STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 75

She stopped as she saw one hand separating their hands and to her surprise it was none other than Abhi, He jerked Khurana’s hand and said
Abhi: Concern and respect… if it is in terms of a woman then it needs some distance too and when then distance gets crossed, then the only one thing stays there that is called relation and when you have no relation with anyone then you don’t have any right to touch a woman too until it becomes necessary
He shrug off his hand and Khurana who was irked by now spoke up
Khurana: Who the hell are you to teach me what is right and what is wrong!
Abhi smirked: Basudha you never introduced me to anyone that’s not fare my dear see now this gentleman is asking that who am I to you kindly introduce
Basudha smiled: Mehta Sahab he is our colleague Mr. Khurana, and he is my husband Mr. Abhishek Mehta.
Khurana’s face was turned pale now as it was never expected by him that one day Mr. Mehta will come back and that too like this a sudden entry his all the thoughts diverted now as suddenly how he was returned
Basudha smirked: Khurana now will you please get a side as we are getting late
Abhi: Shall we go Mrs. Mehta (Stressed on word Mrs. Mehta)
Basudha: sure

saying so both moved out from there laughingly on the expression of Khurana and here he was left irritated and hitting on his car’s tire said to himself “How the hell he is returned… how….. when they were separated then how he returned so easily and behaving as if nothing was happened whatever it is Khurana if he is returned then the game will never come into your favor you have to do something before the chance gets off from your hand”
Screen shifts from him towards Kaustuki she was in the play ground as their coach had asked them to stay there after ending of college timings
Bulbul making irritated faces: Kaustuki… how much time I have to wait
Kaustuki: who asked you to wait! did I said that “Bulbul please wait we will go home together !!!! No right!! you chose it on your own so why the hell are you complaining like this. I don’t know how much time will it take understand now if you want to wait so do it by keeping yourself keep quiet
Bulbul making angry faces: You can never understand me idiot first off all I thought about you and waiting for you and you are scolding me instead of feeling thankful do one thing Kaustuki ji you live here with your javelin and I am going
Kaustuki: okay

Bulbul: Okay then ask your javelin only to complete all your left over work too
saying so she left from there and here the coach asked from Kaustuki to show her efforts she did so and thrown javelin at about distance of 15 meter and that too javelin was stood straight every one clapped for her and then came time of boys team and the first who was called, was none other than Randeep he threw it about 20 meter far then coach said
Coach: Okay so from this test one thing is sure that boys team is better than girls team so I am giving all the girls time of 15 days, they have to practice a lot to match this limit of boys because we need best players only to represent our college so doesn’t matter if one team is not there and boys team is selected for the competition now girls if you want to take part in the competition prove yourself and yes one more thing you have to take part in race too so prepare for that also now disperse
Randeep smirked and said to one of his friend with intension to tease other girls: Don’t why these girls spoil themselves and waste their time to compete with us when they know that how much success they can gain but still they will remain one step back from us
He left the place saying so but his statement left a mark upon someone and the person was none other than Kaustuki who was already irked by his challenge and now his statement was enough to burn her patience after sometime she also left the place and moved towards the main gate of college and she was surprised to see someone present there and looking at the person she smiled and went towards the person
Kaustuki: so drama queen didn’t went back to home
Bulbul: how can I go back!! leaving you alone when I know that alone girl is just like an open safe
Kaustuki: Kareena Kapoor said in Jab we met to station master (rolling her eyes)
Bulbul: Okay I know you watch movies a lot now shall we go as already we are 1hour late
Kaustuki nodded in yes and both of them left the place then screen shifted towards Abhi and Basudha they were still in car

Basudha: I am asking from past one hour that where we are going but you are not ready to tell me
Abhi: I didn’t want to go home so just took you to long drive that’s it
Basudha: really!! long drive and that too from college towards the long distance park!!!
Abhi: What happened if it is a park at least we are at long distance
Basudha: we are already at long distance Mr. now tell me where you are going
Abhi: okay actually we are going to NGO as everyone want’s to meet you then we will go to meet doctor
Basudha: doctor!!! but who is not fine here I am perfectly fine and you are also looking perfectly fine then why??
Abhi: actually I am not well
Basudha smiled: what happened to you may I know!
Abhi stopped the car and getting out of it he stood resting his back on it folding his hands up to his chest then Basudha also came out and asked again
Basudha: why do you stopped here and why don’t you tell me that what happened to you
Abhi: You know I am feeling much problems uneasiness and all you know while walking I get stop and while speaking I start stumbling …..

