STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 63


Episode 63

Abhi and Basudha both went to their room and here screen shifted towards Ranvi he was roaming around in Garden although it was night now but he was in no mood to go inside was again and again thinking about that moment which was sometimes ago that was how Prabhas scolded him he was looking towards the sky up at the half moon which was slightly showing its visibility in that cloudy and foggy night the thing which again and again was rewinding in his mind was Prabhas saying “you idiot you always take your sister’s side this is your fault” what he was thinking let’s see

Ranvi Point of view:
Today he called me and even scolded me that thing happened which I was missing from long time what could it be mean does it means that he had forgiven me for my uncommitted mistake, if it is then why don’t he just came and hugged me saying he is my same Papa who use to troll every one along with me who was my only best friend whose happiness was my happiness why don’t he say that beta it wasn’t my wish to behave like this can we share a relationship like we were can’t he just say that he wants to be with me in my hard times why he never thought about me that how I could be feeling with his ignorance but can’t complaint about anything because he is my father I can’t understand why parents always think about their decision about their thoughts can’t they think according to our thoughts I know that is not right to work according to our thoughts or we don’t have right to expect so as we are kids but why always happens that 20 out of 100 always suffer because of their parent’s ignorance and in those 20 I don’t think so I stand anywhere because I am the who enjoyed as well as suffered if he would have been with me that time when I was back if he wouldn’t have ignored me then I wouldn’t be here I must have been working as a Planning director in an MNC instead of being in your own company, not own basically it is the company which Dadu started and now we are just continuing it Dadu… (taking a deep breathe) Bua always says that he always did what Dadi asked him not to do and if I link that in case of these four brother sisters then only Mr. Yash Mehra is the one who is ditto copy Dadu in every terms he also always use to do so which is said to him not to do and Papa!!! I don’t know whom he resembles may be Dadi… but if he is like her then was Dadi like this always misunderstanding others!!! It’s totally impossible to think that what your parents are because what you think it always result alter like in my case I don’t know what’s going on in papa’s mind I just hope now that what I am thinking results into true…
End of point of view

Ranvi finally decided to move inside when he saw something and got suspicious about that he moved further and saw that two shadows were there and he was moving the direction with silent steps when he stumbled with something and fell down with that noise those two shadows immediately vanished off and he moved further to check but no one was there he left from there as he felt extreme pain in his hand and feet he went inside the house the whole house was decorated with flowers beautifully and everyone was on dining table for dinner when Basudha called him and washing his hands he came back when Vibha noticed his leg and elbow bleeding
Vibha: Ranvi!!
Ranvi: Ji maa
Vibha: What happened all this
Ranvi: what!!!
Vibha: see this how much it is bleeding from where do you get these cuts
Ranvi was about to answer directly but then saw Prabhas, thought something and answered
Ranvi smiling: there was a sale in supermarket buy one get one free so I purchased one cut they gave me another one free
Abhi and Yashika who were eating that time food stuck into their throat and they started coughing Basudha caressed his back and gave water to him so did with Yashika and both were looking at Ranvi and said
Abhi: Bhai Ranvi injuries were being sell in supermarket !!!! like seriously!!!!
Ranvi: she is asking such a silly question from me what should I say!!
Prabhas: Basudha do one thing
Basu: yes mama

Prabhas: Go and bring that stick which is kept behind the door of my room let me sell him some treatments also
Ranvi thought: so, I was right he has changed his mindset
Basudha: ha-ha sure Mama don’t leave him he must get his treatment
Ranvi: Han let him do so then I will give treatment to you
Basudha: you can’t do anything big brother
Ranvi: remember I am expert in that and your hairs are long too
Basudha: if you did so then I will cut them short
Ranvi: I will never let that happen
Basudha: my head my hairs my rules
Ranvi: your hairs but my rules you fool
Basudha: you are irritating me

Ranvi: then what will you do like childhood will you, complaint from Maa or Papa
Basudha: neither mama nor Mami but I will kill you for sure
Ranvi: mess with me will be hazardous for you, you know it very well you fool
Basudha being irked: you idiot
Ranvi: you irritated cat
Basudha: you Dumbo
Both were fighting like mad Abhi, Kaustuki, Ganga, Yashika, Divya and Kabir were looking there DIL for the first time all were looking first at Basudha then at Ranvi both were mocking each other back to back and as Basudha said Dumbo to Ranvi Prabhas shouted: oye….
Everyone became silent that time
Prabhas: you can’t call Dumbo to him
Basudha: he is the one mama

