Episode 8
Abhi called Kabir and told about this to him and he fumed in anger hearing that place name from him and totally shocked now he was thinking that Kamya is true evil for everyone and after hanging up the call he told all this to Mama and he was totally shocked and said “This could not be happen” and here Kamya stayed with Abhi and Pragya while Divya left from there directly to their home after having dinner and when she reached to home Kabir was already waiting for her and he was looking extremely angry and as Divya entered the hall he stopped her
Kabir: Where were you gone?
Divya: Which kind of question is this?
Kabir: I asked you where you were gone. (In a stern voice)

Divya: to meet my son where else I will go and why suddenly you are getting mad over me?
Kabir: Abhi called me and told me everything Divya how could you even think about that?
Divya: Now what wrong I have done Kabir?
Kabir: Divya you are asking everyone to go at that place which was left by us for any reason I think have you forgot that?
Divya: I know Kabir but showing the motherland to our grand children is also necessary right!
Kabir: but what’s the need of going now! you can go there later also when both the kids will grow up like we took Naira and Yashika (Abhi’s sisters) after they were grown up.
Divya: yes but Kaustu is having vacation now so it is a perfect time and till when Pragya will give birth to a child it will be to late that’s why I have decided that we are going day after tomorrow itself.
Kabir grinned his teeth: Divya you know very well that why we left that place and still you have taken this decision that’s too much of you.
Divya: Kabir my decision is final and I don’t want any argument further please we are leaving that’s it.
Kabir: Ok then you have took a decision then let me tell you one thing if anything happen to his family then it will be not good you know very well that your son will never complaint you but what his anger is you know very well.
Divya: yes I know and believe me nothing will happen.
Saying this she left to her room and Kabir thought “God don’t know which storm is going to enter their life” and here scene shifts to Divya she was seated on couch lost in thoughts remembering Kabir’s words “YOU KNOW VERY WELL THAT YOUR SON WILL NEVER COMPLAINT YOU BUT WHAT HIS ANGER IS YOU KNOW VERY WELL” and she remembered one incident one flashback starts
When Kaustuki was just four years old and some function was going on in the house and suddenly Pragya started feeling dizzy and suddenly fallen down and Kaustuki was also having fever and looking Pragya in that state Abhi called doctor and when he examined both of them and after few minutes called Abhi to talk to him personally and there he told him that “Mr Mehta your wife fainted because of weakness”
Abhi: Weakness?

Doctor: yes as she haven’t have her meal from past four to five days just drinking water or tea I mean to say that she is living just on liquid things from past four to five days so my advice is that don’t let her skip meal because this is not good and then she is continuously working also I know that this is not much thing to be worried as on many occasions people use to do so but she is facing this problem because she is working also in this state that’s why this happened and you daughter she is having a normal fever just because of carelessness as she haven’t got her meal and nap on time she is feeling like this not to worry about her.
Abhi was fuming in anger: Thank you so much doctor I will take care. (Controlling his anger)
After the doctor left Abhi went to Divya and asked
Abhi: Ma Pragya didn’t had her meal from past four days and you also didn’t told me.
Divya (busy in work without looking at him): Yes I know as I asked her to keep fast for a week as this will help in bringing happiness in your home you will progress more that priest asked me to do so
Abhi didn’t uttered a word he was just fuming in anger and without giving any response he left and took one plate of food and went in Pragya’s room she was fine by that time and as he entered he closed the door and sat before her then he forwarded a bite towards her and she noticed that he was fuming in anger so she didn’t uttered a word as she understood that he came to know about why this happened so she just opened her mouth and ate that looking down and he was looking at her with anger in his eyes so just to cool him down she said
Pragya: I didn’t wanted to hurt her so I agreed
Abhi taking a deep breath controlling himself: did I asked you about why you did this?
Pragya: NO but…
Abhi: so don’t tell me about that understood just have this and take rest at evening itself we are going back to our home.
Pragya nodded in yes and at evening holding Kaustuki in his arms and holding her hand he drove off to his home and when Divya asked about why he left without attending a function so he answered “I don’t want to attend the function as my wife and my daughter both are not well and they need rest and I don’t want them to suffer there by attending that function

I am sorry ma” and his words were like that a chilled water is poured on someone’s head because he said that in a little bit rude manner and Divya understood that he is angry.
Flashback ends
And Divya thinks “his anger it is cool as like him and that cool anger is the dangerous anger ever even a person can blurt out his frustration by his anger he can blame peoples but his anger it is extremely dangerous if it reached at its extreme point then it will result in breaking out of relations also but I know it won’t happen because Pragya will handle him yes she will do it it’s been a long time they are living together but still a thing which is common in them is she never use to argue with him whenever he gets angry because she knows that he is right and she never complaint with me also sometimes I think I am doing too much with her but what to do I am a mother and want to be my son happy only so.. Anyways I will take them there it is final and I am not going to think about it anymore.
And screen shifts to Abhi’s home here Pragya was

