STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 57 (part 2)


Ashu your doubt will get clear in this episode dear and there in last episode it was a mistake it was 15 years there as Kirti is seven years younger than Basudha so when Basudha was married she was 15
Episode 57 part2

It was the time of evening when everyone was busy in their respective works and here Basudha was with Kirti they both the girls were discussing about some serious matter lets go and listen what they were talking
Kirti: you never missed me in these past 13 years
Basudha: I missed you but it seems you didn’t miss me and more than that you became so mischievous
Kirti: Oh, come on didu you know very well that because of that radio our interaction with each other was not so good as Shitiz mama took me with him and then before your marriage itself he got transferred here not exactly he but Sandeep Bhaiya got transferred here so we had to leave that place and he said for my betterment also it was necessary
Basudha: Hmm then when did you met maa
Kirti: arey that incident
Basudha: incident

Kirti: yeah it was kind of incident only we were just transferred here and settled down when I was going with mama at some place I don’t remember properly there he saw someone and got shocked then I was again and again asking that mama lets go home but he never heard me he started following them both and then we entered a mall believe he made me walk a lot that day I was totally frustrated
Basudha patting her head: then
Kirti: then he called a name out it was the name Abhigya I wondered who the hell is this lady because of her he made me walk this much such an irritating personality can’t she stop and ask that why we are following her and Mama was also great he also didn’t stopped her in mid-way I was just thinking was it necessary to drag me to that mall and that also by walking this much long distance he was a military person but I was a normal civilian right!! How can he do this ugh I just hate him for that

Basudha: stop complaining and tell me about what happened next
Kirti: oh sorry, sorry I forgot my path where was I?
Basudha rolling off her eyes: you walked to the mall he called out the name Abhigya
Kirti: so, smart didu great haah! Well yes, he called out that name and we were looking for her she turned and he smiled with eyes filled up with tears her eyes were also starting filling with tears looking at him I understood bhai any connection is there for sure so I tried to ask indirectly I asked him that “Mama is she your mother that you are crying like a kid” and to my surprise he answered me “Not mine but she is your mother” and I was like “hein my mother in US and I am in India bhai this was total locha”
Basudha laughed: what is locha??
Kirti: mean problem or you can say in style “Kuchh to Gadbad hai Daya”
Basudha laughed: okay then!!
Kirti: haan then I thought that there is something fishy so when she came to Mama and talked to him he hugged her and papa tightly and told her that I am her daughter so I thought bete mauka hai chauka maar de (you have a chance hit it) so I asked her directly if she is my mother and she was looking at me widening her eyes and I was so irritated you know what I said to her
Basudha: what!!

Kirti: I said “look madam if you are then tell me soon and end this emotional drama please and if you are not then also tell me so that we can leave to home already he made me walk so much that I am irritated and want to go home” she was looking at me then at Mama and papa was also showing the same expression and I again said to them “Are you guys going to clear the confusion please” she stumbled a bit looking at my anger and said looking at Mama “Yes I am” I said to her “great then mom lets go home my legs are really paining” they both just wondered that without any emotional drama our re union happened but it wasn’t the fact I didn’t cried for her I did but after few days when the frustration of walking that much distance left my mind that time I realized she was with me and I cried
Basudha: hmm so this is how you met her but you didn’t inform me haah!
Kirti: how would I Ani mama’s contact was lost and when we called at his old residence they said that he left the place much before and then even mama tried to contact you all taking his contact through various places too but in vein nothing worked out and you know how much I was missing your company no one was here to listen my lame topics ha-ha

Basudha: finally, we are together
Kirti: you must finally, BBC London is not here
Basudha laughed when she saw that Ganga was there in her half sleep she lift her up in her lap then following her Kaustuki also came there she was irked
Kaustuki: Mummy you again left us alone that’s not fare
Kirti: excuse me you can’t talk to my sister like this
Kaustuki: ugh I hate you masi you are snatching my mummy from me not even me from Ganga also ugh
Kirti: and I hate your father he snatched my sister from me
Kaustuki: Maasi don’t say that I will tell it to him
Kirti: I am not scared of him believe me if he came here I will break his both the legs and make him sit on wheel chair