Prabhas: he can’t be the one because only one Dumbo is present here and that is she (pointing at Abhigya)
Abhigya who was drinking water that time blurted out and managing herself she yelled
Abhigya: If I am the Dumbo then you are the idiot remember idiot
Prabhas: ha-ha saying if I will agree that you said to me
Abhigya: and same applies to me to
Prabhas: only one thing applies on you that is the horrible make up
Abhigya yelled: idiot I will kill you
Prabhas: jaa jhoothi tere se machhar na mara jaye tu mujhe maregi badi aayi (liar you can’t even kill a mosquito and you will kill me haah)

Abhigya: then only one thing also applies on you and that is a shame
Prabhas: ha-ha see ghost is saying I deserve shame
Abhigya: If I am ghost you are Dracula
Prabhas: you look like ghost I can agree you are ghost but me and Dracula ha-ha never
And everyone knows that Abhigya-Prabhas were started their fighting and Basudha-Ranvi their so all were looking shock that within a minute what the hell was started there when Yash and Subuhi looked at each other and went in kitchen Yash brought popcorns and Subuhi brought some snacks
Yash: everybody please come and have seat here in the main hall
All of them were looking at him clueless
Subuhi: like mother like daughter like father like son fight started so let’s see till when it will be go on and what will be the conclusion and till then let’s enjoy this movie

Everyone were looking at them fighting having pop-corn when Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: what do you think who will win the fight papa!! (having popcorn)
Abhi eating a popcorn: of course, our charm my wife will win it seems
Kirti: I think Bhaiya will win
Abhi: Basudha will win I said it
Kirti: Bhaiya
Kaustuki: mummy
Kirti: Bhaiya
Abhi: Basudha
Kirti: Bhaiya
Kaustuki and Abhi: mummy, Basudha
Kirti: Bhaiya
There was a fight going on in mid of two and here Kirti and Abhi also started and then slowly in mid of Priyansh and Gaurav also started taking Bua and Bade papa as topic and rest of them now enjoying four arguments and this continued until they all got wasted off in last Ranvi and Basudha were gone at one side their fight was turned into a fun and at end they both laughed but others were now loss of energy


Next day
Everyone were busy in their work and here Basudha was stood annoyed in the hall she was again and again looking at the door of her room and murmured “I don’t know why I asked him for shopping he had took almost one hour and still haven’t got ready god what the hell he is doing it was better I would have left with Mami itself” she was getting angry and there screen shifted towards Abhi he was thinking “she has asked me for shopping but I will take her on date God my first date what should I wear I haven’t brought anything special what to do at that time Kaustuki entered in the room eating something along with Ganga
Kaustuki: what happened?
Ganga: Alarm clock is busy
Abhi: you taught that to her also!!
Ganga: no learn myself
Kaustuki: why you have messed this room!!! Mummy will kill you for sure
Abhi: I want to go out to meet someone but not getting what to wear so the impression must be good
Kaustuki: so, you must wear that in which you look handsome
Ganga: I will bring
Abhi lifting her up: you will bring!!!
Ganga nodded in yes
Abhi: then go

Ganga went and brought one casual wear for him he smiled
Kaustuki: go as you are don’t try to be special mummy says if we will try to be special then it is not necessary that you impress the person always be a person who you are so go as you are Mr. Alarm Clock
Abhi smiled helplessly: okay my lords
Kaustuki: well if you are going out then please bring us some wafers as it is long time we both had eaten them
Ganga: same to same
Abhi: okay I will now please excuse me I am getting late
Kaustuki: okay we were here to say that only see you later
Abhi went in and changing his clothes headed down he looked the angry face of Basudha and then time and said to himself “Damn Abhi you are dead you took almost two hours for getting ready now she will kill you for sure” he started moving towards her when in mid Ranvi came and started talking with her
Ranvi: what happened sister and where is your mister
Basu in anger: mere saiyan ji se aa maine break-up kar liya (I broke up with my mister)

