STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 57 (part 3) final part


Episode 57 part 3 final part

The episode starts with everyone meeting their loved ones Yashika to Rishi, Naira to Siddharth and Basudha went to attend the call by Abhi being lost in thoughts that what to talk with him as they rarely use to talk on phone (Oh come on many people are like this every time doing chak and when the time comes to chat on phone they are such a dull) she was also the same she kept the phone on her ear and a silence of minute was there
Abhi: you are going to speak something or just want to stay silent (with a smile on his face)
Basudha: what to say (with a smile on her face)

Abhi: won’t you ask when I am coming
Basu: why should I !! when you already said that you will come next week
Abhi: what if I come earlier
Basu: then what!!! It will be good
Abhi: really!! You won’t be affected by my presence
Basu: it depends upon time
Abhi: then I will not come
Basu: have you ever listened to me that you will hear me this time
Abhi: someone is getting angry
Basu: someone is irritating me
Abhi: itna gussa na kiya kijiye mallika-e-mohabbat kahin shikan jiyada na ho jaye chehre par (don’t get so angry queen of love what if ruck came a lot on your face)
Basu chuckled: let it be
Abhi: really!!! Then I think I must end the call
Basu: khafa hona to humarey haq me tha huzur aap kis haq se khafa ho baithey (getting angry was my right from where do you got the right to get angry from me)

Abhi laughed: you are becoming impossible day by day
Basu: heard this after a long time
Abhi: ha-ha then you wish to hear it every time!!!
Basu stood silent hearing that
Abhi smilingly: you silence said that to me
Basu: what
Abhi: why should I tell you
Basu: that’s not fare
Abhi: everything is fare in love and war
Basu: then what was that love or war??
Abhi: khoobiyan itni bhi nahi hai zamaney me ke chhipa de mohabbat kisi taikhaney me (this world doesn’t have such qualities that it will get successful in hiding the love in a locker)
Basu: believe me it was lame
Abhi: why is it so!!!
Basu: because I didn’t get a single word
Abhi: try to find out its meaning
Basu: what if you tell it to me directly
Abhi: no never

Here their conversation wasn’t ready to get over and screen shifted towards Kirti here Rishi and Siddharth was in their respective rooms with their wives talking about something when Kirti peeked in Rishi was giving something to Yashika but Kirti said
Kirti: Oh, ho romance is on now I will show this picture to everyone
Yashika: oye Kirti!!! What have you snapped show me
Kirti ran from there in full speed saying: I will not
And there Yashika came following her and when she was coming out she met Naira
Naira: Yasho did you saw Kirti??
Yashika: no didu did you saw her
Naira: no but why are you searching her
Yashika: what to tell didu she is grandmother of ours in pranking
Naira: you said this right but at least tell me what she did
Yashika: Arey Rishi was making me wear a necklace which he brought for me to wear in wedding and that moment itself she snapped our pic now what will others think looking that picture
Naira: this girl na really
Yashika: leave all that but what she did with you
Naira: Siddharth was taking off his coat in which I helped as usual it is normal right!!! But she snapped the picture at perfect time that if anyone will see it they will think that I was hugging him from back you know how much it is annoying…

Kirti who was down shouted from there itself: nothing is annoying just love is in the air
Yashika and Naira in chorus: you just wait there, girl I will tell you
They rushed to her and she ran outside from there here screen shifted towards Abhi who was still talking to Basu
Abhi: okay leave that now guess where am I
Basu: in office where else you could be
Abhi: are you sure
Basu: of course, I am sure otherwise why would you have called me
Abhi was about to say something just then a painful scream came out from his mouth and Basu got panicked she shouted “what happened are you okay listen can you hear me what happened?” she was panicking here and started wandering here there being tensed when Dhruv came there calling her
Dhruv: Mami
Basu: what happened Dhruv
Dhruv: Mami wo Mama he is fighting with Kirti aunty
Basu: what!!! He is here!!!
Dhruv: yes Mami
Basu ran from there immediately in the way Abhigya asked from her what happened where are you going in rush she answered while running out “Kirti again” Abhigya patted her head in disbelief and here screen shifted towards Kirti she was yelling at him

