STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 68

Episode 68
Sakshi: okay then!! this is the story but don’t they miss each other
Ranvi smiled and answered: Jo rishtey jad se majboot hotey hai unhe dooriyan kabhi nahi mita pati (the relations which are strong by roots distances never affect them
She smiled and asked: That’s great sorry that i doubted on her
Ranvi: It’s Okay Sakshi mistake was mine I never told you that there wasn’t her any mistake that her in-laws asked her to leave the home you thought same as others who can’t think the alter point of the story
Sakshi; are you tauting me??
Ranvi: Oh come on Sakku its been hardly a month we have been married and it is obvious that you don’t know anything about us so let it be
Sakshi: But Ranvi it has been six years!!! just because He promised her that he will never meet her until the time wish he didnt even tried to meet her!!! isn’t this kind of silly thing
Ranvi: look everything needs time to settle itself and in their case they give equal space for each other’s feelings and time isn’t that cruel that it will never make them meet they will for sure arey in movies people can meet after years and years then it is only a normal life they can meet after 10 to 15 years for sure
Sakshi: very funny
Ranvi: i wish they should never meet
Sakshi: which kind of brother you these kinds of wishes totally disgusting
Ranvi: arey my bestie will remain with me na thats why otherwise who will care for me
Sakshi: i am here to care you now okay let her go
Ranvi: oh ho.. possesive
Sakshi: enough now tell me one thing that what is the name of her elder daughter and she must be in college now right!!! she was very interesting till now how you told me in the story
Ranvi: Kaustuki!! That girl is something more than interesting now
Sakshi: is it!!!
Ranvi: yes she is now in college like her mother she also joined dramatics but
Sakshi: but … what but??
Ranvi: like everyone to hide there pain adopt different activities to do she joined sports now she wakes up before the sun awakes…. (A girl is shown opening window of her room)….. so much puncuality that she says lets get into a race with sun (girl is shown tying up her hairs into pony and saying “Let the game begin”)…… after that race before everyone awakes in Mehta’s residence she gets back to the room….. (girl is shown entering in the room)…… and to everyone’s surprise she sleeps back again then with the voice of her alarm clock
Sakshi: Alarm clock has sound from when it got voice?
Ranvi: her alarm clock has voice as Abhishek is her alarm clock but no need of that as only one person can make her awake now and that is only her Honey Singh every morning and that also by her lovely grand mother Divya aunty then with that energy she leaves for her college too and after going college that cheering girl gets convert into the rudest person
Sakshi: rude!!!
Ranvi: yeah as her thoughts are changed looking whatever happened with her mother only Basudha was always being bullied by her friends as she became unable to do anything and these kinds of thought made a mentality in her mind that no one is friend of anyone till you have fame and name everyone is with you and the moment you lost anyone of it you are just a loser so no friends at all because of her rudeness but still one person is there who can handled her rudeness very well and she is the only blabbering friend of hers the much Kaustuki stays quiet the much she speaks and her name is Bulbul.
Sakshi: but how!!! i mean….
Ranvi cuts off: i dont know from where but it is sure that her favourite language is Haryanvi because Honey Singh’s mostly raps are in Haryanvi language and the Basudha’s accent that made her familiar with it and now if someone mess with her then it means the person is gone (A Girl is shown in college and some boys stops her saying “till when you will live alone give a chance to us to be called your guards” and she turns saying “Re chaudhry goli kha ke manega ke (will you listen to me after getting yourself shot)” boy says “if you will shoot with love then for sure” Girl looks at him with a calm face then says “wa wind sheild dikh ri hai gadi ki (are you able to see that windshield of car)” boys answers “Of course” girl picks up a brick which was a near by and says “kitne ki hai (how much it costs)” boy says “about 5000” Girl hits the brick on it “yo hua 5000 rya nuksaan ib bata yo tire badalwaney ma kitna kharcha aawega (this was the loss of 5000 now tell me what will be the amount of getting these tires repaired)” Boy answerd “about 1000 of four tires” girl punctured all the tires and said “ib hoya 1000 rupye ka nuksaan le bhai yo pakad (now this was the loss of 1000 rs take this)” she handed over the brick in his hand and then says “What you have done you spoilt the car of Ranawat sir now you are gone boss i am sure he will take double amount from you” boys says ” but we never did it you only did so” Girl says “Proof bhai proof duniya proof mangey hai aur is time tuney ye eint pakad rakhi hai maine nahi to dekhne wala yo e samjhega ke gadi ka satyanash tuney kara hai (World needs proof and the one who will look at you will think that only you spoilt this car)” saying so she left the place and then another girl came saying “Run from here with much speed you can otherwise you are gone and sometimes ask for my no also yr i am also free” then a sound came from back “Bulbul cut the crap and come back” the girl turns out to be Bulbul and she answered “Comming Kaustuki” and the one who did all that turns out to be Kaustuki
Bulbul: what is this Kaustuki yr why are you breaking everyone’s heart here you know how much charming those boys are
