STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 88

Episode 88
It is not that easy to know about the pain of a person especially when the person is not willing to share His or her problem with anyone else, there are always two reasons for not sharing anything with any- One first is the fear which scares everyone that what will other think and will they be able to understand What we are trying to say and another one is the fear which scares them saying they will kill me if I told Them. One among this fear always scare everyone we all are its witnesses somehow by some means Some for results some for their life going on and some for their mistakes but we all have these two fears As what will others say so we can better understand what Kaustuki was must be thinking by then is it Easy for her to share her problem and fear which has somewhat broken her to the core is it easy for her To share anything with anyone in the home, the answer is No for some and for some it will be yes, what Can be the situation of that girl who has been molested we can’t justify we can just assume that we all Need a source to overcome our trauma this time that will be there to overcome her trauma let’s see… One night Kaustuki was in her room studying out something when Naira entered into her room and tried To cheer up her mood which was not looking good as she was still lost somewhere so she said “Oho Kaustu this is not fare it’s been long time you didn’t played any song on buffer system lets go and play it Yr.” Kaustuki smiled and said “No boa is in no mood to do so please and more than that I don’t like Him anymore it’s all over”, “It’s nothing like that you are saying so because you didn’t heard him since Long time but once you will listen him you will get that energy that happening again so let me play it Once then see how you will jump on his songs everything will be perfect and fine” she replied and Moved towards the music system which was in her room she played one of the Honey Singh song Brown rang it was one of her favorite song once but today something unusual happened as he sung the Rap Kaustuki pulled the wire from the main plug and screamed “Bua I said please I don’t like him Anymore” saying so she started throwing her CDs and she broke some of them with full force that They were broken into pieces and were spread in the room completely Naira was shocked to see that Behavior of Kaustuki but looking at her situation she didn’t said anything as Kaustuki still didn’t wanted To share anything with her so she left the room and when met with Abhi after sometime she told Everything to him and now he was sure that there is something for sure, something is there which is Bothering her, he tried to inquire by himself but in vein and then he sent Divya also to know what Exactly the matter is but it was also the waste of time because she pretended that she is feeling sleepy when Divya went to talk with her and so the upset Divya came out and went to Abhi who was in his room by that time thinking about the way that what to do and how to do Divya kept hand over his shoulder he turned and asked “Did she said anything?” Divya replied “you were right she is hiding something but feeling insecure to share with anyone of us” he sat down taking a deep sigh and said “Then how we will know that what is her problem!!”, Divya said “Abhi sometimes a kid is so close to Everyone that everyone thinks that he or she can share anything with them but actually the person or kid is secure with only one person to whom he or she can share every secret and it is obvious that when a kid is in pain only one person can understand it better and you very well know about what I am talking right!!” he was silent for some time and then nodded his head in okay and said “I will take her there right now” Divya asked “Now!!! But mummy ji is at home what you will say to her?”, “Right now solution of this problem is must Ma I don’t care what dadi will do today” saying so he left the place and here Divya Was shown tensed as she knew that what will happen further here Abhi went to Kaustuki’s room and asked her to be ready as they both are going to meet Pragya Kaustuki as being silent just nodded her head in yes,

Kabir was seated in Hall when Abhi went passing him in rush and didn’t even stopped to answer him that where Is he going when Kaustuki came down Kabir asked “Kaustuki you are also going in such night where you people are going?” Kaustuki first looked here and there trying to ignore but when Kabir insisted she said “to meet Ganga and mum…” she was about to complete but someone interrupted and as per expected she was Dadi she yelled “Meet your mother…!!! Am I right?? I knew it every one is making fun of mine when I said I am seeing those images but it was all your plan my doubt got clear that girl that lady won’t come back in my home that’s it” She was continuously yelling when suddenly Abhi entered and holding Kaustuki’s hand took her from there glaring at dadi without uttering a word. Kabir and Divya were stood dumbstruck here Naira was at peak of anger her expressions were clearly showing it seems she was about to do something then the screen shifted towards Abhi within an hour Abhi was at Sangwang villa there Pragya was picking up the saucers and dishes seems they just have completed their dinner, she noticed them and asked about their arrival in late night so Abhi first looked at Kaustuki and then in clues told her “Don’t know just the fact I was feeling lost so…” She looked at Kaustuki and understood the matter then said “It’s Okay but don’t you think this is too late”, “Intezar nahi ho raha na Basudha (try to understand Basudha I am unable to wait” he replied being restless and she nodded her head In okay and asked them to have dinner first as she was going to have it after feeding Ganga she was slept and in that interval of time she noticed Kaustuki’s gestures there was a complete silence which surrounded them and at the time of sleep She went in Kaustuki’s room slightly caressed her hairs and in return she just kept her head in her mother’s lap as it was the most secure place for her that time, she encircled her arms around her waist and then drifted to sleep by this time Pragya was well aware that what exactly was going on In Kaustuki’s mind which made her sad.

