STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 66 part 1

Episode 66

Abhi was looking like he was out of the world today and here Naira was looking at her silly brother jumping like a kid madly when she noticed that Basudha’s face was still confused so she went near her and patted her shoulder by which she got back into her senses and Yashika was laughing at her madly
Basu: Yasho dont laugh yr am already confused that what the hell happened here
Naira: still in delimma haah
Basu: of course i am
Yashika: actually sister-in-law this idiot is so expert in making others irritated with his doings that you know well right!!
Naira: of course she is after all she is suffering from that too
Basudha: yes now will anyone tell me further
Naira: actually the person whom you are looking there jumping in joyment he dont like singing and all but as extra co curricular activities we made him agreed to join it he did it but never atteneded it seriously

Yashika: His all teachers said that Abhishek beta you have good voice you can become a good singer and this idiot always dilievered a dialogue there that “i dont want to become a show man whose life is until a day till people like listening or watching them”
Basu: what rubbish!!
Yashika: exactly we also said the same but you know he never hears someone such a egoistic person he is
Naira: Wanted ka Salman Khan hai ye (he is Salman Khan of wanted) that once he committed something then he wont listen to himself too
Yashika: But madam talent never hides it finds its own way to express it self
Naira: so happened with this idiot there was some kind of cultural event in his college and main singer of the group singing comepetition faced some trouble in last minute and they all asked him to do and sir agreed with much convincing attepmts and as a result he spoilt all that
Basu: spoilt!! (clue less)
Yashika: ji… bhaisahab us din gana ki aisi taisi karke aa gaye (he made that performance hell spoilt the whole song)

Naira: not in the sense of voice but in sense of lyrics the group was about to sing “Parda hai Parda” quawwali and he sung there “Hum Kaley hai to kya hua dil waley hai” looking that singer’s girlfriend and then after that RIP to that singer
Basu: he likes to sing that!! (making an annoyed face)
Naira: no but he likes to take revenge musically just like in old movies some comic actor use to do my brother is very much inspired from them you know
Yashika: and thats the reason we were sure that only he will win
Basudha: achha!!! that was the reason
Yashika and Naira in chorus: Hmm…
then screen shifted towards Abhi he went to Yash and said
Abhi: Never underestimate the power of a common man
Yash being irked: Chennai express maine bhi dekhi hai wo bhi 1 baar (i have seen Chennai express one time)

Abhi: dialogue marne me kya jata hai (I was just using its dialogue)
Yash: today you won but it doesnt mean i am lost
Ranvi: now whatever happen we dont bother chachu but the fact is now as we won so you won’t play any kind of prank on us
Priyansh: exactly
Gaurav: we love you jijs you did that which was unable to do for anyone
Abhi: this is what i am
they all were enjoying as in end Yash also laughed with them saying “Its good to get defeated some times as it helps in saving you from fly high” and here screen shifted towards the window of one room it was of Ranjita Manju was stood there looking all that Manju was drinking something and Ranjita was blabbering something want to know what were they doing so lets see
Ranjita while serving something: to hell with those idiots this much noise can’t they understand this is not india

Manju with a smirk: relax Ranju its just 6:00 in the evening they still have few hours left to celebrate and after that
Ranju: after that what!!
Manju: they have to celebrate their bad luck do you forget that!!!
Ranju: No i dont, i still remember but i can’t understand that why the hell do you want to destroy them when
Manju: what do you want to say (in a serious tone)
Ranju with a smirk: Oh come on Manjushree dont say that you never know what I mean
Manju laughed: Of course i know darling after all you are the only one who was my partner in crime everytime
Ranju: so whats the plan
Manju: Plan is same dear looking those Mehta’s destroyed that they even have any single option to survive humiliation, betrayal, confrontation and finally BOOM the family will be destroyed by their own
Ranju: you can do so simply i am not getting the point that why the hell do you want to do this through them only

Manju: because i dont want to leave any single chance to get my self trapped by anything so it will be better that if i make it done by their own only because they are the one because of whom our shares of company fallen down because of them my sister and my father both died because of them only
She yelled looking at Ranju with rage in her eyes and Ranjita was also doing so then she started laughing out loud and so did Ranju then taking another drink in her hand sitting on the couch which was behind then said
Manju: both died because of them only people will say that because they will see what i will show no one knows who am i and what i have done Tanushree Arora shares holding 25 crores who spoiled them and showed a huge loss
Ranju sitting beside : of course you Rakesh Arora shares of 50 crores who stole them and shown a huge loss
Manju: of course I thats what all i needed when the car faced accident the report said fuel was leaking who did that
Ranju: of course i did that just to help you my dear
Manju: haha a great loss faced by Arora group of industires and tried to overcome it by a business deal
Ranju: doing Tanu’s alliance with the leading media indutry whose company
Manju: Great Kabir mehta sorry sorry not Kabir Mehta but The Kabir Mehta who has done it on his own if that alliance would have fixed then our 75 crores could become 750 crores but that damn accident changed the table to their side they escaped from it and now i will not leave them becasue my father and sister died because of that silly ritual and my whole plan got flopped
Ranju: And getting chance to be the billionare just remained our dream
Manju: i conned my own family to see this day!! this is not done sweet heart they have to pay for our loss every single person of that family will suffer every single person i will not pay mercy on them so easily (Mehta’s faces flashed one by one) whether it is Kabir, Divya, Daljeet, Yashika, Naira, Basudha her daughter and the seed of problem Mr Abhishek Mehta our start will be by him only and then the trap will be for Kabir Mehta and one by one the whole family will be destroyed for sure
Ranjita: and our dream will get one more chance to get completed
Manu: exactly and it will be THE END for them

both started laughing evily and the screen shifted towards Dreamers residence here the final step of the function was going on it means all were applying Haldi on Kirti and happily everything was going on then screen slightly shifted towards Abhigya who was looking all that with bit wet eyes seems she was remembering something when Subuhi came and asked that why she was there then she replied “Nothing just remembering Maa” Subuhi smiled fadely and said