Kaustuki in a stern tone: if you are going to start your crap again then please leave me as i dont have time to listen about that
Bulbul: dont you think this was rude
Kaustuki: so…
Bulbul being melodramatic: Mummy Kaustuki is getting rude with me please save me mummy papa please come where are you oh god kindly tear this earth so that i can get merge into it or burst that sky out so that i can get disperse into it Oh god where are you see your girl is in problem
Kaustuki rolled off her eyes: is your drama over so that we can move!!!
Bulbul crying more dramatically: Drama!!!! my crying is drama!!! mummy!!! save me from her
Kaustuki being irritated: Hey meri maa sorry yr ab bas kar (Oh my god I am sorry now enough)
Bulbul immediately turning back to normal: not so easy two choco flavoured pastries and one Ice cream tub please
Kaustuki: i knew it now come i will bring it for you
saying so she left and Bulbul shrugged her shoulders saying “Haye meri jaan ka gussa mai mar na jaun kahi chalo isi bahaney has to deti hai (oh anger of my dear …. i will dead one day for this, for sure but let it be atleast she smiles by this)”
screen shifted to Ranvi he continued
Ranvi: this was Miss Kaustuki Mehta and about Ganga you know very well that if she is so smart that her smartness can con the biggest con
Sakshi: hmm…. but how do you know all this and what about Abhishek ji
Ranvi: How i know it you will get to know soon and Abhishek !!! His morning starts from saying Good Morning to his beloved
Sakshi: Basudha isn’t it (with a wide smile)
Ranvi smiles : of course it is and then after trying a fail attempt of waking Kaustuki he leaves for his NGO which he is running after loss of his job and that also for those girls whom their parents leave just because they think girls must die and to our surprise every week someone leaves a new girl child there he spends his full day there then back to home and full time in thoughts of his beloved
Sakshi: oh how lovely well what happened of that cruel grand mother
Ranvi laughed aloud : haha she is there only but now Abhishek and both the sisters of him call her khoosad Budhiya (irritating old woman) at her back
Sakshi: oh!! great see talking it self we forgot about the time lets go it is lunch time
Ranvi: wait yr let Basudha come back
Sakshi: okay..
Just then Ranvi recieved a call he smiled and said “Name the devil and devil rings the bell” and answered it and saying okay he hanged up the call
Sakshi while setting up table: what happened?
Ranvi: again on a trip
Sakshi: she went!!! and what about clothes???
Ranvi: having train after college so she won”t come I have to take her bag there then she will leave
Sakshi: thats not fare yr from the day i am here i haven’t talk her properly because she is always on trip what kind of work is this (in a complaining tone)
Ranvi: madam she is now Drama and Play writer in the same university from where she studied and they always send her along with the department to check out the perfection just like the perfect she writes this time also but i am tensed for something else
Sakshi: and what is that?
Ranvi: wait for some time as it is 10th of month today and I am sure she will come
he was about to tell further but door bell ringed and Sakshi went to open door there a girl was and asking excuse me to her she moved in like a boss Sakshi was confused and followed her
Ranvi: Uff again you are here dont you have shame again you come to trouble my sister
Girl leaning herself on couch and grabbing a paratha from table : When you don’t have shame to keep my mummy with you then i dont have shame to come again and again here
Ranvi tapped on her head and then said to her: Mami is looking confused why don’t you introduce yourself to her
Girl: if i will do all the work then what i will do with you have i raised you up for this day (aapko paal pos ke isliye bada kiya maine)
Ranvi: ok Kaustuki mata i lose you win Sakshi she is my only niece Miss Kaustuki
Sakshi: oh
Kaustuki: You are looking me first time na Mami thats why but what to do its totally his mistake he never called me in his marriage otherwise I would have also seen you and believe me if you would have asked me then what are his shoes i must have hidden his clothes too
Sakshi laughed: Oh yr i missed it you are right it is totally his mistake
Kaustuki; yeah and now tell me where is mummy
Ranvi: trip again
Kaustuki in irritating slow motion: oh no… not again yr…. where you sent her now this is the second time we havent met
Ranvi: dont know but why you didnt came from past one month
Kaustuki drinking juice: arey wo Papa got doubt on me and you know it is very hard to escape from him so i thought that i will come once his mind gets divert from me so…. by the way where is my darling
Ranvi: don’t know still didnt came back may be again fighting with someone
Kaustuki immideately stood up from there and asked: what!!! fight with someone else again this girl will make me dead for sure Mummy will kill me
She rushed out from the home and Ranvi nods his head saying “Crazy”
Sakshi: what was that she just came and now she left
Ranvi taking place to eat: Aah don’t worry she will be back taking Ganga along with her as she can sense what her sister must be doing that is the reason Yash Chachu sing for her Dhakad chhori (strong girl)
Screen shifts towards Ganga a girl about 8 was fighting with some boys just because they didnt did the work what she said wearing shorts and T-shirt and BG plays
re nikkar aur t-shirt pehan ke aaya cyclone (wearing shorts and t-shirt, a cyclone has come,)
laga ke phone bataa de sabko (call everyone and tell them,)
bachke rahiyo baaghaR billi se (to keep away from the dangerous cat,)
chandigarh se ya delhi se (whether she is from chandigarh or from delhi..)

