STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 73 (part-2) final part

Episode 73 part2

Basudha chuckled: haa to kar lete to kya ho jata logon ko pata to chal jata na ke Professor Basudha ke pass bhi koi dramebaaz hai (so what!! let people know that Professor Basudha also have a dramebaaz with her)
Abhi rouding his arms around her: Phir sabko pata chal jata to aapka dramebaaz aapka kaha rehta huzur (if everyone gets to know then how you dramebaaz was a secret anymore)
Basudha smiled: Ye Baat bhi sahi hai (this is also right)
Abhi: Then!!
Basudha: but seriously I am not going to talk with you, you took so much time to come is this the way to make me wait
Abhi: If you have waited so what I have done
Basudha: how would I know

Abhi turns her to face him: If it was wait for you then for me it was my dying patience every passing moment silly
Basudha looked at him which was filled with mixed emotion and here screen shifted towards Ranvi he was upstairs in a room where Sakshi went with an excited face and as she opened the door the scenario was Ranvi was talking to someone on phone and being irked while hanging up the phone he held his head rolling his eyes
Sakshi: Mehra Sahab who was on the phone call?
Ranvi: Yash chachu he was irritating me nothing else special
Sakshi: Oh! by the way what he said?
Ranvi: He is saying to make hit his car until it breaks down so that he can purchase a new one as chachi and Subu di is not allowing him to buy a new one
Sakshi bursted out in laughter: Mehra Sahab you are really trapped in mid of everyone
Ranvi being irked: Wo sab to theek hai par ye kya Mehra sahab mehra sahab laga rakha hai (that’s okay but what the hell you have learnt this new Mehra Sahab have you forgotten my name)
Sakshi: No actually your sister use to call her husband like this so i thought I must also follow this as it sounds good right!
Ranvi: My Sister!!! from where did my sister came now?? I don’t have any sister
Sakshi: Ranvi what the hell you are blabbering out you forgot your sister who is living with you here I am talking about Basudha
Ranvi being irked: who Basudha!! (Remembering what he said) OH sorry, sorry My sister Basudha
Sakshi: remembered so soon!! which kind of human you are you forgot about your sister itself now I am scared that what if you said Sister to me (badi jaldi yaad aa gaya tum aadmi ho ya paijama jo apni behen bhool jatey ho mujhe to dar hai kahi ek din mujhe bhi behenji hi na bol do tum)
Ranvi: mai to sirf behen bhoolta hun wo meri behen ka so called dhakkan husband wo to apni bachey bool jata hai koi achanak poochey ke bhai sahab apki betiyan kaisi hai to bhai sahab ka jawaab hota hai meri betiyan!! wo kaun hai?? bhulakkad sala (I am forgetting about sister only but that so called idiot husband of my sister he always forget about his daughters if anyone ask suddenly how are your daughters he replies back “My daughters who are they?” idiot forgettable person)

Sakshi: whatevery it is but Basudha’s Mehta Sahab oh my, my I wish I could have met him earlier so that I would have married him how much smart he is (said with lost impressive expression)
Ranvi: oye are you drunk today?? what are you blabbering?? where have you seen him now and by the way you don’t have such rights to get flat over another man when your man is here Mrs. Sakshi mehra
Sakshi: bhakk poore sapney ki aisi taisi maar di hurrr (ugh you spolied my day dreaming hurr)
Ranvi: oye tune pakka pee rakhi hai aaj mai tujhe bakra dikhai de raha hu jo mujhe hurr kar rahi hai aur tune kaha dekh liya us namooney ko (you are drunk today I knew it now am I looking you like goat that you are grazing me saying hurr and kindly answer me where have you seen that person)
Sakshi making an angry face: neeche hai wo (he is down the stairs in the hall)
Ranvi: oh (realising what she said) What!!!! he came here today but how when and ugh leave my way I want to see him
He rushed down where Abhi and Basudha were talking and when Ranvi came there he said
Ranvi looking him with funny expression and asked
Ranvi: abey kaha se tapke (from where did you came)
Abhi moved towards him and hugged him then said
Abhi: upar se (from up)
Ranvi being annoyed: abbey kisne khabar de di (who informed you)
Abhi: Chidiyon ne (birds informed me)
Ranvi: abbey kya phuphi lagti hai rishtey me (are they related to your aunts)
Abhi patting his cheek: rishtey dari hai unse purani (our relation with them is old)
Basudha being irked: great Mr and Mrs. Khiladi is now here what happened Ranvi
Ranvi: now he is also here first everyone were less that now one more secret!!
Abhi pointing out what he sai: he is also means!!! do anyone else also know beside me and Kaustuki about you!!! and everyone,,…. sercret….. whats all that about which secret he is talking about
Basudha glared Ranvi and he covered up: wo… wo…I mean…
Abhi: what…??????

