Episode 9
All the ladies reached their destination after two days finally and that also by night it was totally dark there because it was a town area neither a city nor a city but a developing town so the street lights were not there till now it seems it was developing area and as they reached their home Divya slightly took Kaustuki in her arms as she was slept at that time and Kamya helped Pragya in getting out from the cab which was similar to mini bus but not exactly a bus and all of them started moving in there someone was there who was waiting for them and the person was the care taker of their house he was waiting for them as Kabir already informed him about their arrival and as Dadi started moving ahead he came and touched her feet and said “bebe (didi) [In different parts of Punjab and Haryana meaning of Bebe differs at some places people use to call their mother as bebe and at some places elder sister is called bebe here I am using the word for elder sister] came after long time don’t you miss us and bahu beta also didn’t remember us
Dadi: Its nothing like that Kishore don’t think like this actually telephone service is also not here this much developed then how will we contact you tell me
Divya: Exactly Kaka but believe me we missed you a lot and specially Kabir he always says that Kaka must be alone their whenever we will go he will scold us for sure that Kabir beta bebe you all forget us and see he was right.
Kishore: Okay Okay bete sahab now will you tell me who is she.
Divya: Guess kaka who can she be?
Kishore looked at Pragya and then Kaustuki and got confused then asked
Kishore: Arey bebe at least you tell me who are they any family friend or any relatives daughter who are they.
Dadi: Arey Kishore this is Abhi’s wife and his daughter
Kishore : Hain… Hayo mere rabba Abhi has a daughter he has grown this much and you didn’t told me about his marriage I remember last time when you brought him here he was a kid of just three to four years and from that time onwards you didn’t came back neither Kabir beta nor you bebe but now you are coming and see them both looking like an angel.
Pragya smiled and greets him then dadi said
Dadi: Oh Kishore you can talk about this by sitting inside the home also or you have plan to make us stand here whole night
All laughs as Dadi said in scolding manner and then they moved towards their home while continuing chit chat and finally they reached their home and Kishore showed their rooms to them and arranged dinner and after that all were resting in their respective rooms Pragya was seated resting her head on headboard of her bed and caring her daughter’s face and looking towards the phone expecting his call when suddenly Divya enters her room and asked
Divya: Pragya beta..
Pragya: Jii maa (trying to get up from the bed)
Divya: Arey no need of that stay there itself I am coming there so how are you feeling beta
Pragya: fine maa just tired of long journey
Divya: Hmm I can understand okay I was here to tell you two things first if you need anything just ask Kishore kaka or me and tomorrow morning it is possible that some people will come to meet us so until I ask you don’t come out of your room because it is not good to come in front of people so easily in this condition okay beta
Pragya: okay maa but what about Kaustuki she will not agree to stay inside the room or at one place and If I tried to do so then she will start her song that I want to go to papa nothing else then
Divya: Oh don’t care about that I will take care of her understood now take rest
Just then Pragya’s phone rang and it was Abhi Pragya looked at phone with hesitation as Divya was with her and before she could decide anything Divya lifted the call and said
Divya: Abhi what is your problem this is third time you are calling in a day what do you want that Pragya shouldn’t take rest
Abhi shocked as this was not expected by him and he was thinking what to answer when Divya again yelled “Abhi now you are silent what do you want tell me”
Abhi: Nothing maa I called just to inquire whether you people reached safely or not nothing else.
Divya: We reached safely now take rest and let us take rest understood talk later from whom you want t talk understood.
Abhi: Okay Ok
Divya hanged the call: don’t know what problem does your husband have mine also didn’t use to call this much for knowing where I am and he had called three times in a day wow
Pragya laughed and Divya cupping her face said “Take care” Pragya nodded yes and Divya left from their then all of them slept.
In Morning some ladies came to their home and started talking about random things with Divya and she introduced Kamya and rest of them to the ladies and all started talking randomly when suddenly Kaustuki came out of room and sat in the lap of Divya and she kissed her cheeks
Divya: Oh my sweety woke up so slept peacefully or not?