she was fighting and that boy and he was again and again saying her loser which was making her more furious and then she pushed him in the mud and pulled his hairs saying “I am not a loser” boy was saying “Ganga is a loser” she was getting more irritated and again pulled his hairs more tightly” BG continued

tanne chaaron khaane chit kar degi (she’ll overthrow you, make you lie on your back,)
tere purje fiT kar degi (she’ll fit your parts,)
DaT kar degi (she’ll give back properly,)
tere daanv se baRh ke pench palaT kar degi (she’ll answer your moves with better moves of hers,)
chit kar degi, chit kar degi (she’ll overthrow you..)
aisi dhaakaR hai, dhaakaR hai (such strong she is,)
aisi dhaakaR hai (such a strong one she is.)

The boy never stopped and even with continue calling her looser he called his elder brother and told him a lie that she is beating him without any reason and when Ganga protested so he was about to slap her but a hand stopped him screen turned and it was Kaustuki
Kaustuki: if you tried to harm her then believe me bro you will regret this decision of yours
Boy lauged: Oh please you are girl you must stay away from all this matters otherwise you will get burises and then you will cry for a month that see mummy it is paining”
Kaustuki with a stern serious look: elders say always right that your youngones will behave as same as you thats why he have same cheap thoughts as you
Boy: eh you are talking alot (he raised his hand to slap)
but very next moment he got a slap across his face and Kaustuki twisted his hand and said
Kaustuki: akad utni rakhni chahiye jitni kaam aaye aukaat tai ziyada humesha problem hi karey hai (attitude must be kept in that amount which helps you more than necessary creates problem)
Boy said “sorry didi” and left from there then BG played

teri akaR ki rassi jal jayegi (the rope of your arrogance will be burnt)
pakaR mein is ki aag hai (she has fire in her hold.)
yo inchi Tape se naappegi (she’ll measure with a measuring tape)
teri kitni unchchi naak hai (how high your nose is (that is, how arrogant you are).)
teri saans aTak jaayegi (hah) (your breath will be stuck,)
wo jor paTak jaayegi (kasam se) (she’ll throw your hard. (really!))
tanne chaaron khaane chit kar degi (she’ll overthrow you, make you lie on your back,)
tere purje fiT kar degi (she’ll fit your parts,)
DaT kar degi (she’ll give back properly,)
tere daanv se baRh ke pench palaT kar degi (she’ll answer your moves with better moves of hers,)
chit kar degi, chit kar degi (she’ll overthrow you..)
aisi dhaakaR hai, dhaakaR hai (such strong she is,)
aisi dhaakaR hai (such a strong one she is.)