Ranvi: have you came here being an investigation officer!!! you have came here first time come have dinner with us bro
come here (dragged to the dining table) Sakshi what are you waiting for chiristmas!!! go and bring food yr Damaad ji ghar aaye hain khatirdari karo (son-in-law is here greet him well)
Sakshi went and brought food here Basudha was smiling continuously looking Ranvi’s state of mind and she didn’t wasted a second to know that her sweet brother was behaving like that because Yash have asked him some kind of stupid thing to do, here Sakshi brought food and kept it on dining table and served him
Abhi: today I will have it with my wife if you dont mind
Ranvi: Na bilkul na hum mind kaha kartey hai mind to bhai Mehra Khandaan walo ke pass hai hi nahi jab mere baap dada ke pass nahi tha to mere pass kaisey ho sakta hai na Basudha (no extremely No we don’t mind how can we mind when we dont have mind,.. Mind and that too of Mehra family !! impossible bhai our father grand father also dont have so then how would I have it)
Abhi being confused: Ranvi are you fine?? I mean what are you blabbering
Basudha keeping hand on his shoulder: He has talked with Yash mama for sure
Abhi: Oh now I got it why are you behaving mad Bhai relax I can understand your pain
Sakshi leaned slightly towards Ranvi and said
Sakshi: How understanding is he how smart how cute how lovely how caring Oh God Ranvi why don’t you ask Basudha to divorce him then I will also divorce you and then I will marry him
Ranvi looked at her with a disgust look: have you gone mad or what??? you know what are you blabbering and that too with your own husband

Sakshi: but look na how loving he is
Ranvi: Abhishek you want to do dinner with your wife na surely do it but kindly in her room because here someone is getting mad (looking at Sakshi)
Abhi: okay but..
Ranvi pushing him with Basudha: no more arguments please basudha take this plate and go from here
they went from there and Ranvi took a sigh of relief
Ranvi: now you kindly serve food to me Now I got to know why Yash chachu always says Pagal aurat to Chachi I am sure he also use to face such situations
Sakshi: what did you said
Ranvi: what can I say when my wife is getting mad over an another man and that too in front of me itself
Sakshi: enough of your drama haah now eat this and go back to work
Ranvi; haan why not!!! I will go back to work and you will go to look at him
Sakshi: Oh ho realx yr I was just teasing you
Ranvi: Haan teasing me when I am already irked
Sakshi: chill baba have this (offering a sweet dish to him)
Ranvi while having it: are you sure it was just to tease me
Sakshi: you want me to do it really!!
Ranvi: No
Sakshi: then have it