IN Pragya’s room
Abhi was wandering here and there being restless and as she entered he asked “Did she told anything did she told you what happened why she is so silent why is she behaving like this why she is doing so?” being restless, Pragya smiled lightly and replied “She is depressed Mehta Sahab, you took so long in bringing her there where she will really get relieve she is stressed she is disturbed she is broken and I am sure something is happened for sure which is still unable to forget for her, Mehta Sahab my girl is broken and you know why I am smiling, I am smiling because when she was in mid of her own people still she is in such state I can’t believe this can also happen well lets sleep we will talk about this later now” saying so she went to sleep and here Abhi was dumbstruck hearing her words she was sounding so harsh he just took a glance of her she went to sleep and went out in the balcony every place was surrounded by darkness he thought

Abhi’s POV
Did she just taunt me!!! She said “, Mehta Sahab my girl is broken and you know why I am smiling, I am smiling because when she was in mid of her own people still she is in such state I can’t believe this can also happen” what did this mean it means I got fail in taking care of her! Did she just blamed me! But somehow she is correct her responsibility was on me on us and she never felt so easy to share anything with us she never said anything what is bothering her and what is not do I lost something in past few years!! Did I lost her faith over her father or I am not worth of understanding any problem, Its right somehow because I never took any step to control anything when everything was related to me every mistake is mine only mine coz I was the one who never took the responsibility of my own family every time someone else were controlling our lives sometimes it was Ma sometimes it was Baba and when the unfold pages opened it turned out to be Dadi who is still controlling every one’s life what else am I doing for them nothing rather than being silent and watching everything standing at far indirectly today Basudha told me this that I have done nothing for anyone for myself too, I was the one who never tried to keep my point of view ever and what I am doing now is same here some problems are going on and still I am thinking that everyone will sought their matter on their own, Okay when the mistake was mine then the responsibility to rectify it is also mine everything was destroyed long ago now this is high time I have to gather every broken piece and have to assemble it now no more silence from my side Its my promise to you Basudha now no more silence”
End of POV

Here screen shifts towards Basudha she was looking towards the dark shade of the room thinking “At least now break your silence Mehta Sahab enough of being so straight forward and simple man in past few years I have overcome my silence and you have to do it now in the name of right everyone is every single person is playing with us at least now break your silence”
Screen freeze on them

At Morning
It was a normal day for everyone Pragya went for her work but took Kaustuki too along with her by insisting her, Abhi went for his work so it was a normal day everything was going normal but for someone it was very painful day and it was none other than Bulbul, it was painful for her because her friend was lost somewhere she was silent today not even was behaving rude with her neither ragging her, that smile of her friend which use to appear on her face when she use to do any stupidity was lost that smile of her which was like a kid who is peeking out of a window and playing hide n seek with air was lost somewhere she was thinking that Bulbul’s negligence lead to made her like this, but when Kaustuki stopped her and asked her to stay with her she felt some kind of fear in her eyes she was all day with her and her doubt got increased when Kaustuki never took any objection on Purab being with them about half of the day spend like this it was the Drama class Pragya wasn’t there that time seems she was late and Kaustuki’s silence was killing Bulbul some band people taking advantage of absence of Pragya were practicing continuously Bulbul thought something and confronted their singer saying “Is this the way to sing have you any sense of singing!!! Singing like a cat is crying in pain even she also cries in tone agree that crying of cat is a bad omen still and even a frog can also sing better then you idiot” singer glared at her in rage and replying “Oh really now you will tell me how to sing then tell me how to sing just handle this mike and show your abilities okay” Bulbul first looked at Kaustuki who was looking uninterested then said in proud “Yes accepted I am telling you I will sing better than you idiot” she went on stage and asked band members to play everything madly then she started singing
aye bachchu (Hey baby/boy)
aye bachchu tu sun le, mere dil ka ye order (Hey baby, you listen, the order of my heart)

ab khul ke jeele tu, koi seema na border (now live openly, like no limit, no border)

halka sa nasha hai, masti ki wine mein (there is a little intoxication, in the wine of fun)

jeene ka hai chaska, toh aaja line mein (if there is zest of live, then come in line)

suno yaaron suno ek raaz gehraa (listen o friends, one deep secret)

kiston mein kya jeena, lambee saans lo zara (what to live in small things, take a long breathe)

