STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 66 part 2

Episode 66

It was the time when the function was end happily and everyone were in their respective rooms for rest as the final day was there at the distance of few hours screen shifted towards Basudha she was entering in her room and there the view was Abhi was talking on phone talking being concentrated that he never sensed that Basudha is there she nodded her head in disbelief then went to change after few minutes when she was out again she saw that Abhi was still stick to phone which was irritating her to the core but as a cool and calm person she preferred to stay calm then finally after about an hour Abhi ended his phone confrence then only he got to know that Basudha was in the room she was reading a magazine
Abhi: when you came??
Basudha being busy in magazine: when you was busy with your girlfriend
Abhi: was it a joke?
Basudha: god knows as i dont know what confidential you were talking on phone that you took one hour
Abhi: Oh it was regarding a meeting any ways to be honest it took two hours
Basudha widening her eyes: two hours!!!!!
Abhi: arey one issue was there
Basudha: great
Abhi: Hmmm…
saying so he got again busy in his phone and the Basudha remebered something and smiled wickedly and started mumbling a song listening to which Abhi’s eyes got widen and he looked at her and asked to stop she did but again started which made him irritated want to know what was that let’s see
Basudha mumbling song: Hum kaley hai to kya hua dilwaley hai (what if i am black but i am a loving person)
Abhi: Basu kindly dont sing that song please
Basudha: okay

Abhi turned back to his work and Basudha again started
Basu: Hum kaley hai to kya hua dilwaley hai (what if i am black but i am a loving person)
Abhi being irked: will you please stop singing that
Basu: why are you getting mad what have i done its just a song
Abhi: some songs are not songs they are memories
Basu: you are saying if this song is memory for you
Abhi: nothing like that
Basu: then dont stop me today i heard it and this is very good song i like it Hum kaley hai to kya hua dilwaley hai (what if i am black but i am a loving person)
Abhi: arey yr jab mai keh raha hu memory hai to hai na (if i am saying i have memory then it is )
Basu: really!!! then you never shared it with me oh i guess I am not worth of it thats why you didn’t said so
Abhi: Oye dont start emotional blackmail okay actually it was just a incident
Basu: kaisa incident?
Abhi said with a husky tone in himself: pita tha na
Basu: what you said i didn’t heard it clearly
Abhi; first promise me you will not laugh
Basu: no never ever

Abhi: actually wo i sung this in college and there i got a good treatment then at home also because of that complaint Baba’s stick and my legs done meeting after that dont imagine (wo mai pit gaya tha college me iski wajah se aur phir ghar par complaint pahuchi aur ghar aaya to baba ki chhadi mere pair dono ki aapas meeting ho gayi)
Basu who heard it carefully bursted out in laughter and was continuously laughing saying “Very Good’
Abhi: here i was getting beaten and you are laughing how bad is this
Basu controlling her laughter: I am not laughing over home matter but you got beatings in college seriously you are
Abhhi cuts off: haan pit gaya to kya mujhe thodi pata tha us nikamme ki girlfriend kali hai usko uski wali ne peeta usne aa ke mujhe peeta phir maine uske group walo ko peeta aur unhone ja kar complaint kar di phir Dean ne ja ke papa se meeting kar li aur unhone phir apki chhadi ki mere pairo se meeting kara di (yes got beatings then what!! i never knew it that his girlfriend was dark in shade his girlfriend beaten him then he beaten me and i beaten his group members then his group members done meeting with Dean and he did the meeting with Baba and then Baba’s stick did meeting with my legs)
Basu: so why didnt you beaten the same person what was the fault of his group members (controlling laughter)
Abhi: they were only teasing his girlfriend with that song and then only she treated him well but you know what is the problem
Basu: No as you never told me

