Episode 6
Kaustuki was with Abhi in his room as it was time to sleep after dinner all were in their respective room and Abhi was playing with her they were tickling each other when Pragya came in after managing all the work and they both father and daughter were making too much noise so she said
Pragya: Oh ho what you people are doing this much noise Kaustuki what is this haah!
Kaustuki : I didn’t do anything I was playing tickle tickle with him that’s it
Abhi: Yup you can also play if you want just like this you have to show finger and say tickle tickle (towards Kaustuki and she started laughing) that’s it
Pragya: You and your silly games
Abhi: I don’t have any silly games but yes I have one silly girl at my home who use to stop me from playing with my daughter.
Kaustuki : who is that silly girl
Pragya: its none of your business come and sleep common
Abhi: no she will not
Pragya: and may I ask why is it so?
Abhi: Because we are going for a walk in nearby park
Pragya: what walk at this time
Abhi: what do you mean by this time it is only 7:30 pm understood but because of radio we have ate our dinner at 6:00pm seriously this is just ugh.. leave it and tell me if you are coming otherwise I am going with Kaustu
Pragya: I am coming

Abhi and Kaustu looking at each other in shock and went near her
Abhi keeping hand on her forehead : are you Ok (Tabiyat to theek hai tumhari)
Kaustu holding her wrist: pulse is also normal
Pragya: may I ask what are you both doing?
Abhi: No actually every time you use to say NO so this Yes was unexpected
Pragya: so you don’t want me to come with you then its ok
Abhi : nothing like that Kaustu go change your clothes
Kaustuki: Just in few minutes Papa
Abhi: come silly
Pragya nods her head in yes and they trio went for a walk out in nearby park and as per habitual Kaustuki slept in Abhi’s arms and now they both were returning towards home after a long walk and Abhi asked
Abhi: feeling good
Pragya: how you know that I wasn’t feeling good?
Abhi winks : I know it itna to janta hi hoon tumhe.(atleast this much I know you)
Pragya: you leave spoiled na because of mami
Abhi: did I said this to you?
Pragya: No but..

Abhi: then who said that my leave is spoiled I took leave to spend time with you both and I did so see just now we trio are together
Pragya smiles and they both after returning to home drifted to sleep then suddenly they both got disturbed while sleeping as the voice of bell was disturbing them and when he looked the time in the clock it was 4:00am in the morning and they both went out to check what was going on and they saw that Kamya was doing pooja and Abhi asked from Pragya
Abhi: did she have appointment with god that she have to do her pooja at this much early morning
Pragya: don’t know I think again something..
Abhi: if that is something then my advice is that don’t think about something and come let’s sleep otherwise she will trap us for sure
Pragya just went with him and plugging earphones in ear they both tried to sleep but in vein kamya knocked the door and asked Pragya to wake up and she left as she can’t resist Abhi was slept by that time and after couple of hours he woke up and after getting ready for the office he went in hall to read newspapers for current affairs as well as news and then he called Pragya for his morning coffee and when she came she was looking tired and Abhi noticed that then after finishing his coffee he went inside the kitchen and asked her
Abhi: What happen you are looking tired did slept right she woke you at that time itself right!
Pragya didn’t responded and then Abhi said
Abhi: I knew it well don’t worry I will do something and then you have proper rest ok
Pragya smiled and he left from there and today Kaustuki was also awake by that time and she looked that Kamya was reading newspaper and thought “Gosh Nani is again reading newspaper I stopped her watching TV but how to stop her from reading this idea “ and she went and took the English newspaper as kamya was reading the hindi one and she said to Abhi
Kaustuki: papa what is your zodiac?

Abhi while wearing his tie: why bachha you also started doig so?
Kaustuki: No I just thought ok you wont tell me then I will ask to nani
She went giggling and Abhi understood that sure she will do something so he smiled at her
Kaustuki: nani what is your zodiac sign?
Kamya: cancer! But why you are asking so beta?
Kaustuki: I will read your horoscope in newspaper wait as today weekly horoscope is here in this edition
Kamya excitedly : ok ok please read and tell me what is written there
Kaustuki: so here it is written that you can face any kind of major loss this week loss of money loss of wealth loss of personality any kind of loss and you can face major disease also.
Kamya got scared : and what more is written beta ji ?
Kaustuki: Nani it is written here that if you heard any kind of songs or any kind of serial you watched you can face night blindness or cataract
Kamya : wait a minute cataract only happen to those who are suffering from diabetes it cant happen like this and nothing is written like this in this newspaper which I have read now
Kaustuki : Arey nani wo local hai na?
Kamya: so
Kaustuki: so local astrologer must have written it and this is all over india supply nani this is written by great astrologers and forgot what I told yesterday that English horoscope has strong effect

Kamya scared: Ok ok what is written next any cure to get rid from these things
Kaustuki: yes it is written here that if you want to save yourself then you have to spend almost six to seven hours in temple infront of god you have to agree upon all your mistakes and then you have to lit 10 diyas infornt of him and pray infront of him chant a mantra whatever you know 100 times
Kamya getting relieved : You are my sweet granddaughter if you weren’t here no one will worry about me
She hurriedly rushed to her room and taking one bag she left and Pragya and her mamu was shouting “arey where are you going” and then Abhi came out and narrated whole incident and Uncle was laughing hard and said “well done beta very well done you are truly a impression of your mother” Kaustu smiled and went near Abhi
Kaustuki ; I did a great job right!
Abhi: Yes of course
Kaustuki: Then I deserve award also
Abhi: I will not bring any kind of Barbie doll for you
Kaustu : Papa this is cheating how you come to know what I am going to ask you?
Abhi smiled and taking his bag said to Pragya
Abhi: Look now your Mami is not here till night for sure so don’t do any kind of work and stress yourself ok just take rest proper rest and Kaustu beta take care of mummy ok keep in mind that she don’t do any kind of work
Kaustuki; Aai Aai captain
Abhi smiled : ok bye see you soon
And he left then Pragya was about to continue her work but uncle stopped her and said “No work as Abhishek said just take rest and it is my order go now”
Pragya: But mamu
Uncle : No ifs no buts just go
Pragya smiled and left from there

Precap : Kamya meets Divya
OMG this radio is going to meet Divya now what blunder she is going to bring in Pragya’s life still a suspense for that you have to wait for sometime as her secret is secret which i will reveal on correct time and i am sorry yr for the short update as today i didnt got any idea what to upload in this so …. ok its up to you i will not judge it so enjoy 😀

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  1. Surbhi …….what do u mean by this u have no idea.Surbhi if u didn’t get any idea than how can u write an(no words)episode.Surbhi the way u think u can write because we all know that ur thinking is just (no words to describe).To zaida socha mat karo likha karo.Because ap ki hr ik line me na perfectness jhalkti hai.Surbhi bohat short ep thi but as usual ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and much more.Luv u.

  2. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Who is Divya

    1. Divya is kastu dadi

  3. Hai surbhi…kaustu…was awesome ? nice episode

  4. Maya

    Lolz no ideas and this is a short update! Its the best joke I have ever heard! Did u ever see my ffs? Most of the time they are very short with no ideas at all??? so compared to mine is way too better! No always better!?????? and today’s epi I always like kaustu a lot man!??

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    HAT’S OFF TO you surbhi mam you have great ideas and stories…. lOVE you??

    1. SURBHI

      its ok raj jae no need to be sorry dear and love you too

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