STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 60


Episode 60

Abhi he was in the room and left the place immediately after she shared her bitter past with Ranvi and got flash back of every moment he dressed her wound and after saying of doctor that it is not due to infection she still didn’t told him the truth he clutched bedsheet in anger knowing the bitter truth of that day

Flash back
Abhi: Pragya tell me the truth what has this happened doctor is clearly saying this is not due to infection
Pragya: I told you, this happened after putting mehndi itself then how can I say that It is not because of that reason
Abhi: the reason is not that I know it but the fact is you just don’t want to share it
Pragya: it is nothing like that, you are taking me wrong
Abhi: leave that I don’t want to argue over that if you don’t want to tell then it’s okay now come its dressing time
Pragya nodded her head in yes
Flashback ends

Here he was getting angered on himself that why he never forced her to tell the truth if he would have done this she must have told him all this but the question was what would he had done if he came to know the truth whatever was happened it was not in anyone’s hand and more than that it took place before there meeting with each other so it was totally not in his hands but at least she must have shared all that
He was thinking and his thoughts were broken by Kaustuki who entered
Kaustuki: Papa!!!

As the room was dark she called him in guess that he must be there and he sensed that his naughty daughter was in thoughts as she never used to call him by the name Papa casually he remains always her alarm clock whatever the situation is until Pragya scolds her or she feels confused with her behavior and per his guesses this time also she was confused his thoughts again broke when she called out again
Kaustuki: Papa are you there!!!
Abhi: yes, I am come here
Kaustuki: glad I found you here you know from how much time I am looking for you and why it is so dark here what are you doing?

Abhi: nothing I was just sitting as feeling to sit alone
Kaustuki putting on the light: here you are feeling alone and there she is also the same what has happened?
Abhi smiled a bit towards her and encircling his arms around her: Nothing but why my dear is thinking too much and what happened today that beside your alarm clock you remembered you papa
Kaustuki keeping her head on his shoulder: nothing
Abhi trying to look her face: this much sad nothing!!!
Kaustuki: Mummy is angry
Abhi: what you have done?
Kaustuki: not on me
Abhi: then!!
Kaustuki: she is angry on someone I guess that’s why she was talking in puzzles
Abhi caring her back: what she said and what happened tell me
Kaustuki: I will tell you but if someone called you then
Abhi broke that hug and holding her hands said: I always have time for you both tell me what happened if anyone called me then also I will leave after hearing you only now will you tell me!!!
Kaustuki nodded in yes: sometime before I went searching her for some work and then found her in that garden which is at back she was talking with Ranvi mama
Abhi: then!!
Kaustuki: I dragged her aside and asked her my matter then she just answered me in very sad tone I guessed something is happened for sure so I asked her

Kaustuki asked her about her matter then feeling that she is a bit sad she asked
Kaustuki: Mummy is anything happened to you
Basudha smiling fake: nothing why you are asking so?
Kaustuki: because it is clear from your face now tell me did Mr. Alarm clock said something to you tell me I will tell it to Dadu or someone else
Basudha smiled a bit: nothing like that happened dear
Kaustuki: then are you feeling pain somewhere tell me I will get you the pain killer but don’t stay sad like this
Basudha kneeled and cupping her face: some pain doesn’t have pain killer and when our people becomes pain than best than better pain killer fails to heal it and when your own people gives you pain it means this pain is unbearable and doesn’t have any pain killer to heal it
Kaustuki with a confused look: what are you saying I didn’t get any single word
Basudha: nothing is there you go and play
Flashback ends

Kaustuki: that time I left from there but I guess either she is angry or she is sad
Abhi smiling at her: I will talk to her you don’t faces like this doesn’t looks good okay
Kaustuki nodded her head in okay
Abhi hugging her back: my sweet girl
Screen shifted towards his face he thought “Now I will ask sorry to her now it self whatever the consequences will be I will bear them” with determinant tone and there the screen shifted towards Abhigya and Pratik the flashes of Basudha’s voice were getting to them