Kaustuki: Oh Dadi it was too much hot in the night you know and I wasn’t able to sleep carefully and where is Badi dadi I didn’t saw her from morning
Divya: Oho madam it is too hot here then why you came here you must have stayed with your papa right! He is enjoying their in AC and we all are here
Kaustuki: Oh ho dadi you know na that I want both mummy as well as papa and he forced me to come otherwise neither I would have come nor I had allowed mummy to come here now tell me where is badi dadi.
Divya laughed: Badi dadi went to Gurudwara in morning itself she will come here in sometime now go and get fresh n up then we will have break fast
Kaustuki ran from there and one of the ladies asked
Lady: Divya who is she why is calling you Dadi did our Abhishek got married?
Divya: yes he is 11 years ago
Lady: and you didn’t informed us also
Divya: sorry Parjai ji we didn’t had any means to contact so
Lady: Okay tell us how old is she you granddaughter is so beautiful
Divya: she is just 9 years old alone daughter but now soon she will get one brother or sister
Lady: It means your DIL is again going to become mother! How much month?
Divya: Last month
Lady: Okay at least let us meet her where is she?
Divya : sure Parjayi
She called Pragya came out wearing a suit and took blessings from the ladies they blessed her and gave her some money saying “it is because we are looking at your face for the first time and now go inside as this is not good to come out in such situation okay it is not city it is small town area any evil eye can catch baby” Pragya said Okay biji and left from there
Lady: Divya your DIL is so beautiful and looking at her it seems that she will definitely have a boy this time for sure but where is Abhi he didn’t came?
Divya: whatever the infant will be we will be okay with that Parjai ji because Abhishek doesn’t believe in thing like girl or boy he didn’t came as he wasn’t having leave
Lady: don’t say like this Divya you know that you people belong to reputated high profile family of this town and you home matters to everyone and you have to be sure that this time it should be boy because already you son is having a girl and if it will be again a girl then you very well know that what will happen with her and your DIL too.
Divya with shock: What are you saying Parjayi still that ritual is same here. I thought with time everything would have changed
Lady: No Divya everything is same nothing has changed just the look of this village has changed people are the same
Divya: Oh it’s okay let’s leave it on time god will see
Lady: As you wish Divya but from now start praying god that nothing should happen otherwise you very well know that what will happen now we are leaving but think about it once okay
Divya smiled and send them their home but from inside she was totally scared now that what if it will be a girl and what if that happens really she was lost in thoughts which were finally broken by Dadi and Kishore and she asked about what ladies said to Kishore and he also agreed that ladies were right and now Dadi started scolding her taking her aside
Dadi: what I had said that there is no need of bringing them here but you didn’t heard now what if our fear came true
Divya: I know nothing will happen maa you don’t get tensioned I will take care (in attitude)
Dadi thinks : You are destroying your own world Divya if this happened then everything will go on fire for sure
From that day onwards their fear for Pragya started they all were worrying about the new infant and Pragya they were in extreme tension but in happiness too but they were not letting it overcome infront of Pragya she was unaware that what was going to be happen with her every situation was now a probability for them anything can happen and among all these the time spent it was the time when the arrival of new guest was assured and this happened too suddenly one day Pragya started screaming in pain the labour pain and all rushed to hospital as it was the town area so the hospitals were not big they were kind of dispensaries and they admitted her Kaustuki was with Kishore kaka he was taking care of her till then and after few hours Doctor came out and Dadi asked about the girl so doctor said
Doctor: Congratulations biji Mother and child both are well and it’s a daughter congratulations
Dadi felt extremely happy and so as Divya they both called Abhi and told him that it is a daughter again and he was on cloud nine he kissed on phone to Divya and she was laughing on his antics he said
Abhi: Oh maa you don’t know that how much happy I am I got another daughter it means another happiness added to my family now Oh maa I am unable to describe what I am feeling now okay I am coming there just give me the address I will leave at night itself I will say to chief that it is emergency I am coming maa take care of my sweety okay
Divya and Dadi were laughing looking his behaviour and he ended the call and after that immediately he called the peon and asked him to give treat to everyone from his side and he will pay the bill and then he went to Kabir and told him this he also got extremely happy and both father son decided to leave at that time itself by car without wasting time in booking tickets and all here the screen shifts to Pragya she was holding her daughter In her hands and was looking extremely happy and Divya was getting happy looking them from outside but suddenly her happiness vanished off as Dadi reminded her of the ritual they both were tensed and after Pragya got discharged they went home and after reaching home they asked Pragya to take rest and they went out as some ladies were there to meet them and as they have thought now the news was spread in whole area that Divya’s DIL again given birth to a girl and now they were not expecting anything from them and one of the lady said to Divya

Lady: I said it right now that will happen for sure Divya but not today or tomorrow on the sixth day of birth of child when the child will be make bath from milk and believe me Biji now you have to do it as an elder person of the house and being a member of a reputated family you have to do this biji you have sink that girl in Milk and end her life that’s it after that you know very well that what you people have to do with your DIL you did a big mistake Divya by coming here with your pregnant DIL now she have to suffer in this black tradition.
