STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 76

The episode starts with Basudha saying to Abhi
Basudha: Mehta Sahab from when did you begin singing and that also this kind of songs as far as I know you never wish to sing for anyone until its your wish
Abhi: so you can say that I was in mood of singing so I sung it for someone ???
Basudha: and who is that lucky person wo got the chance to hear a song in your voice as I know I am because you never did that kind of cheesy things for me….????
Abhi: really! ??? is it !!! I thought I sang for you before too ???
Basudha: You never did that for me ???? why are you telling a lie
Abhi patted her forehead lightly: silly ??? I never did that before so did it now ???? but you will never leave a chance to taunt me right ☺☺

Basudha:???? I thought ?you are saying that to me
Abhi: now shall we go otherwise we will be late for sure ??
Basudha: ??sure
Abhi started driving the car and soon they reached to their destination Abhi got down form the car and then opened the door from Basudha’s side to let her come out she came out of the car and was surprised to see themselves out of the NGO which was on the name of Kaustuki and Ganga Named “Kaustuganga NGO” she was overwhelmed by witnessing all that when he said “my life after you left home” she smiled a bit on then the boatshe smiled a bit on then they both moved ahead towards the entrance of the NGO ass soon as they enter kids were waiting for them as they were instructed that they both are about to arrive are the NGO as earlier he said that he is bringing a surprise for all of them today they are going to meet someone special who is always his inspiration and motivation kids were extremely happy to see both of them the one who was extremely excited was none other than Shabbo she was excited as looking Abhi as the most happiest person was her only wish and last night when you told her that he met her she was the one who was feeling like she is on Cloud 9 because she has seen him happy after a long time he was happy as a kid got his toy about which he was wishing for it was looking like his dream is fulfilled now the dream of being with this love ones the dream of being with his family the dream of being with the one whom he preferred to be his soul and with the one whose soul he was. Shabbo immediately went ahead and welcomed Basudha then said

Shabbo: Bahu Begum you took long time to come here that’s not fare you know how much bhaiya ji was missing you ??? (in a complaining tone )
Basudha looked at Abhi trying to figure out that who is Shabbo then Abhi answered that “she is Shabbo care taker of this NGO and like maa also “
Basudha smiled ?: What to do Shabbo your Bhaiya ji took much time to reach me I was here only and he was searching me at other places
Shabbo: I said it bhaiya ji that bahu begum must be at nearby places only but you never heard me
Basudha: bad habit of your bhaiya ji Shabbo he never hear anyone me also ??? but how you guessed that I must be at nearby places only
Shabbo: I knew it as My aunt who is living in Kanpur…
Abhi making a weird face: ??????? Shabbo not now please let her meet the girls first come Basu

Shabbo patting his hand by hers: first let me talk to her bhaiya ji ?? you go and meet with girls they will meet her later as now I am going to talk ?with her so…You know bahu begum my aunt who is living in Kanpur her daughter Nazma her mother-in-law Rafat and her sister Ruhana her daughter Suraiya her friend Rajni her sister-in-law Riddhima she was also escaped like you and you know she was hid in home itself and her husband was searching her in the city so I knew it ???

Abhi’s head was spinning and was feeling like someone had shoot a bomb of relations through a canon whose name was Shabbo but his eyes got widen when he saw someone else speaking in same way it s Basudha who was speaking in a same tone he said to her “?????? you too” he was totally frustrated by both of them as bombs of long relations were being getting blast like second time they are falling on Hiroshima and Nagasaki every moment he was wishing that God please pay mercy and save me from these ladies and to his luck he got a phone call and got a chance to escape he attended it … The call was from Kaustuki and Ganga they talked for a while and then Abhi said
Abhi: Basu and Shabbo you guys carry on kids are having some problem I will see it
Basudha : problem! Wait I m also coming
Abhi: no need of it you continue I will see what is the problem
Basudha : are you sure!!!
Abhi: yeah 100% sure
Basudha :okay then you go I will come later on
Abhi smiled and left the place and after about two hours Basudha also left the place after chit chatting with everyone ??? and as she reached home someone stopped her and it was none other than Mrs. Verma who was again having something to tell her and when she told it Basudha felt like that someone started bullet firing without thinking about the piece she was back just that time and Mrs. Verma didn’t wasted her time to start her epic stories which were filled with complaints rather than something important and when she said that Basudha entered inside and started yelling names of everyone Abhi was seated with Ranvi there and Sakshi was in kitchen Who came out hearing that loud noise Basudha threw her bag on couch and again called
Basudha: ???? Kaustuki and Ganga where the hell are you girls come here now I said
Abhi:??? what happened Basu!!!!! Why are you yelling like that!! What’s the matter ????

