, Pragya’s eyes got widen hearing that name and she turned to see her Lajo was smiling at her and then she said breaking her shock “I know from the day when my husband said that Chhote Sahib’s marriage is with a girl who belongs to a village in Haryana named Sangh Pur I didn’t paid attention but when they said you are Sangwang I got it that she Is none other than from the family of Sangwang Bibi ji at least visit your place once that place also need you and believe me it is no more the place like it was before, you are surprised!! (Pragya nodded in yes) actually I was small that time but the story of your mother is so famous and inspirational in our village you know after she escaped Badi amma stopped all those activities my mother use to tell me and my fate brought me there, where these activities will be stopped by that brave lady’s daughter am I right Bibi ji!! You will stop all this right!!” Pragya nodded in yes and then went back to Abhi giving her blessing who was looking all this clueless he asked “What was going on about what she was talking who is Bhawri Sangwang?” Pragya smiled and replied “BHawri Sangwang, Prateek Sangwang then Basudha Sangwang” Abhi was still looking clueless she said “Leave it you won’t get it so soon” saying so she moved ahead and then Abhi thought something and ran behind her saying “Oye she was your grandmother!! Right!! I mean whoa she stopped all that and is she alive?” Pragya taking a deep sigh said “Hopefully you got the answer yes she was my grandma and it is not necessary that if your old woman is alive then mine will be too (Zaroori nahi apki budhiya zinda hai to meri bhi ho)” he said “you just said my grandma as old woman” she replied “so shall I call her Katrina kaif?” he said “don’t you think you have learnt to answer!!” moving ahead she replied “you can think so now lets go otherwise we will be late” both went in bus along with students and while they were leaving the village Pragya was continuously remembering the incident which happened sometime back and BG played
Ooo… Ooo…

Maai Re Maai Re, Sun Le Maai (O mother! Listen to me, O mother!)
Remembering her childhood when she use to spent her vacations with her grandmother playing under the trees and running all the time behind Abhigya as every child of city will do in village she use to play with her grandma and at night Abhigya use to sing lullaby for her and when her grandma boycotted them because her sister was born and with tears filled in her eyes she was looking at her BG continued

Ban Tohre Angna Ki Paakhi, Daali Daali Kaahungi (Becoming a bird in Your courtyard, I’ll chirp moving from one branch to another)
Humri Baat Johte Rehna, Laut Ke Waapas Aaungi (Wait for me, I’ll surely return one day)

Maai Re Maai Re, Sun Le Maai (O mother! Listen to me, O mother!)

Aaa… Aaa…
She asked the bus driver to stop the bus in sangh pur as it was in their midway and when she went there the face of that place was totally change it was well developed place now not that kind of orthodox which it was when her mother escaped from there and when her childhood was destroyed it was no more like that even now for girls there was proper protection and schools were available and all the facilities were available for the girls she moved towards the direction with misted memories and asking the way found the direction of her grandma’s home and when she reached there looking at it a shining smile and happy tears formed in her eyes becauase the place which they left because of some filthiness now it was the most beautiful place as it was now a mini hospital for ladies now without changing the structure of that home they had made it as hospital and named it In the memory of Bhawri Sangwang she was so over whelmed that, the place was really changed she kept hand over her mouth, Abhi came near her and kept hand over her shoulder asking what happened and she replied “(My home changed Mehta Sahab now this place is no more filthy now here the only thing which exist is happiness it is changed now (Mhara ghar badal Mehta Sahab ib yo jagah soothri ho gai sai ib na hota aadey kand ib te khushiyan behwe sai aade )” she laughed lightly over it and then when she was going someone asked about her “who is she and whom she want to meet” she smiled widely and replied “I met whom I wanted to meet just going back no worries am not from here” Abhi was shocked with her answer that why did she said she was not from here so she answered “this place is changed this is not the place which was my home this was maa’s home it belongs to her not me the place which belongs to me is still at back I have change it Mehta sahab don’t get shocked” he smiled at her and both headed towards the bus, then having an unknown Happy feeling Pragya went back and BG played
Peeplon Ki Daali Pe, Phir Se Jhoole Aayenge(On the branches of the Peepal tree (Sacred Fig/Bo Tree), swings will be formed again )
Ho… Peeplo Ki Daali Pe, Phir Se Jhoole Aayenge
On the branches of the Peepal tree, swings will be formed again)
Phir Sakhiyon Ke Sang Milke, Hum Saawan Gaayenge (Once again getting together with my girlfriends, we’ll sing the songs of monsoon )

