STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 79

Both were returning back after spending time together and here the screen shifts towards the residence of Ranvi he was going somewhere with Sakshi but at that time the door bell rang and the person turn out to be Kabir
Ranvi: Uncle you here!! this time!! please come in
Kabir: Yes I was passing from here thought to meet my grand daughter so.
Ranvi: Grand daughter oh! which one!!
Kabir: what do you mean by which one!!
Ranvi covering up: I mean Ganga and her friends all use to call you Grandpa that’s why I said which one!! nothing else
Kabir: Oh! well I am here for Ganga
Ranvi: she is not here
Kabir: then where is she
Ranvi: from Gangotri to Bay of Bengal and some part is in Jammu also
Kabir being irked by answer: Idiot I am not asking about the river Ganga I am asking about my grand daughter Ganga!!
Ranvi: she is at her friend’s residence about to come back in some time you sit and have some snacks and all
Kabir sat on sofa then Sakshi came there keeping something in her purse
Sakshi: Shall we go Ranvi!!
Kabir: You were going somewhere!
Sakshi then noticed Kabir: Oh Uncle you here actually we were…
Kabir: Oh you carry on I will wait here
Ranvi: No, No we can postpone our plan
Kabir: NO need of that you people go and enjoy I will wait here for them
Sakshi: are you sure
Kabir: yes I am 100% sure
Sakshi in excitement: Okay then, Pragya will come in sometime and Ganga will be here too
Kabir: Okay beta you go now otherwise you will be late
Ranvi: Okay uncle take care
Ranvi and Sakshi left the place and now Kabir was alone so started inspecting the house by wandering here and there sometimes he was looking at the photo frames which were hung at the wall and sometimes to the books which were kept in Basudha’s books shelf in which mostly were of stories and the tag was kept on them “Inspirations” he smiled for a while and then moved towards another section of the room when he saw something from window there was taxi stopped next to their door and someone came out of it, and looking at the person Kabir got shocked that he said to himself shutting the curtains and the person was his own wife Divya Mehta
Kabir to himself : Oh teri bandey di jaan !! ye kahan se aa gayi (Oh My!! now from where does she came) I must hide somewhere otherwise she will question me and get blast on my head like Bomb let’s go Kabir BG music place

E e e Phasa (trapped)

he started searching the place to hide where Divya shouldn’t find him and for this he was trying to hide sometimes in cupboard and sometimes under the table but then thought that there she can easily find him so decided to enter one of the room and hid himself in darkness here screen shifts towards Divya she entered the gate and found the main door opened she came in and shouted “hello Is anybody there!!!” but on not getting any response she understood that no one is there and wonder why all of them left the door open then she saw some snacks on the table so thought “they might be here somewhere only possible went in hurry and will be back soon as the snacks are there on the table and half drunk tea too” she sat there on the sofa for sometime and then she thought to help a little to Pragya and Sakshi in cleaning the mess so first work she did was arranged the magazines which was well understood that spread like a sheet by Ranvi only then she took cup and plates kept on table to kitchen and while she was keeping them in sink she saw an three wheeler stopping next to the door and her eyes got widen in shock and immediately hiding aside from the window said to herself keeping her hand over her head as the person was none other than Naira
Divya to herself: Oh bete ki (Oh my!!) from where does she came now !! if she got to know that I am here the who will answer Kabir’s question he will surely stop my outings too no, no I have to save my self but how?? yeah!! I shall hide somewhere let’s go Divya search a place to hide search Bg plays

E e e e Phasa (trapped)

She started searching ways and places to hide sometimes hide behind the door sometimes behind the curatin (imagine in fast forward situation) then as she heard Naira entering she hid in the big cabinet beneath cooking area and closed the door too and screen shifts towards door Naira entered there and finding no one in the home she also called once “Is anybody there at home!!” but found no one and she was about to go back but as she reached towards main door she saw Kaustuki with her cycle and looking at her she got panic and said to herself “Oh bete di jaan ye kahan se aa gayi (Oh My! now from where does she came!!) Naira bete hide yourself because she only knows that you talk to Pragya but if she got to know that You where she lived too then you can’t handle her interrogation so better escape from here” BG plays

