STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 83

Episode 83

It was a fine morning in Mumbai but seems it was a changed mornings for Mehta’s residence because here something unusual was going on, Kabir was seated on the couch holding his mother’s hand … Mother!!!! Don’t tell me you don’t know who is she… huff the same lady Mrs. Daljeet Mehta who is the main reason for every mess whether it is real KKB or any fan fiction in various stories she is positive character but here she is negative oh come on let me do this yr. after all this is the only way you all will get calm when I will trouble her, ha-ha everyone says she is a positive character but according to me she is the character which is pretending to be positive LOL getting back to the point. SO Kabir was seated holding her hand she was sweating a lot and Divya was continuously trying to cool her with the help of a hand fan there Naira was smirking again and again stealing the gaze from her parents and here Mr. Abhi was pretending to be a caring person as he was so pampered by his dadi, Kaustuki was showing the expression of total revenge seems her biggest enemy was Dadi that day well so everyone were stood surrounding Mrs. Daljeet Mehta and she was again and again blabbering something and it was nothing more than “She can’t die, I can’t see her ghost” wait, wait, wait!! What she said? GHOST! Really!! But whose ghost and how? Oh my, my Ghost is there in the Mehta’s residence and we don’t have any singly idea about that but how it happened and how it is possible because in past 83 episode neither a character has died nor someone who is enemy went to do meeting with GOD then how she is able to watch a ghost in front of her,, oops we shouldn’t talk about that ghost more! Why!!! Look at her condition how she is sweating now I think we must ask someone that what was happened so she is sweating so let’s go in rewind mode and check out that why Mrs. Daljeet Mehta is sweating a lot.

Few Hours ago at mid night 12:00hrs
Lights Camera Action
Camera shifts towards Dadi’s room Oh see how well she is sleeping so calmly seems like she never ever did something wrong see how innocent sleep she is enjoying well, well, well not for much time because the bomb is ready to blast see there are you able to see the water jug yes that one which is near the bed on the side table that is empty oh is she having stomach or black hole drunk full jug of water!!! Great oh, oh time to hide seems she is about to wake up, let me hide somewhere and watch the fun ha-ha
She woke up to drink water but unfortunately the jug was empty so as per her habit she called Divya but she didn’t responded so she went to fill it by herself and when she left the room Abhi is shown standing on the door and smirking on her
OH so she didn’t drank full water it was his plan okay lets go ahead
She went to the kitchen and filled the jug of water then while returning towards back to her room she witnessed something unusual, the air was blowing like a wind and one shadow is there not shadow but more of an illusion, it was of Pragya her face was window facing Dadi moved towards her and when she was moving Pragya turned around and smiled, firstly Dadi thought it was she who was present there that time so she asked “What are you doing here? And how dare you come inside?”
Stupid lady what kind of question is this “what are you doing here” she is playing polo do you have any problem and then asked “how dare you come inside” of course she came from door damn it can’t understand such a simple thing huh such an idiotic series huh now why are you smiling go and see what happened further
Pragya smiled and gestured something from her finger seems she is trying to say something like “you are naughty” Dadi glared at her and within a second that illusion was vanished Dadi rubbed her eyes keeping the jug aside and tried to figure out what was happened just now and thinking it of a mirage she moved towards her room and here Naira is seen laughing keeping hand on her face
OH so it was done by her not bad Naira not bad well done, let’s sees what happened further
she just have kept the jug that again she saw an illusion but this time in her balcony the cool breeze was blowing and a dense quiet are was visible from her balcony Pragya’s stole was flying in the air seems she was feeling that air and the hairs were loose flicks were getting comb by that air
Whoa all lost in description of beauty of a ghost!!! Enough yr. concentrate on story not on ghost
Dadi again moved towards her with baby steps and this time she asked “you here!!! What do you want?”
She is your neighbor and came here to ask some sugar from you what a lady she is yr. so much drama happened in last night hah. You!!! Again listening my blabbering !!! go and concentrate on story.
She again tried to talk to her but unfortunately this time also she vanished off this time a fear took place in her mind that something is there which Is haunting her in fear she just gulped her words and went to bed covering her totally in the quilt
Quilt!!! In this hot weather!!! Aah she is scared a person can do anything when he/she is scared
So she hidden herself in that quilt and here Kaustuki is shown trying to control her laughter and went to Abhi showing thumbs up (well done Kaustu) Abhi went in Dadi’s room and secretly hid in her cupboard and then Dadi who was in fear saw something near her table where the books were kept she was able to see Pragya there again she saw her searching something there and then she turned towards her and showed something in gestures seems she was saying “here you are it is with you” and this time the scared Dadi covered herself fully In the quilt and then Abhi smirked and then it was the time of morning Dadi was in Temple which was in home itself
Whoa so much scared that direct went into god’s feet. Do it may be god will hear your prayers… ha-ha, you people again here !!! go and don’t miss the fun
So she was praying and again and again repeating “God save me save my family something is there in this home save me I will break 1000 of coconuts on your steps I will distribute money and sweets to poor people but please save me from this” when she did her prayers she stood up and what she saw turned her face into pale she was shivering, she was sweating and she started to getting drowsiness, yes she saw her again Pragya was there stood with an Aarti Thali (prayer plate) offering her to take blessings after prayer this made Dadi to went into the stage of unconsciousness
So this was happened and then doctor was being called and she was able to see her face in everyone whoa!! great Mehta kids you have scared your grandmother a lot but believe me she deserves it too because she is so much….. ugh I am not getting words also, well looking at her in such condition rather than us someone else is also happy, you are asking who!!! Huff they are the Mehta Kids whether it is her great granddaughter or her grandchildren only one person whom they were missing at that moment were Yashika and they are wishing that if she was here then the fun would have doubled but unfortunately she wasn’t here as she is happy there in US with her family well I was thinking that Naira and Yashika both were in US then what Naira is doing in India and then where is Manav and Sidharth aah so much of confusion well it’s time to go we will try to find out its answer someday else