At that time, Rajiv also came there which made Abhi irritated to hell
Rajiv: humko bin bataye tumne ye kab kar liya (when you did that, you never told me)
Abhi reached there and being irked: tujhe bada interest aa raha hai ki kab usne break up kar liya kab patch up (why you have this much interest in that)
Rajiv: chill bro I was asking casually
Abhi: sorry for being late Basu
Basu: now shall we go!!
Abhi: sure!!
But to his fate that time he received a phone call and went to attend it asking excuse from him and she was frowned by that time and that was the time when Shreya in same mood was going out she looked at Basudha and asked
Shreya: Basu dear what happened you are looking upset
Basu: I asked him shopping yesterday reminded him at morning and asked him two hours ago, still he is not ready
Shreya: not a big deal my rock star is also same he is trying to select his attire from past four hours
Basu: don’t know what to do
Shreya: let’s go together
Basu: that’s great idea let’s go

Both left the place together being irritated with their husbands and that time Abhi turned to see Basu but she wasn’t there so he started inquiring about her and there on the other side Yash was also doing so when they both met with each other
Abhi: did you see Basudha!!
Yash: no but tell me did you saw Shreya
Abhi: no where the hell the both went
Priyansh who was going from there Yash stopped him and asked did he saw either Shreya or Basudha then Priyansh replied that they went for shopping
Abhi: asked from me and went with her
Yash: I asked her and she took her!!
Abhi and Yash in chorus “Will not leave them”
Abhi: let’s go
Yash: let’s go but in rock star style
Abhi: then you will make me dead for sure
Yash: try it once dude its great fun in it
Abhi: okay…

They both headed towards the destination where Basu and Shreya went for shopping as they told it to Abhigya and Yash managed to get address from her it was a shopping mall both were looking happily shopping with each other when Abhi and Yash winked at each other and going behind them Yash sung
Yash patting shreya’s shoulder:
Akeli Na Bazaar Jaya Karo (don’t go to market alone)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall on you)
Sabaki Nazar Mein Na Aaya Karo (don’t make yourself visible to others like this)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall upon you)
Akeli Na Bazaar Jaya Karo (don’t go to market alone)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall on you)
Sabaki Nazar Mein Na Aaya Karo (don’t make yourself visible to others like this)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall upon you)
Shreya and Basu turned back and found them both there then looking at each other and ignoring them started moving ahead Abhi followed hurriedly and facing her in a teasing manner
Abhi pulling Basu’s cheeks:
Samjho Zara Baat Meri Janab (please try to understand what I am saying)
Bajaria Mein Sabaki Najaria Kharab (here everyone’s eye is an evil eye)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (evil eye will fall upon you)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (evil eye will fall upon you)

Basudha and Shreya both moved from there left towards another store where they were selecting some dresses and Basu was checking dresses on her when Abhi came and rounding his hand around her shoulder pulling her cheek which made her irritated to core
Tum Aaina Jo Dekho (if you are looking a mirror)
Woh Bhi Sambhal Ke Dekho (then look it carefully)

Yash irritating Shreya:
Tum Aaina Jo Dekho (if you are looking a mirror)
Woh Bhi Sambhal Ke Dekho (then look it carefully)

Chanchal Sa Man Tumhara (you heart is crazy)
Na Faasle Tumhi Ko (it can trap you easily)

Yash to Shreya:
Chanchal Sa Man Tumhara (you heart is crazy)
Na Faasle Tumhi Ko (it can trap you easily)

Abhi closing her eyes with his hands:
Darpan Se Khudako Bachaya Karo (try to escape yourself from mirror)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (otherwise evil eye can catch you)

Shreya and Basudha both left from there but as they were annoyed both decided to move in alter direction hidingly to confuse Yash and Abhi so they did it Shreya moved towards back side where was the accessories section she was selecting them Yash came and sung
O Patjhad Ho Ya Ho Sawan (whether it is autumn or rainy season)
Ho Basant Ya Bahaar (whether it is spring)
O Patjhad Ho Ya Ho Sawan (whether it is autumn or rainy season)
Ho Basant Ya Bahaar (whether it is spring)
Tere Roop Ka Nazara (the beauty of yours)
De Ta Mujhe Qarar (Makes me relieve)
Tere Roop Ka Nazara (the beauty of yours)
De Ta Mujhe Qarar (Makes me relieve)

