STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 87

Episode 87
“Black” this is not just a color for anyone., for someone it is an attitude, for some it is a pride, for some it is definition of style, for some it is more than a life, just because it suits them. Elders have another definition of black; according to them black is the color which shows either pain or the dark shade of a person. All have various views about black but what about those for whom black color is the definition of their worst days, some says that their life is black shade because they lost their loved once some says that their life is black just because their life has seen worst face of days and people and witnessed the darker shade of this world. We all have heard the famous quotation that “There is new morning waiting for us after this dark black night” but, was that true!!! The question still remains same as forgetting any bad experience of yours is not that easy. Here the same situation was with Kaustuki that day turned out to be her black day no one knows what was happened but the tension on every forehead was that “Why a cherish and happy girl was silent those days, everyone was sure that something was happened but what was happened this was still a mystery because that fake smile on Kaustuki’s face wasn’t allowing anyone to know her secret but her activities were doing so meeting with Bulbul wasn’t happened that day from when she was behaving like this so everyone were thinking that Bulbul is the reason that she is not reacting on anything. Abhi was somewhat doubted that something is there for sure he was doubted as the girl whose day doesn’t use to spend without arguing with him for something or making him fool for those matters about which he was much aware, the girl who use to con him on the name of college fund and later he smiles on her because he knew the actual reason of her excuse, was so silent now she wasn’t arguing with him from past few days she wasn’t saying anything from him from past few days so this led him to think that something is there for sure but what was that, it was going to stay secret until Kaustuki by herself shares what was happened. And if we talk about Pragya so that soul was still unaware of what was happening around her, just a feeling was there that something wrong has happened but what was it, this was still a question but not that strong was the feeling that make her restless, Kaustuki never went to meet her in these past three to four days, to her thoughts “dadi must be keeping an eye on her that’s why she didn’t came here” but who knows what was the truth. One day Abhi decided to share everything with Pragya as in past days activeness of Dadi stopped him to leave the home too so that day he decided to somehow meet her with any excuse and if it is necessary he will fight with dadi for doing so, But this was all not needed because his luck was with him that day all his way was clear. He went towards her residence and there he got to know that today she was at Sangwang villa. “SANGWANG VILLA” this took him to the trauma because in past few years she never went there but today she did it, was there any problem or something wrong was there, with all these thoughts he drove towards the villa. The car was driving with its own speed and mind of driver was driving in the direction and what was going on now a days why everything was looking like messy why everything was looking tangled, nothing was clear nothing was visible what actually it was nothing was at the point and nothing was up to the expectations, everything was changing with the change of the day and with the change of the hour, “with the change of the hour!!” yes with the change of the hour because nothing was known that why there were such changes one family was hiding something within themselves, that every person who was holding a secret was sleepless those days were like the black era for everyone there Naira was day by day getting aggressive over everyone whenever Dadi was talking about relations and values, Shabbo was turned out to be her shoulder on which she use to cry when she was hurt what was happening everything was going to be a mystery and with these thoughts he reached that villa when he turned his window glass down he looked towards that villa where he came last time, when Kaustuki was entering her teen age and Ganga was the one who had learnt walking by that time and now one was in college and one was going to enter her teen age so much time has been spent and after a long interval he was back at that place where actually their fun days were spent he got off the car and moved in.

There Dinu kaka was cleaning the table when he noticed him and said “Welcome Babu we were waiting for you only”, “For me!! You were much aware that I am going to come here” he replied, Dinu said “Yes Basudha told me you are going to come”, “Hmm… where is she? I went to Ranvi’s place but he said she is here” he asked , Dinu kaka smiled and said “she is in lawn at back” he nodded with a fade smile and went towards the lawn there she was seated on the grass staring at the sky which was turning out to be dark blue that time he went near her and said “what happened is there any problem that you came here today anything which is bothering you??” she smiled and said “Don’t know but something is there in this environment which is bothering so I came here today to lighten my mood and now I am thinking I will stay here itself from now on wards” he said “hmm… don’t know what is happening now a days everything is looking filled with sadness seems like a layer of sadness is formed everywhere”, “hmm… (with a deep sigh) lets go and talk inside” she replied and both started to walk towards the entrance and at that time Abhi narrated everything to her and being shocked hearing all this she said “This was the matter and you never informed me!!! I was thinking all the time that there must be any problem from Dadi’s side that’s why no one was coming here to meet me neither Kaustuki was coming to college nor you went to NGO so this was the matter!!!” he replied “what did you said!! Kaustuki didn’t went to college !!”, “Yes it’s been a week she hasn’t come to college” she replied. He said “If she didn’t went to college this week then where was she while her college time she is going somewhere daily with her bag and I thought that Bulbul’s matter dragged so long”, “This is impossible Mehta Sahab as Bulbul was also asking me the reason of Kaustuki’s disappearance did you tried to enquire about the matter?”, “I tried many times but every time she refused to tell me instead she is saying to everyone that nothing is there” he replied. She thought something for a while and said “do one thing ask Ma to interact with her or Naira I am sure that when she didn’t shared with you anything she will share it with them for sure I cant come there with you otherwise I would be there with you do this”

precap: It was all the reason to get raged

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    Your request was ignored thou ???? never mind , This is seriously best update in the way , that my narrotor came back ?????? I loved the narrotion! Naira and Shabo’s jodi , kastu’s silence, everything the way you narrated I loved it by God ????? and I loved it means I loved it to core. And now my whole interest is in Kastu ?? and your narration ? you know right I love it. It’s been ages that I haven’t dedicated any song to you, let’s have it ? Dekheya main chaand dekheya Nooran waale sitaare dekheya Par tere jaisa na koi dekheya maincLagta hai nigaahon mein teri Bin doobe rehna hi nahi Mujhe ishq yeh karne se ab koi bhi na rok sakeya O haareya main dil haareya ?????? seriously I loved it and I meant it ?? Hatss off Narrator ?

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    Finally NARRATOR Is Backkkk! I Really Have No Words to Describe Your Narrations……..Its Beyond Words…………Waiting to know what will happen next………….

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