Pratik: I think we committed mistake Abhigya that we didn’t tried to get her back (said with a sad tone)
Abhigya sitting beside him: not only with her I guess we did a mistake with both we never tried to search them where they are and those two girls got two different kind of lives one was filled with happiness and other was filled with such kind of tortures how my girls would have tolerated all that Kamya is really a cruel person how can she be so low that she would slap my girl so hard I know that burning incident took place mistakenly but she would have seen where was she stood at least the it wouldn’t have happened
Pratik: I guess now whenever I will see those dark patches on her wrist which she uses to hide every time I will remember this and always feel guilt for not trying to get them back
Abhigya: we thought they will be okay with Bhai but we proved wrong

Pratik rounded his hand on her shoulder and she kept head on his shoulder the screen from their sad faces shifted toward Prabhas he was walking lost in the flashes of what Ranvi said to Basudha he was thinking that “why I have done it with him he has left us long ago even then I wasn’t the age to understand all that then why I just gave his punishment to my son” his thoughts were broken when Ranvi came in front of him telling something
Ranvi: Papa I have asked the flower decorator he will be there on the time after two days as after three days the Mehndi function going to take place so I thought better to make arrangement from day before the function is it okay?
Prabhas looked at him with painful eyes: whatever you will do it will always be okay
Saying so he left and Ranvi thought “Did he just praised me!!!”
Screen shifts towards Basudha she was talking something with Priyansh Abhi came there
Abhi: excuse me boys may I take my wife away for sometime

Gaurav: sure Mr. we were going to Ranvi Bhai
Priyansh: Didi meet you later
Basudha smiled at them and as they left making an anger face she also started to move from there and Abhi followed her she got irritated and turned
Basudha: what do you want?? Saying all that wasn’t enough? That you are again here to say something like that?
Abhi making a funny smile: no I was here….
Basudha cuts off: here for what to hurt me again
Abhi making innocent face: no, no, no, no I was here to ask sorry from you as I did mistake right
Basudha smiled in irritation: oh! That’s great first kill someone and then say Oh! Sorry I did it by mistake
Abhi making expression like what to do: listen it was first and last time I promise I will repeat it again
Basudha in a stern sarcastic tone: Oh! please haah!! Please every time use to say this and every time end with a great mess now live with it
Saying so she left from there and Abhi again followed her that time Kaustuki and all were there and he was asking again and again sorry from her so everyone asked about the matter so he said that she is angry with him then he again said sorry

Abhi: I am saying sorry to you please forgive me
Basudha: don’t raise my anger just go from here
Kaustuki: arey mummy maaf kar do na ladka maafi maang raha hai pyar se (arey mummy forgive him na see how lovingly he is asking sorry from you)
Abhi patting her head: pay some respect I am your father
Kaustuki: haah pehle waisi harkatein to karo (first learn behave like father)
Abhi: I will see you later first let me talk to her (to Basu) I promise I will never do it
Basudha: Kaustuki ask him to leave otherwise my temper will get raised for sure
Abhigya and Pratik in chorus: Basu don’t be so stubborn forgive him for last time at least
Basu: I will not (in a stern tone)
Yash and Prabhas: this time we will support our friend you must forgive him
Abhi: that’s what I am saying
Shreya and Vibha: Basudha please forgive our sweet boy
Basu: I will not
That time Ranvi also came there: what’s going on
Yash: forgiving session and seems she is in no mood for that
Ranvi: don’t you dare to forgive him so easily sister
Basu: of course, I am not going to do so brother
Abhigya: Ranvi you must make her understand and you are manipulating her against him
Ranvi: I will always take my sister’s side bua no matter whatever the situation is
Abhi: but…
Kabir: no need to forgive this idiot so easily Bahu beta let him do some efforts
Divya: exactly, first do something to convince her one single sorry will not work Mr.
Abhi: my own parents are not at my side great
Naira: we will always be at our friend’s side not to worry Pragya
Basudha: and as per my wish I don’t want to talk to this person (full anger)
Saying so she left from there and Naira showed thumbs down followed her here he left there thinking new ways to console her
After sometime
Kaustuki, Manav, Dhruv, and Ganga were playing football in the garden and as Manav hit it, that ball went breaking the glass of a window and a girl came out shouting from there it was none other than Ranjita she came out yelling
Ranjita: who the hell is this person who hit my window
Manav: Didi please return our ball it happened by mistake
Ranjita: since this house is became a marriage house these kids are troubling me why are you troubling you neighbors damn it every day a new drama now I am not going to give it back to you
Dhruv: please Didi give it back we promise we will not do it again
Ranjita: no
Saying so she shut the window
Kaustuki: this lady ugh wait I will call Ranvi mama only he can handle her till then you keep on trying
Ganga: but how
Kaustuki thought something and whispered something in Dhruv’s ears
All said okay in chorus then Kaustuki went from there immediately then Dhruv started singing

