STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 72

Episode 72

All was ended with happiness and everyone were in their respective rooms remembering about the best part and here screen shifts towards Kaustuki she was unable to understand that what was happened sometimes before she thought “What was that did he cried for her or for them!! but he was again and again asking about her and if he knew that phone call was by Mama then why he never took the phone no from my phone itself he was having enough time to do but…!!!! what is he trying to pretend and do is it really that he wants them back but if it is then why he didn’t stopped her that day which kind of feeling it was which was dripping out from his eyes which kind of tears they were, they weren’t showing the sign of happiness they weren’t showing the sign of sadness then what were they and why he wants that she must permit him first….!!!! which kind of thought is this???” she was all lost in thought when her chain of thoughts were broken by a phone call she looked at the phone and the caller Id was of Basudha she picked up the call and as she was confused she was just answering everything in hmm..

Basudha: Kaustuki!!
Kaustu: Hmm…
Basudha: where are you lost today and which is that thought that is troubling junior Yo YO
Kaustu: Mummy…. I saw tears in someone’s eyes today the person was someone close to me those were not tears of happiness and not of sadness too I was thinking what thought could be roaming in his mind
Basudha smiled: Hmm… well tears do not have any fixed face dear sometimes they come in happiness sometimes in sadness some time in pain sometimes when we feel sympathy with someone then also we feel our eyes moist while feeling pity also sometimes tears starts to flow as the condition in which other person is that is so painful that we are imagining it so tears are of 1000 types (1000 tarah ke hotey hai ansu agar dil me gum ho to rote hai aur khushi me bhi aankhe bhigo jatey hai inka to deen imaan nahi hai meri jaan ye to kisi ko rota dekh bhi beh jatey hai) so dont think about them just forget about that and tell me are you leaving for Ganga today did he permit you ?? what excuse you made this time
Kaustuki: No excuse mum he know where I was going and wants to know
Basudha with wide eyes: He know but how? I mean
Kaustuki: he doesn’t know that where you are and where we meet but he knows that i meet you and now he was asking about the address

Basudha being panick: so did you gave him!!
Kaustuki: NO mummy…. I said I will ask your permission and then will tell you now tell me what to do
Basudha: hmm.. let me think something I will tell you in the morning now you sleep okay
Kaustuki: Okay
saying so she hanged up the call and here screen shifted towards Basudha who was smiling continuously and then said “So time came now we have to meet Mehta Sahab but not so soon let me think something before we meet” she was smiling continuously and took out a photo frame which was having their picture four of them Ganga at first Kaustu was hugging her from back Basu was hugging Kaustu and Abhi was covering four of them and smile curver on her face which got fade off with a sudden click of door knob of her hotel room she went to see who was it taking her dupatta and noticed it was one of her collegue she got extreme anger looking at his face
Basudha: Mr. Khurana don’t have sense that you have to knock the door before entering and when it is of a lady it becomes necessary

Khurana smiled with naughty grin : How many times I have to say Basudha ji I am just like your caring person who cares for you who wants you to be safe everytime you know how much I am concerned for you
Basudha: Mr. Khurana the times you will say that to me my reply is going to be same that I dont want your concern just leave now men like you are just an advantage seeker nothing else
Khurana holding her wrist tightly: And again and again I will say that one day you have to be with me I promise you will come to me yourself

Basudha: And again and again I will say that I will never ever let that happen what you want and I promise you that I will die but never come to you
Khurana with a grin: what the hell is kept in that person for whom you are rejecting me, you are wasting your time for a person who even don’t bother to know about you, believe me distances are there in mid of you, if I spread one rumour about you he will belive on that for sure because you were not with him so better leave him and move on I am ready to take care of your daughter too