Abhi: Problem ye hai ke jab sab kartey hai tab kuchh nahi lekin jab mai karta hoon to pakda jata hun mujhe samjh nahi aata ke har baar mai kaisey phas jata hun (problem is that when every one does then they never gets trapped and when i do so then my destiny says Abhi beta come let me welcome you)
Basu: to Kartey kyu ho (then why you do so)
Abhi: arey mera bhi man karta hai yr ke mai bhi auro ki tarah mazey karu par humesha is chakkar me phas jata hoon (i also wish to do fun like others but whenever i try I always get trapped)
Basu: Auro ki tarah kartey ho tabhi phastey ho apni tarah karo to shayad bach jao (you try to do like others thats why you always end up with being trapped did you got that lallu laal
Abhi: yeah yeah (realising what she said) wait what you said just now
Basu: nothing (getting up from bed)
Abhi: you just called me lallu laal right!!
Basu stepping back: when you heard that why are you highlighting it
Abhi: how can you
Basu: just like that lallu laal
she tried to run from there but her attempt got failed as her dupatta betrayed her when she turned to run Abhi immediately clutched her dupatta and made her sit again then clutching her in his arms said
Abhi: now say what was you saying
Basu laughing: Lallu laal
Abhi: achha now i am lallu laal for you
Basu laughing: arey how cute name is that
Abhi: look i am saying stop calling that otherwise
Basu: otherwise lallu laal will get irked
Abhi: i am saying stop that otherwise i will
Basu laughing: Lallu laal will break everything
Abhi controling his laughter looking at her laughing like that: look it is not good to call someone like that specially your husband
Basudha: what !! lallu laal!! (laughed again)
Abhi : you won’t listen me right!!
Basudha: no
Abhi: No!!
Basudha: No….
Abhi: think once again (moving his hand towards table kept on side)
Basudha: no never

Abhi: then tolerate this (he poured all the chilled water over her which was kept there on the table)
Basudha: what the hell (shivering) why was this chilled water and who pours water like this are you mad
Abhi: who pours means what!! i am pouring it right!! then also you are asking so
Basudha: this is cheating already it is so cold out and then this cold water i am sure I am going to suffer from cold and by the way what the hell the cold water doing here
Abhi: then why was you laughing haah well I was wishing to drink it but then you teased me and i had to use it as this
Basudha: How bad was that i will not talk to you go
Abhi laughed: okay ok relax let me come back
saying so he went and brought a towel and sat behind her wiping her hairs
Basudha: arey leave it i can do it on my own
Abhi: arey let me do you just sit
Basudha: why are you so stubborn
Abhi: shhh… just sit silently by the way it is good that you never go out with loose hairs
Basudha: why
Abhi: because if anyone will see you like that then i am 100% sure that this beauty will kill someone (ye ada kisi na kisi ko maar hi dalegi)
Basudha who was turned into red shade of shyness controling herself : Kuchh bhi….. awai (you are just blabbering)
Abhi keeping towel aside: Madam if it is not then why are you turned red
Basudha: Tum kuchh bhi bol rahey ho aaj kuchh kha liya hai kya (you are blabbering today have you ate anything intoxicated)
she tried to leave the place but Abhi stopped her by holding her wrist and looking her smiling continuously he said to her teasing her more
Abhi: Haal kya hai dilo ka na poochho sanam aapka muskurana ghazab dha gaya (dont ask about condtions of my heart you smile has made it mad)
Basudha looked at him he was teasing her with his smile then she replied in his way only
Basudha: tum chor ho (you are a thief)
Abhi: i am not a thief
Basudha: yes you are
Abhi: no i am not
Basudha: aap na mano aapke dil me chhipa hai chor ek ladki ko chherne ka matlab kya hai aur (you will never agree but there is a thief in your heart otherwise teasing a girl!!! what does it mean?)

Abhi leaving her: huh now-a-days girls are too bad just talk them for a minute and they think boys are mad for them
Basu widening her eyes: waah what a turn
Abhi with a smirk sung (in own voice like we use to sing without music just like that)
Abhi: Pal Do Pal Ka Yeh Safar, Pal Do Pal Ka Saath (Journey was for a limited time and our company too)
Pal Do Pal Ka Yeh Safar, Pal Do Pal Ka Saath(Journey was for a limited time and our company too)
Humne Haskar Aapse, Yuhi Karli Baat (I just smiled and talked with you)
Aapne Samjha Ho Gayi Hai Bin Badal Barsaat (and you thought it is raining without clouds)
Hadh Kardi Aapne, Hadh Kardi Aapne (you have crossed your limits)
Basudha being irked replied to him turning him towards her:
Pal Do Pal Ka Yeh Safar, Pal Do Pal Ka Saath ((Journey was for a limited time and our company too)
Humne Haskar Aapse, Yuhi Karli Baat (I just smiled and talked with you)
Aap Lekar Aa Gaye, Mere Ghar Baraat (and you brought your whole family to marry me)
Hadh Kardi Aapne, Hadh Kardi Aapne (you have crossed your all limits)

