Episode 7

Pragya was laying over the bed closing her eyes and suddenly Kaustuki came and spreading her mother’s hand she kept her head over it making it as a pillow and in return Pragya covered her with her arms. Pragya said
Pragya: what happen you are here and where is nanu you left him alone?
Kaustuki: nanu went to Nani he said let me stay with my radio so I didn’t said anything because I don’t know why he said like that.
Pragya kissed her forehead: Then getting bored!!
Kaustuki: Yup. Mummy!
Pragya: yes beta..
Kaustuki: Nani always says that you never says my nani i mean my real nani your mother is it true?
Pragya gets sad but giving a fake smile: Yes beta I never seen her but why are you asking so?
Kaustuki: I was feeling this mummy because see na Papa have his mummy I have my mummy and we both are having our loving mothers but you are having your mami who use to taunt you every time mummy is it call luck?

Pragya whose eyes were closed in full conversation hearing the word luck suddenly opened : Its nothing like lucky or unlucky understood never fall in such traps okay because these all things only crap as papa says hmm and if you will think like this then papa will get angry upon you and then it will not be okay am I right! (in a sad voice)
Kaustuki: I am sorry I won’t think like this again and never make you or papa angry but don’t get sad (in a little bit crying voice)
Pragya hugs her: it’s okay bacha now listen to me carefully never think about past okay what is went let it go and think that what is with you dear understood and now tell me one thing that what you said to Nani that she rushed out without telling anything?
Kaustuki giggled: Actually I said her to pray god for our well being because when she will pray then only our family will be happy na as god will listen to her easily because she is the one who always use to say BHAGWAAN BHALA KAREY

Pragya laughed on that and then while doing chit chats they both drifted into sleep and now it was the time when Abhi was back from the work and he knocked the door when no one responded then opened the key from spare key and entered inside and found that Pragya and Kaustuki were sleeping hugging each other he smiled at that scenario and went from there silently and here screen shifts to Kamya she was sitting in the temple and then suddenly she saw that her husband was at her back she smiled and then he asked “Pooja over” she nodded in yes and they both left from there and suddenly she asked to meet the Mehta’s and he also didn’t resisted they both went to Mehta Mansion and there Dadi welcomed them and then Divya also came there to greet the and Kabir joined Mamu and Dadi asked them to come to her room now ladies were talking on a separate matter and men were on separate matter so let these two men talk with each other and let’s see what is happening on ladies side what new troubling story they are cooking up so the scene shifts to Dadi’s room there Kamya says

Kamya: Divya ji I have to agree you have kept our daughter with full love and affection.
Divya: Of course after all she is better half of my son and she has given us happiness all the time you know Kaustuki is our elder granddaughter she is elder among her all the cousins also and we are extremely happy as our family has a princess as their elder daughter.
Kamya: Yup I know its great but don’t you think that you should have one grandson also it will be balanced na one grandson and one granddaughter.
Divya: arey you are saying it from me Kamya it is ok but don’t even discuss it front of Abhi
Kamya: Why? He should also know our wish right!
Dadi: He will not listen to you further if you said this to him
Divya: Exactly because he want girl not a boy this is not like that he is having wish he says that weather the baby is girl or boy it doesn’t matters because the child itself is a precious gift from god but he love his daughter more than anything in this world and he said to us that he will be the most luckiest person in the world if he have his another child also as a daughter
Kamya: that’s great but….
Dadi: and he totally hates those persons who use to say that there should be at least one boy in their home
Kamya: okay okay but I want to ask one thing?
Divya: what is it ask freely Kamya
Kamya: Divya you all are living here but where is your hometown I mean where you were born and where you were married I mean you understood what I am trying to say..???
Divya: yes I understood actually we are living in Mumbai but our hometown is on Punjab Haryana border nearby Haryana I mean to say.
Kamya: Oh is it then have you took Kaustuki there because its necessary right to make aware your grandchildren about your home town.
(the most irritating ritual of north India that once a child have to go to their mothers or fathers birth place for sure and believe me if nothing is left there then also)
Divya: Oh! We didn’t took her at once even because we didn’t felt it necessary.
Kamya: Its too bad Divya you must take her there and I must say that Pragya is eight months pregnant you must take here there this time by this two works would be done one is Kaustuki will aware with your hometown and second is that if Pragya will deliver her child there then it will be good as the child will be from there itself from birth.
(the most irritating thought of elders ugh.. hate this to the core don’t know how am I writing this)