Basudha with a grin: Wo mohabbat hi kya jo dooriyon se mit jaye abhi kisi katrey me wo himakat nahi janab ke humari dooriyon ki aazmaish kar sakey aur inkaar ka matlab inkaar hai ye tum jaisey nihayti badtameez insaan kahan janengey Kaha tha maine door raho mujhse warna wo halat kar doongi ke sambhaley nahi sambhlegi akeli hun kamzor nahi (If love ends with distances then it is not love no one have courage Mr. to examine these distances of ours, No always means the person like you will never understand I had said it to you that stay away from me otherwise I will make your condtion that worse that you would not be able to stablize your self again for sure) (with a rage in her eyes)
Khurana with a grin: these are just dialogues Basudha nothing else You can’t do anything you tried it earlier too but what was the conclusion tell me !! (with a smirk) I was just suspended nothing else and now I am back belive me I will take what I want understand
Basudha: Now before I shout and gather all the students over here just leave otherwise this time not suspension but you will get you character certificate and you know what happens when someone gets that (with a smirk) jobless for whole life

Khurana being irke: I will see you Basudha for sure you will come to me on your own this is my challenge
Basudha with a smirk: Some people are habitual to bark and believe me you are one of them
saying so she shut the door on his face and closing her eyes took a deep breath and trying hard to not let any tear drop fell out of her eye she rolled her eyes and closed them tightly then took her diary and started writing something and then Messaged Kaustuki after all this she drifted into sleep

Next day
Kaustuki was leaving for her college but before that as per her habit she checked her phone and looking Basudha’s message she was confused as she had asked her to tell all that to Abhi so Kaustuki without giving stress to her mind went to Abhi but he wasn’t there and when she enquired he was already left to the NGO so she called him
Abhi: haan Bete sahab what happened? remembering me in early morning what happened?
Kaustuki: wo mummy messaged me something as I asked her about what you asked from me
A wide smile formed on his face and with exciting voice he asked
Abhi: what she said??
Kaustuki: I couldn’t understand a single word what she sent to me
Abhi: Okay just forward me the message I will see it
Kaustuki: Okay have a great day and I am leaving kindly handle Dadu and Dadi
Abhi: Okay but forward it soon
Kaustuki: hmm…

she hanged up the call and forwarded the message to Abhi, he read it and it was written there “jahan hui thi Mohabbat ki shuruat wahi milega uska saath, chalogey jo kuchh kadam sath poori hogi uski talash, Jo chal doge sath to milegi uski sadagi uske sath, jo khologey ateet ke kuchh panney, to paogey usey wahi jahan chhora tha kabhi tumne uske saye ka sath, jo doharogey wo pal, to janogey janab ke hai saye ki talaash ya chahtey ho uska sath (where the flower of love bloomed you will find her there, when you will walk few steps with her you complete the task of serching her when you will walk with her then you will find her simplicity with her when you will open some pages of past you will find her there where you once left the hand of her shadow when you will repeat those moments then you will only know whether you want her shadow or you want her to be with you )” He was totally confused after reading the message it was clearly showing that it is giving some kind of clue of him but what was that it was still to be figure out and here screen shifts towards Basudha she was in the auditorium where the program was about to take place examining the students whether they are acting well or need some time, reharsal was going on when Khurana looked at her and winked Basudha ignored she was totally irritated but she have to tolerate him as he was the one who was directing the act, she was totally irked when one of her lady collegue who was the costume designer she said “Basudha Why don’t you complaint about him to higher authorities when he is troubling you alot I mean I saw him last night too he was entering in your room and then that sound of argument and all I think you must complaint against him what if he took some drastic step which can spoil your life”

Basudha: What do you think Kiran I haven’t done anything from past 4 years he is doing so from the day I have joined this college and you don’t because you came after me dear I have complaint about him earlier but nothing was happened becasue I wasn’t having proof so I was proved wrong but again this happened and this time i went to them along with proof but nothing much happened you know as they said that they dont have anyone to direct their plays and it is too difficult to hier one in short period of time so they just suspended him and today also the reason is same according to college authority they are successful today just because of him so they can’t fire him
Kiran: But Basudha we must do something right!!! otherwise his courage will get increased day by day today you are suffering tomorrow any other lady will suffer
Basudha smiled: Chalo Sambhal jaye auro ke kadam dekh kar kahi humarey bhi na ladkhada jayen… jo beeti hai un par chalo kahi door nikal jaye kahi us anhoni ke girft me hum bhi na aa jayen (lets take care of ourself that we shouldn’t behave like others what others are facing we must escape otherwise we will get trap in that situation lets save ourself)
Kiran being confused: What are you trying to say?? are you taunting me!!1
Basudha: No i was just saying that others must secure their future and security looking at them who are suffering they must get away from the problem rather than getting rid of it