E e e phasa (trapped)

she started finding places to hide herself sometimes under the table and sometimes behind the sofa and then thought that she can be easily caught by these places so rushed to one of the room in the house and here Kaustuki entered the home and finding no one at home keeping her bag she went and called Ganga as it was very well known by her that she must be playing with Rohan only this time she went and called her then both the sisters called Ranvi but till they do so Ranvi and Sakshi were there
Kaustuki: which type of a person you are!!! have we kept you to leave the home carelessly
Ranvi: why should I take care of home when my watchman is there
Kaustuki: where is he
Ranvi: just in front of me
Ganga: she is not watchman Mama you are the careless watchman mami… cut his half of the payment this month this watchman is becoming useless
Sakshi: Okay captain sure we will cut his half of the income
Kaustuki: and cut his diet too see how much fatty he is becoming
Sakshi: this is the best thing you have said My dear
in a meanwhile Basudha and Abhi also entered and as Kaustuki, Ganga were at argument with Ranvi Basudha asked him to be quiet
Ranvi: why will she cut my income I have my own income silly girls we must cut your meeting timings with my sister
Kaustuki shouted : e mama….
Ganga shouted: O mama….
Ranvi was taken aback with that sudden sound
Kaustuki: you are mama so stay like Mama don’t try to become paijama okay
Ganga: we asked you hold our finger you held our hand Mami… teach something to him yr how much silly person
sakshi: Ranvi bad thing ah you are troubling my girls
Basudha and Abhi were giggling then she said
Basudha: and your girls are troubling my brother that doesn’t matters to you haah!!
Abhi: Your brother is troubling My girls okay
Basudha: My brother can’t trouble to them I know these girls they have become habituated of irritating him
Ranvi keeping his head on her shoulder hugging her from back: Sister no one can understand your brother better than you, if you were not here then I must have died till
Abhi: Drama king started his drama
Sakshi: what else we can expect from him Bhai sahib as like brother like sister
Abhi: right Sakshi both are same
Basudha: you….

Sakshi cuts off: okay I think enough of joking and all now we must go and change ourselves I will bring tea and snacks
Abhi: yeah!! I also have a plan of staying here today
Kaustuki: finally!!! I will be able to be here with all of you after a long time Mummy, papa and we both Gangu
Kaustuki said it in a cherish way but smile from Basudha and Abhi’s face turned into the emotional one from happiest one as they were much aware that because of one decision which was basically right but still they were suffering, She moved towards her room followed by Abhi they both were talking and when entered in room so by coincidence that was the same room in which Yashika was hidden on hearing his voice she thought “Abhi!!! here!! he know where she lives!! but he said he is going to spend few days in NGO” she was lost in that thought and forgot that she is hidden in bathroom and first place where any one of them enter will be that only Abhi was talking to basudha
Abhi: You know what now I am going to live about a week here only
Basudha while taking out clothes from cupboard: And how will this happen?
Abhi: Ahm… I said that I am going to spend few days in NGO
Basudha looked at him: you are such a liar
Abhi while taking towel and entering into the bath room: thank you…
Basudha: Don’t you feel shame while telling a lie to your own family
Abhi entered the bathroom and was saying while putting on the lights and the sentence changed into the scream…
Abhi: what is the shameee………aa………