Kirti: you idiot can’t you see because of you my mobile broken
Abhi: it is not my fault why was you looking in alter way looking London running japan huh
Kirti: you will blame me!!! How dare you do so
Abhi: listen madam sorry for your mobile but you have also strike me in that way that my stomach got hit by your elbow
Kirti: whoa locha khud ne kiya aur naam mere pe daal raha hai (great created problem on yourself and now blaming me)
Abhi: madam I have already said sorry for your phone now don’t raise my temper please (in a stern tone)
Kirti: blaming !!! who the hell are you to tell me all that do you have eyes or tich buttons and more than that who gave you permission to enter this house you idiot fellow
Yashika reached there and got shocked looking Abhi and Kirti fighting together Naira too reached there they tried to stop but in vein it seems Abhi was also in full form now
Abhi: I have eyes on right place you must shred these curtains off from your eyes (to her flicks which was on her face)
Kirti: how dare you
Abhi; what do you mean by dare you don’t you have anything else to say Dumbo lady
Kirti shouted: who the hell are you to call me Dumbo lady and who is the wife of this idiot person here
Abhi: how the hell you said like that to me listen madam I am here with a legal invitation understand not like you being an unwanted guest

Kirti: I am the unwanted guest!!! You are the one who is unwanted here
That time Basudha reached there she rushed to Abhi holding his arms
Basu: listen relax just calm down
Abhi: leave me Basu this girl is so annoying see how she is blaming me when the mistake is her
Kirti: didu you stay aside let me handle this man
Basu: shut up Kirti (to Abhi) you come with me
Abhi jerking her hand: oh, leave me
Yashika: oh, angry young man chill
Abhi: No didu it’s enough I had asked sorry for her even when mistake was not mine
Naira: Abhi enough don’t get into kid mode now stop here itself
Abhi: but…

Naira in stern voice: enough now just shut up and get in Pragya take him inside and if you spoke a word more… then believe me nothing will be worse than my anger
Basudha: relax Naira I am taking him in
Naira: better Pragya go in
Abhi got somehow calm when Naira scolded her
Kirti jerking her hairs away: huh if you wouldn’t have come I must have told him who am I By the way he is so scared of you that he heard you just once
Yashika: because he is our brother and he is always scared to Naira didu
Kirti ignoring first: oh!!! (then realizing what Yashika said) what!!!
Naira nodded her head in yes and Kirti gave a “Mar Gaye (dead) expression” but tried not to show that she is scared she said to Yashika
Kirti: Dids you said your brother is an evolution of an ape but he is clearly looking like a chimpanzee
Yashika and Naira widened their eyes as she blurted out Abhi turned and giving a disappointed glare look went with Basudha then Yashika patting Kirti’s head said
Yashika: what the hell you did idiot
Naira: what was the need of blurting out that
Kirti; what’s wrong in that
Yashika: ugh you will not understand didu lets go I think today we have make many attempts to calm him down (chalo lagta hai aaj bohot papad belne padenge)
Naira: let’s go

Both went in leaving Kirti in a confused look and as they entered in Kabir was there whom they met
Kabir: hey my girls where were you I was asking for you only and why are you looking tensed
Naira: Baba everything messed up
Divya: what you done now
Yashika like a kid: no maa we didn’t
Divya: then who!!
Naira narrated the whole incident and then like a kid said: now he is angry
Abhigya who was there that time: this girl na… ugh let me see her
Divya: don’t scold her Abhigya it was just a mistake
Abhigya: then what was the need of fighting with my sweet son-in-law
Pratik: first, stop calling him my sweet then next Divya ji she is right we must stop her otherwise her mischievous antics
Kabir: Oh, no need of it, it is totally his mistake when I said him to come inside with me then he said I will give surprise to everyone and got surprise for himself so in my opinion leave them these kids will get their matter solved on their own leave them we shouldn’t inter fare in their small matters and Naira and Yashika please go and solve this issue stupid girls always being in their fun only
Yashika and Naira doing their heads down: sorry Baba
Kabir: now go from here

Both left from there towards their room to decide what to do for convincing Abhi as he must be angry for sure according to them when last time he got angry with them that was also the same reason and as a result he didn’t talked with them for three days that was not the anger but he was hurt that his own sisters are making his fun among the outsiders so they decided to think something by which his mood gets happening and here screen shifts towards Kirti she was in her room when Priyansh and Gaurav entered
Priyansh: O hoi sweetheart
Gaurav: someone is lost somewhere I think we must leave she doesn’t want us here any more
Kirti: stop here itself idiots
Priyansh: where you are lost? we are here from past five minutes and you never replied to us
Kirti: arey yr. I have done a major locha now for sure Maa will kill me if she got to know about that
Gaurav: what you have done?
Kirti: arey idiots not only maa I am sure didu will also kill me
Priyansh: Basudha didi also!!!! Then you must have done a blunder
Gaurav: but what have you done??

