STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 74

The episode starts with Kaustuki saying to Bulbul “He shouldn’t have challenged me, now he will see what am I” in a determined tone
Bulbul: Kaustuki leave it, why are you trying to mess with him!! you don’t know him he is…

Kaustuki cutss of while moving ahead: I know very well he is son of that creep Randip Khurana who always use to find a way to irritate and trouble female staff of college
Bulbul: As well as students too, remember how he stare girls during drama practical classes

Kaustuki: Aah world is filled with such jerks just forget it and let’s go we have to report in theater before Mam get angry upon us
Bulbul: yeah I forgot it totally let’s go

Leaving the ground behind both the girls moved towards the theater or auditorium where the practical was going on, Basudha was the one who was taking practicals of students, Kaustuki and Bulbul were late and they entered with an oops expression and Basaudha caught them while entering late in the class
Basudha looking at her watch: late!!

Kaustuki: Mam… actually we were…
Basudha: playing in ground!! or tried to bunk the class and suddenly remembered your practicals are going on and you can’t bunk the class (with a smirk)
Bulbul widening her eyes: Kaustuki!!! she have a third eye I guess… see how correctly she assumed everything see
Kaustuki hitting her elbow on hers: Nothing like that Mam actually Verma sir called all the sports team to inform that state lever championship is going to be happen so we have to prepare for that too

Basudha: do what you want but remember one thing if you got late in my class then suspension for one week for sure
Bulbul: okay mam
Basudha: have you completed your drama

Kaustuki: yes
Basudha smirked and turned towards other students: listen all of you first Kaustuki and Bulbul will represent their project drama
Kaustuki widening her eyes: But mam our roll no is……
Basudha: Its totally my class Kaustuki I will decide whether you will do first or any other student so prepare your self I am giving you five minutes
saying so she moved ahead and went towards one seat in the auditorium
Bulbul: Kaustuki dear your mother daugher relation always fails in terms of studies God never give some one such strict mother
Kaustuki gave her a death glare: Never ever try to say like that about her understood however whoever she is, she is my mother and then here in the college premises she is just my teacher and I am her student

Bulbul bowed her head down: sorry I was just joking
Kaustuki moving towards back stage: don’t say it in joking manner also
After five minutes
The scene is shown on the stage one script is going to be represent
Kaustuki: Bulbul what have you written!!! what is the name of this play
Bulbul: I concentrated on writing didn’t thought about the title

Kaustuki being irked: Ugh now who will write the title idiot and what we will say to Madam!!! that “Ma’m it is a nameless drama!!”
Bulbul: Superb Kaustuki what a name !!! brilliant I mean see the name of the drama “Nameless drama by fameless people”
Kaustuki being irked: Bulbul you are truly a Bulbul just knows to sing and jump nothing else dumb idiot stupid moron and and ugh leave it

Bulbul in a sarcastic tone: Excuse me you honoured me by four honourable words but can you tell me what was the different in that!!! all were same in meanings so just bring something new as I know it already at least once bring some new words for me sis
Kaustuki : For sure next time I will bring something new but this time let me represent this nameless drama by fameless persons
Bulbul: yeah as we can’t expect something from hopeless people
Kaustuki: wait!! to whom you said hopeless!!

Bulbul while moving towards stage: not upto your level girl leave it
And she moved towards stage there she announced in a fully excited way “Ladies and gentlemen (noticed Basudha’s expression) I mean ma’m and students or I must say my beautiful fellows as our project was good as it was assigned to us in group so I must say every one would have done best of them but Ma’m decided to give the chance to us first so here we are presenting our saga “Nameless drama by fameless people” which is a story of a legend prince Salim aka Jahangir Uncle and his dancer love Anarkali so here we go
Basudha: Miss Bulbul will you like to tell us what is new in it because everyone knows that story and most of the people have already written that
Bulbul: mam there is something new first you see then decide it’s a request by my side please

Basudha: Okay let’s see
Bulbul: so here we are preseting the drama let’s see
she said and curtains fell down then after few minutes a stage was set up where Akbar was seated on the throne and Salim was in front of him with Anarkali
Salim: i have not broken heart of a bud,I haven’t turnedaway my face from a bud, i have left everything for love
i am the crazy lover of bud
i lost my heart for the bud

i want to promise to the bud
even if you want to separate us with the high walls
Anarkali kept her hand over his shoulder and resting it like a cool dude said “as the mughal/emperor/authority has agreed to this, the whole environment is merged in love,”
Anarkali: when…
Salim: what
Anarkali: When..
Salim: come on..

Salim being irked: will you speak ahead or you have planned to irritate me I swear I will punch your face
Anarkali: saying if I will leave you after that I swear try it once I will dig your grave here
Salim making puppy face being scared: Okay … continue please… when..
Anarkali: when you fall in love then why to be afraid, when when you fall in love then why to be afraid, when you have loved someone and not stolen anything and not made any crime

Salim taking his sword out showing it to Akbar: i have not broken heart of a bud, i haven’t turned away my face from a bud i have left everything for love
Akbar stood up in furious tone said: you are doing mutiny in front of me Salim begum Jodha see this idiot son of yours

Jodha came in front of him: Even a single work you can’t do by yourself on small small matters Jodha begum this Jodha begum that I wonder who the hell idiot made you king damn it you know I was busy in taking face massage and you called me damn it now don’t disturb me and handle this on yourself otherwise there will be your sword and my hand for sure then you can think of yourself what I will do