Kiran: Now you started talking in puzzles and everything is flying above my head I can’t understand why you writers always talk in such languages which are unable to understand for normal people
Basudha laughed hearing that and so did the Kiran and screen shifts towars Abhi after recieving the message he was in deep thought when Shabbo entered with his coffee and then he came out of senses hearing her voice
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji kya hua aap to badey gehen khayalon me khoye lagtey hai bahu begum laut aayi kya (Bhaiya ji what happen you were lost in deep thoughts did Bahu begam came back)
Abhi sipping the coffee: Humarey aisey naseeb kahan jo laut aaye khushnaseebi humari apna rukh mod kar hum to wo musafir hai jo gumo ke samandar me khushiya dhoondhne nikaltey hai (I dont have that luck, that my sadness will get convert into happiness so soon I am among those people who always find out happiness no matter what the situation is )
Shabbo: wah Bhaiya ji what a poem you know one thing
Abhi: what?

Shabbo: Humari Khala ke nand ke bete ki saas ke behnoi ki beti ki nand ki beti ki saheli ki behen ki shadi ek shayar se hui thi kya shayri karta tha wo mua ek dum begairat lagta tha kartey hue magar bhaiya ji aapki ekdum umda thi (My aunt’s sister-in-law her son’s mother-in-law her brother-in-law’s daughter’s sister-in-law’s friend’s siter was married to a poet but his poetry was lame but it suits you)
Abhi rolling off his eyes: thanks Shabbo now see girls are calling you
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji aisa bhi hua tha pata hai Humari khala ki bitiya ki… (Bhaiya ji this was also happened you know my aunt’s daughter’s….)
Abhi for escaping picked up his phone and walked towards out faking hello.. saying excuse me to her then after going out said
Abhi: I wish I could meet her Aunt then I will ask for sure that whether she is having relatives or a district in the name of them every time a new relation I think if we take all of them then great wall of china will also become short for their residents God save me from this relation web and that also with tag Khala

At night
Abhi was in his room thinking about the riddle sent by Basudha again and again he was thinking the meaning of riddle but was unable to solve it out because his heart was only thinking about Basudha that time
like this 15 days spent and still Abhi was unable to find out the message hidden behind the riddle until the day he suddenly got to know about it… how!!! lets see
Abhi was driving towards his NGO but stopped as some construction work was going on, on that road so the board was there to instruct that those are driving towards this direction have to change their way so did Abhi and as he was going he passed by his college where once he use to study and the flashes of his past in the college started to strike his mind and a smile formed on his face, he was about to leave the place then suddenly Basudha’s riddle striked his mind he was remembering only the first line of the riddle and thought

Abhi: Jahan hui thi pyar ki shuruat (where the first flower of love was bloomed) exactly My first flower of love was bloomed here in college the drama the play and craziness to meet her once this was the only place where all that happened so is this means she is here am I thinking right!!! let’s check it out Abhi
He went inside college as parent of Kaustuki as she was also in same college when he was entering in the building he saw a hoarding there on which it was written “Innocent Love of strangers The Play to be presented by students of first year written by Mrs. Basudha Mehta the one and only writer of the Mordernity college” readint that he thought “Jahan hui thi Mohabbat ki shuruat wo jagah yahi hai jahan milega uska sath wo jagah yahi hai (where the first flower of love was bloomed this is the place where I will found her this is the place) he moved in and asking about the auditorium he went in and reached to auditorium there she was telling something to students his world was stopped he was feeling so he noticed her leaning himself on the pole which was there looking at her
Screen freezed

Precap : scene 1 : Basudha is adjusting the dining table calling Ganga for dinner Abhi standing at the door looking at her she turns and shocked , Scene2: Kaustuki is in the sports ground running for a jog one boy enters and they argue over something Kaustuki said to Bulbul in a stern tone “He must haven’t challenged me now he will pay for it Bulbul”

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