He left the place and Kaustuki looked at Ganga with a death glare
Ganga: what!!! mistake was his why are you staring at me?
Kaustuki holding her ears: You idiot if this reached to mummy then i am sure she will kill us both
Ganga: and who will tell this to her take a chill pill didi no one will tell her and i know my sweet love will not tell her hai na didi (buttering tone)
Kaustuki slapped on her head : i will now come as Mama knows what you have done
Ganga: Mama!!! dont worry Mami will handle her by the way i am angry from you (holding her finger and started to walk)
Kaustuki: why is it so
Ganga: you never came in these days you forget me na
Kaustuki: No actually Papa go doubt on me thats why
Ganga: I can’t understand him you know i mean you know that where we are living you meet us too but why he never came to see us don’t he love us
Kaustuki’s eyes hearing that turned into red and face with a sad anger and controlling it she said
Kaustuki: i dont know about that dear as it is totally his problem
Ganga: okay
both sisters walked and screen focused on Kaustu’s face who thought “How can i answer you when i myself dont know about it I can think about anything but it is sure that i will not forgive him for not stopping her that day”

screen freezed on her face

precap: Kaustuki is missing Mehta’s tensed


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  1. Six years passed!! And kaustu’s behaviour she has changed totally! But I loved her change! You have explained it so perfectly! And that college scene?????????? then Ganga fighting with those boys???? that boy running after getting beaten from kaustu??????? it was Awesome bhai!????? Loved it❤️❤️❤️ eagerly waiting for the next one!

  2. Saranya24

    Too bad didu six years u separated them ohh my lovely abhi and basu so poor watevr i loved kaustu and ganga a lot love u didi??????

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    Six Years! Dude kahani ko poore tarah se Badalkar rakdiya hei thune………Kaustuki is totallyyyyyyy Changed! & Ganga…..She is also grown up………Kaustuki Abhi se Gussa hei!Wah Bhai………Its Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Interestingggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exams ke beech Teri writings hamesha dil khush kardeta hei………..I reallyyyyyyy loved it! Waiting for Next Dude………….

  4. B_Ani

    superb di…rock!!!

  5. Hai surbhi…leap year was too good and kaustu was awesome, her character loved it… And ganga too…why kaustu misunderstanding his papa so sad ? and kaustu know where basu is living and abhi doesn’t know???? As sakshi said because of promise he didn’t try to search her??? The ans foe this question, I will get in further epi right????? And especially bulbul entry was damn awesome… I love it to core….and for precap waiting for it

  6. Prathi

    Yaay! I guessed it right it was Kaustu.. Ganga also fighting with boys.. 6 years of separation?? Ranvi got married wow ? Waiting for kaustu and alarm clock face off

  7. Somiya

    Tu mane yo bata, Tu kya kha k paida hui thy, bhen yo toh best update h ? well wakai yeh kastu ka yeh character seriously mindblowing h! and bulbul uski dost , haye ??? Wakai Raapchik update tha re! and the way you described their entry! Yeh toh superrrre se bhi uperrre tha! mano aisa lag rha ho sab saamne chal rha h! and how can I miss Ganga! Best! Best ladki h yr! And song! m ne wakai aaj suna ? Mast h! seriously situation per yeh song, wakai khoob tha!  and how can I miss one thing, that is song with somehow changed lyrics lol not song but Ghazal that potrays my feelings ?? why don't you go throught it to know how your updates have affected me!
    Deewangi hai meri Tujh ko itna cha hna
    Tujhse hi pyaar karna tujhpe hi jaan dena
    Deewangi hai meri Tujh ko itna cha hna
    Tujhse hi pyaar karna Tujhpe hi jaan dena
    Deewangi hai meri.. Dil ban gaye hain dono
    Jo dil dhadak rahe hain Meri hasrate hain tujh mein meri aarzoo hain tujh mein
    Jo kuchh hain zindagi mein Teri hi bandagi hainDeewangi hai meri Tujh ko itna cha hna
    Tujhse hi pyaar karna Tujhpe hi jaan dena
    Deewangi hai meri.. Tujhse hain meri jawaani
    Mujhse teri kahani Tujhse alag nahi kuchh Deewani ho gayi main Deewangi hai meri Tujh ko itna cha hna  Tujhse hi pyaar karna Tujhpe hi jaan dena Deewangi hai meri.. Raate basane waale Din jagmagane waale Meri khushi mein apni Khushiya milane wale Sab kuchh tere hawale Main tujh mein kho gayi hoon , bs ab I loved update ??

  8. Wow Ganga cutieeeeeee…. Muahhhhhh… Its been six years they separated? Pain is not only for Abhi n Pragya but for Kaustu n Ganga too… Very pity… Unite them soon yaar…

  9. Nice episode di loved the two daughters is this is the leap really needed here anyways di your going to sort it out but it is superb I really liked bulbul entry in the story waiting for the next one

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