Dhruv: Na Maange Sona Chaandi Ham Maange Maafi Didi (We don’t want gold or silver, we want forgiveness sister)
Lo Pakade Hum Apne Kaan Re (Look, we are standing, holding our ears)
Na Maange Sona Chaandi Ham Maange Maafi Didi (We don’t want gold or silver, we want forgiveness sister)
Lo Pakade Hum Apne Kaan Re (Look, we are standing, holding our ears)

Manav accompanying him: Ball Humari Hai, Humko Pyari (Our ball is dear to us)
Ball Humari Hai, Humko Pyari (Our ball is dear to us)

Ganga in her kiddy tone: De De De De De De Re Didi… Football Wapas Humein (Give us back, our football)
Football Wapas Humein… (Our football back)

Being irritated Ranjita opened the window and giving an evil smile sung

Ranjita: Karate Ho Tang Mujhe Shaam Savere (You irritate me, evening and day)
Aaj Pado Chaahein Pair Bhi Mere… (Today, even if You fall down at my feet)
Football Main Na Dungi (I shall not give You the football)
Karate Ho Tang Mujhe Shaam Savere (You irritate me, evening and day)

Ganga making an innocent face: Sorry Didi Ab Hum Nahi Karenge Sor (Sorry, sister, now we shall not make Sor)

Dhruv rectifying her: Sor Nahi Baba Shor… Shor (It’s not Sor, it’s Shor (meaning noise))

Then all the three in chorus: Sorry Didi Ab Hum Nahi Karenge Shor(Sorry, sister, now we shall not make noise)
Lekin Bachche Na Khelein To Ho Jayenge Bore(But if the kids shall not play, then they shall get bored)
Sorry Didi Ab Hum Nahi Karenge Shor(Sorry, sister, now we shall not make noise)
Lekin Bachche Na Khelein To Ho Jayenge Bore(But if the kids shall not play, then they shall get bored)

Ranjita making a teasing face: Na Na Na Na Na Na… Ja Re Ja Ja Re Ja(No no, go away)
Bekaar Ka Drama Hai, Jhuthi Ye Kahani Hai(This is worthless drama, it’s a fake story)
Ladaki Tu Bhi Kuch Kam Nahin.. In Sabki Tu Nani Hai (O girl! You are no less than the others, You are like their granny (in cunningness))(to Ganga)
Bekaar Ka Drama Hai (This is worthless drama)

That time Kaustuki brought Ranvi there and he got irked looking at Ranjita’s face he was totally irked as all the kids were pleading and she wasn’t listening so he went ahead without wasting a time and sung
Ranvi making a hating face to her: Tera Mere Bachchon Se (Between You and my kids)
Kaisaa Hai Ye Jhagda Purana… (What’s this old fight?)
Lafda Hai Ye Kya Mujhko Batana (What’s this feud about, tell me?)
Tera Mere Bachchon Se, Kaisaa Hai Ye Jhagda Purana… (What’s this old fight, between You and my kids)

As Ranvi was wearing cap that time all the kids looking at him sung

All the four in chorus: Topi Wale Ball Dilaa (O the one wearing the hat, get us the ball)
Jaane Kyun Didi Hai Khafa (Who knows why sister is upset with us)
Humari Ball Dila (Get us our ball)
Topi Wale (O the one wearing the hat)

