STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 84

Episode 84

The episode starts with everyone leaving for their work leaving Dadi with Divya as she wasn’t well and it was necessary to leave someone along with her so it was Divya who was trapped as today Naira also decided to go with Abhi to his NGO, and finding this time relevant Abhi decided to spend time with Pragya but the problem was… that Pragya was at college that time and so he was forced to stay at NGO with Naira, and of course Shabbo well he never missed a chance of calling Pragya and talked for a long time with her, then the actual bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, atom bomb which lead to that long going phone call to an end, and when sir went to check that what was happened actually!! He held his head and a helpless expression was formed on his face because the thing which was hard to handle was happened, Shabbo and Naira were arguing OMG this was next to impossible because If Shabbo and Naira started it means world war 3 is about to happen, when he came he saw them both, it was looking like the rapid fire round was going on Naira was saying something and without wasting a second and without thinking Shabbo was throwing her answer on her did I said throwing!!! Of course I said throwing because her replies were same as throwing a stone on someone’s glass Abhi was making expressions as someone has been beaten brutally that was the time when Naira shouted
Naira: Mujhe samajh nahi aata tere jaisi pagal ko is pagal ne rakha kyu hai shabbo dono ne mil ke NGO ke jagah Pagal khana hi khol diya hai (I can’t understand why the hell that idiot has kept a mad lady as a care taker somehow he is mad and now caretaker also then this NGO is totally turned into the mad house or you can asylum)
Shabbo: yeah I am mad Bhaiya ji is mad we both are mad and you are the queens of mad you have no work to do just jumped here and jumped there and spent all day nothing else to do sorry to say bhaiya ji but Sahib and Memsahib has destroyed this silly wild cat (yelled)

Naira yelled: you called me wild cat!!!
Shabbo: No I called the wild cat Naira begum
Naira: don’t call me begum
Shabbo: don’t call me begum, don’t call me madam, don’t call me by name then how the hell I shall call you !!!! Fatty cat
Naira: SHABBO!!!!….. (Screamed)
Shabbo screamed: I know my name is Shabbo tell me something new
Abhi tried to sought out the matter
Abhi: ladies… listen May I know why you both are fighting
Naira glared at him: is this a question to ask!!! Idiot fellow… why the hell you didn’t sent this lady back yet
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji send her from here now otherwise I will leave this NGO and then find someone else for your girls
Abhi: Didi… Shabbo please relax and tell me the matter
Shabbo: this… she… sister of yours she is saying Manhattan is in New York tell her she is wrong and living wrong world
Naira shouted: Manhattan is in New York idiot
Shabbo: Idiot!!! You called me idiot!!! That’s why I say Bhaiya ji that sahib and memsahib have spoilt your sisters see how she is addressing me she even don’t know how to talk with elders
Naira: elder!!! Do something like elders first?
Shabbo: great! If am not agreeing that Manhattan is in New …. Yo…
Abhi: New York
Shabbo: yes this one… so I was saying Bhaiya ji that just because I am not agreeing that Manhattan is in New York then she will do this spoilt brat tell her Bhaiya ji that Manhattan is in Gurgaon which is in Delhi
Abhi: ah… Shabbo she is saying right that Manhattan is in New York but Dido she is also saying right that Manhattan is in Delhi too Manhattan road and bars
Naira glaring at him: you are trying to say I am liar
Abhi: no didi

Shabbo making him turn to her: SO you are saying bhaiya ji I am lying
Abhi was in a tricky situation now his condition was same as his one foot is on banana peel and another one is roller skate if he got dis-balance for a second then for sure he will be dead he was feeling like seize fire is going on between two countries and he is stood in mid if he said yes to one side another one will shoot him for sure now the situation was so messy because if he goes to Naira then Shabbo will leave the NGO and if he went to Shabbo then Naira will taunt him as betraying brother now what to do
Shabbo: speak bhaiya ji why are you silent speak
Naira smirked: huh I won
Abhi in frustration: leave me both of you; solve your problem on your own you have made me swinging top sometimes here so sometimes there, I have said both are right still arguing!!! Are you both nuts, believe me if someone think to solve your problems then he must bang their head in the circuit box damn it, you ladies don’t have any other work just fighting is your priority sometimes fight with vendor for discounts, fights for serials, and sometimes if you don’t have topic then you will start on silly topics, start doing some work believe me it is best time pass rather than fighting silly ladies.