Subuhi: remember didi how she was busy on our Haldi every one was busy in enjoying the function and Maa was busy to take care of everyone’s need
Abhigya smiled and a lone tear escaped from her eye: yea and Papa dragged her to us saying spent time here no need to do all that work
Subuhi: he didnt said but he scolded that day and as usual Yash was doing same antics that day also but with papa
Abhigya: i remember that day he changed 5 white kurta’s but he was also stubborn still he wore white only not kurta then shirt
Subuhi: and how the function was end with Maa’s song
Abhigya: how can i forget that Subu that was the last song maa sung and that also for us what were the lyrics um….
Subuhi: i am remembering the tone but lyrics aah….

They were thinking about it deeply when they heard the same tone again and both looked in the direction from where the sound was coming it was Basudha
Abhigya: it is the same
Subuhi: yeah but how she know it
Abhigya: lets go and ask her
here screen shifted towards Basudha she was singing and a flash back is shown
Flash Back
Pragya is busy in taking care of guests and Abhi came there
Abhi while dragging Pragya: Oh ho Pragya enough yr Robin will look out all that you come here with me
Pragya: But Abhishek
Abhi tapping her nose: NO if no but Pragya come these moments will not come again so enjoy them and without you i cant do so
Pragya smiled: okay then I will not go is it done now
Abhi: super done
they both went there where Abhigya and Subuhi’s Haldi was going on and there Abhi requested her to sing a song for them when she didnt resisted and smilingly went ahead started singing a song

Pragya while applying Haldi on Abhigya’s face :
Ye betiyan to Babul ki raniyan hai (these daughters are the queen of their home)
meethi meethi pyari pyari ye kahaniyan hai (they are like sweet stories)
ye sheshey di yan gudiyan rab janey ke ye kudiyan (these dolls of glass god knows these girls)
kinna jamiya kinna lai janiya hai (how much they will give (memories) and how much they will take with them)
Ye betiyan to Babul ki raniyan hai (These girls are the queens of their home)
meethi meethi pyari pyari ye kahaniyan hai (They are like sweet stories)
then she applied it on Subuhi’s face and wiping her tears moved back and holding Bulbul’s hand
Inka raam hai rakhwala (God is their saviour)
inka bachpan bola bhala (There childhood is innocent)
bholi bhali si inki jawaniyan hai (there teen age is also innocent)
Bubul wiping Pragya’s tears : Sab ke dil ki sare ghar ki ye raaniyan hai (they are queens of everyone’s heart)
yeh chidiyan ek din phur se ud janiya hai (these birds will fly one day)
koi inka hath na chhore koi inka dil na todey (No one shall leave them alone and break their heart)

Pragya turning to them : ye to sachhey rab diyan mehebaniyan hai (they are the mercy of gods)
Ye betiyan to Babul ki raniyan hai (these girls are the queens of everyone’s heart)
meethi meethi pyari pyari ye kahaniyan hai (they are like sweet stories)
Flash back ends with Pragya kissing her daughter’s forehead
Abhigya: Basudha from where do you learnt this i mean where do you heard this
Basu: by your mother only
Subuhi: what and how
Basu: from this (handling some CD’s to them) these are secrets which nanu hid there in that room and i asked Yash mama to bring them so i can gift them to you
Subuhi: and what he demanded in return
Basu: thats secret but Maa these are really sweet memories
saying so she left the place and Abhigya was still looking at those CD’s and the screen freezed on her face…

to be continued…
nothing much written due to busy schedule sorry for that

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  2. Prabhi

    Really nice aur last episode ki qawaalli aha lagadi aur aaj tou bas
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  3. Sry for not commenting yesterday epi yaar…really sry…and yesterday epi Yash and abhi yaar damn awesome..and today epi Manju and ranjitha evil plan – chudails..and basu’s reaction superb…keep going….

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    Bhen much ko chod itna ziyada bindaasss update tha reh! Seriously Awesome, you have took it to a next level, for sure you are going to kill me with your innovations. You Innovative ladki ? Bhen Manju ka plan, it is hell intresting part! The song and flashback was ??????? and seriously I loved it Salman khan ????? the part was best too and Hum kale hain toh kya hua lol ??????????????? hehe! You never fail to leave me spellbound. Hatss off ? Husn e jana……… ? I lub yewwwww ??????

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    Ek Dum Mast Bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!Wo Flashback scenes………Uffff!!!!!!!!!!Thats Reallyyyyyyyyyyy Superbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. superb episode di Abhi really rocked remembering old Abhi Pragya scenes and linking with Abhi basudha is nice hope the new strom vanishes quickly waiting for the next episode

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