Ranvi trying to calm himself down to Ranjita sung: O Khilauna Mere Bachcho Kaa Bhala Kyon Chheen Leti Ho…(Why do You rob my kids of their toy?)
Khilauna Mere Bachcho Kaa Bhalaa Kyon Chheen Leti Ho(Why do You rob my kids of their toy?)
Duaaein Denge Ye Tumko, Agar Tum Ball Deti Ho (They shall bless You, if You give them the ball)

Ranjita came down and yelling at them sung pointing at kids: Duaaen Le Nahi Sakti (I can’t take the blessings)
Main In Badmaash Bachchon Se (From these naughty kids)
Ki Mujhko Door Hi Rakho (Keep me away from this)
Samajh Ke Aise Kachchon Se (From these senseless ones)
Roz Ye Shor Karen(They make noise everyday)
Kabhi Outdoor Karen(Sometimes Outdoors)
Kabhi Indoor Karen (Sometimes Indoors)
Aur Ab Ro Ke Mujhe Bore Karen…(And now they cry and bore me)

Jhoothe Hain Tere Bachche(Your kids are liars)
Bachche Tere Bachche (Your kids)

Ranvi pulling Ganga’s cheeks: Kyon Kosti Ho Inako Bhala(Why do You curse them?)
Hain Dil Ke Bade Sachhe (They are true in their hearts)
Bachche Mere Bachche (My kids)

Ranjita yelling: Bachche Tere Bachche (Your kids)
Ranvi teasing: Bachche Mere Bachche ( yea My kids)
Ranjita: Tere Bachche (Your kids)
Ranvi: Mere Bachche (My kids)

Ranjita: Tere Bachche (Your kids)
Ranvi: Mere Bachche (My kids)

Ranjita: Tere Bachche (Your kids)
Ranvi: Mere Bachche (My kids)

Ranjita: Tere Bachche (Your kids)
Ranvi: Mere Bachche (My kids)

They started their fight and taking its advantage Kaustuki slide the ball from Ranjita’s hand and going at some distance shouted “guys got the ball”
Then Ranvi teased her and sung while teasing her “To Bolo…(Then say)
Om Shaanti Om, Shaanti Shaanti Om (It’s an ancient Vedic Mantra that means ‘Peace for all Humanity’)
To Bolo… (Then say)
Om Shaanti Om, Shaanti Shaanti Om


Saying so all left inside leaving and irritated Ranjita behind then screen shifted towards Abhi who was seated with Yash and Prabhas thinking about what to do to convince Basudha and Yash and Prabhas were also suggesting the ways but all were tried by him and she wasn’t convinced yet then Yash said
Yash: what kind of girl is this Bhaiya this much tantrums
Abhi: she is angry
Prabhas: and we are not able to find a way to convince her
Yash: what to do
Prabhas: whenever husband’s get angry wives manage to convince them by making their favorite dishes now what should husband to convince his wife
Something got strike into his mind and then Abhi said
Abhi: what if I also convince her in same way
Prabhas: what are you saying you can’t match them in cooking
Yash: leave it Bhaiya let him try but tell me do you know how to cook
Abhi: yes, I know as in my graduation period I was living in PG so we have to do it on our own
Prabhas: has she tasted food of your hand?
Pratik who heard all that: That’s good then she must try food of your hand and you must try it once for sure
Abhi: thanx pa
Yash: then what are you waiting for? Christmas!!
Abhi: no let’s go but what are her favorite dishes
Abhigya: I will help you in that
Abhi: thanx maa then lets go
He went and prepared all her favorite dishes to convince her Abhigya tasted it and praised him as he actually cooked good then they shifted all the food on dining table when at dinner time Basudha came there along with Ranvi she saw all her favorite dishes
Basudha: woah!! All my favorite?? Why are you showering this much love on me today maa anything special??
Abhigya: I hadn’t made it
Basudha: then Vibha mami right!!
Vibha: no
Basudha: aah let it be I am hungry and want to taste
Shreya: Abhi prepared all the dishes today
Basudha who was about to taste it kept the plate back and looking at him in anger said “I am no more hungry now” saying so she was about to leave when Abhi stopped her saying “Armaan-e-mohabbat ne mallika-e-mohabbat ke liye dawat rakhi hai zaya nahi kijiye huzur (feel of love has kept a feast don’t waste it like that” Basu in a rude tone said “I don’t care”
She was leaving when Yash said something in Abhi’s ear and he took one plate and spoon and started playing it Yash started singing and Abhi acted on it”

