STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 85

Episode 85
The episode begins with Kaustuki dragging Bulbul somewhere
Kaustuki: come fast otherwise we both will be rusticated from the class come soon
Bulbul in an irked manner: leave me … what the hell special is going on there that I should attend that class
Kaustuki in a bit hurt manner: Bulbul you are talking to me like this just for talking rudely with that boy who have just came in our college
Bulbul: he is far better than you Kaustuki at least he never wish to hurt someone and don’t talk to me until you ask sorry from him
Kaustuki: you are over reacting on a silly matter

Bulbul: I am over reacting!!!! Then better find someone who don’t even react upon your doings okay
Kaustuki: Okay fine go with your new friend but don’t come to me if any problem came there in front of you understand.
Bulbul saying so moved ahead leaving hurting Kaustuki behind Kaustuki that day was so deeply hurt that she never talked to someone and closing her eyes tried to control herself something was there which had hurt her here Bulbul was smiling with a thought “Now see how you will realize my value my love I am dying imagining that moment that you will come and say Bulbul you are the only friend of mine believe me it is really heart wrenching when I see you talking so closely with someone on phone and change of behavior after hanging up the call now either you will tell me who Is that person or you have to change yourself and I am sorry I am just playing a small prank over you” she moved towards Purab and went to dramatics class with her, there Pragya took his introductory session and there they came to know that he took new admission there as it was just beginning of the session and after that Project submission was started everyone were submitting their project this time Kaustuki and Bulbul’s solo project was also passed by her mother cum teacher Ranjeet Khurana was also present there, he was checking the files and then came the time when Randeep was on the stage for presenting his drama, he was in lyrics writing cum directing section so he have to present the both
Pragya: what the name of your play or drama
Randeep: The name of my play is English v/s Hindi

Pragya: what’s special in it?
Randeep: it is based on our society and its mentality
Pragya: okay then go ahead
Randeep: sure mam
He proceeded and within five minutes his actors were on stage with the script and the drama started he narrated
Randeep: Here it is the story of two people one who is from village and one who is from the metro Politian city they strike with each other by mistake and they are in an heated argument here the one who is from city makes fun of the villager and villager replies so intensely that the person who is from city left spell bound so here we go with it
Ho Dance not coming, courtyard crooked
Eating cake by being stupid
Buffalo going in the water
(Gayi bhains paani mein)
If you tiger, me tiger & quarter
If you tiger, me tiger & quarter
I’m feeling alright
Cause it’s a nonsense ki night
Oh monkey what know flavour of ginger
(Arey flavour of ginger)

In the jungle peacock is dancing
Who has seen her…
Whose is stick, his is buffalo
Whose is stick, his is buffalo
Whose is stick, his is buffalo
But remember hundreds of goldsmiths equals one of blacksmith
I’m feeling alright
Cause it’s a nonsense ki night
Clouds that make noise, don’t rain
Clouds that make noise, don’t rain..
Staying in water don’t be enemy of crocodile
Staying in water don’t be enemy of crocodile
Staying in water don’t be enemy of crocodile..
Why…? Because..
I’m feeling alright
Cause it’s a nonsense ki night
All is in the well
If end is in the well
Ho baaqi duniya go to hell!
Randeep was confused that his lyrics were changed but how its answer was yet to find out he was continuously wishing that he shouldn’t face problem for this because according to him it was somehow at the point there was the complete silence in the amphitheater when suddenly sound of applauses all turned towards the direction from where the sound was coming it was Pragya it was shocking for Kaustuki to see that Pragya was praising him but whatever happened in the next moment made her to control her laughter it was the same moment when Pragya said
Pragya while clapping: Great Mr. Randeep Khurana great how clearly you have insulted villagers how easily you have made fun of those who can’t speak any language beside their mother tongue how easily this is what you are presenting me for a semester project great presentation and you know what is the result… you won’t get marks for this semester
Randeep: But believe me mam it is not my project I haven’t written it
Pragya: so whose project is this
Randeep: I don’t know mam but I haven’t written this someone has replaced it
Pragya: No excuses Mr. Randeep now leave the stage I have to check others too
Randeep: But mam