Aap Na Maano Aapke, Dil Mein Chupa Hai Chor (agree or not a theif is there in your heart)
Ik Ladki Ko Chhedna Ka Matlab Kya Hai Aur (otherwise what do you mean by teasing a girl)
Maang Rahe Ho Dil Aise Jaise Maange Khairaat (asking for love as like begging in front of all)
Hadh Kardi Aapne, Hadh Kardi Aapne (you have just crossed your limits)
Hadh Kardi Aapne, Hadh Kardi Aapne (you have just crossed your limits)

saying so she went towards balcony and Abhi enjoying her anger sung for her blocking her way offering flower to her
Aao Karle Dosti, Gussa Chhodo Yaar (come let’s become friends leave this anger)
Hum Dono Mein Ek Din Ho Sakta Hai Pyar (i think we both may fall in love one day)
Aao Karle Dosti, Gussa Chhodo Yaar (come let’s become friends leave this anger )
Hum Dono Mein Ek Din Ho Sakta Hai Pyar (i think we may become friends one day)

Basudha pushing him aside:
Are Na Din Aisa Aayega, Na Aayegi Wo Raat (neither that day will come nor that night)
Hadh Kardi Aapne, Hadh Kardi Aapne (you have crossed you limits)

Basu made a pouty face like kid and turned her face to alter side then Abhi made her look towards her and held his ears asking sorry she stopped him and sung
Aaj To Ki Hai Phir Kabhi, Mat Karna Yeh Bhool (today you have done it but dont repeat this mistake again)
Ishq Mein Kaate Hai Bade, Thode Se Hai Phool (this love had lots of thorns and flowers are very less)
He smiled at her and she kept her head on his shoulder in reply he surrounded her with his arms she continued
Aaj To Ki Hai Phir Kabhi, Mat Karna Yeh Bhool (today you have done but dont repeat this mistake)
Ishq Mein Kaate Hai Bade, Thode Se Hai Phool (this love has lots of thorns but flowers are very less)
Abhi holding her hand in his and looking at their rings:
Phool Ho Yaaho Kaate Lekin Thaam Lo Mera Haath (whether there are flowers or throns just hold my hand )
Basudha looked at him and he smiled in assurance

Next Morning
Every thing was going on in rush as today was the wedding day Kirti was so excited for wearing her bridal lehenga and as this was her day she had ordered dresses of her style for everyone so everyone was going to get ready as per her instructed style and same she ordered for Basudha too she was going to get ready with her usual style but then found that saree was not of her style it was net saree and that also with a backless blouse she was wondering how to wear it as she was wearing it for the first time and when she saw all that her face was like “What the hell is this” then the screen shifted towards Abhi he was in the closet having his own plans he was looking at a box which was covered with a gift wrap and continuously was smiling saying “My very frist gift to my love hope she will love it” and with that box he came out and there she was getting ready in front of mirror and when he came out he was about to tell her about that box but when she said that Kirti had decided everyone’s outfit today he felt a bit bad as he wished something else but then pacified himself saying that he will ask her to do so at someday else Basudha came out wearing that saree and then turning her hairs lose she was about to leave when Abhi stopped her
Basudha: Now what??
Asking her to stop there he went towards the mirror
Basudha: look say fast because i have much work to do
Abhi brought that vermilion case to her and taking a pinch filled her hairline with it which was showing light colour of it and after refilling it was looking that red the red which beautifies her beauty
Basudha: this!!