They started having their dinner and screen shifted towards Abhi and Basudha here they both were talking about something when suddenly while laughing Abhi held her hand her smile got fade off
Abhi : What happened!
Basudha nodded in nothing and went towards her balcony Abhi followed her calling her name she stood there holding the railing and was looking towards the sky he went and keeping hand on her shoulder asked
Abhi: did I said something hearing which you got hurt
Basudha nodded in no and moved back to room got seated on bed again
Abhi sitting beside her: then!!
Basudha: Trying to remember when we were so happy last time (Trying to control her tears)
Abhi rounding his arms around her: just a while ago until you came here to hide your tears
Basudha turned to him: How can you be so postive why you let everything happen in your life why you are so straight forward Mehta Sahab
Abhi: Because I want to live in present Basu I think Past should not bother me… never ever
Basudha: But it bothers Mehta Sahab
Abhi: what happend?
Basudha looking into his eyes: I am scared
Abhi: for what!!
Basudha: what if Dadi’s mind never changed like it didn’t in these past years then I have to live like this!!
Abhi: don’t think about that and why I am sensing that this is not your fear
Basudha: yes this is not but
Abhi: Basudha just tell me Now I am here we both will solve this problem together just share it with me
Basudha looked at him with lots of emotions in her eyes and then with a calm smile
Abhi: tell me Basu
Basudha: will you give me one right!!!
Abhi: What right!!

Basudha: right of getting into your embrace and blurt my heart out right of being with you like were always right of shredding tears in front of you which have lots of things to describe with them
Abhi smiled and spreaded his arms and Basudha hugged him tightly and he caressed her hairs
Abhi: Now share what is troubling you
Basudha: every thing is troubling me living far from you is troubling me that decision of Baba is troubling me thought of Dadi is troubling me and more than that this world in troubling me who isnt allowing me to live alone on my own condtions everything is troubling me Mehta Sahab I just wish to go somewhere where no one knows me far from everything every crap I just want to feel myself free
She was saying all to him and his face was turned into serious now he was looking towards the celing as he was leaned on the head board and then Basudha was still in his embrace he was hearing her and his mind suddenly started rewinding that incident which he saw in college where Khurana and Basudha were in some kind of argument and then he said
Abhi: Basudha who was that man and why he was behaving like that and if I am not wrong he is the only one because of whom you are feeling troubled right!!!
she became silent and moving her head bit upwards looked at him as he asked that in a cold tone then keeping her head at him back said
Basudha: Ranjeet Khurana he is the director of our play and yes you guessed it right I am feeling troubled because of him we met when I was doing My internship there in that college while my two years of post graduation as I was supposed to be work there only as per the place allotted and there he started his game of being concerned that time I wasn’t aware that what his thoughts are until he started showing his true colours he was trying to molest one lady staff of the college and she reported about it and I started maintaining distance from him but to my fate he started eve teasing and I wasn’t able to tolerate all that so I complaint about him to higher authorities and in result they just suspended him but after that his courage increased day by day and now this is what happening with me
Abhi: so why don’t you complaint about him again
Basudha: I did it but they said that studies will be affected if they rusticate him because there is no other staff for directing so I thought of quitting myself but they don’t want me to leave the job
Abhi: Did you informed this to Ranvi

Basudha wiping of her tear: No as I dont wanted to create a scene infront of others because being a brother Ranvi would have killed that creep Khurana and then Kaustuki is also in same college so it was quiet difficult for me to share it with anyone I was feeling like kill my self the way he looks at me the way he troubles me I am totally fed up of that
Abhi who was in full rage now said in a calm tone: and do you think I will leave him for doing so
Basudha: I don’t think but I believe you that you will not do anything which affects my respect among others
Abhi : hmm… again you bound me saying so but you know right!!! that showing my enemity have different style I never show it just stoop the person so low in my eyes (humarey dushmani nibhaney ka tareeka alag hai hum jatatey nahi hai bas nazro se gira dete hai)
Basudha got up from there and looking at him sensing the environment getting serious said: how fool am I you came here and I started sharing my problems with you
Abhi stood up and holding her from her shoulders: Silly don’t think like that but tell me at least where are our two troubles
Basudha keeping hand over her waist: excuse me!!!
Abhi: I mean daughters
Basudha: they are here nearby only must be back by now wait I will call them
Abhi: no need…. let’s surprise them
Basudha: Okay come
they went down and saw that no one was there so Abhi got seated on sofa there and suddenly a loud sound came and it was