Kirti narrated the whole incident and Priyansh and Gaurav silently started to move from there
Kirti noticed it: just stop there, idiots where are you trying to escape
Priyansh making an oops face: wo dids it is better that one must die rather than three
Gaurav: yeah less of loss is better than a huge loss
Priyansh: you don’t worry we are with you
Kirti; like this!!! You are escaping from here leaving me alone and saying that you are supporting me
Gaurav: moral support dids moral support that is something which works more than any support
Kirti grinning: keep your moral support with you now I know who will help me you both just get lost
Priyansh whispered in Gaurav’s ears: bhaag le bete warna hume bhi lapet lengi apne sath aur phir pungi baja denge sab humari (lets go bro otherwise her mood will get change and again she will drag us in this for sure and then our parents will do our band baja baarat)
Gurav: let’s go

Both left from there and after coming out took a deep sigh of relief screen again shifts towards Kirti she said to herself “I know who can help me out now only Prabhas and Yash mama can help me” saying so she left the room here screen shifts towards Basu and Abhi they entered into the room he was extremely angry and upset he just slid his bad aside and sitting on the bed blabbering something in anger was taking of his shoes and Basudha was looking at him being lost in thoughts that whether to speak or not as he was looking extremely upset by whatever happened few minutes back but then gathering courage decided to speak
Basu: why you never told me that you are here
Abhi in an irritated tone: you were wishing I am in office na then what’s the need of asking all that
Basu: wo…
Abhi being irritated: enough yr. leave that I am in no mood of arguing
He left for getting fresh n up as he was totally irritated that time Kaustuki and Ganga came there
Kaustu: mummy have you seen Manav we are searching for him and he is lost somewhere
Basu: he must be here somewhere
Ganga: didi see new bag
Kaustuki: hmm Gangu you are right… someone is just entered it seems!!! Who arrived recently?
Basu: papa

Kaustuki: Oh, bete aa Gaye wo (Oh, My!! He came so soon)
Basudha: you catch influence so soon na from where did you learnt that
Ganga: maasi
Basu: now don’t speak much otherwise get scolding for sure
Kaustu widening her eyes: what happened and why would we get so
Basu: wait for some time you will get to know soon
Abhi came out changing himself into white Kurta and pajama he took his watch and still his eyebrows were shrink and face was looking same as angry young man Kaustu and Ganga looking his that look immediately hid behind Basudha and she thought something then dragging Kaustuki and Ganga winking at them said
Basudha: Dr. Kaustuki Mehta here is a patient suffering from the disease lets treat him and try to identify which disease is this from which he is suffering and Dr. Ganga kindly assist Dr. Kaustuki
Kaustuki: Yes Mam Dr. Ganga lets go
Both went and Kaustu made him sit dragging him down
Abhi in anger tone: what are you doing stop all this
Basudha: shh… let us do our work junior doctors kindly continue your work
Kaustu: yes captain

She kept her ear on his stomach making faces like she is in deep research after few minutes said to Basudha
Kaustuki: ear is perfectly fine madam
Basudha: okay next
Ganga stood at his back and patted his head gently then kept her ear on it and copying Kaustuki said
Ganga: head is also fine madam
Basu: hmm… next
Abhi who was helpless now looking all that in a mild tone asked: will anyone tell me what are you all trying to do
Kaustuki: hush… don’t disturb let us examine you madam here his heart have problem
Basu: what is the problem there
Kaustuki: it is not beating lub dub but it beating like a drum band
Ganga: I will also hear
She also did the same

Ganga: haan mummy it is playing like dhum pichak dhum dhum
Abhi laughed as he was helpless now his anger flew away it seems
Abhi: heart never beats like that
Basu: you shut up my daughter never lie let me check
She went and sat beside him Kaustuki was on opposite side and Ganga shifted in his lap then Basu making a deep researcher face did the same as Kaustuki and Ganga and then getting back to normal said
Basu: they are saying right it is beating like dhum pichak dhum dhum very good girls
Abhi laughed hard and rounded one hand on Kaustuki and another on Basudha and clutched their neck saying
Abhi: you all can never leave me alone!!
Basudha: laih humne kabhi khud ko akele nahi rehne diya tumhe kaisey rehne denge bhala kyu Ganga (we never ever let ourselves live alone then how would we permit you to do so am I saying right Ganga)
Ganga: right Mummy…