Basudha: ????? you don’t say anything today Mehta Sahab today they have to answer my all the questions ??? Kaustuki and Ganga come here now
Ranvi: but what happened ????? atleast tell us something
Basudha: Girls will tell themselves ???
Both the girls came out of the room asking
Kaustuki: what happened mummy ???? why suddenly renumbering your daughters and that also like this
Ganga: now why you went in your volcano ?mode !!! Who pulled your hairs tell me I will pull his hairs too ?????
Abhi giggled hearing that and Ranvi said
Ranvi: now the drama begins

Sakshi: bhai sahab I am sure today also your daughters have broken someone’s head
Abhi widening his eyes : ?????? broken head !!!!!
Sakshi : let her start then you will see yourself
Screen shifts to Basudha
Basudha: ???? why the hell you did that
Kaustuki: what have I done???
Ganga in taunting tone:???? may be broken someone’s car again
Kaustuki glared at her: ???? shut up (whispered)
Basudha: shut up you both and tell me why you did it ?????
Both the girls being scared : mummy what we have done ???????
Basudha: you broke Rohan’s head again Miss Ganga and you Kaustuki you punched Purab back to back is this a way to behave
Ganga getting back to normal???? oh so this was the matter I thought I have done some blunder and you caught me thank god its nothing serious
Kaustuki taking seat on sofa: yeah I thought something else you got to know ?????? thank god its nothing like that
Basudha: ???? nothing like that!!! Nothing serious!!!! Those boys are laying on bed turning blue black and you are saying nothing serious ???

Ganga: mummy mistake was all his so I just taught him a lesson ???
Kaustuki: absolutely right sister why he use to trouble my sister ???? thank god I just turned him into blue black otherwise he deserves that his bones must get broken and that too in the form of powder
Basudha: ?????? how the hell you manage to behave like that and what you have done to them that they are in such a bad condition you know his mother met me out of the house and she said that to me you have beaten them by rods and sticks too
Kaustuki: that fatso is telling a lie ??? she have nothing to do so always use to blabber anything which can set any one’s home on fire we didn’t anything like she said to you

Ganga: yes we just fought like real fighter first he said I am an spoilt brat so I warned him not to say that so he didn’t heard it and I got out of control just punched him in stomach and hit him by my knee then pulled his hairs and pulled and pulled and pulled he never agreed still so I twisted his hand and then he called his elder brother so I called my elder sister ?????? and we cleared their accounts
Basudha: ???? cleared accounts! Saying like you were having debtors ??? you both the girls beaten those boys that was not enough that you argued with Mr. Verma too ??
Kaustuki: Oh Mummy Kids treated kids and papa treated papa so don’t blame us for that
Ganga: Exactly ???? don’t blame us for that papa’s matter must be ask by them only okay !!!
Basudha turned to Abhi: ???? Mehta Sahab kindly explain
Sakshi: Bhai sahab ??? you too!!!
Ranvi: I was saying not to mess with him his lady is not good at hiding facts???
Abhi trying to explain????? Basu actually he was trying to scare our girls
Basudha keeping hands on her waist: Mehta Sahab he was not trying to scare them but your daughters have scare all of them they get night mares also of your daughters only ???

Abhi: ??? really!!!
Basudha sitting on the sofa holding her head: ?????? Mehta Sahab your both the girls are not less than a trouble I can’t understand that why they both go to play with him when they knows that they cant tolerate those boys ????
Kaustuki sitting beside her and keeping hand on her shoulder: we never play with them but those boys use to come after getting insulted too

Ganga: yeah wait and watch tomorrow he will come again
Abhi: see how sweet my daughters are ??? they permit them to play after that too
Basudha: ????? this is not sweetness I am saying and you were returned home because they called you for that only right ???
Abhi, Kaustuki and Ganga looked at each other and said in chorus “Mummy take a chill pill ???”
Basudha glared at them and pushed all of them put of the door saying “don’t show me your faces until you understand that what have you done ???? and she shut the door in anger
Ganga: again went in that mode lets go guys for few hours there is no entry in home
Abhi: but where we will go ??
Kaustuki: pass the time in home
Abhi: home!! But we are out

Ganga: follow me
She went towards Vermas residence and Abho said to Kaustuki
Abhi: what is she doing we just have faced problems because of them
Kaustuki: wait and watch
She knocked the door and Rohan opened the door
Ganga: Rohan brother mummy punished me can I play here for some time
Rohan smiling : come in we will play until aunty’s anger cools down
Ganga: papa and dida is also with me
Rohan: no prblem ???

Precap: same

Didnt got time to write much so didnt wrote the precap

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  1. Prathi

    Such a funny episode!! Loved It Jugni! Clearing their accounts? seriously?? Again went to play with them! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. OMG awesome yaar…fun filled episode…keep going….

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its soooo Funnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Accounts Cleared! LOL???????????????????????????????????? LOVED IT Dude!

  4. Funny epi di?????

  5. Omg??????????? bhai this was so hilarious?????? bomb of relations????? basu also talking in the same way as shaboo???????? someone has thrown bomb of relations from a cannon called shaboo?????????? how can you manage to write like this??????? kaustu and ganga?????? accounts cleared???? my daughters are so sweet they permit them to play after that too????????? seriously it was awesome!???? loved it❤️❤️

  6. Saranya24

    ??omg epic man and tat final part u nailed it didi suprb no wrds love u loads??????

  7. ????????????????????? Bhai, I am dead ????????????? and flattered over kastu and ganga ??????????????? and this time abhi too lol! ?????????? The last scene!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????? or aap ko yeh baat batani thy, I thought kuch serious h ???????????????????? Damn! So awesome, so amazing! And haye meri betiyan kitni achi hain, iske baad bhi unhain khelne deti hain ????????????????????????????????????????? Damn, Seriously awesome and abhi’s expressions lol at the time of relations, the way you described it! Wasn’t that so funny? ???? You can See I am dead, so ???? lol I need to leave or else my funeral would take place today ???? Hatss off

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