Shreya being irritated moved from there jerking her hairs to back when Yash standing leaned on door smiling at her lightly sung

Na Jhatka Ke Zulfein Phiraya Karo (don’t jerk your hair flicks like this)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall on you)
Basu was moving towards another section Abhi was just admiring his angry silly when he saw some boys stalking at her she also seen their shadows and was continuously walking in that direction when she felt a protective hand on her shoulder it was Abhi and when she turned around they were left she looked down as she don’t know what to say he lifted her face and smiled lightly

Abhi smiling at her:
Maine Tumse Ye Kaha Tha (I asked from you)
Mujhe Saath Le Ke Chalna (to take me along with you)
Maine Tumse Ye Kaha Tha (I asked from you)
Mujhe Saath Le Ke Chalna (to take me along with you)

Tumne Bhi Yahi Bola (you also said the that)
Haan Saath Hi Hai Chalna (yes I want to go with you)

Tumne Bhi Yahi Bola (you also said the that)
Haan Saath Hi Hai Chalna (yes I want to go with you)
Waada Kiya To Nibhaya Karo (if you had promised then at least keep that)

She held her ears for not waiting for him and smilingly he said

Baat Ban Jayegi (everything will be fine)
Baat Ban Jayegi (everything will be fine)

Akeli Na Bazaar Jaya Karo (don’t go to market alone)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall on you)
Sabaki Nazar Mein Na Aaya Karo (don’t make yourself visible to others like this)
Nazar Lag Jayegi (an evil eye will fall upon you)

Basu was looking at him raising her eyebrows and he making faces said to her

Deewana Karoogi Duniya Ko Tum (you will make crazy to the world)
Agar Baat Meri Na Manoogi Tum (if you will not listen to me)
She laughed and said
Basu: okay my mistake sorry now shall we move from here its turning out chilly
Abhi: you know I was planning to hang out with you and that’s why it took time but see you came alone
Basu: oh, how sorry but let me tell you I like you as you are you are special for me as it is
Abhi: you every time use to say that you like me why you never use to say that to me which I said to you
Basu smiling: agar na bolun to pyar khatam ho jayega kya (if I never said that then will love will end)
Abhi smiled: No, let’s go now we will hang out at some places then back to home by the way why don’t you play that Mehndi game with me this time
Basu: you really want to play that
Abhi: naah I was just joking let’s go

Both went from there happily

At night mehndi was took place happily and ended happily now the dance was going on celebrations were going on Abhi and Basudha were looking all that and were busy in their small fights so was Yash with Shreya, Abhigya and Subuhi were busy in talking and rest of them were busy with guest then screen shifted towards Ranvi he was so busy when Ranjita strike with him and the glass of soft drink was in his hand which fell on her footwear
Ranjita: what the hell is this don’t you have eyes!!! Can’t you see
Ranvi: I have eyes but they are not able to see some egoistic person
Ranjita: idiot spoiled me heels you know it cost 150-dollar Indian currency about 6400
Ranvi laughed: Hein 6000 ki chappal!!! Behen meri to 250 ki hai par by god badi comfortable hai (Hein!!! Sandals of 6000!!! Mine is of rupees 250 still it is comfortable)
Ranjita: you can’t afford it also idiot spoiled my foot wear completely ruined it such an idiotic person
Ranvi was still in thoughts that why she over reacted when he felt a slap on his head it was Prabhas
Prabhas: idiot why you never replied her back
Rani: what must I had said she was yelling at me for ruining her foot wear
Prabhas: idiot person if you are my son then reply her and don’t be so innocent I never accepted defeat from my own sister and you didn’t reply to her!!!
Ranvi: why are you saying like this
Prabhas: I can’t believe my son will do this
Ranvi having layer of tears in his eyes as he thought “MY SON this is the only word I wanted to hear since long time it means Papa forgot all his sorrows
Prabhas jerked him: Are you listening me idiot
Ranvi having tears in his eyes: Now you are with me na now I will tell everyone who am I
Prabhas: that’s like my boy now don’t hug me until you answer her
Ranvi laughed and hugged him: love you papa
Prabhas: sorry bachhey I did wrong with you
Ranvi breaking hug: no need to be sorry doesn’t sounds good from your mouth
Prabhas cupping his face: your simplicity is my identity my son
Ranvi: and best friend!!
Prabhas: of course, now go and answer her see how she is enjoying happily
Ranvi: but ma
Prabhas: not to fear when I am here
Ranvi went there where Ranjita was dancing with other and started teasing her she being in attitude started singing
Ranjita was saying: Yeh Nigahein Nashtar, Yeh Honth Kausar(These eyes are like a knife, these lips are like a river from paradise)
Meri Aagosh Mein, Hosh Bhi Behosh Hoga(In my embrace, even sense (will) become senseless)