Basudha in a stern tone: excuse me!!!
Kirti: what excuse me of course I will do so how dare he married you in my absence I wasn’t there and they accepted you as their daughter in law and that also your marriage they kept on a date which was after our departure from India permanently
Kaustuki: then you should scold radio for that why you are saying about him
Kirti: that BBC London she will get 1000 curses for running our life you see I will leave 1000 cockroaches in her bed she will get irritated for sure
Basudha: relax girls relax why to get hyper chill Kaustuki come you sleep here itself with us
Kaustuki: I can’t sleep with her Nani told me she kicks a lot in her sleep I am ok where I am sleeping (said making a weird face)

She went from there saying so and Kirti said
Kirti: I think this girl totally resembles that bear structure
Basudha: who the hell is bear structure?
Kirti: who else? Her father your husband
Basudha: stop cursing him haah
Kirti: okay at least tell me how he looks?
Basudha: I will not tell you he is coming next week meet him on your own
Kirti: oh, please tell me
Basudha: no
Kirti: then he must be a fatty boy that’s why you are not telling me
Basudha: think whatever you want to think I am going
Kirti: bewafa
Basudha: yes, I am
She was left till then, Kirti said to herself “when will the day come that I will win from her”

Next day morning
Kirti was roaming around Basudha to describe the face of Abhi to her that she can imagine or figure out how Abhi looks exactly and Basudha was again and again denying she asked to Kaustuki but because of last night argument she was also not ready to accept her demand she was getting irritated
Kirti: Didu I am warning you to tell me otherwise I will imagine that he is same as monkey
Basudha: imagine what you want but I will not tell you
Abhigya came there: why you girls are arguing
Kirti: your idol daughter is not telling me how her husband looks
Abhigya thought to tease her more: Han to she is saying extremely right!
Kirti: now you also changed party haah!
Abhigya: wait for some time girl you will get to know how he looks.
Meanwhile Yashika and Naira also came there
Yashika: what’s going on Pragya
Kirti: she is not telling me how your brother looks
Naira: why will she tell you
Kirti: why is it so

Yashika: because he is our brother we will tell you come
Kirti: thank god… someone is ready to tell me how he looks
Yashika encircling her arms around her shoulder: so… you want to know how that idiot looks right
Kirti nodded her head in yes
Naira: you can say he is just an evolution of ape
Kirti: hein!!!
Yashika: his face is having that much long beard and moustaches that his all face gets always covered with them
Naira: we even told him many times not to live like that someday van of mental asylum will drag him to that asylum but he is not ready to listen always says this is style huh idiotic person
Kirti widening her eyes: is he mad or what
Yashika: more than Mad dear he is more than that it is your sister who handled him otherwise he was just like a mad monkey

Kirti: oh! My didu
Naira: that’s why we are with her only because we don’t want to live like an ape
Kirti in bit tensed voice: will my husband also turn like that??
Yashika trying to control her laughter: why would he turn so
Kirti: no if he is like that then I can reject him na
Naira: chill girl neither he is like him nor you are like Pragya so as your lives are different you are also different
Kirti: then!!!
Yashika: oh, girl how will be our partner it always stays a mystery If you haven’t met him ever
Kirti: thank god I have met him
Naira: means this is love marriage
Kirti: No, it is arranged cum love marriage
Yashika: what do you mean
Kirti: arey alliance was fixed then we met and about one year dated each other now we love each other so we are getting married simple yr. what a rocked science in it
Naira: cool