Divya: great idea but one hurdle is there?
Kamya: what?
Divya: Abhi will never agree upon that because he cares for Pragya a lot and he will never send her to travel on this stage.
Kamya: he Is your son Divya you have to convince him and believe me it is necessary to do this?
Divya: yes I think you are right as they will come to know about their ancestors also.
Dadi: What rubbish you both are talking about this is not necessary no need to think of that place even understood Divya.
Divya: this is not rubbish ma this is good we don’t have even shown our place once to Pragya she must also know that from where we belong.
Saying this they both left the room without listening to dadi and the screen shifts to Abhi he was sitting in sofa wondering that where is Mamu and Mami then a voice came from back that “They went to temple since morning not returned yet” and it was Pragya Abhi saw her and said
Abhi: looking fresh haah! By the way how Kaustu slept normally she never use to sleep at this time then what happen suddenly?
Pragya : we were talking and when we both slept I don’t know but it is late please inquire that where Mama and Mami are?
Abhi smiled and about to call but he received a call instead and it was of Kabir
Abhi: yes baba
Kabir: Abhi beta I understood that you are frustrated with your so called mother in law but this doesn’t means that you will send her to our place
Abhi: bad joke of the year baba extremely bad
Kabir: It is not the joke Abhi she is here and maa is telling me that she have filled Divya’s ears again and now be ready and mentally prepare yourself because your mother and mother in law both are coming there they were saying that they have to talk to you something important
Abhi: what are you saying ? I didn’t send her and if it is so then lets see what crap she is bringing again and believe me this time I wont forgive her baba
Kabir: Just stay relax ok let them come and blurt out that what they are thinking then take a decision.

Abhi nodded yes and ended the call then Pragya said
Pragya: What happen you are looking tensed?
Abhi: the biggest crap is coming Pragya be prepared maa is coming with mami jii
Pragya : Oh! I thought it is something serious
And saying this she left from there and Abhi thought “I know Pragya you have became habitual of these craps this much that they are no more anything serious for you but believe me it is a serious matter for me don’t know when I will be able to take you out from this crap” and his chain of thoughts were broken by the door bell and he went to open the door and to his surprise name the devil and devil ringed the bell yes it was Kamya and Divya and he welcomed them and without wasting a minute Divya directly said to him.
Divya: Abhi get ready we are going to our natives place.
And hearing that Abhi said
Abhi: maa what are you saying you know right! That travelling in these months can be risky
Divya: I know Abhi and I have solution for this also that we will go by road I mean in car
Abhi: But me at least give me a chance to speak.
Divya: No Abhi it is decided that we are leaving for Pritampur (imaginary name as the situation I am going to show in next few episodes is true and can’t write about the place directly so took and imaginary name) pack your stuffs.
And saying this she told about this to Pragya and she was hell shocked listening that name she wanted to resist but to Divya’s happiness she just nodded ok) and here Abhi called Kabir and told about this to him and he fumed in anger hearing that place name from him and totally shocked now he was thinking that Kamya is true evil for everyone and after hanging up the call he told all this to Mamu and he was totally shocked and said “This could not be happen”
Screen freezes on Kabir’s angry face and Abhi’s tensed face

Precap : how can you do this Divya you know it very well that why we left that place still you are dragging them there. Pragya “I dont want to go there no dadi no” Dadi “everything has changed beta nothing will happen now dont worry”
again a short update but next one will be longer i know nothing was special in this but there is a situation which will leave you in thoughts according to me and that is which is this place and why everyone is resisting going back there and why Kabir is angry at Divya for that so lets see whats going to be happen there and yes one clarification to you all
1. No tragedy in this ff one will die here
3. Abhigya will never be separated
4.No family rivals
5. Not great twist which leads to separation
but some situations are there which are true and i categorise them as evil deeds so they will took place but i assure you that the points mentioned above are true.
Aur Yr ab mai muafi nahi maangne wali kyuki ab mujhe dobara maar nahi khani hai somu taangon ka insurance karwana padega mujhe lagta hai warna tu to tod degi na lolz see ya at next episode

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