Abhi acted playing plate with spoon:

Ho… Chaand Chaahun, Na Chakora(I don’t wish for the Moon or for the Chakora bird(Chakor/Chakora is a hypothetical bird which is supposed to live by drinking moonlight.
Hence, it is always awaiting the moon. This is metaphorically used in many poems and
songs to describe someone who is eagerly awaiting for something)
Na Falak Ka… Tukda, Tukda, Tukda (I don’t want a piece of the horizon (Sky))
Noor Chaahun, Na Main Hoori(Neither I want a girl who is a radiant beauty nor a beautiful maiden)
Na Pari Sa… Mukhda, Mukhda, Mukhda (Or the one who has the face of an angel)

Tangling her hand to his:
Sang Sang Chal De (May she just walk with me (on this path of life))

Making her taste one of his dishes
Sang Sang Chakh Le (May she just taste with me)
Meetha Meetha Har Sukh Har Dukhda (Every happiness and sadness (that comes our way in life))

Slapping her face gently as if he is waking her up from nap
Usse Khwaabon Se Jagaun (I’ll wake her up from the dream world)

Encircling her arms around her and with irritated face she freed herself an moved
Usse Baahon Mein Sulaun(I’ll make her sleep in my arms)

Kneeled before her
Sar Aankhon Pe Bithaun (I’ll obey every wish of hers)

Made her eat again:
Usse Haathon Se Khilaun Ta-Umar (I’ll make her eat with my hands all my life)

Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya… (The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan (dining cloth/ceremonial spread)
(Dastarkhwan is a Persian term which literally means a meticulously laid-out
ceremonial dining spread. The word is also used for the table cloth or the dining
cloth which is used below such a big feast)
Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya… (The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(It’s a feast of love)
(It’s an invitation to You to the feast of love)
Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya… (The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(It’s a feast of love)
Hai Qubool To Aaja Jaana(If You accept it then please come)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(It’s a feast of love)
Hai Qubool To Aaja Jaana(If You accept it then please come)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai, Ishq Hai (It’s a feast of love)
Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya…(The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)
Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya…(The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)

She moved from there and then Yash said something again in his ears and smiling widely he hugged him then following her acted

Baadalon Ko Chun Ke, Bun Ke(I’ve picket the clouds, woven them together)
Kaleen Banaaya Hai Tere Liye(And made a carpet only for You)
Taaron Ko Tod Kar Ke(I’ve plucked the stars from the skies)
Tashtari Mein Sajaya Hai Tere Liye(And I’ve decorated them on a plate for You)

Basudha turned to him and in irritated song sung :
Chand Taaron Ko Kyun Sataya(Why did You torture the Moon and the stars)
Tilmilaya Hai Mere Liye(They were innocently twinkling for me already)
Jaaun Jidhar Bhi Khil Khil Udhar Hi(Wherever I go, a bright sunshine)
Dhoop Nikalti Hai Mere Liye (Comes out for me)

Abhi pulling her cheeks:
Haaye Baatein Teri Chaashni Si Meethi Meethi…(Your talks are sweet like a sugary syrup)

Basudha in annoyed tone:
Aaye Haaye…
Baatein Hi Ya Daawatein Bhi Meethi Meethi…(Are just Your talks sweet is Your feast also sweet)

Abhi with making lovely expression:

Tu Aaye Toh Pheeki Se Mehfil Mein Meri Haan Lazzatein Laut Aaye(If You come, then in this bland gathering of mine, all the flavors/tastes will come back)

Basudha teasing him:
Aye Hazrat Belazzat Jo Hai Teri Daawat Toh Bolo Bhala Kaun Aaye(If Your feast is so bland, then why should one come)

Abhi holding her hand:

Arrey Keh De Tu Jo, Saari Degon Ko(If You say so, then every cooking pot)
Aag Doon Dil Ki Main (Will be ignited by the fire of my heart)
Dum Bhi Main De Doon Apna (And I’ll also give them my breath)

She turned and then he again sweetly acted as Yash was singing

Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya… (The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(It’s a feast of love)
(It’s an invitation to You to the feast of love)
Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya… (The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(It’s a feast of love)
Hai Qubool To Aaja Jaana(If You accept it then please come)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(It’s a feast of love)
Hai Qubool To Aaja Jaana(If You accept it then please come)
Daawat-E-Ishq Hai, Ishq Hai (It’s a feast of love)
Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya…(The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)
Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhwan Bichhaaya…(The heart has spread the Dastarkhwan)

Then accompanying Yash Prabhas and Pratik also joined him and offering a juice to Basu all sung

Haan Sharbat Mein Ghuli Mohabbat, Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(Love is dissolved in the sharbat, it’s a feast of love)

Basudha making him irritate:
Tauba Tauba Buri Milawat, Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(Oh my! Mixing is very bad, it’s a feast of love)

Arre Kismat Se Milti Hai Shirkat, Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(Because of one’s good luck he/she gets to participate in this, it’s a feast of love)

Basudha ignoring him:
Aji Befizool Ki Kisko Fursat, Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(Who has got free time for such a useless thing, it’s a feast of love)

Abhi being irritated as Yash sung in irritation:

Tunak Nahin Zara Chakh Toh Le(Don’t be so annoyed, taste this a little)

Basudha giving a smirk:
Dhadak Nahin Tu Zara, Dum Toh Le(Don’t exert so much, take a deep breath)

Abhi in a kiddish stubborn manner:
Jud Jaane De Taar Se Taar Ko (Let the strings (of our hearts) get connected)

Zara Soch Samajh, Ek Baar Toh(Think and understand for a while what You are wishing for)

Abhi in a pleading manner with smile
Na Soch Ke, Na Hosh Se (Without thinking, without consciousness)
Tujhe Mehmaan Banaya, Haan Humne Bulaya Dil Se (I’ve made You my guest, I’ve invited You with my heart)

Hearing that her heart melt and she dreamt that she accepted
Haan… Hai Kubool Ye Humne Maana…(Yes, I accept Your proposal/invitation)
Hai Kubool Ye Humne Maana, Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(Yes, I accept Your proposal, it’s a feast of love)
Ji Huzoor Humein Manzoor, Ye Daawat-E-Ishq Hai(Yes sir, I accept/agree, it’s a feast of love)
Ji Huzoor Humein Manzoor, Ye Daawat-E-Ishq Hai, Ishq Hai(Yes sir, I accept, it’s a feast of love)

But as Ranvi came there and called her she came back to senses went from there Abhigya said
Abhigya: she is so stubborn now leave her come lets have dinner its getting late
Abhi; if she is stubborn then I am also stubborn until she will forgive me I will not eat anything
Pratik: but…
Abhi cuts him off: its final
Saying so he left from there in anger then Prabhas said
Prabhas: both are mad

Precap: hazardous fathers
hope you liked it and look this link for the better description

