STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 62

Episode 62

The episode starts with the scene where Kaustuki saw Kabir and Pratik coming there together and saying “now see” to Abhi she ran from there in full speed to them then only Abhi realized that now she will take advantage of Dadu and Nanu and his expression turned into “Mar Gaya (dead)” and murmured to Basu going to her “RIP in advance Basu it’s our turn now” Basu in a stern tone said “Not mine but yours” she was saying but till then Kabir and Pratik came there and it was clear from their expressions that all the kids complaint to them about their punishment Kabir called Yashika and Naira too Pratik called Kirti and Ranvi as they were there when their grandchildren were punished and Pratik called Basu too and asked them to stand in a que in anger tone Abhi again said to Basu “I already said RIP in advance now we are dead” Basu hit him with her elbow and in anger tone said “just because of you”
Pratik: Basudha where is Kirti
Basu in stumbling scared tone: pa… papa wo she is upstairs talking on phone with someone
Pratik: go and call her here immediately and junior beta you go and call Prabhas and Yash along with Abhigya, Shreya and Vibha
Kaustuki: as you wish Nanu
Kabir: Dhruv and Manav go and call your mothers and fathers too
Dhruv: Ok Nanu
Abhi being smart: Baba!!! I will come later first didu and jijs were punishing them so their share is big and I am the younger one so it is not my mistake right!!! I will do the only thing which my elders will do so I will come later
Ganga: No Dadu Papa scolded

Abhi widening his eyes: ye bhi!!! (she also!!!)
Kaustuki who heard that: after all whose sister is she (with a smirk)
Abhi in warning tone: I will see you both later
Kabir in a stern tone: and then I will see you
Abhi: wo… I was talking about their new dress not in any other sense
Kabir folding his hand: humse chalaki (being clever from me) it won’t work here Mr. if you said anything to my granddaughters then be ready for your band Baja baraat
Abhi does his head down as he knew that taking something against Kaustuki and Ganga in front of their Dadu will lead to his anger for sure and then anger of Dadu will turn Dadi in to aggression for sure and then he will be dead for sure so he stood quiet then after sometime all of them came who ever were called and asked about the matter then Pratik said first
Pratik: Abhu dear you darling scolded our darlings and punished them for no reason tell me what to do
Abhigya: punished our Darlo for no reason!!!! This is not done
Divya twisting ears of Basudha and Abhi both: you scolded my daughters and that also for no reason
Basu: AAhh… Maa I didn’t your son only did so even I said to him not to do so then also he didn’t heard me
Divya: then also why you didn’t inform me about that I must have taught him a lesson

Abhi making weird faces in pain: AAh… maa they did a mistake that’s why I punished them yaar…
Divya patting his head: Naikamme nakara nalayak mai teri yaar hoon!!! (you idiot useless fellow how dare you call me that am I looking like your yaar)
Basudha as well as others also giggled looking Divya scolding him
Basu hugging Divya from back from which she was shocked first as she never did so but later smile sweetly
Basu: it means I can go right!!
Divya cupping her cheek back: sure, my dear you can go
She was going but Pratik held her and said
Pratik: why so hurry madam!!! He did so you tired, hard to stop, you didn’t tell anyone of us but still you will get punishment
Basu: but why!!!

Pratik: because you said to my dear’s that they don’t have mother
Basu: arey but that was because of his anger
Kaustuki: still Dadu and Nanu it hurts na
Dhruv: Yes, Nanu it was very painful to hear that
Manav: so much disappointing
Kabir: don’t worry let’s disappoint them now
Yashika: But baba….
Kabir: shut up
Naira: Baba we didn’t meant it
Kabir: still… why you said so
Yashika: because of him only now we will be dead ugh I hate Abhi
Kirti: okay that was there matter then why you called me dad
Pratik: because you were the only one who beside solving the problem broke all the glasses of her window and that also with stones
Kirti: but dad that was…
Pratik cuts off: whatever it was you have done the blunder just now I had to pay her
Kirti murmured: I said already one day this man will make us dead for sure (to Basu)
Ranvi: and what is my fault may I know that!!!
Prabhas: khottey de puttar teri to kabhi fault hoti hi nahi hai (you idiot you are saying as you are the most innocent person in the world)
Ranvi: Papa….