Akbar gulped his words and then turned to Salim he was smirking Jodha went from there and here screen shifts towards Basudha’s face she held her forehead looking at that drama which was written by her daughter and her friend and then screen shifted towards Kaustuki who was cursing herself looking Basudha’s reaction and said to herself “Beta Kaustuki your marks will look like an egg for sure after that” then screen again shifted towards stage here now Anarkali said

Anarkali: as the mughal has agreed to this, the whole environment is merged in love
Akbar held his head
Salim to Anarkali: i am the prince of love city, and you are a dancer i made you rap in my eyes and vice versa
Anarkali in sarcastic tone: Waah (great)

Salim continued: i am the king of friends my love is the will of god, the why should i care about others
Anarkali in cursing tone to Akbar: taste the effect of love oh unknown, you have loved someone and not stolen anything and not made any crime, why to live in life by hiding
Salim being irked: will you speak something else every time “you have loved someone and not stolen anything silly idiot”
Anarkali: saying if you are giving a PM speech idiot
Salim: Okay okay
Akbar: soldiers come and arrest them
Salim: for sure but listen to me first
Akbar: something more is left to listen!!!
Salim: yes…

Akbar: complete it
Salim holding Anarkali’s hand: i am the cool cool prince and you are the s.e.x.y anarkali

Hearing that Basudha was was busy in drinking tea she spilt it out in shock and looked at Kaustuki with a look “Satyanash (total distruction)” and here the drama continued
Salim: i am the cool cool prince and you are the s.e.x.y anarkali, our discussion is in every city, and gossip in every lane, the chain and walls were always kept watch on us, but the mad lovers kept on meeting saying that we don’t care
Anarkali: this intoxication of love is everywhere in every direction, as the mughal has agreed to this, the whole environment is merged in love
Salim punched on Anarkali’s shoulder: I had already said it to you that don’t treat love with alcohol and again you said so

Anarkali punched on his stomach: and I had said that not to punch on my shoulder but you never listened to me now get ready to die, uncle kindly give you sword to me (taking Akbar’s sword)
Basudha yelled: CUT
and all became silent then Basudha said
Basudha: Kaustuki Mehta and Bulbul Rastogi kindly meet me in my cabin after lunch (with a glare)
Kaustuki: Ok.. oKay mam
they both left the place and then Kaustuki punched hard on Bulbul’s shoulder
Bulbul: Aah idiot why are you hitting me

Kaustuki: why the hell you turned the serious drama into comedy
Bulbul: look my dear we had to submit the project by today the time was less and there was much to write and time was less so thought we must submit something rather than getting zero for not submitting
Kaustuki being irked: to hell with this now sure she will kill us after that
saying so she left the place and then Bulbul said “The time of well being is no more if you think about well being you will get something like scolding only”

After lunch

Kaustuki and Bulbul entered in Basudha’s cabin
kaustuki: May I come in Ma’m
Basudha: yes please
Bulbul: Ma’m you called us
Basudha: please have a seat
Both took seat
Basudha looking at some papers : Bulbul Rastogi and Kaustuki Mehta your grades in past two tests are low you know it right!!

Bulbul: Yes mam
Basudha: I have called you to say that I am giving you last chance present a better script to me otherwise you will be detained and I don’t want that because I know your potential you can do it just concentrate and take proper time for it
Bulbul and Kaustu bowing their head down: Yes ma’m sure we will do it
Basudha: let’s hope now go as its time to leave.
both the girls nodded in okay and went from there

After sometime

Everyone was leaving from college and Basudha was waiting for her driver as he took her car for servicing but in mid-way again Khurana stopped her
Khurana: where are you going Mrs. Basudha come I will drop you
Basudha with a grin: No need of that I can go on myself I don’t need your concern
Khurana: My concern is genuine after all it’s every man’s moral duty to take care of beauties (said holding her hand)
Basudha was about to say something but stopped as she saw a hand separating both the hands of Khurana and Basudha

to be continued…

Precap: still not decided

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep

    Dude,Your Humour Sense is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!! Salim – Anarkali ki kahani aisa bhi ho sakta hei,Ye baat mujhe nahi pata dha……Has haskar ped mein Dard horahi hei………Poor Basudha….. Split out her tea….LOL???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Loved it soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Long time…seeing Kaustuki’s funny talks…and especially the drama…superb funny epi…yaar

  3. Superb didi…
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part ..

  4. Saranya24

    ???wat a drama bulbul rockd loved it dii missed tis stry a lot love u loads??????

  5. Wow….plz update daily ga…plz

  6. Prathi

    Bulbul is very humorous.. Poor Salim and Anarkali… ‘Satyanash’ ?? Poor Basudha especially she had to hear all that…

  7. Finally you uploaded this ?????????????????????????????? hahaha, By God maza aawee gayo, inna khoob likha! And the play was damn ??????????????? pehli baar salim acha laga or uske dialouges ??? Anarkali ka when…when ????????? or jodha hahaha! By God , Awesome, Amazing! I truly loved it, ??? Nameless play by fameless people ??????? lol , That was seriously something different! Haha! Hatss off and i really liked the dialouges thou of anarkali and salim! Basu’s expressions ???????? haha! Hatss off

  8. superb episode di fun with bulbul missed this ff so much hope that is abhi can’t wait for next episode

  9. ?????????? u nailed it bhai????? seriously it was awesome????????????????????? changed a serious situation into a comedy one??????? excellent bhai?????? jodha????????? nameless play by fameless people?????? anarkali and salim???? basu’s expressions?????????? I loved it!

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