Maai Re Maai Re, Sun Le Maai (O mother! Listen to me, O mother!)
Screen freeze on the happy face of Basudha

About 12 hours later they were back to Mumbai and leaving all the students at their residence they went back to home and as per their record it was the night when they were back and slept peacefully here next day as Pragya went back to work early so no one got to know whether she is back or not and Abhi also didn’t disclosed the suspense as he thought it will be great surprise for the girls when they will see her back the first thing Pragya did was asked Nikhil to present that story to his head of department and as Nikhil agreed, he shown it to his head and as per expected his head took an action being as the head of media college he contact few media members and told about the documentary which Nikhil had brought and immediate action was taken against it now few senior media executives were going to prepare a project over that and some investigation officers too to know about the environment there and this lead Pragya’s confidence to the top there when Dean asked Pragya about Ranjeet so without hesitating she told the whole matter to her and as the result now a big inquiry was kept for him and one police crew was sent to get him free from there everything was setting down on place now and seems happy days were back.
After sometime Pragya came back to home and the scenario was so boring as everywhere the thing available was just silence no one was in the hall accept Naira she was roaming there with a book in her hand, Pragya thought something and silently entered inside singing “Kaan me jhumka chal me thumka kamar pe choti latke tut gaya dil da purza purza lagey 85 jhatke (earrings in ear waves in walking and the braid swinging on the waist made my heart breaking into pieces and got back to back 85 shocks)” Naira being shocked with that teasing manner turned back but found no one as Pragya was hid behind the pillar so she asked “who is there?” Pragya hugging her from back surprised her “Your sister in law” Naira kept hand on her heart taking a deep sigh and beaten Pragya with that book itself saying “idiot fool is this the way to scare!! I will kill you for this for sure” Pragya laughed and said “you already killed me with your swinging braid and patiyala suit” Naira taking footage said “see my hairs are longer than yours now” Pragya shrinking her eye brows “Oh really!!” naira replied in attitude “yes” Pragya whose hairs were tied into bun opened them and they were still longer than Naira she said “Aan this is cheating how can you even do so I mean why you didn’t get them cut” Pragya said “no never” Naira glared at her and then both laughed at each other
Pragya; Naira what was that?
Naira laughingly: don’t know what was that… I guess we just behaved like other girls out
Pragya: just like “Oh really Mrs. Khurana your bangle is so prettier than me how is it”
Naira: Oh please I just brought it from the new jeweler that’s why Mrs. Mehta
Then both looked at each other and said in chorus “Yak boring”
Naira: okay leave all that just tell me how these scars and all I mean how did this happened
Pragya looked at the door and smirking said: Arey your brother pushed me from the stairs when I was getting down
Naira: that idiot did it!!! But why
Pragya: we were arguing and he pushed me down see how much am heart Naira (faking)
Just then a voice came from behind it was Abhi who heard all that he said
Abhi: Eh Basudha scare of god at least you have to show him face after the death (Bhagwan ka khauf kha jaan deni tune usey)
Basudha: so what wrong I have said see Naira how he is saying
Abhi: Didi believe me I never did anything like that
Naira moving towards him: You just be prepared for your band baja baraat
Abhi was moving Backward: What are you doing Basudha you she is always on horse then also you are manipulating her I swear I wont leave you if I caught you
Naira: threat to her!!!! In front of me!!! Now you are definitely dead Kaustuki bring that broom stick which is behind the door
Abhi being scared: oh god why the hell this broom stick always stays behind the door (hey bhagwan ye jhadu humesha darwaze ke peechhey kyu rehti hai yr)
Saying so he ran towards stairs and here Kaustuki brought Broom stick asking what’s the matter to Naira she greeted Pragya and then as she was habituated of this coming and going trip of Pragya she didn’t reacted much then looked towards Abhi who was saying “Oh god every antic piece you have sent in my destiny damn it (hey bhagwan tune sare namoone mere hi ghar bhej diye)” he ran from there and Kaustuki again asked “What was going on?” Pragya answered “its long time that Naira didn’t chased him and he didn’t got scolding from her neither the treatment so getting back to normal that’s it well you wont understand so just go and bring Ganga as I know what she will be doing”, “Okay” Kaustuki replied and then Pragya said “But remember don’t you dare do the same with Purab if you did that then no dinner for tonight” Kaustuki agreed and went from there in full speed.
After sometime
It was the time of night after dinner everyone were in their respective rooms and here Abhi was roaming in the bed room with tensed face looking at his face Pragya was laughing continuously because he was blabbering something while passing from one corner to another and then his condition was looking funny more than tensed
Pragya controlling laughter: Mehta Sahab will you tell me what happened
Abhi: problem a big problem (keeping one hand on stomach and one on waist)
Pragya: what happened you are showing expression as if you are suffering from constipation!
Abhi glared at her and shrugging his hand down: its not the time to joke I am feeling uneasy I am sure blunder is going to happen
Pragya pulling his cheek: it’s just all your thought nothing else
Abhi: No ji no I am sure this un easiness is telling me I am sure he is coming back
Pragya: who?
Abhi: don’t you see tension on my face am sure he is coming back Basudha!!!
Pragya encircling her hand around his neck: nothing is like that and if you are thinking about tension so it must not be with you when am with you
Abhi smirked: no you are not get more close
Pragya getting close: more close!!
Abhi: some more
Pragya smirked and pushed him back saying “am not doing the advertisement of Close up toothpaste here just go and sleep now, huh now a days men use to think too much in a second what kind of time has come (mai yaha koi close up toothpaste ka ad nahi kar rahi jo aur pass aur pass kar rahe ho bhagwaan kya zamana aa gaya hai)”
She went saying so and here Abhi said “What happened to her she is getting crazy but my feeling is true I am sure he is coming back”