Everyone said: Waah! Waah!( Wow, what a thing to say!)

Ranvi teasing her: Abhi Waqt Hai Nikal Lo Bhailog, Nahi To Kal Subah Afsos Hoga (You still have time friends, move away/leave right now,
otherwise You’ll regret in the morning)

All laughed at that:
Ha Ha Ha Ha…

Ranjita: Yeh Shokhi, Yeh Adaayein, Yeh Baankpan (This sauciness/vividness, this style/grace, this jauntiness/jolliness)
Inki Keemat Bhala Duniya Tay Kar Sakti Hai Kya (How can the world decide the price (of the above three qualities of mine)?)

Everyone said: Waah! Waah! (Wow, what a thing to say!)

Ranvi smirking: Accha Chal Itna Bata, Teenon Ka Mila Ke Package Mein Kuch Kam Karti Hai Kya (Ok, now tell me this, if I take all these three in a package together,will You reduce some price?)

Ranjita was totally irked now giving a look to him she went and sung
Ranjita showing attitude:
Ladke, O Re Ladke(O Guy!)
Kahan Se Aaya Hai Re Tu(Where have You come from?)
Pyara Hai Re Shakal Se (You have a lovely face)
Akal Ka Maara Hai Re Tu (But You have a foolish mind too)

Ranvi was giving a smirk and Prabhas gestured him to go for it he smiled when he saw that Shreya also joined Ranjita teasing Yash

Ladke, O Re Ladke (O Guy!)
Kahan Se Aaya Hai Re Tu (Where have You come from?)
Pyara Hai Re Shakal Se (You have a lovely face)
Akal Ka Maara Hai Re Tu (But a foolish mind too)

Ranvi mocking at Ranjita entered and as Basu looked him she jumped in excitement that now he will tease her for sure which leads that her fist hit at his face then she realized it and looking at him said sorry with an oops expression and he was smiling at her antics that how she was crazy for her crazy brother
Haan Jal Gayi, Haan Jal Gayi(Yes, You got burnt (envious))
Meri Baaton Se Tu Jal Gayi (You got burnt due to my talks)
Haan Khal Gayi, Tujhe Khal Gayi) (Yes, it irritated You )
Meri Beparwahi Khal Gayi (My carelessness irritated You)
Mohtarma Tu Kis Khet Ki Mooli(O lady! Of what kind are You? (What is so special about You?))
Hai Zara Bata (Just tell me that)

TV Pe Breaking News, Haye Re Mera Ghagra(My ghagra is the breaking news on TV
(Ghagra is a form of skirt which is long, embroidered and pleated)
Baghdad Se Leke Dilli Via Agra(From Baghdad to Delhi via Agra)
(Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq, a country in middle East,
Dilli is referring to New Delhi, the capital city of India)

She danced and Ranvi gave a look “Like Really!!” to her then the screen shifted towards Shreya she went to Yash

Shreya rounding her arms at Yash
Main Hawa… (I’m the wind…)

Yash jerking her back: Toh Ud Ja (Then fly away)

Shreya pulling her cheeks: Ghata…( I’m the cloud…)

Yash making her turn: Toh Mud Ja (Then turn around)
Shreya indicating herself as a beautiful girl: Kali… (I’m the flower-bud…)

Yash giving scare from god look to her looking her from top to toe: Kahan Ki (Where from?)

Shreya showing some styles:Ada…( My style…)

Yash giving go to hell look: Hata Bhi (Take it away)

Shreya being annoyed: Bada Besharam Hai Tu To, Lukkha Hai Bada (You are shameless, You are a destitute!)