Prabhas: why you accompanied Kirti in that!!! This is your only fault
Priyansh laughingly: hhahaha Khhottey de puttar Bhaiya welcome to our world we are also identified here by that name only
Gaurav: welcome Bhaiya welcome…. Jijs was also became member of khottey de puttar club some times before only Priyansh don’t you think our club is getting popular day by day
Priyansh: yeah big celebrities are entering in it one is the great fame of music company and one of media company bhai we are getting famous
Yash patting their head: oye Khottey de puttaron
Priyansh and Gaurav: see he called us (to Yash) yeah dad?
Yash: do you want punishment again??
Priyansh: no, our quota is completed
Yash: then get lost
Gaurav: as you wish
Both went from there then the screen backed to Kabir and Pratik
Kabir: so, as my darlos suffered a lot then my decision is that as Abhi made them run a lot so he will get the work of running only Pratik whatever stuffs you have bring from markets whatever you have to check while travelling out Abhi will go for that work (Abhi took a relief sigh as he thought he will go with car but Kabir was Kabir) and that also with cycle

Abhi: Baba!!! Cycle no Baba this is torture please
Kabir: so, you did with my daughters too so face it
Abhi murmured: RIP
Kabir: and Yashika will clean the pool area Pratik as she is very much aware how to clean it easily no need to call anyone from out to clean it and MR Rishi will look after the same flower arrangement which he asked Manav to help in it
Yashika murmured: one leg on banana peel and other one in grave and he ready to push us great!!!
Rishi: trapped
Kabir continued: Naira is so good in decorating interior so she will take care of that and Siddharth will look for the dresses which are in the laundry he will take them to laundry and wash them
Naira and Siddharth in chorus: escaped
Pratik: Kirti…!!
Kirti trying to butter him: yes, my sweet dad
Pratik: okay that’s not going to work today so listen I know it’s your marriage so you shouldn’t be look tired but still you need to be punished so your punishment is you have to write invitation for 250 people who will attend your pre-marriage functions
Kirti: crap

Pratik: you have to complete it before tomorrow morning and Basudha your punishment is you will manage catering and that also food will be made by you only
She gave a dead expression to him
Prabhas: and Mr. you… you will look after the garden no one shall play there until the renewal work in Ranjita’s home gets complete understood
Ranvi doing his head down: ji papa
all of them said in chorus: time starts now get back to work now
all of them ran like the elders had left dogs behind them
Abhi took cycle and went for his work taking list of all the work to be done Basu tugged her saree pallu in waist and looked at her area and giving an air stroke to her hair flick with her mouth keeping hand on her waist and started work after sometime she was turned into the old one who was so busy in doing work and started enjoying her punishment here Kirti was busy in writing invitation and her expressions were like she is busy in cracking a tricky sum Ranvi was walking in the garden like watchman that no one shall come there to play then Naira and Siddharth were busy in managing the seating arrangement then Yashika who was full in anger was cleaning the pool area blabbering “I will kill Abhishek for sure because of him I have to clean this pool” Rishi was helping her saying “our kids have become too smart we are trapped because of him” all of them were doing their share of work and screen one by one shows annoying face of everyone then BG played

Papa toh band bajaye(Father makes life impossible)
Principal khud bann jaaye (He becomes the principal himself)
Keep quite rule banaaye (He makes the rules of keeping quiet)
Har pal bas yeh chilaaye (Every moment he screams only this)
Idiot ho, tum gadhe ho (You are an idiot, You are a donkey)
Ab tumhe knowledge nahi (You don’t have knowledge now)
Humse panga lene wali abhi tumhari age nahi hai (You haven’t reached the age yet where You can mess with me)
Whatever whatever we do do do
Papa toh band bajaye(Father makes life impossible)

After sometime Abhi came back and due to continuously cycling he was wasted off and didn’t found Kabir or anyone there so thought to rest for some time but to his fate at that time itself Kabir came there and glared at him he gave a tired look and moved from there then the screen shifted towards Naira and Siddharth
Siddharth: we got punished like a work I can understand but why Rishi and Yasho got the small work of pool cleaning
Naira adjusting the curtains: so, you think we really got punished
Siddharth: then what’s this happening in your opinion
Naira: this all is just a trick to patch up Abhi and Yasho
Siddharth with a confusing look: what?? And how will this lead to their patch up
Naira: I can give you the answer of what and why but how will this happen you have to wait for that
She narrated all the incident to Siddharth and then the screen shifted towards Abhi who was fully tired by now BG played