Basudha entered being panic: what happened!! why you shouted
Abhi: someone was there when I put on the light
Basudha: you scared me almost..!! (taking a sigh) who is there
Abhi: don’t know as I entered the person screamed so I screamed and didn’t saw face but I am sure that person is there behind the Tub curtain
Basudha: so go and check
Abhi: let’s do one thing we both will see together
Basudha: okay
she puts on the light of bath area and moved towards the bath tub and as Abhi took the curtains off She shouted and Abhi too hearing that Sakshi and Ranvi also reached there followed by Kaustuki and Ganga
Ranvi: what happened !!!
Sakshi: Naira!!! what have you done to your face
Basudha huffing: is this a way to scare anyone
Naira making an oops expression: Surprise!!
Abhi: to hell with your surprise how come you know about this place
Naira: well I will answer every question but shall I wash my face first this soap is irritating me
Basudha: then who the hell asked you hide yourself by applying soap on your face
Naira came after washing her face: wo actually I thought to meet you as it was a long time so I came here when no one was there at home and here I came to know that Kaustuki is coming she only knew that I used to talk with you on phone….

Abhi cuts off and with shocking expression: talking since long time on phone!!!!!! you never told me
Naira: shut up idiot no one knows it but Kaustuki knew it and once she came to know about her address too so I let it remain secret because if I would have told her that I knew it earlier then she would have raised her questions which were not easy for me to answer because she plays rapid fire in her question answer session
Kaustuki folding her hands: I will ask them now also Bua!! (with a glare)
Abhi: But why you never told me Didu and Basu you also didn’t told me that didu knows where you are
Basu making helpless face: she asked me to hide it
Sakshi: okay this is solved well now I think we shall not waste time in interrogating others come and have some snacks as everyone must be hungry
Abhi looking at Naira: yeah sure but I won’t leave someone without getting my answers
They all moved towards dining area and Sakshi brought some tea and snacks for them all were having chit chat when Ranvi said
Ranvi: Sakshi you brought one sweet yesterday won’t you give it to taste
Sakshi: Oh I was totally forgot about that wait I will bring it
She went and opened the same cabinet where Divya was hidden but didn’t looked down as she thought sweet must be at this place only she was waving her hand in search of that when Divya handled it to her and she thought she got it so closing the cabinet she was about to go but again something strike in her mind that the box came in her hand like someone has handled it to her so she went back to check and as she opened to door of cabinet two screams came out

Ranvi rushed in the kitchen and shouted too as Divya’s hairs were fully messed up then hearing that scream Abhi, Naira, Basudha, and both the girls also reached there and as the saw Divya said
Abhi in shock: Maa….!!!!
Naira: Ma…!!!
Kaustuki: Dadi!!!!
Ganga: Yippee Dadi is here!!!
Divya making an oops expression; surprise Surprise!!
Abhi: you also very well know about her
Naira: you never told it to us
Abhi mocking Naira: saying as if you told us you were meeting her
Naira: Abhi that’s a different thing but the question is when Maa use to come here
Sakshi controlling herself: leave all that but first tell me who hides like this (aisey kaun chhupta hai Bhai)
Abhi: only ladies of my family can hide like this
Basudha: excuse me!!! when did you saw me hiding like that
Abhi: I only said to my mother and my sister who are expert in hiding themselves as well as matters (taunting them)
Divya: don’t get angry once I saw her in market and followed her so only get to know about her and use to come here after outing with my friends

Abhi: outing with friends !!!!! like seriously!!! I never did outing and she is doing outing and that also with friends!!! now I come to know that why you were caught in some disease every time either cough cold or fever
Naira: Bhai I also never went on outing and our mother is doing outing!!! well Maa will you like to tell us at which places you use to do outing so that I can also suggest places to my friends next time
Divya: sorry girl that’s a secret!!
Abhi: excuse me!!! will anyone like to tell me that why the hell this fact of knowing the address was hidden from me
Divya and Naira in chorus: Don’t interrupt idiot we are talking
Abhi looked at Basudha and being irked left the place followed by Basudha
basudha: Listen…
Abhi: what else you want to say as excuse Basu they both were aware and you also never told me that
Basudha holding her ears: I was bound by promise
Abhi turned his face aside: always behaved like a good and decent daughter-in-law and sister-in-law and mother too but never thought about me
Basudha moving in front of him: Try to think from my point of view….
She was completing the sentence when again they heard a scream and sarcastically Abhi said
Abhi: let’s see who else is there from our family
They both walked towards Ranvi’s room as the sound was came from there and it was Kabir looking at him all said
Abhi nodding his head in disbelief: baba..
Divya in shock: Kabir!!!!
Naira in shock: Baba!!!
Kaustuki: Dadu!!
Ganga: What a surprise Dadu is also here
Ranvi holding his heart: Uncle I never thought you will do this