Abhi smiled: This is not any illusion the only tradition which we believe to be follow is this so dont say that what you said that day and believe me this colour will never fade
Basudha nodded in yes and then they both headed towards the hall where the preprations were on full swing but one thing was unusual like they were hiding themselves in Haldi function today Yash, Ranvi, Subhash and Subuhi were doing so when they decided to enquire it doesnt helped because the problem in which Subuhi yash and others were it was standing in front of them a lady was there who just came and pulled Basudha in bone crushing hug which was leading to choke her breath when she left her basudha was coughing and understood why others escaped while Abhi was confused that what the hell was happening when the lady said
Lady: Oh junior how are you, you know how much we missed you everytime we use to ask where is Junior where is junior and you were escape this much hide n seek is not good dear you must have informed us by the way how are you
Basudha holding her neck: i was fine Masi until you pulled me into that hug
Lady: hug!! you mean that you want that again
Basudha stopping her: No maasi extremely no it was enough (with fake smile) you meet him he is my husband mr Abhishek Mehta and Mehta Sahab meet her she is Koyal maasi cousin of maa

Abhi greeted her
Koyal: how handsome he is
Abhi being decent person replied: You are also looking beautiful Maasi ma
as he said that all the others who were escaped behind the nearby pillar they heard it and including basu first they gave him dead glare and then patted their head as they all know what was going to be happen next
Koyal: really!!!
Abhi: haan
Koyal: i knew it after all i had ordered this make up from France na
Abhi widening his eyes in shock looked at basudha who was giving “Now handle” expression to him here Koyal continued

Koyal: yeah my son is there na working for a MNC he said MOm here every thing is beautiful so i asked him to bring that and you know this single nailpolish costed about 2000 INR then this blush and….
like this she made him count all the makeup items and Basu was went from there here Abhi was totally irked the world was roaming around his eyes he was feeling like someone had played a loud music in his ears plugging earphones in his ears and feeling like this is the end after listening the discription and types of make ups now he was only searching for one person who was Basudha as now talking with her only can give some relieve to him he was searching for her when he found her hiding everywhere she was always either in corner or with the support of wall and whenever someone was rounding hands over her shoulder she was feeling uncomfortable and bit awkward too and he understood the matter as he remembered that she had wore the attire which was totally different from her life style so he called one waiter and said something to him after few minutes Basudha was standing with Ranvi escaping from Koyal at one corner when one waiter who was taking juice with him striked with her and the juice fell on her saree then Abhi immideately came there and scolded waiter for being careless

Abhi: can’t you walk carefully
waiter: sorry sir
Abhi: go now, Basu you go and change
Basudha: but how can i like this!!
Abhi: okay come with me
he took her to the room and then winked at waiter in thanking way then a small flash back is shown that Abhi bribed that waiter to do so Abhi took her to the room and then she said
Basu: now what will i do my all the dresses she took away with her
Abhi finding it relevant time for him: Not exactly all one is still there
Abhi: actually i brought this one for you from Mumbai but was thinking that whether you will like it or not (went in a brought that box)
Basu: is it the question to ask of course i will like it and i like your all gifts blindly
Abhi: really!!!!
Basu: of course now give it to me because i dont want to be late as there is only an hour left for the wedding

Abhi: but at least open the box and check whether it is good or not after all its my first gift to you
Basudha while going to change : No need i know it will be best
she went and changed herself here Abhi nodded his head saying “truely silly” and after sometime she came out changing that elbow length blouse with collar neck and that with black saree with golden border over it and her simple look which was killing for him he was admiring her and the BG plays
Oh Meherba ve karan mai tera shukriya ve (Oh belovent i am thanking you)
Oh sahiba ve mareez-e-ishq ho gaya ve (Oh Sahiba i have become love sick)
(Mirza Sahiba is one of the four popular tragic romances of Punjab.Sahiba was the girl while Mirza was the guy.)
he was totally lost in her when she came and asked “How am i looking” he answered in a word that was “No Match” she smiled and saying “lets go then” moved from there he was following her and again the BG played
mainu lagdi nahi koi dawa ve (No medicine is showing effect on me)
Mera Rabb hi hai mera gawaah ve (My god is my witness)
AB tu kar mera faisla ve (now you decide what should i do)
Jo naal tere na jiya to jee ke ki karan (if i didnt live with you then what is the reason of my life)
tera tera tera tera hua aashiq (I have become your lover)

