STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 78 (Valentines special)

Abhi was busy in something when suddenly Kaustuki turned the TV on the news was airing everywhere that valentine celebration is on swing and everyone is preparing to gift something precious to their loved ones Abhi who was first not paying attention over it suddenly started taking interest and was looking how couples celebrate their valentines day and suddenly something strike in his mind he called Basudha and said
Abhi: Basu let’s hang out today together
Basu laughed: so you know how to hang out alone too
Abhi: no but…
Basu: well I was also thinking the same so it’s okay lets go but where will we go
Abhi smiled: the same place where we stay quiet and our silence talks to each other
Basu smiled: I understood just tell me the time
Abhi: after your college and kindly wear something good rather than you boring black kurti blue jean and red stole
Basu: but black was your favorite
Abhi: yes but today I don’t want black so please
Basu laughed: Okay sir I will not but at least tell me where we will go

Abhi: its a surprise okay
saying so he hanged up the call and as per schedule Pragya completed his college timings and she had worn a white suit today with as usual swinging braid and Khurana was in full mood to flirt with her as she was looking really beautiful but to his fait again Abhi came in mid which lead to burn himself in a rage Basudha got in the car and Abhi started driving
Basudha: what happened how suddenly thought of hanging out came in your mind
Abhi: I was watching TV they were showing about valentines day so I thought why don’t I celebrate my Valentines with my valentine
Basudha: hmm.. so TV gave you that thought it wasn’t your own thought right!!!
Abhi: how can you say I don’t thought it the thought came in my mind and mind is my own so thought also became my own
Basudha laughed: enough, enough I understood that was your thought
Abhi: Don’t try to underestimate a power of a …
Basudha: Halwa wala !!! (laughed hard)
Abhi being irked: Okay I know you have seen Chennai Express now don’t try to become Deepika
Basudha: yeah I have watched it but you I didn’t liked the only thing I like was
Abhi: you liked was…
Basudha: was….
Abhi: was…
Basudha: was… Hum kaley hai to kya hua dilwaley hai (what if I am black but still a hearty person)

Abhi stopped the car and said with an irked expression
Abhi: I had already said it to you don’t sing that infront of me
Basudha: But I like that song
Abhi: I don’t like that
Basudha: meeting of Baba’s stick was fixed with your legs why should I dislike my likes
Abhi being irked: you…
Basudha: one more is there my fav one
Abhi: I don’t want to hear
Basudha: but Still I will tell it to you
Abhi: I knew it you will complete your sentence
Basudha: well my another one favorite is…
Abhi: why are you stopping in mid like a pirated CD just complete it
Basudha laughed: Chhuchundar ke sir par na bhaye chameli kaha raja bhoj kahan gangu teli
Abhi smiled helplessly and said
Abhi: you didn’t forget that yet
Basudha: how can I forget that after all someone for the first time defeated Mama in his field
Abhi: really!!
Basudha: you leave all that just tell me where we are going
Abhi smiled and started the car then started humming a song tone when Basudha asked what is it so he sung

Abhi while driving:
Bin poochhe mera naam aur pataa (Without asking my name and address,)
Rasmon ko rakh ke pare (keeping customs aside,)
Chaar kadam bas chaar kadam (a few steps, just a few steps,)
Chal do naa saath mere.. (please walk with me..)
[chaar kadam would literally mean ‘four steps’, but the intention here is to say ‘a few steps’, walk a little with me.]

Bin kuch kahe, bin kuch sune (Without saying anything, without listening to anything,)
Haathon mein haath liye (taking hands in hands,)
Chaar kadam bas char kadam (a few steps, just a few steps)
Chal do na saath mere (please walk with me..)
Basudha laughed and he sang further

Raahon mein tum ko jo dhoop sataaye (If there is sun troubling you on any path,)
Chhaaon bichha denge hum (I’ll spread shades..)
Andhere Daraayein to jaa kar falak pe (If there are darkness frighten you, I’ll go to the sky)
Chaand sajaa denge hum (and adorn the sky with moon..)
Chhaaye udaasi lateefe suna kar (If there is sadness coming over, I’ll tell you jokes,)
Tujh ko hansa denge hum (and make you laugh..)
Hanste hansaate yoon hi gungunaate (Laughing and making the other laugh, humming like that,)
Chal denge chaar kadam (we’ll walk these four steps..)
[Here he basically compares life to four steps, i.e. a journey of a few steps.]

Basudha smiled and looking out of window sang:
Tumsa mile jo koi rehguzar (If one finds a partner like you,)
Duniya se kaun Darey (who would be afraid of the world,)
Chaar kadam kya saari umar (what’s four steps, I’ll walk with you)
Chal dungi saath tere (for entire life..)
[Rehguzar is mostly used for the path taken, or a preferred path. Here, though, it seems the word is used for a co-passenger, someone who travels with you, and hence a partner when you talk about the journey of life.]

He smiled and screen freezed at those happy faces

He took her to a beach and she wasn’t surprised but said
Basudha: this is the place you were insisting me to come with you
Abhi: I already said it to you that we will go there where our silence spoke every time and it is the only place remember how we use to sit here for hours and hours looking at those waves and without uttering a word
Basudha: how can I forget that, after all it was our sweetest moments as nothing was there like tensions with us that time
Abhi: so lets forget everything and be there again will you…

Basudha looked at him and nodded in yes they went ahead and sat at the shore for a long time with a complete silence when Abhi said
Abhi: Basudha shall I ask you something
Basudha: hmm..
Abhi: People says Love is undefined and whatever happens in love is right so tell me is it (looking at waves)
Basudha smiled: what do people in their right minds know about the experience of being enraptured
Abhi looked at her
Basudha:fall in love and you ll understand what a wonder life is
Abhi smiled and continued: that’s what I feel
Basudha: really!!! then tell me how you feel it
Abhi: no I will not as you will say I am cheesy
Basudha: Okay I will not just tell me what is it
Abhi: are you sure
Basudha: 100 percent sure
Abhi: then listen
no sooner did my eyes meet hers than the atmosphere brightened and i realized what a wonder the magic of love is the loosened locks of her hair taught the seasons poetry and her lowered eyes showed me what a wonder intoxication can be, i could never manage to speak the state of my heart to her and she never understood what wonders this silence meant,
Basudha: really!!! but tell me when I never understood your silence
Abhi smiled: the moment when we were unaware of each other
Basudha smiled: you are really impossible person to understand
Abhi: I told you mine now you tell me what is it
Basudha: for me love is something which everyone can’t get but those who get must respect it as sometimes love is visible and sometimes not

Abhi: why are you talking in puzzle tell me directly
Basudha smilingly :love is something which everyone gets luckily in which eyes ask question and the one who understands it answers it by their silence this is the turn on which destiny brings us randomly some who don’t get realize it can’t get it, it is like a blossom which happens once is a season this trouble never troubles everytime without it everything is incomplete
Abhi rounding his hand over her shoulder: and when this trouble troubles it makes every feeling positive
She rested her head on his shoulder and said “I want our old days back life is becoming unbearable day by day because those days are no more with us” he said “don’t worry better days will be back as really everything is getting unbearable”
Okay didnt got much to write hope it is okay for today as didnt got much thoughts over valentines as this week is normal for me as usual as I dont believe in such kind of stuffs

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