Abhi sarcastically: what else you can expect from them Ranvi all are expert in hiding I never hope that from her at least but…
Saying so he left the place disappointed and Basudha followed him here Kabir asked
Kabir: how he came to know about this place and leave him how you all came to know about this
All were staring at him while the screen shifted towards Abhi was leaving being disappointed towards Basudha’s room she came following him
Basudha: listen don’t get angry please
Abhi with a mild tone: who has right to get angry here I am not angry with anyone after all who am I to get angry
saying so he went towards balcony and Basudha understood that how much disappointed he was she kept hand on his shoulder he turned his face to alter direction she nodded her head and cheering his mood sang
Woh hain zara khafa khafa (he is a bit upset upset)
to nain yuun milaaye hain ki ho ho (and he’s meeting my eyes ho ho)

Abhi sang making her realize that he is not angry with her:
na bol du to kya karu (what do i do if i dont say anything)
vo hans ke yun bulaaye hain ki ho ho (she smiles and calls me ho ho)

Basudha joining her hands asking him to forgive everyone and understand them too:
hans rahi hai chaandani (the moonlight is laughing)
machal ke ro na du kahi (I hope i don’t end up crying with excitement)

Abhi saying again:
aaise koi ruthata nahi (no one makes you cry like this)
yeh tera khayaal hai (you think of me)
kareb aa mere hansi (come closer my beauty)
mujhko tujhse kuch gila nahi (i dont have any complains about u)
baat yun banaaye hain ki o ho (talks are something like this ho ho)

Basudha calling him with sweet face:
aaise mat sataaiye (dont irritate me like this)
zara taras to khaaiye (have pity a li’l at least)
dil ki dhadkan mat jagaaiye (do not raise my heart beats)

Abhi holding her hands:
kuch nahin kahunga main (i wont say anything)
na ankhiyaan jhukaaiye (don’t blush and lower your eyelids)
sar ko kandhe se uthaaiye (lift your head from the shoulders)
aise nend aaye hai ki ham (i feel so drowsy that I)

and after he sang that again turned his face with same attitude that he don’t want to talk to anyone so she went and brought something hiding in her hands and again bringing her hands in front of him from his back kept her head on his back and looking at that he smiled helplessly as he knew what she did he can never stay angry after that because it was some sweet candies in her hand
Abhi smilingly turning towards her holding her hands: now what’s this for
Basudha making thinking faces: Umm…. for family gathering again!!
Abhi laughed: you can never let me stay upset for their wrong doings right!!!
Basudha with full attitude: No…. not at all you looks like a big birthday balloon and that also red in color in anger so better not to stay angry otherwise how will I gather you if you burst out
Abhi: I look like angry balloon to you!!
Basudha: yeah
Abhi: is it!!
Basudha sensed he will surely catch her and his intension were to giggle her so she started moving back wards
Basudha: wo Mehta Sahab I said that to cheer your mood that’s it nothing else but please don’t do that
Abhi: really!!! (moving towards her)
She tried to run but as usual got trapped as he held her in no time and she started laughing in fear so he left her and said
Abhi: when I didn’t did anything then you are going mad what if I start giggling you
Basudha: then I will die from laughing attack
Abhi smiled and patted her head saying “Silly” she laughed and said “stay like this only anger doesn’t suits you”

Precap: Ghost


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