Pragya yelled: if you tried to argue with me believe me I will suspend you now otherwise leave
Kaustuki was laughing hard going back stage and Randeep noticed it, when she looked at his face her laughter increased and she was laughing like mad and Randeep in rage left the place laughing face of Kaustuki was again and again coming in front of him as he was thinking that she was making joke of him and Kaustuki here was so happy that she was successful in taking her revenge.
IT was break time when Kaustuki was seated with Purab and Bulbul busy with her books that was the time when every girl started running towards the PG building of the college Bulbul was confused
Bulbul: ah I am no talking with you but just want to know for my G.K that why girls are running like this
Kausutki smirked: their one boy has took admission today and according to them he is so handsome and heart throbbing
Bulbul’s eyes blinked as bulb of 200W and Purab was confused
Purab: what happened?
Bulbul: I am going in search of my boyfriend
Purab: but we are in…
Bulbul: oh ho Purab relax yr he will be my back up
Purab: I have heard data back up, battery backup now what is boyfriend backup
Bulbul: just in case if you are not able to spend time with me I will spend time with her now stop your blabbering and lets go in search of my backup boyfriend
She took Purab along with her and here Kaustuki again felt extreme anger towards Purab as according to her he was snatching her friend sorry not friend but one friend from her here screen shifts towards the PG building one boy is seen playing guitar and seated in ground surrounded by girls Bulbul shown fainting expression after looking him and Purab was still trying to figure out that what was going on then BG played showing boy’s faces who were confused after looking that boy
Koi naa jaane kittho aaye hai tu (No one knows where You have come from)
Sab de dilon vich ho gayi kukiduku (In everyone’s hearts there is a disturbance )
Some sad faces whose girlfriends were admiring him were shown so sad that someone has snatched their property papers from them and BG continued
Inna sona, inna cool (He is so good looking, He is so cool)
Munda inna wonderful (The guy is so wonderful)
Ennu vekhe je kudiya toh kehndi (On seeing him all the girls say)
“Oh My God! Oh My God!…”
All the girls were going crazy for him and he was ignoring every one of them then some faces of boys who were impressed by his attitude were shown and BG played when he crossed them
Haan munda sab me sab ton best (The guy is best of the best)
Munda better than the rest (He is better than the rest)
Ennu vekhe ke munde toh kehnde (On seeing him the other guys say)
“Oh My God!”

Oh seena 6 biscut da (He has 6 pack abs)
Oh munda 6 foot da (He is 6 feet tall)
Oh dheere dheere karda dhamaal sa (Slowly slowly he creates an uproar (frolic,enjoyment))
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da (The guy is fantastic)
Oh kudiya te ho jaayegi flat oh di chaal da (The girls go flat just by seeing his walk)
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da (The guy is fantastic)
Bando mein banda perfect bemisal sa (He is the Guy among other guys, he is perfect and flawless)
Kukkad kamaal da (He is fantastic)
Tu te hoya hai sab di misaal soneya(You have become everyone’s inspiration now)
Tu te chamke ban ankhaan vich star soneya(You have become a shining star in everyone’s eyes)
Ho tu te lakke banaayi tip-top belliya (You are moving around dressed perfectly)
Tu te hight te buje full-stop belliya(Your body height is perfect)

Dil daude itte-utte (The heart runs here and there)
Phir karde titar-bitar (Then it flies here and there)
Ho munda angdai je maal da (When the guy starts streching his body)
Oh munda kukkad kamaal da (The guy is fantastic)
Oh kudiya te ho jaayegi flat oh di chaal da (The girls go flat just by seeing his walk)
When Bulbul enquired about him she got to know his name was NIKHIL Khurana and very well known that he was the elder son of Mr. Ranjeet Khurana but unlike Randeep he was so calm and sweet too he was a well understanding person BG continued showing few girls crazy face
Hey! Hey! Hey!

He something very special
I don’t know what i want
He really got me goin’
He makes me feel alright
Baby baby .. get lucky tonight
I like the way he’s lookin’
The way he is movin’ now
I like the way they call him
Kukkad kamaal da (He is fantastic)
I like the way he’s walkin’
The way he’s talkin’ now
I like the way they call him
Kukkad kamaal da (He is fantastic)

But every girls face got fade when they came to know that he was having girlfriend he was already committed to someone but Nikhil’s arrival wasn’t remain hidden as soon as this news reached Randeep he was burnt in jealousy that how could he get this attraction because the girls who were crazy for him at a time now they were crazy for Nikhil so he decided to meet him and when they came face to face BG continued
Hey maujya kariya kyu sab nu bukhar bewajah (Hey why have You made an unnecessary fever around here)
Ek anar sau bimaar bewajah (There is only one pear and hundreds are sick because of it)
(This is actually a hindi proverb which is used ocassionally in
situations when there are too many people pursuing a common object)
O le le do din di zindadi udhaar mundeya(Go and borrow some days from someone else, young guy)
Tu te rehna hai atthe din chaar mundeya(Because You are not going to be here for more than a few days)
Tu phad jinni vinti honi naa teri ginati (You can plead as much as You can like, You will not be counted (among important people))
Aye gabbar hai ji tujhe thekedaar naal(I am the leader and the others here are landlords)