Divya: Parjayi I agree upon that but there will be any way to escape right because if Abhishek came to know that this is going to be happen then everything will be destroyed please do something Parjayi.
Dadi: I have told already Divya that don’t do this don’t agree upon this and you didn’t heard me now what will you answer Abhi because now people will not let us escape all the men have surrounded our house we can’t send Pragya out from the home
Divya : I know maa I have done mistake now what how we will save them Parjayi do something I know you can because you was the one who helped me when Yashika was born you only helped me right now please help us save our daughter please I am begging you
Lady: it is totally a difficult task now Divya that time Kabir was with you but this time you all are alone only ladies how will you manage
Divya: we will parjayi ji please do something as maa cant because she is the elder one and she have to face other people of this area also
Lady: Okay do one thing
She was about to say when they all got shocked as Pragya heard them and now she was feared to the hell thinking about they will kill her child she was standing like a statue and Dadi said
Dadi: you tell her about the way I will see her
She went and took Pragya with her to the room Pragya was feared to such an extent that she was blabbering that “NO I will not give her to them I will not dadi call him he should know about this call him” she started crying and dadi consoled her saying “you have believe on me na Pragya I bought you here on my responsibility don’t worry I will not let anything happen to you and our gudiya believe me beta” Pragya looked at her and she assured her that nothing will happen but now Pragya was feared that fear was overcoming her. Here the lady told Divya about the way to escape and she said “Okay Parjayi but do you think it is safe I mean in night what if she got caught and according to now they are doing so in night only right! Because in day time they have fear of police”
Lady: we have no other option you have to escape her in midnight itself otherwise they will not leave her
Divya: Okay I will try
Lady kept her hand on her shoulder in assurance and left from there but It has to be agreed that nothing can escape in villages or town areas and don’t know how this news that Pragya might escape in midnight spread all over the area and now people decided that the thing which they were going to do on sixth day they will do it tonight and as the night got extreme dark people gathered outside their home and started banging door Dadi and Divya sensed this and Dadi said
Dadi : Divya beta you stop them there itself I will help her with the way to get out from here.
Divya agreed and they left for their respective works here Divya stopped them at door but the people were getting angry more and here Dadi said to Pragya
Dadi: Pragya take your daughter and run from here beta I know you cant but you have to do so just go from back side of home from the way of jungle it will be safe
And Pragya held Kaustuki’s hand and in one hand she held her newly born daughter Dadi helped her to run from there and she ran and here the people now were getting more anger towards them so they didn’t listened Divya and went inside they searched whole house but didn’t found Pragya and her daughter but one of them noticed that the back door was open so they guessed that might be they ran from there one of the person said “She has given birth to a child just a day before she wont be able to run far we will catch her come soon” and they all left then Dadi and Divya were crying and praying that everything should be fine and screen shifts to Pragya she was running holding Kaustuki’s hand and carrying the baby on her back her face was looking tired as she was running from past 15 minutes and she was extremely weak to but the courage to save her daughter was not letting her feeling wasted she was trying hard to escape and Kaustuki was crying as she was tired now so Pragya decided to hide at dark place where they could not sense them so she hide behind the trees where the trees were like shed it was extreme dark there Kaustuki sobbed and Pragya hugged her tightly
Kaustuki crying : Mummy what is this happening I am scared where is papa please call him please why is this happening
Pragya wiping her tears: Nothing beta nothing just think it as a bad dream and forget it you are brave girl right! Don’t cry we will go home soon.