Shreya followed him then showing again some styles and showing her waist which was visible as she had worn a lehenga: Ye Kamar…( This waist…)

Yash gave her a dead glare looking here and there pulled her dupatta towards down a bit sung: Chhupa Le (Hide it)

Shreya looking at him with loving eyes: Nazar…( My gaze…)

Yash giving her go to hell look: Ghuma Le (Turn it away)

Shreya: Pata…( My address…)

Yash: Main Poochhun (I’ll ask)

Shreya: Umar…( My age…)

Yash: Tu Jaane (You know)

Shreya being annoyed: Dekho Berukhi Pe Kaise Atka Hai Pada(Look, You are stuck to such indifference)

Yash now irritating her sung:
Haan Dhal Gayi, Yeh Dhal Gayi (Yes You’ve set)
Tu Shaam Ki Tarah Dhal Gayi (You’ve set like the evening sets)
Haan Khal Gayi, Tujhe Khal Gayi (Yes, it irritated You )
Meri Beparwahi Khal Gayi (My carelessness irritated You)
Mohtarma Tu Kis Khet Ki Mooli(O lady! What kind are You of?)
Hai Zara Bata (Just tell me that)

And Ranvi irritating Ranjita giving her ignoring look:
Bematlab Ki… Bematlab Ki Bakwas Tera Ghagra(Your ghagra is nonsense without any reason)
Baghdad Ho Ya Ho Delhi Via Agra(Even if it’s from Baghdad or Delhi via Agra)

Screen shifted towards Ranjita being annoyed now she sung in attitude
Ranjita in attitude: Main Nasha…( I’m an intoxication…)

Ranvi giving don’t give it damn look: Utar Ja (Then get low)

Ranjita:Khata… (I’m a fault…)

Ranvi: Sudhar Ja (Then improve Yourself (mend Your ways)

Ranjita: Itar… (I’m a perfume…)

Ranvi: Na Soonghoon (I’ll not smell it)

Ranjita: Ghazal…( I’m a ghazal (song)…)

Ranvi: Na Gaun (I’ll not sing it)

Ranjita being irritated: Aise Ban Raha Hai Jaise Koi To Tu Hai (You are behaving as if You are someone (important))

Ranjita: Main Maza…( I’m fun…)

Ranvi: Na Chahoon (I don’t want it)

Ranjita: Saza…( I’m a punishment…)

Ranvi: Main Kaatoon (I’ll not go through it)

Ranjita: Raza… (I’m a wish…)

Ranvi:Na Poochhoon (I’ll not ask for it)

Ranjita: Jua… (I’m a gamble…)

Ranvi:Kyu Kheloon (why I shall I play)

Ranjita: Hopeless Hai Tu Phir Bhi Thodi Hope Hai(You are hopeless still there is some hope left) in the sense that she can still win in argument from him

Ranvi giving her a tight jerk sung:
Haan Tal Gayi, Haan Tal Gayi (Yes it’s passed by)
Aafat Ki Tarah Tal Gayi (It’s passed by like a difficultly passes by)
Haan Khal Gayi, Tujhe Khal Gayi(Yes, it irritated You )
Meri Beparwahi Khal Gayi (My carelessness irritated You)
Mohtarma Tu Kis Khet Ki Mooli(O lady! What kind are You of?)
Hai Zara Bata(Just tell me that)

Udti Phirti… Udti Phirti Afwah Tera Ghagra(Your ghagra is like the flying rumours)
Baghdad Ho Ya Delhi Via Agra (Even if it’s from Baghdad or Delhi via Agra)

TV Pe Breaking News, Haye Re Mera Ghagra(My ghagra is the breaking news on TV)
Baghdad Se Leke Dilli Via Agra(From Baghdad to Delhi via Agra)

Ranjita was totally annoyed from him and Basu went there to Ranvi giving him a bone crushing hug she shared high five with him that Ranjita left from there annoyingly she was so irritated that when Rajiv called her for some work she slapped him and left the place Abhi also joined both of them and trio were laughing hard

Precap: drama queen
Okay so finally i made one silent reader to comment here Nividha i am glad that you liked my writings and was overwhelmed that you commented dear thank you to all of you who is reading it its my pleasure to get the readers because without a reader writer is nothing 😀 keep reading

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