Kaustuki: now leave our necks otherwise it will get bend and no one will like that structure of ours
Ganga who was searching the place to sit in mid of them when didn’t found pulled Abhi from back to down by which now he was laid on the bed all of them laughed as they were fell on bed like that then she does Basu asked and lied in mid of them both and looking at that all the four laughed as how she was behaving just to get with them then Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: okay tell me one thing you never like pranks you never like to joke with anyone then are you in this world only for getting angry (ek baat batao Mazak karna aapko pasand nahi Mazak banana aapko pasand nahi to aap duniya me aaye kyu ho gussa honey ke liye)
Abhi looking towards Basu: I think I have heard these lines before too
Kaustuki gets up from there realizing that he started running his brain and at any moment he can catch her that she is learning answering skills from Yash so she thought better to escape she was about to leave when Abhi got up
Abhi: Yash mama… Kaustuki don’t you dare learn all that irritating answering skills
Kaustuki: no pa extremely no who will learn to answer when the person in front doesn’t know how to answer
Abhi: Kaustu…

She made an oops expression because it was becoming hard for her to control her tongue which was getting habituated of such words Ganga also followed her and then Basu and Abhi looked at each other and burst out into laughter looking them running like that Abhi again encircled his arm around her shoulder
Basu: why you didn’t tell me that you are here
Abhi controlling his laughter: arey I was about to tell you but that time that girl bumped into me by the way who was she
Basu: Kirti
Abhi widening his eyes: Hein are you serious!!
Basu nods her head in yes
Abhi: then thank god
Basu: why!! Was you planning something against her
Abhi: No I was thanking got because you are not like her otherwise I would have faced such situation daily
Basu in fake anger: very funny
Abhi: okay baba sorry now let’s go and meet others
Basu: you will go like this!!!
Abhi: why is there any problem in these clothes

She dragged him towards the mirror and made him stand in front and stood at his back then showed a spot on his kurta he looked at it and then only realized that Ganga was eating something when she kept her hand on his Kurta and it was having its imprint now he smiled and nodded his head said “wait I will change it” he went in and after changing came out then both went down to meet others he met Prabhas who got extremely happy looking him there then Yash hugged him as for other whatever they are but they were friends now Pratik blessed him and all the men took him aside and started talking Basudha was with Shreya and Vibha talking about something when an irritating person disturbed someone it was none other than Rajiv he again went to Basudha without talking with anyone and Ranjita was also with him and she was feeling extremely awkward he was continuously talking with her and she was giving a fake smile trying to maintain distance then suddenly he held her hand and that was the time Abhi who busy in talking his eye fell on her she was trying to ignore Rajiv basically she was trying to ignore her anger Abhi who was smiling his smile got faded off and a grin expression took place on his face when he heard a voice from back it was Ranvi
Ranvi: such a jerk he is not leaving a single chance to trouble her today I will cut his wings for sure Abhi you please come with me

Abhi nodded and went with him both went there towards him
Ranvi dragging Basudha aside: Hey Rajiv you came so late aah we were waiting for you
Rajiv: Oh! Is it… why? Anything important
Ranvi: no just flower arrangement Bua said that you have to handle it as you are good at making fool
Rajiv: what???
Ranvi changing his statement cleverly: fool idiot I said fool you know na in Hindi flower means fool
Rajiv: oh, now I got it
Ranvi: anyways meet Mr. Abhishek Mehta my brother-in-law and husband of Mrs. Basudha Mehta
Rajiv: Oh husband of Basudha…(didn’t paid attention first then realizing what he said) what!!! You mean Pragya’s husband

Ranvi nodded his head with a smirk: and those two girls who are playing there they are their daughters
Rajiv with a sad expression: Oh! So, you are married now great
Abhi who was looking that with a doubtful expression for his behavior encircled his arms around Basu then said
Abhi: it seems you are her friend
Rajiv nodded his head in yes: we were best friends
Abhi: oh, then I had to agree that my wife is best in making best friends
Basu looked at him his expressions was clearly showing that he was up to something

Precap: Kirti “It was not my mistake jijs and will you feel good when i will say sorry to you after all i am like your daughter right” Abhi “Han sure i will not feel bad if you ask sorry from me” Kirti pulling his cheeks “you are not serious right!!” Abhi with a smirk “No” kirti with happiness “i knew it” Abhi “hear me first i was saying i am extremely serious” Kirti made an irritating expression

Notice: Two to three episodes will be fully based on Abhidha so get ready for a roller coaster rider

hahah notice like soochna janhit me jari well yes next few episodes will be like that only as it is time for a twist lets see what twist it is in next update part 1 till then bye bye

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