Basudha folding her hands: Mr. Mehta it’s a song… you have bad habits of playing with my emotions now please start the car as kids must be waiting for me
She starts moving from there and Abhi sung
Chalte chalte yun lage (While walking, why do I feel that)
I wanna walk all the way with you
Ruk jaun to kyun lage (When I stop,why do I feel that)
Something is leading me back to you

Basudha turned and found him singing by leaning on the car folding his hands and she was shocked as it was for the first time he sung something for her it’s nothing like he never sung he did it but it was not for her he sung for the first for Yash and rest of her family members when they insisted him to sing then many times in enacted at some songs for her but never sung it was for the first time she smiled nodded her head and he continued with a smile

Chalte chalte yun lage (While walking, why do I feel that)
I wanna walk all the way with you
Ruk jaun to kyun lage (When I stop,why do I feel that)
Something is leading me back to you
Hosh mein bhi kaise bekhayaal ho gaya (Why am I lost in thought even while I am conscious?)
Deewanon ke jaise (like crazy)
baby Baby I’ve been following you

he moved forward and holding her hand sung

So is this love
This must be love
It’s gotta be love
coz I feel love
So is this love
Keh do zara (say It)
This must be love
Keh do zara (say it)

she giggled and then he sung ahead twirling her off holding her hand and she gestured that others are looking he turned and bent down saying thank you and then went back in the car driving towards home sung

Poochhe jo koi mujhse (If somebody asks me,)
To main subah ko shaam keh doon (I call evening to morning )
Bhool jaaun ghar ka rasta ( I forget the way to my home )
Kuchh kaam main Kuchh bhi naam keh doon (I do just anything and Tell just any name as mine)

She smiled and asked in gestures resting her chin on her fist “Then”

Na jaane aisa kya kamaal ho gaya (I don’t know what feat is this )
Deewanon ke jaise (like crazy)
baby Baby I’ve been following you

So is this love
This must be love
It’s gotta be love
coz I feel love
So is this love
Keh do zara (say It)
This must be love
Keh do zara (say it)

she nodded her head and then looked out of window here Abhi sung ahead holding her hand and keeping it on his heart and looking forwards while driving

Aankhon se neendhein gum hain (Sleep is lost from my eyes )
Seene se dil bhi laapata hai (My heart is lost from my chest)
Behke behke se armaan hain ( My desires are mislead)
Lag raha gadbad maamla hai (It feel’s that something is wrong in my case)

Basudha widening her eyes in gestures asked “Is it!!! then how?” he smiled and then gesturing don’t know sung

Main na jaanun (I don’t know)
Kaisa mera haal ho gaya (What condition am I in)
Deewanon ke jaise (like a crazy)
baby Baby
I’ve been following you

So is this love
This must be love
It’s gotta be love
coz I feel love
So is this love
Keh do zara (say It)
This must be love
Keh do zara (say it)

she laughed and screen freezed on their happy faces

Precap: Kaustuki Kaustuki and Kaustuki …

sorry for the late update

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Soooooooooo Coollllllllllll Dude!!! Loved it soooo muchhhhh! Especially Abhis Entry & The Song! Enjoyed Well?????????????????????????

  2. Saranya24

    ???mass entry by mehta sahab suprb and loved thr romance love u dii missed u?????

  3. Wow superb update…abhi Ka hero wala entry was extraordinary???… and bulbul and kaustu also awesome

  4. Awesome???? specially abhi’s entry?????The song????? Bulbul and kaustu????? loved it❤️❤️

  5. Prathi

    Abhi’s entry and Khurana’s face expression worth the late update if you feel so… Waiting for Kaustuki Kaustuki and Kaustuki…

  6. Song! Wait! That song!!!! You used it finallyyyyyy ???? seems I am mad for the song, okay It got a reason, I love that song ??? And Episode was epitome of beauty, ???? so awesome! Bulbul and kastu, Ah ha ??? and Abhidha ? Ain’t I getting over crazy for Abhidha? And khuranans expression lol, how do you even manage to create it? Na jane kahan se aayi h tu yaar! Hey wait, That’s a song right? Why don’t I just write it for you ?????? so; Kabhi kabhi mujhe deewani lagey
    Kabhi kabhi mujhe anjaani lagey
    Kabhi kabhi hawa ki rawani lagey
    Kabhi kabhi phoolon ki kahani lagey
    Adaa se adaa, nasha se nasha chura ke layi hai ????? Na jane kahan se aayi h, Chaandni hai apsara hai, shayari hai shayara hai
    Rangaton ka daiyra hai
    Tu kabhi albeli kabhi mujhko peheli lagey kyon
    Pyaar ki hai isko jaldi, dil ye apna leke jaldi
    Behki behki ulti seedhi
    Aise lehraye jaise hawa mein ude hai khushboobasman se jannaton ka noor layi haiNa jaane, jaane .. Jaane kahan se aayi hai Na jaane kahan se aayi hai o na jaane kahan se aayi hai???????? That’s how much update got me attracted ,Damnnnnnnnnn So awesome ? Hatss off!

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