muthiyon ko kassona inhe khol do (don’t bind your hands, make it open)

dil mein kya rakhna chalak bol do (what to hide in heart, speak it clearly)

gun guna lo muskuralo, zindagi toh sikhtati hai yehi (sing, laugh, life teaches this only)

lehralo balkhalo, hum qaidi to nahin (wave, dance, we are not a prisoner)

jhoom le jhoom jhama jhoom jhamak jhoom
sway like jhoom jhama jhoom jhamak jhoom

pairon mein ta ta thaye jhoom tumaak tum) – 2
move your feet on the tune of ta ta thaye jhoom tumaak tum

lehron ke sang chap chap chaapak cham (with the wave chap chap chaapak cham)

dol tu dum dum dum dumaak dum
you move dum dum dum dumaak dum

jhoom le jhoom zoom, oh zara jhoom le jhoom zara (sway sway, sway little)

suno yaaron suno ek raaz gehraa (listen o friends, one deep secret)

kiston mein kya jeena, lambee saans lo zara (what to live in small things, take a long breathe)

muthiyon ko kassona inhe khol do (don’t bind your hands, make it open)

dil mein kya rakhna chalak bol do (what to hide in heart, speak it clearly)

She jumped and sat beside Kaustuki and rounded her hand around her shoulder then made some funny faces singing further and then she dragged her to the stage and swinging her hands up she asked her to

oh jhoomo zara yeh bhi kya hai jeena ? (oh sway little, is this a life?)

oh jhoomo zara tum ho nageena (oh sway, you are a diamond)

jhoomo jhoomo jhoom jhoom mere sang (sway sway with me) (Pulling Kaustuki’s cheeks)

mastiyon ki kashti kholo, kinaro ko bye bye bolo (open the boat of fun, and say bye bye to the border/edge)

aao nah hawa ke sung holo dolo dolo dolo dolo mere sung (come, move with the wind, with me)
She tried to twirl her but her leg twisted and she fell down that time she shouted like crazy “Oh mummy my lord my god my father my grandfather someone help me I am fallen down I think today my leg is fractured I think Oh mummy I guess my bone is broken Oh mummy” and her drama got successful as Kaustuki smiled a bit looking her drama but soon she left the place and Bulbul folded her legs and sat keeping her chin on her fist saying “smiled now soon you will laugh My boyfriend just wait and watch” here screen shifted towards Pragya she was stood out of the amphitheater and smiled a bit taking a deep sigh thinking that her thought of bringing Kaustuki back to college to lighten her mood was right. Then screen shifted towards the main gate of the college here about 15 minutes were left in college timings getting over and there was the person who was waiting for someone it was Abhi who was stood there resting his back on his car as he came with driver and sent Pragya’s car with him now he was there with his car and here comes the cruel Khurana he was passing by from there but when he seen him and finding no one in surrounding went there and said “till how many days you will maintain this pick up and drop like an idiot” Abhi smiled and replied “Thank for identifying I am an idiot after all an idiot can understand another idiot very well” Khurana got irked hearing that and said “let’s come to the point”, “Okay but which point dead point or nariman point (name of a place)”, he replied, Khurana being irked said “don’t try to fool me if you want me to talk straight then I will talk straight okay”, “so till now you were talking while dancing so bad Mr. you must learn talking straight”, Ranjeet held his collar in rage and said “Leave her because she is mine”, Abhi relieving himself “Mine!!! Do you have her copyright!!” Khurana smirked “yes coz you both are separated from each other since past 5 years and according to law it is considered as divorced so legally you don’t have any right over her” Abhi eyes somewhat turned red he said calmly “And if I say that I don’t believe on law then!!” Ranjeet smirked “You have a family consisting Mother, Father your sister is also now a days in India what if someone kidnap her and do something worse then!!! Your grandmother what if she is going to pray and any car hits her then!! Mr. you are a clear minded person you can understand everything so just stay away” saying so he patted his shoulder and moved from there Abhi stood silent and when he was at some distance Abhi shouted “Kandiwali west Khurana Niwas two sons one is a creep just like you and one straight forward simple clear minded person one mother is also with you whom you respect more than anyone else and one aunt too both are widows unluckily so what if one of them someone get killed by any accident!!!” Ranjeet turned being shocked and Abhi was at his back smiled wickedly then patting his back said “Ask Thank you to Ma ji Parathas were too tasty and my dear don’t think that I am simple just by judging my face because I am much worse than you if you took any wrong step I will take more worst step than you so just think before you do anything okay” he smiled and left the place
screen freezed

Precap: When silence breaks it only brings extreme pain and rage
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  6. Maya

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