Ganga who was singing on her peak high voice she was singing as Kaustuki was again busy with Honey Singh and she was feeling irked so she shouted intentionally to make her hear “Gulzar ke geeto me jab yo yo honey singh ghus gaya to rayta phail gaya (when Honey Singh entered into Gulzar’s song it created a problem)” and very next moment she received a pillow from inside the room and door got shut with a loud voice Basudha and Abhi were smiling at that fight when Ganga came and with an irritated face taking a seat on sofa (she didn’t saw Abhi as Basudha was stood infront of him) then she said to her
Ganga: mummy yr ye kaisi behen paida kari hai aapney meri behen kam us nikammey Honey Singh ki fan jiyada hai wo (mummy which kind of sister is this you have given birth she is less of my sister and more the fan of that irritating Honey Singh)
Basudha: do you want a warm slap from me right now Ganga
Ganga: sorry!! (with an annoyed expression) but she is really irritating me there are Gulzar’s hit airing on TV and there she tuned Honey Singh’s live concert damn
Basudha: Oh okay retro queen forget all that and see who is there
she moved from there and now Abhi was in front of her she looking him said “hello” and then looking him with researching eyes said
Ganga: Mummy!! apko aisa nahi lagta ke is aadmi ki shakal humarey baap se milti hai (mummy!!! dont you think his face resembles our father)

Abhi’s eyes were widened on her answer as how casually she was saying all that without any hesitation then Basudha slapping her head slightly said
Basudha: he is your father itself idiot
Ganga widening her eyes: hein mere do do baap !!(hein I have two fathers?)
Abhi looking at Basudha with a funny annoying expression: What she is saying Basudha!! who you introduced her saying father!!)
Basudha: ugh you be quiet let me talk (turning to Ganga) what are you blabbering
Ganga: Didi only said that Papa always looking like a boaring person and looking at him doesnt feel so…. so I asked nothing else
Basudha patting her head: What shall I do with this girl ugh anyways he is the only one father of your’s understand
Ganga: really
Basudha nodded in yes Ganga without wasting time jumped over his lap and hugged him tightly he also reciprocated and while that moment a drop of tear escaped from his eye as he was meeting her after a long time then Basudha said “Kya zamana aa gaya hai khud ka hi proof khud ke bachhon ko dena padta hai (what the time is it parents have to prove themselves infront of kids that they are there parents)” and then Ganga said
Ganga: papa mai kuchh bolu to karogey (if i say something then will you do it)
Abhi: of course
Ganga: ice-cream khila do yr ye mummy to khilaney se rahi do din se bol rahi hoon ke mummy khila do khila do par nahi ek bachhi ki khushi in se dekhi nahi jaa rahi na bas sara time kaam kaam kaam mujh jaisi masoom ke liye to inke pass time hi nahi hai (please bring one ice-cream for me Mummy won’t agree for that ever i am saying that from past two days but she isn’t ready to listen me she is making me plead making an innocent girl like me plead in front of her this is not done na so all my hopes are from you now)

Abhi laughed on the way she said that to him: Okay lets go and Basu please no objection
Basudha: okay go and spend time together till that let me talk to Kaustuki
Ganga: arey waah on that i remembered a poetry mummy…
Abhi: please say
Ganga: chhoti beti hotey hue bhi tujhe humesha badi chahiye (having a younger daughter still you want elder one)
Abhi: wah wah..
Ganga:chhoti beti hotey hue bhi tujhe humesha badi chahiye kaam kiye ja mummy mujhe tere ghar me roti chahiye(having a younger daughter still you want elder one do working mummy I want food at your home)
Basudha being irked: wait I will tell you
Ganga pulling Abhi: Papa run tigress is awake now
Abhi laughed and ran with her out of the house
After sometime when they both came back home they saw Basudha was talking with kaustuki and she was eating food as if she haven’t seen it before Basudha saw Abhi and was about to say something but he gestured her to be quiet and Ganga too she nodded in Okay and screen shifted towards Kaustuki
Kaustuki while stuffing food: and you won’t believe mummy what his face turns into when Naira bua forcibally makes him eat porridge
Basudha: Really!!
Kaustuki: of course just wait for one stomach ache then papa’s all spicy food diet comes to an end and there starts the period of porridge which he have to eat and belive me that face (while eating another bite) damn so funny situation