Oh munda kukkad kamaal da(The guy is fantastic)
Nikhil forwarded his hand to Randeep but Randeep showing a deadly look went from there saying “Just stay in your limits” and face of Nikhil was turned into a faded face


Screen shifted towards home there Pragya and Abhi were discussing about their day and spending their happy time when Ganga entered like a storm and throwing her bag on the couch with full force she went to her room and banged the door with full force
Abhi: what happened to her
Pragya: it’s too hot outside may be that effect leave her she will be normal after sometime you tell me what happened then
Abhi: what else Shabbo and Didi both went for tea together after eating my brain
Pragya: so why you thought to sought it out
Abhi: they were spoiling the environment of NGO
Pragya was about to say something when Kaustuki also entered with same face like a storm and throwing bag on couch with full force went in to the room and closed it with a bang
Pragya: bada siyappa lagata hai (I guess it’s a big problem)
Abhi: I also think so otherwise they won’t enter like a terrorist
Pragya: let’s see
Pragya and Abhi entered in the room and were surprised to see that both the girls were holding one pillow and again and punching it Abhi asked
Abhi: what happened? What was that behavior?
Kaustuki: nothing
Abhi: if nothing is there then why are you killing these pillows?
Ganga: nothing is there na Papa why are you disturbing us (Ganga yelled)
Pragya: Ganga is this the way to talk (yelled)
Ganga: then leave us alone
Pragya: okay fine let’s go.

Abhi showed hand to her asking her to keep calm: Kaustu this is last time if you didn’t told me this time believe me none of us will ask that if you are in problem
Kaustuki finally blurted out: how dare he took admission in same college where I am studying
Ganga: I will kill him for taking admission in same school
Abhi and Pragya understood that matter is silly and now their brains are going to suffer
Pragya patting her head said: maro siyappa (problem) do one thing Mehta Sahab you continue I will prepare for dinner
Abhi: I also have some work with Ranvi I will come
Abhi started going towards Study but Kaustuki blocked his way saying continuously
Kaustuki: is this the way I mean how a person can do so he just dug his grave I am telling you admission in same college and same college!!! Leave that matter he took admission in same department too who use to do so papa tell me who the hell does this and why his parents woke up in mid semester I mean they would have tried six month later at least he would be in junior section but in mid section !!!! disgusting I am saying totally disgusting
She was continuously taking out her frustration and Abhi was feeling like he was trapped in a boring speech of election campaign then screen shifts towards Ganga there also the situation was same Pragya was continuously trying to ignore it and when both saw that it is impossible to escape so they came face to face and got seated on sofa folding their legs and keeping chin over their fist then both the girls blabbered until they got tired then Pragya said
Pragya: anything else!!!

Kaustuki: I will kill him
Abhi: anything else you want to say so say it now
Ganga: Papa be ready with a lawyer and bailment papers because I am going to do three murders I will kill him three times for sure
Pragya and Abhi in chorus: Anything else girls
Kaustuki and Ganga in chorus: no
Both the parents took a deep sigh of relief and then Pragya said
Pragya: lets go today dinner time came so soon
Abhi: I think so
Pragya murmured: lets go before they get another killing attack
Abhi: right lets go

Precap: A tragidical moment
Hope you are enjoying the series now I want to requesto something from Varsha didi kindly give me your email ID please Its my request from you

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  1. Boring speech of election campaign??? I don’t know why but I laughed so much on this sentence????????????????????????????????????? okay control?? bhai as usual awesome episode? Whenever i read SOF my mood becomes good…. and i am so thankful to you for giving such a marvellous story??? SOF has become my relief from everything❤️❤️ I am loving it?? waiting for the next one!? Ly??

  2. Lopez

    nice update dear keep going

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  4. Prathi

    I know kaustu is amd at Purab. Who is our Dangu mad at?? And coming to the update Ranveer poked the dragon 😀 😀 😀

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    And today epi is as usual u did fabulous…but feeling sad for kaustu, her this taking revenge may cause problems for her in future…anyways keep continuing…i just love it

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  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbb!!!!! That Song & Election Speech????????????????????????????????? ! Just loved it!