slept as well as Kaustuki and Abhi was still awake as he was thinking that why Maa has took this decision suddenly?
A woman is shown running holding a baby in her one hand and holding hand of a girl who is looking about 10 to 12 years and suddenly she started gasping and they are running from someone woman is looking so much weak and tired and suddenly she fell down because she stumbled as one stone comes in between and she fell down and girl Is saying “Maa wake up please” the lady says “they are coming beta go run from here go beta” she handed over the child to the girl and again said “save your sister beta run Maa is alright just run my bachha my brave girl and don’t look back or turn back and don’t think to stop till you escape ok just run beta go” she cries “No Maa I am not leaving you” the lady insisted a lot and the girl ran from there and some people were coming from back shouting and searching for someone and the girl shouted MAA.
It was a dream which was Pragya watching and she was murmuring something and she was sweating a lot and Abhi noticed this as he was awake he tried to wake her up but in vein she was in a deep sleep and sweating a lot Abhi puts on the light and sprinkled some water on her face and she woke up with a jerk and as she woke up she was looking totally scared and started saying continuously
Pragya: I will not go there no I will not go there no I will not…
Abhi tried hard to take her out from that fear from which he himself was unaware but in vein because today that fear was at extreme level he just rounded his arms around Pragya’s shoulder to give her comfort and she clutched his T-shirt and again started saying “I… I will not go there no please”

Abhi: Pragya where you don’t want to go what happen at least share with me what happen why are you feared like this.
He tried hard to ask but she wasn’t uttering anything beside just clutched his t-shirt more tightly and with much difficulties he asked her to relax and gave her water but she was not ready to share that what was the fear which was troubling her most so he decided to call someone with whom she can share that why is she feared going there so he decided to call Dadi as she is the one who is away from all the thoughts of Divya and Kamya so he asked her to come there at morning and she agreed here Abhi gave some medicines to Pragya which doctor has prescribed her to give at that situation as already Abhi has discussed this problem with doctor so he gave them to her and as soon she takes them she dozed off and Abhi still sat there because now one more thought was troubling him that what is this fear and about which place she was talking about and thinking all these soon he also dozed off in morning Pragya was looking still feared and Abhi noticed that soon Dadi also came to him without informing anyone as Abhi asked her to do so and then only he left for office and took Kaustuki with him saying that he will leave her with Baba she will play there and Pragya also agreed at morning itself Kamya went to temple as per the instructions of Kaustuki and now Pragya her mama and Dadi were all alone and Dadi started talking some random things and then came to the point that why and where she don’t want to go
Pragya: Pritampur dadi I don’t want to go there I will not go there please do something.
Dadi: But why you are resisting beta what the reason is?
Mama: Black past Mata ji…
Dadi: Black Past?

Pragya narrated all the things and Dadi’s face became dull then consoling her she said
Dadi: Nothing like that beta time has changed and place also changed a lot believe me and if this happened again then I assure you that I myself will take you out from that place believe me don’t go with your mother-in-law or mami just come with me ok I am taking you there on my responsibility.
Pragya nodded In yes: But dadi don’t tell him about this all.
Dadi: Pragya I know you want to hide this from everyone but at least you should tell him about this all you know that how much he gets worried about you and Kaustuki.
Pragya: I know dadi but I don’t want to trouble him telling that what fear I am having already he is tensed looking at my situation then he will become more tensed and will not be able to concentrate on his work and if this happened then all will blame me again that because of my luck this all is happening and I don’t want that already I am fed up of all these and now don’t want to give any chance to anyone to point out me because now Kaustu is growing up she understands everything and if these thoughts will take place in her brain then it will be difficult to change her mind because she will also be dragged in such craps I am not telling him just for our Kaustu’s well being because I don’t want her to live in that world where I am living right now. I will tell him on right time dadi but not now please.

Dadi: I can understand you pain Pragya its ok I will not tell him about all this but you stay prepared okay we have to leave tonight.
Pragya nods yes and Dadi leaves from there then Pragya looked at Mama and he caressed her head and said “I know what pain you face with her but believe me beta I am with my Pragya all the time”
Pragya: I know mama that’s why I was with you after tolerating this much crap otherwise why Maa would have send me to you

Saying this he hugged her and said “My Brave girl just like her mother you know she never feared anyone because Uncle taught her to be brave and she and your maasi both the daughters were Uncle’s princess and Both the sons were his friends more than son they way your mother was grown up na nobody can bring up their daughters like that and the same spirit I am able to see in Abhishek how he loves Kaustuki and says that she is his son rather than daughter rare are those who use to say that you are so lucky beta don’t mind who ever says that you are unlucky because if you were unlucky then you haven’t got such a loving and caring family yes I know some defaults are there but it’s ok because it all gets covered when Abhishek cares for you he fulfils all the responsibility which a person should do for his family and my brave girl is so lucky that she got a family like this right!” Pragya’s head was kept in his lap and he was caring her head gently they were looking like perfect father daughter bond and he continued “Now leaving all the thoughts behind just look forward beta and try to forget all that because now this is not the time you should turn back and remember all this ok and you also know that your mami is not evil or devil she is just trapped into these craps deeply and you also know that people who get trapped in this can never leave this so beta just forget what she says and look forward the whole life is waiting for you and moreover your own family is waiting for you for the real Pragya not for this scared girl who is scared of losing everyone at every moment the time which has spent let it go now ok” Pragya nodded in Ok and he said “Now smile like a good girl see your specs have also became foggy with this much tears Pragya come lets confirm from doctor weather you have tears or the mist in your eyes” Pragya laughed at that and he said “That’s like my girl now common get up and make me taste coffee of your hands” Pragya woke up and nodded yes with a wide smile.
It was evening time all were ready to leave but Abhi was not at home still and Pragya was worried as it was already 8:00pm and usually he gets back to home by maximum delay at 7:30pm and she was calling him but he wasn’t picking up the call she was in her room sitting worriedly and Divya Kamya Dadi and all were in hall when Abhi entered hurriedly and as entered he said
Abhi: I am extremely sorry I was struck in traffic and my phone battery was dead so sorry. So all ready?