Abhi heard her making fun of him so folding his hand stood back and said “Really”
Kaustuki while having another bite: exactly that pleading statement “Didu please pay some mercy on me didu please” it becomes ROFL moment as then Bua twists his ears to make him eat
Abhi: then
Kaustuki without having knowledge that he is at back: Mummy why you voice is sound same as him anyways leave that you know then she makes him eat by her hands itself and sits infront of him as he always hides it somewhere na
Abhi keeping hand on her shoulder: really
Kaustuki turns and said “yes” then very next moment realising he was there said “It feels so sad you know looking your own father in that situation so sad belive me”
Abhi: changed your statment so soon bete sahab
Kaustuki: when you came you never informed me and Mummy actually this was cheating why you never told me he is at my back
Abhi: I stopped her
Kaustuki: is she resembles a swing that you stopped her hah
Abhi twisting her ear: I will tell you who is she
Ganga: waah don’t leave her now until she forgets about that idiot Honey Singh
Abhi: sure
Kaustuki while freeing herself and moving backwards: actually I said all that as mummy asked me belive me dont you believe on your daughter!!!
Abhi: i can belive on my enemy for once but beliving you both is like banging your head on wall
Kaustuki while escaping from there “No problem if you wish you can do so”
Abhi: wait I will tell you
He began to chase her and Ganga said
Ganga: ye badhiya hai ma mere peechhey te pitaji badi ke peechhey (thats great mother always chasing me now father is chasing elder one great)
and Basudha laughed over that

After sometime
Abhi was going back to home bidding bye to everyone and asked Kaustuki too for coming with him she with a sad face agreed and both of them left the place but while moving towards the car she said
Kaustuki: I will come tomorrow please today let me live here
Abhi: but what will I answer to others I said you will be back today
Kaustuki: please papa please for a day only please
Abhi: okay but only on one condition
Kaustuki: anything for this I will do anything
Abhi: Hmm you have to ask her to pack food for me and in luch time bring it in NGO
Kaustu: you want food and that also of her hands!!!
Abhi: yes as I bored of eating porridge again didu is making me eat that and If you won’t do so then you have to come with me now
Kaustu: okay, Okay I will bring it
He went keeping hand on her head and she smiled
Next morning
a very new morning for everyone and screen shifted towards Kaustuki she was in college and looking extremely happy today and Bulbul was surprised to see that she was about to ask but suddenly an announcement was made that who so ever was a member of sports club have to gather in ground so kaustuki and Bulbul rushed there

In sports ground
Bulbul and Kaustu joined them
Coach: we are gather here as I want to inform you that our college is going to compete at state level next month and you all have to prepare for that as we have to take this prize this time also for sure to maintain the name of our college so all are ready
All students shouted : yes sir
one of the boy said: but what’s the need of calling girls team sir we can do it on our own
Coach with a glare: Mr Randip Khurana we all know you are son of Khurana sir so need to prove it by your thoughts understand better keep your mouth shut
Saying so coach left the place and he again said “those hands will play games which are made only for bangles” this was intolerable for Kaustuki so she said
kaustuki: those hands can change the shape of face too Mr if you know that
Randip moved towards her and said with a taunting tone
Randip: Ladkiya agar had se jiyada badh jaye to nasoor ban jati hain (If girl face success more than enough then they becomes problem for everyone….. ) you can’t do anything for sure and I am challenging that for you
saying so he left the place and Kaustuki said to Bulbul in a stern voice
Kaustuki: He must haven’t challenged me (isey challenge nahi karna chahiye tha)

Precap: Kaustuki a problem for Randip
Dont doubt that you are going to miss any part as precap part may be late but it will be there 🙂 B_Ani dear your shot was spectacular one that one which was named Fatherhood superb all the other writers sorry I am unable to comment and talk to anyone as my college is reopened now so bit busy with that

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