Precap: Naira “do you have any idea that how much everyone is suffereing because of this” Abhi ” Didu calm down please” Naira in rage ” NO ABhi not today let me sought this out please”

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  1. Lopez

    awesome update dear keep going,, lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu

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    Superrrrrrrrrrr…… I read ur ff but I couldn’t commented u…. Sry for that….. But really I am a big fan of u…..

  3. Trisha

    Awesome update???

    1. trisha di, please update kambaqt ishq naa…
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    Awww! Its SUPERBBBBBBBBBBB! LOVED IT??????????

  5. awesome update surbhi di…
    loved it so much…
    it was funny the way they scared her and by the way, your comments btw were also too good.
    loved it!
    rock on!!

  6. Will talk about the story later… first let me say that your narration is the best???? No matter if it is a emotional situation a serious one or a funny one you are best in narrating?????????❤️❤️❤️ Now coming to the episode???????????????? i am loving this track???????????? Dadi deserves this?????????? it was best and perfect??????????????? Loved it❤️❤️❤️

  7. Saranya24

    Didi iam.damn sure thr cannot be a wonderful narrator like u my gosh hw much funny and intrstbg u made it and the epi omg awesome yaar no wrds loved to the core love u loadssss muuaahhhhh??????

  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? maar ditta ???????????????????????????? okay , the narration in between made me laugh my heart out ?????????????????????????? i mean , that was so cute and perfect ! Kya bindaas discription di h by God tune Dadi ki ???????????????? aise hansa hansa kr kon maarta h bhai, ????????????by God , by God mar gayi m ?????????????? Narrator you stole my heart ?????? Whether you narrate story on serious topic ? or Funny ???? You officially kill me , with this your quality! Today let me tell you , how much I loved the update, this was something unexpected and brilliant in the ways one can never imagine , I seriously ???? omg hansi nhi ruk rhy. I seriously loved this style of yours! And the pre recap is again something awesome! ????????? ahahahahahahahaha ??????fan bana bana kr maara, admirer bana bana kr mmaara , ab reader bana bana k maar de ???? by God hatss off! Hansi na ruk rhy maari ??? Awesome! You stole it , what? My heart and made this time perfect ??? hatss offffff

  9. Its just awesome yaar….full of masthi and funny ????

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