Dadi: don’t ask sorry to us we are ready but go to your room and see that whom you need to say sorry
Abhi given an oops expression and left to his room and as he opened the door he saw that Pragya was wandering here and there from one corner of the room to another holding her belly was looking over the phone again and again Abhi looked at her and then decided to tease her little bit more so he silently closed the door again and going in Kaustu’s room plugging his phone in charger for few minutes took it and again went to his room still Pragya was doing the same he just called her and she got little bit relieved and pick up the phone for answering the call
Pragya: Where are you? You know from how much time I am calling you and why were you not picking up the call now why are you not speaking.
Abhi was continuously smiling looking at her as she was stood facing her back towards him and she didn’t noticed that he was there so finally he spoke.
Abhi: relax Mrs. Mehta my phone was dead and what I said to you that whenever you feel alone just turn back and look I will be there for you so I am here.
Pragya: Stop joking where are you?

Saying this she turned around and looked that he was standing leaning on the door folding his arms and she shook her head in disbelief and patted her forehead and he was smiling continuously at her and so was she then breaking the silence of smile she said
Pragya: Where was you? This is first time you are this much late
Abhi went and sat on chair: AAh too much traffic today Pragya that’s why got late anyways all ready
Pragya: yup all set just we were waiting for you wait I will bring your coffee.
Abhi: Areh leave it because I am not going to get coffee of your hands few days and if I drunk it now then I will miss it badly so better to get habitual from now itself you sit here for sometime come
Pragya smiles and sat beside him and he said
Abhi: So all set right!
Pragya: Yup what to do maa wants to take us so..
Abhi: when will you return any plan??
Pragya: don’t know she was saying the after one month or two months
Abhi: what! This much long time it means after arrival of our new member
Pragya: Hmm she said that its good that..
Abhi: Ok okay don’t tell me the rest I know what she would have said further AAhh.. so this time for looking up my child I have to take leave
Pragya: you are not coming with us!(shockingly)
Abhi: didn’t got leave so what can I do
Pragya: It’s Okay (with a calm smile)
They were talking when suddenly a voice came from out it was Divya she called “Pragya beta its getting late come soon” Then Abhi said
Abhi: Time to go..
Pragya: what to do..
Then they both left the room and joined the rest of the family and when they were about to leave Kaustuki came near him and he lift her up in his arms and kissed her cheeks said
Abhi: Miss you a lot my beta
Kaustuki : Miss you too don’t forget me in these days okay
Abhi laughed: No bete sahab extremely not I will come there for sure okay once I got leave from office
Kaustuki: Ask dadu to leave you soon and if he didn’t agreed then say to him to talk to me I will say him to leave you
Abhi: Of course I will and you take care of yourself ok and don’t let nani trouble mummy a lot okay (whispered)

Kaustuki: Come soon there will be no fun without you
Abhi: sure beta now go it’s getting late okay.
She went and sat with Divya and Abhi said to Pragya to take of herself and Kaustuki don’t strain herself more and hearing this first Divya smiled and then said “Abhi I am going with her and Dadi is also there we will not trouble your wife don’t take tension about that okay bete sahab.
Abhi felt embarrassed and said “wo maa… I was saying just..” Divya said “Just what?” and all laughed on him Pragya passed a small smile and he to smiled looking her and then they all left from there.

Screen parted showing one side Pragya’s face and one side Abhi’s.

thought to reveal one part of suspense so i am uploading this episode and forgive me if you felt bored as today i have written a littlebit long episode lets see whats problem are going to arise and what was the reason which Pragya told to dadi of her fear we will get to see it soon after episode 10 or in episode 10 itself so to know about that stay tuned and as you must have noticed that i am not mentioning Pragya’s mamu’s name and if you think like i am not getting any relevant name for it so it is not like that but who is he and who was Pragya’s mother you will get to know about the whole mess soon till then keep patience as i am planning a surprise for you all and yup its 4:30pm i am uploading the episode and i will upload the GOD by tonight itself so wait for that but i was not happy with last episode as i didnt got good response i think i am dragging that alot is it please tell me if i am dragging and if you feel that story is going with right speed then also let me know its my request please. so till then see ya

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