Saying so he left the place in frustration and Naira also did so after stamping her feet on the floor she was about to bang the door but Shabbo shouted
Shabbo: don’t you dare to bang it yesterday itself I have paid 450 Rupees to get it repair
Naira turned to her and said : you…. (she was about to attack on her)
She was about to attack but Abhi who came back to take his phone stopped her and Naira said
Naira: leave me idiot do you have any idea that how much everyone is suffering because of this lady
Shabbo: because of me!!!! Because of you
Abhi: Didu calm down please
Naira: NO Abhi not today let me sought this out please either she will live here or I will
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji book my tickets I will go back
Abhi yelled: are stop fighting like idiots you both are wild cat you must know it
Saying so banging the door he left the place Shabbo was looking widening her eyes and Naira commented “le gaye tere 450 pani me (see your 450 rupees wasted)” Shabbo held her forehead and then said “this is waste now will you like to have some tea”
Naira: of course I am tired of fighting
Shabbo: let’s go then and I will tell you how my Khala (aunt) makes tea believe me it is of best taste
Naira: really!! Then let’s go
Whoa first fight then friend as they never fought!!

Screen shifts towards Modernity college and in the corridor of dramatics department Kaustuki was doing something in few pages and that was the time when Bulbul came in front of her just like a popcorn popped out
Bulbul: Kaustuki…. (somewhat in buttering tone)
Kaustuki: stop dragging my name and come to the point
Bulbul: will you do my work!! I need one favor from you
Kaustuki: yeah for sure tell me what is it
Bulbul: please search one boyfriend for me see how others are committed you are also committed with your books please
Kaustuki’s eyes popped like she has head something surprising though it was surprising for her the way Bulbul requested from her to search a boyfriend for her
Kaustuki: idiot don’t you got someone else to waste their time
Bulbul making puppy eyes: please are you not my sister!!! Please….
Kaustuki: want to have a punch on your face!!! Shall I treat you well!!!
Bulbul: do whatever you want but search a boyfriend for me
Kaustuki was wondering on her friend that how stubborn she was today and that also on a nonsense matter she tried to control her anger and said
Kaustuki: listen Bulbul go and search someone else for this prank okay
Bulbul stood like a stubborn kid there: IF you didn’t searched a boyfriend for me then believe me I will kill myself and put blame on you
Kaustuki: have you gone mad
Bulbul: do as I say
Kaustuki: okay I will do it but first you have to do what I will say
Bulbul: If you are searching boyfriend for me then I will do anything for you
Kaustuki smirked: okay go on the main gate and whichever first person enters from it say I LOVE YOU to him or her
Bulbul: you are ragging me
Kaustuki: you want boyfriend or not
Bulbul: God will curse you
Kaustuki: forget about boyfriend
Bulbul: no I am going

She went and Kaustuki giggled on her craziness she was on the gate and Kaustuki took her bottle to drink water and as the next moment Bulbul completed her dare she was lost of senses and the person who was the victim of her dare was confused till now when Kaustuki saw him she burst out the water which she was drinking and making a weird face said “now what this idiot is doing here” she turned her face aside and the person handled Bulbul she said to him being crazy “you are so cute” he also smiled and being shy said “thank you, you are also beautiful” Bulbul was on cloud nine she was just stood straight and hearing the word beautiful she fainted again and he again handled her after sometime they both were finding Kaustuki who was now disappeared like she was never there but finally Bulbul managed to find her she was in library
Kaustuki: what happened why are you here
Bulbul: I was trying to say that you don’t have need to find a boyfriend for me because I have one love at first sight lover.
Kaustuki: what rubbish
Bulbul: do you want to meet him
Kaustuki: not interested
Bulbul: how can you be so mean I will of course make you meet him
Kaustuki: I don’t want to meet him
Bulbul: you have to (holding her hand tightly) wait here Purab… please come here see here she is my best friend cum sister cum body guard cum personal assistant cum boss Kaustuki Mehta
Oh so it was Purab ha-ha poor boy here also he is trapped with Kaustuki first for his brother Rohan and now for Bulbul

Kaustuki glared at him so that Purab stood quiet and they met like strangers that was the time when Bulbul received a phone call and she left both of them alone as soon as she went Kaustuki held Purab’s collar and said
Kaustuki: listen Mr. don’t you dare tell anyone that you know me understood otherwise you know very well what can happen
Purab being scared: oh… okay didi but…
Kaustuki: phut le ab chal (get lost now)
Bulbul who just came there heard everything
Bulbul: Kaustuki I won’t talk with you, you are yelling at such a sweet person that’s not done come Purab we will go from here
She dragged him from there and Kaustuki banging her fist on table said “wherever he goes it is sure he mess with me I will kill him some day and put the blame on himself Purab you gone now”

Precap: Radeep “mam I am sure this is not my project” Pragya “you are trying me to fool just get out i said” Kaustuki giggling standing at far. A new entry

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