They both were down now and Abhi was still looking at her being in thought “Why she is like this why she thinks that whatever her loved ones will do it will be perfect for her why she never check yes it was become true that whatever her loved ones did for her” he was taking example of her saree which was looking elegant on her she was arguing with Kirti now on stage not in his favor but trying to explain that juice fell on the saree which was not cleaning Kirti was somehow covinced but still she was faking her anger here Abhi was lost in thoughts when Ranvi came and patting his back asked him to “come with me” he nodded and both left the place but they strike someone in mid way and it was none other than Ranjita who was there just complete formality of neighbour Manju was also with her but ignoring Ranju Ranvi praised Manju that she was looking beautiful and Ranju as per her habit took credit on her and in pride said “Girls are born beautiful no need to be surprise” Ranvi was irked from top to toe hearing her voice and said in return “Gore rang pe na itna guman kar Gora rang do din me dhal jayega (dont feel proud over your beauty this will fade off one day and you are saying yourself beautiful My Pen which is without cap that is also beautiful from you” saying so he left from there fuming Ranjita behind and Abhi was still laughing at her face which she made while Ranvi was answering him then the screen shifted towards Yash here he was with Koyal is face expressions were like he was pleading to someone that please save me otherwise i will die here itself
Koyal: and you know Yash how much costly it was but my son said No Maa dont worry about it you want then you say

Yash thought: yes your son was so cool and we were like idiots who said papa take this maa see this
Koyal: he never think about his pocket always wants me to be happy
Yash thought: yeah yeah we always tortured out parents
Koyal: you know what i always wish that everyone must get children like mine
Yash thought: yeah yeah and we wish we get kids like animals
he was totally irked when finally got excuse of getting himself rid from her as someone called Koyal and for answering the call she went from there and in that interval of time he escaped from there here

screen shifted towards Abhi he was talking with some guests when his eye fell on Basudha again she was helping Abhigya to bring Kirti down the stage as the final step was going to begin and the rituals began he was stood with her and remembering his marriage as they both were scared that day to the core about each others lives here Basudha was totally busy in enjoying the event that was the time when the going to be couple were taking seven rounds of the fire and BG played showing Abhi’s face
Hosh baaton ka aksar nahin tha (I was usually not aware of such things)
Dil hamara toh shaayar nahin tha (My heart was not a poet)
Tune likh di yeh taqdeer varna (You rewrote my fate else)
Ishq waala muqaddar nahin tha (My fate did not have love in it)
she noticed that he was staring her continuously then she turned his face to other side pointing at Kirti and he smiled a bit at that Bg continued
Teri nazron ke kaaran (Due to your eyes,)
Chhote hain deen-o-dharam (I left religion and morality)
Kiye ja tu kiye ja (Do some more)
Abhi kuchh aur sitam (cruelty on me)

wedding took place happily and now it was the time for photography session so the first who were called to snap a photograph along with bride groom were Abhi and Basudha photographer asked them to be some close so as Basudha was totally happy she didnt mind anything and rouded her hand at Abhi’s back and in return he rounded his hand over her shoulder and photograph of four happy faces were snapped while BG was still playing
Nahin sambhla dil mere sambhaale (My heart could not be stayed even though I tried)
Isey kar daala tere hawaale (I have entrusted it to you)
Tu mita de ya chaahe bacha le (Now you may finish it or save it)
Ja ishq pe chala le mere apni marziyaan (You are free to do as you please on love)
aashiq tera tera tera tera hua aashiq (i have become your lover)

Then after them every one snapped a photograph with them and at last it was the chance of kids they also snapped it Kirti called every child present there and asked the photographer that after developing the photograph kidnly put that caption in that picture “Wedding at orphanage” and everyone were looking at her with wide eyes that every kid there is having parent and what she was saying Abhi who was eating something it stuck into his throat and Basudha was patting his back she gave him water and when he felt fine said “Ye ladki pagal hai kya aisa kaun bolta hai yr (is she mad or what!!! who says like this yr)” and here Yash said to her “Oye mai apne bachhon ka iklauta baap hu aisa kaisey bola (oye i am the only father of my kids how dare you said that)” Shreya with a death glare yelled “what you said” Pratik said “to bakiyo ke char paanch baap hai kya aisey bol raha hai iklauta baap hu bhakk (then everyone else is having four-five father here idiot saying like this i am only father huh shut up)” Kabir said “Oh sahi hai aisi nikammi aulaado ka baap kehlaney se badhiya hai aisa hi likh do kam se kam hum jawaan lagenge na warna kaha bachho aur family me phasey (oh it is okay to call yourself young couple rather than having idiot kids like this)” and hearing that Abhi said to Basudha “apni auladon se shikayat sirf mere baap ko hi ho sakti hai na jeeta hai na jeene deta hai (only my father can have problem from his kids neither he lives nor he let us live)” Basudha giving a glare said “Mehta Sahab Language” Abhi”okay sorry” then Kabir said “here everyone were having complaints that Mr Kabir Mehta never dance (taunting at Divya) so here i am saying that today on this auspicious day only we seniors will sing and dance then these youngones will see that what is fun” everyone hooted then patting his head Abhi said “satyanash Hun paigi bhasudi (now fight will happen)” here screen again shifted towards Kabir he asked Prabhas and