They rested there for some time and Pragya was now feeling dizzy because none of them had their food also this happened unexpectedly when suddenly heard some noise they were coming near so Pragya asked Kaustuki to wake up and they again started to run as the sound was coming near they were running when suddenly Pragya’s let got injured with a stone and she fell down Kaustuki was now crying looking all this Pragya tried to wake up but in vein it was paining extremely hard so she decided to save her daughters she loosed the grip of her dupatta in which she tied baby and handed over it to Kaustuki and said to her
Pragya: You are my brave daughter right!
Kaustuki nodded yes
Pragya: and you are an elder sister also now so you have responsibility to save your younger sister beta just save her and your self
Kaustuki crying : Mummy please I will not go no…. Mummy….
Pragya: NO Kaustu don’t cry I will come in morning see the road is there near I am able to see it so just run beta before they catch you just run
Kaustuki crying vigorously : Mummy…
Pragya was trying hard to make her understand but she was not listening so Pragya shouted at her to go and she started moving from there she was still crying she moved to a distance holding that baby in her hand and she was about to move when Pragya shouted “DON’T TURN AND LOOK BEHIND JUST GO KAUSTU GO BETA DON’T LOOK BEHIND” and Kaustu cried hard but agreed to her mother like a good girl and Pragya was feeling dizzy here when she saw Kaustu going she said to her self “HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF MAA SEE YOUR DAUGHTER ALSO GOT SAME DESTINY AS YOU AND AGAIN THE SITUATION IS SAME THIS IS THE END NO ONE IS HERE TO SAVE YOUR DAUGHTER MAA SEE I AM AT THE END OF MY LIFE ONCE YOU WAS ALONE AND NOW I AM ALONE” thinking all this she fainted and a flashback starts
A woman is shown running holding a baby in her one hand and holding hand of a girl who is looking about 10 to 12 years and suddenly she started gasping and they are running from someone woman is looking so much weak and tired and suddenly she fell down because she stumbled as one stone comes in between and she fell down and girl Is saying “Maa wake up please” the lady says “ PRAGYA they are coming beta go run from here go beta” she handed over the child to the girl and again said “save your sister PRAGYA run Maa is alright just run my bachha my brave girl and don’t look back or turn back and don’t think to stop till you escape ok just run beta go” she cries “No Maa I am not leaving you” the lady insisted a lot and the girl was not agree finally she agreed and holding the child she started moving and about to turn then the lady shouts “Don’t turn PRAGYA just run beta save your sister and yourself run PRAGYA” and she ran from there and some people were coming from back shouting and searching for someone and the girl shouted MAA.
Flashback ends

At Present
Pragya is shown lying on bed in hospital and Abhi is wandering here and there in tension waiting for doctor to come out and when the doctor came out Abhi went to him and asked about Pragya and doctor said
Doctor: she is fine just because of weakness she fainted like this you brought her here at right time that’s good.

Precap: enough divya enough dont try to speak a word now. Abhi “Thanks maa today you have given extreme love to me” Divya cries

hey yo dont scold me for what i have shown today just wanted to share this with you that everyday still now after so many laws for killing girl infant like this till this practice is continue is some areas on India i will not mention the name but you can search them on your own every day many daughter new born babies are killed like this only and the woman who gives birth to more than two daughter she also suffers alot as either she got killed or she is treated badly as slave by her in laws and husband i just tried to show that pain nothing else i my self got sure about this before reading then i have written all this it was mentioned in my sociology subject as an case study then i read an survey in newspaper recently then only i have written all this and yes a serial is also there based on this Named LADO you can read its plot i just watched few starting episodes then i was not able to watch it as i wasnt having courage to watch that torture so i quitted after three episodes itself and coming to point then weather Pragya was watching a dream or it was true this will get clear in next update and tell me if you feel the episode was too fast so stay tuned love you all.

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