Arrey na jaane kyun baat-baat pe (I don’t know why on every talk)
Karte humko grill n fry, fry fry (He grills and fries us (tortures us))
Hum thoda sa chill kar le ton(If we chill out for some time then)
Iss mein problem kya hai bhai, bhai bhai(What is the problem in this, brother)
Oh hum thoda sa chill kar le ton (If we chill out for some time then)
Iss mein problem kya hai bhai, aye bhai aye bhai (What is the problem in this, brother)
Idiot ho, tum gadhe ho (You are an idiot, You are a donkey)
Ab tumhe knowledge nahi (You don’t have knowledge now)
Humse panga lene wali abhi tumhari age nahi hai(You haven’t reached the age yet where You can mess with me)
Whatever whatever we do do do
Papa toh band bajaye (Father makes life impossible)

Papa toh band bajaye(Father makes life impossible)
Principal khud bann jaaye (He becomes the principal himself)
Keep quite rule banaaye (He makes the rules of keeping quiet)
Har pal bas yeh chilaaye (Every moment he screams only this)
Idiot ho, tum gadhe ho (You are an idiot, You are a donkey)
Ab tumhe knowledge nahi (You don’t have knowledge now)
Humse panga lene wali abhi tumhari age nahi hai (You haven’t reached the age yet where You can mess with me)
Whatever whatever we do do do
Papa toh band bajaye(Father makes life impossible)

Again Abhi came back and this time doesn’t wanted to take the risk so thought to go from back of the house to escape and
again something worse than Kabir was waiting there for him that was the anger of Yashika as his shoes were muddy they left imprint there which made Yashika angry to the hell she shouted
Yashika: Abhi……
Abhi turned and thought she will be angry with him again as already she is not talking to him and now something made her more angry
Abhi: yes Didu
Yashika: what the hell you have done
Abhi: what
Yashika: I just had cleaned this pool area and you again made it dirty
Abhi: sorry but
Yashika got extreme angry that she pushed him into the pool and he was shivering in that cold water he was still managing to imagine that what happened with him and looking that expression Yasho was laughing like mad and while shivering he was saying “th…this.. is… n….not…f…fair” Yashika laughed hard and said “first control yourself then complaint” hearing her laughing like mad all of them came out Naira looked at Siddharth and said “this is the reason now everything is sought out you see talking normally so like this whenever she gets angry with him to forget it she use to throw him in either pool or in cold water then everything ends” Basudha yelled at him looking like that
Basudha: why the hell are you bathing in pool and that also in this much cold
Abhi: I wasn’t bathing she pushed me
Basudha: what!!! But how can she push you
Divya pushing her into the pool: just like this
Basudha shivering: what the hell

Abhi; now ask how she pushed me without practical you can’t understand anything right
Kabir in anger tone: what the hell is this Divya who pushes like this to your DIL (pushing her in pool)
Divya: that was cheating Kabir
Pratik pushed Kabir: just like this Kabir
Abhigya naughtily went behind Naira and Siddharth and pushed them into the pool
Yashika went behind Abhigya: that’s not fair aunty you must haven’t pushed didu and jijs like this (pushed her into the pool)
And like this every one fell into the pool and were laughing when Abhi shouted
Abhi: waah sabney READY yahi bana di (waah READY had being shoot here itself)
Yashika splashed water on his face: shut up dada ji
All of them laughed and after splashing water to each other all started coming out of it and then moved towards their room and taking an advantage of situation Abhi said to Basu
Abhi: what happened if family was there at least got time for being together (kya hua agar family sath me thi kam se kam sath me rehne ka time to mila)
Basu in teasing tone: really!!! I thought someone was angry so I asked someone to shopping with me
Abhi stopped and held her hand then twisting it lightly: oye only I have right to go with you at shopping understood
Basu: its paining
Abhi: oh sorry
Basu: I asked Mami only and let me tell you one thing
Abhi: what
Basu: you are jealous
Then she messed his wet hairs and shivering in cold walked towards in then after few seconds felt some warmth as it was Abhi who covered her with his arms and started moving with looking her said
Abhi: jealous hoon par sirf tumharey liye (jealous just for you)
She smiled at him nodding her head and headed towards their room

precap: scene 1 Abhi “did you see Basudha!!” Yash “no but tell me did you saw Shreya” Abhi” no where the hell the both went” Priyansh “shopping” Abhi”asked from me and went with her” Yash “i asked her and she took her!!” Abhi and Yash in chorus “Will not leave them”
scene 2 Prabhas “idiot person if you are my son then reply her and dont be so innocent i never accepted defeat from my own sister and you did replied to her!!!” Ranvi having layer of tears in his eyes “Now you are with me na i will tell her who am i” Prabhas “thats like my boy now dont hug me until you answer her”

SPOILER: A Major Twist
Okay wanted to write more but running out of time ugh… keep guessing what major change is going to happen

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