see you at next episode

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    Main har roz guzarti hoon Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu Main ret jaisi udti hoon Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega Jaise main karti hoon Haa.. Aa.. Meri nazar ka safar Tujhpe hi aake ruke Kehne ko baaki hai kya Kehna tha jo keh chhuke Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki Tujhe khabar kya bekabar Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
    Teri aankhein padhti hoon
    Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
    Jaise main karti hoonTu jo mujhe aa milaSapne hue sarphire
    Haathon mein aate nahi Udte hain lamhein mere Meri hasi tujhse Meri khushi tujhse
    Tujhe khabar kya beqadar Jis din tujhko na dekhun
    Pagal pagal phirti hoon
    Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
    Jaise main karti hun ?????????????????????? I meant the every line of this song!  next one: ??????????? Tum bhi ho, main bhi hoon, paas aao, toh keh doon Aakhir kyun pal yun diwaana main ho gaya Tumhein jo maine dekha, tumhein jo maine jaana  Jo hosh tha, woh toh gaya Badan ki ye khushboo, jataane lagi jaadoo Toh hoke beqaabu, dil kho gaya Tumhein jo maine socha, tumhein jo maine maana Tumhein jo maine dekha, tumhein jo maine jaana Jo hosh tha, woh toh gaya ???? Itni kyun, tum khubsoorat ho, ke sab ko hairat ho Duniya mein sach-much hi rehti hai Pariyon se bhi zyaada pyaari si ladki koyi Haan itni kyun, bolo haseen tum ho, jo dekhein gum-sum ho Dekho na main bhi hoon khoya sa Behka sa mujhpe bhi chhaayi hai diwaangi Tumhi ko maine puja, tumhi ko chaaha paana Tumhein jo maine dekha, tumhein jo maine jaana Jo hosh tha, woh toh gaya! ???? next one please haan its last ??tumse milke dil ka hai jo hal kya kahe
    Ho gaya hai kaisa yeh kamal kya kahe
    Tumse milke dil ka hai jo hal kya kahe
    Ho gaya hai kaisa yeh kamal kya kahe Dil toh ik rahee jana, dil kee tum manjil ho Dil toh hai ik kashtee jana, jiska tum sahil ho Dil na phir kuchh mange jana, tum agar hasil ho Dil toh hai meraa tanha jana, aao toh mehfil ho Ishk se hee saree khushiya, ishk hee barbadee
    Ishk hai pabandee lekin, ishk hee ajadi Ishk kee duneeya me yaro, khwab kee aabadee Ho gaya woh jisko manjil, ishk yeh dikhladee Dekho pyare, yeh najare, yeh diwane, yeh parwane
    Yeh ishk me kaise gum Hay tumse milke dil ka hai jo hal kya kahe Ho gaya hai kaisa yeh kamal kya kahe Tumse milke dil ka hai jo hal kya kahe<
    Ho gaya hai kaisa yeh kamal kya kahe ???????????????? Kya kahein janab I am in love with you, this journey was enough beautiful with most beautiful writer l???? you can say: Bandi pagla gayi h pakka! lekin bhen bs m pagla toh gayi hun bs kya krun ??????????????? buht heeee ziyada lagta h tun bore hogayi mere comment se khatam hee nhi ho rha na! m khatam bhi nhi krna cha hty yaar I just wanna pen down all my heart today but I guess meri ek jo right arm h saath nhi de rhy ?????? acha so seriously you are best , today i m saying Sorry! sorry for what? agr kabhi mere comments buht hee irritation wale lage hon! annoying lage hon so muafffi! kabhi kabhi pata nhi chalta k m kitni bakwaas kr leti hun! aisa lagta h as if Mein tujhe comments se tang krti hun ? but i can not resist from commenting! pagal hun  ????? exams khtam hone ki khushi m or bhi! acha wesay agr comments annyoing hain feel free to tell me, kuch limitations rakh dungy comment m ? acha so ab ma ne chalna chayh, yeh ghanri bawari chokri thare ko Salam kehti h ??????? You have turned me into ghanri Bawari! Thanks bye ? Hats off??

  10. superb episode di keep rocking waiting for the next episode

  11. Shivika22kapoor

    PRE RECAP ????? Hazardous fathers aab ya kya ha behna. Aap toh mujhe chakaron ma hi daal data Ho confusia Gaya ha hum.
    Aaj ka epi toh bohat mast tha. Ranvi is amazing and kiddo party is mind blowing Ranjita??? irritating person.
    But I loved the way you described Ranvi especially in the song ? part, that was superb.
    Both the songs are super duper hit and total paisa vasool.
    Basu showing tantrums ?? she looks really cute in this avatar.
    These two teams are really awesome.
    Bichara Abhi pata nahi kitna din bhook hartal par baitha Ga aab, itni mehnat kar raha hai Basu ko manana Ki taraas aagaya mujhe us par.
    The entire epi is a treat to read and especially the way you gave explanation of few words in the song was really brilliant.
    Spectacular episode and pls post next asap.
    Bye ? bye ????

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