Pratik also to join him and they did it along with Abhigya, Vibha and Divya and the music played
Divya: uDta uDta more meri gali vich aa gaya (a flying peacock came to my street.)
lagta tha anaaDi par Dance sikha gaya (I thought of it as useless, but it taught me how to dance.)
Kabir: O… loud speaker loud baja ke (play the loud speaker loudly)
de do sabko warning (and warn everybody,)
oye dance nahi rukega (that the dance won’t stop today,)
chaahe ho javangi morning (even if it gets morning)
Pratik: Dhol kahin jab bajta hai to (when the Dhol plays somewhere,)
humse ruka nahi jaata (we can’t stop.)
nachne de siva kuch nai aata (We know nothing except dance,)
ho aaj din mein karenge jagraata (We’ll have an all-nighter in the day today.)
nachne de siva kuch nai aata (We know nothing except dance,)
ho aaj din mein karenge jagraata (We’ll have an all-nighter in the day today.)
[Jagraata, literally ‘waking all night,’ is generally an all-night worship, most commonly worshipping Goddess Durga, where people sing and dance all night.]
Prabhas: are aaj kisi chhoTe vaDDe ki (today we’ll not listen to)
baat na maanenge (anyone young or old.)
are out of control hoke (we’ll be out of control)
kamar hila lenge (and move our waists.)
Kabir: to naacho de dhana dhan (so dance like anything,)
karenge too much fun (we’ll have too much fun.)
music bhi loud bajega (music will be loud,)
rhythm bhi Tan Tana Tan (rhythm will be fun too.)
All in chorus: Dhol kahin jab bajta hai to (when the Dhol plays somewhere,)
humse ruka nahi jaata (we can’t stop.)
nachne de siva kuch nai aata (We know nothing except dance,)
ho aaj din mein karenge jagraata (We’ll have an all-nighter in the day today.)
nachne de siva kuch nai aata (We know nothing except dance,)
ho aaj din mein karenge jagraata (We’ll have an all-nighter in the day today.)

This time Vibha came and sung: uDta uDta more meri gali vich aa gaya (a flying peacock came to my street.)
lagta tha anaaDi par Dance sikha gaya (I thought of it as useless, but it taught me how to dance.)
Then Kabhi holding Abhigya’s hand sung “Oh Baju wali bhabhi oochi heel me aayi re (Oh neighbour’s sister in law has come in high heels)”
Pratik holding Divya’s hand sung “Dekh meri style wo bhi feel me aayi re (she too got in the mood seeing my style)
Prabhas: O DJ waale paaji (O DJ guy,)
Sound ko loud baja ji (Play the sound loud)
Floor ki aisi taisi (To hell with the floor,)
Aaj toh roko na ji (Don’t stop me today)
All in chorus :Dhol kahin jab bajta hai to (when the Dhol plays somewhere,)
humse ruka nahi jaata (we can’t stop.)
nachne de siva kuch nai aata (We know nothing except dance,)
ho aaj din mein karenge jagraata (We’ll have an all-nighter in the day today.)
nachne de siva kuch nai aata (We know nothing except dance,)
ho aaj din mein karenge jagraata (We’ll have an all-nighter in the day today.)
then they dragged all of them to the floor and the moment ended up happily with a large family picture in end

Precap: suspense, confusion and turn in a story
so happy saturday KBians and enjoy the wedding here and with that you can enjoy these songs too i am giving the link keep dancing and reading

keep enjoying

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