Precap: Abhi patting his head “Arey maine kaha tha ye aayega lo aa gaya (I have said he will come and he came)”

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! & Who is Coming? Im Soooooooooo Excited to read furtheR…………….

  2. Saranya24

    Awesome didi loved naira and abhi chasing aftr a long time suprb love u??????

  3. If my guess was right the man who coming is YASH….may be??? And finally all sort out…and the suspense twist Bhawri Sangwang….nice awesome….?

  4. Haye meri jaaan awesome, aaj Toh Naira and Basu ?????? Chaa gaye , By God ki Kasam or yeh waali Basu toh Maari fav che , and Bhawri was something newwww and of coarse again different from our imagination, It was truly awesome and Superrrr se bhi Uperrrr wala update tha. Awesome, amazingg, Ah haa Chaa gayi Kuriyea tu to ?????? Abhidha and the pre recap ???? haha Gone, Hatss off

  5. Awesome it was?????? naira and basu??????? it was superb??? abhidha???? and bhawri was a thing new! Loved it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. As usual superb… Awesome… Abhigya scenes superb… Yash coming back?

  7. Prathi

    Naira and Basu started and also Naira running behind Abhi as usual loved it. KAUN aa raha bhai??

  8. Shivika22kapoor

    Awesome episodes with perfection at it’s peak. This is combined for epi 96&96 as epi 96 wasn’t opening again so I am commenting here only ?.
    The way Abhi sings that song. This actually proves how big a song lover you are. A perfect song for every scene. Abhi’s song inspires all but Basu’s action of saving the girl at the nick of time was the best thing. The pain that she felt and the way she did everything from speaking against the village rules till standing for a girl’s right. Then making people understand and fighting back. ?????? hats off to you actually that would be even less salute to you for such a mind blowing epi and a perfect Sa bhi upper wala reality check. Definitely it’s high time people really need to get out of all the filth that is stored in their heads and make a new move.
    The best dialogue ” Teri bhoodi zinda hai isska matlab yeh toh nahi Ki meri waali bhi hogi.” ?????????????
    ??????????? ??????????? Basu rocks
    ?????????? .
    All in all the epi was amazing and gave goose bumps and made me numb at points. A perfect mix of everything.
    And a standing ovation to you for portraying everything with such a beauty.

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