  8. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? Surbhi di dekho finally aa hi gayi aab toh Mai bhi bhool gayi Ki last kab comment kiya tha Maina aapka ff par? par chalo let’s begin now.
    So I will begin from raja bhog and gangu taili. Khidkitod song and performance. Kya gana chuna tha waah bhai maza aagaya aur kya taang khichi Abhi na Yash Ki awesome he deserves that???.
    Aur next wala na tho world record hi tod Diya “baba Ka danda meeting pairon ka saath fix ho gayi”???????????????????????????????? rofl???????? ???????? hum kala hain toh kya Hua dilwala hai???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? hum Sa toh aapka chahna wala hai didu????????. All the while Jo pragya na abhi ko iss baat Sa dukhi kiya ?????????????????????? ???????? sach kahun toh mujha uss par raati bhaar ka bhi taras nahi aaya??????????????? ????????.
    Itna hasaana ka baad aap serious hi ho Gaya yaar magaar aaj mujha Bata hi do kya milta hai aapko haar baar Abhigya ko alaag kar ka har dhoda episode Mai aalag kar deta hai bicharoon na shaadi Ki hai saath rehna do unha par aap toh aap ho nah but jo bhi tha twist was superb kya waat lagayi villains na Mehta’s Ki magar Kabir toh samajhdaar nikla aapna beta ka jaisa nahi aachi buddhi istamaal Ki usna.
    After leap Kastu has become the show stealer she is toh actually a dhakad girl. Love her character to the core I mean she is awesome kya kamaal Ki ladki hai aisa lagta hai aapki hi judwa behn ho????????. And the way she challenged Randeep was a WOW and when she practiced with bulbul for winning the race and finally clean bolded that stupid silly idiot_______boy was award winning. Kastu and Bulbul’s friendship is beautifully portrayed. I salute you di for portraying women power so beautifully. Iss sab ma toh kehna hi bhool gayi Ki Jo script Kastu aur bulbul na present Ki thi na ????????????????????????????????????????Maza hi agaya ??????????????????????????????????????ussa dekh kar toh mujha ek mast gana yaad agaya sunati hun I mean padati hun : Anarkali disco chali (aapka liya itna hi kafi ha baaki aap khud hi bana lo ga????). ????????????????????????????I wish history itni funny and interesting hoti???????????????????????????????????????but seriously Mai loot poot ho gayi thi yeg padkar. Next one was jab Kastu na uss gadha Ki assignment change Ki aur Jo likha wo toh aur bhi mast tha???????????????????????. And the way Pragya challenges her colleague and Abhi’s possessiveness was sweet. The valentines special was beautiful it showed the serenity in their relationship. Aur ek aur ladki hai Jo mast hai wo hai dangu madam chota pattak bhada dhamaka hai wo toh Jo bhi panga lega uski toh shaamat aayi samjho wo character bhi amazing hai + Naira is also perfect combo of mischief and fun.
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    Di jo aapka previous epi tha with author’s commentary uss Mai commentary mast thi. And now this ghost drama is just like Ki aap na sabko hasa hasa kar maro Ga.
    Dadi Ki shakal imagine kar ka hi meri hasi nahi rukti yaar.
    Aab toh bas aisa lagta hai Ki hasta hasta hi kat jai Rasta (I mean story hasta hasta hi khatam ho jati hai pata hi nahi chalta).
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    In short the entire SOF is a heart snatcher and u are the most beautiful writer with worlds best description and thoughts you portray even the social evils in the most beautiful way.
    Okay I think so kaafi choota hai as compared Ki Maina itna dair tak comment nahi kiya aab exclusively aaj ka epi ka comment:
    Bulbul and Kastu are super cute buddies I am feeling bad for both of them as neither is able to express their feelings but bulbul is too damn mischievous and the best part was “THE BACKUP BOYFRIEND”??????????????????????????????????ROFL?????????????????????????????????????????Bhai aisa kon Karta hai.???????????????????????. And the songs as usual meri song queen ? u rocked them. Kamal da kukad di entry vi Kamal di si. And haan election campaign Ki speech mast thi.
    Aab jaldi jaldi Sa aagla epi post kar do wait nahi hota mujhsa.?
    Chalo Mai chalti hun bye ? bye ? Tata see you later ?
    Take care ?

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