Kirti: yeah… by the way you all are married to tell me does the life gets changed after that!! I mean what mom Is saying to me all the time is it true
Yashika: if it is happening with love then No
Kirti: really but always butterflies are flying in my stomach what is this feeling?
Yashika and Naira laughed looking at each other: we can understand it happens with everyone
Kirti: but why?? I was asking the same from Didu but she didn’t tell me instead she said in a stern tone “I never felt that”

Yashika and Naira smilingly looked at each other, then Yashika sung
Yashika encircling her arms around Kirti: Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli (Oh girl, what is this riddle)
Naira sitting with her at opposite side: Aaisa vaisa kuch kyun hota hai saheli (Why does this happen, my friend)
Yashika: meri angdaiyan (My pandiculation)
Naira: meri tanhaiyan (my loneliness)
Yasho and Naira in chorus: kitni akeli (are so lonely)
Then all the three in chorus as Kirti enjoyed the tone
Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli (Oh girl, what is this riddle)
Aaisa vaisa kuch kyun hota hai saheli (Why does this happen, my friend)
Tu du rum
Tu du rum, tu du rum, tu du rum
Tu du rum

All the three with minimum dancing steps moved towards down and everyone was putting henna on their hand for engagement and Kirti was looking at that when Abhigya called her to put henna and she said
Kirti: why are you putting this now when we will do this again on Mehendi day
Abhigya: it has, about three weeks’ madam and till then this will vanish off
Kirti: but mom
Vibha: shut up and sit here
They made her sit there and was putting henna on hand Yashika and Naira continued sitting beside her

Yashika: Chali hain ab ke baras Na jaane kaisi yeh hawayein (This year the winds Are blowing very strangely)
Naira: Chaloon main lakh sambhalke Par kadam dagmagaye (No matter how carefully I walk But my steps still stagger)
Yashika looking at Mehendi: Na jaane kyun aaisi baatein Mere dil mein aaye jaaye (I don’t know why such words Come and go from my heart)
Naira saw Basu going from there she dragged her there and sung: Ke meri saari saheliyan Mehndi lagaye (That all my friends Are putting henna)
Yashika doing Basu’s hand forward: Main bhi aage kar doon apni hatheli (I’ll also put forward my hand)
Then both sung in chorus: Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli (Oh girl, what is this riddle)
Aaisa vaisa kuch kyun hota hai saheli (Why does this happen, my friend)

Basu nodded her head in disbelief because both the girls were singing again that song which they use to sing every time for her they use to tease her with this song and now the same for Kirti also but every time they use to sing first two lines and for the first time they were singing the full song forcefully she put the henna as all of them forced to do so and after that she was stood in front of mirror in her room looking at her hands but Yasho and Naira were the one who were not ready to leave her alone and this time Kirti was also with them the three of them went in and held her

Yashika teasing her looking in the mirror with her: Kahan hoon, main toh yahan hoon Bas main toh yahin hoon (Where am I, I’m here I’m right here)
Naira teasing her more by the name of Abhi: Na jaane dil hai kahin mera Aur main kahin hoon (I don’t know where my heart is and where am I)
Kirti looking at her hands and teased her to the core: Na aaisi soni hoon main Na main itni haseen hoon (I’m not that good looking I’m not that beautiful)
Yashika coming in front of her gesturing that Basu is more beautiful than she looks in mirror: Ke dekhoon darpan toh lagta hai Yeh main nahi hoon (When I see the mirror it feels like It’s not me in that)
Naira and Kirti holding her hands and showing the letter written on it which made Basu turned into every shade of red: Oye oye koi dekhe meri yeh hatheli (I wish someone looks at my palm lines)
Then trio holding each other’s hand rounding like ring-a-ring-a-roses: Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli (Oh girl, what is this riddle)
Aaisa vaisa kuch kyun hota hai saheli (Why does this happen, my friend)

Basudha freed herself from them and tapping on Kirti’s head went from there and hid behind Abhigya she said
Basudha: stop her see how three of them are teasing me
Abhigya: she is the to be bride she should feel shy and you are feeling it
Yashika: no one would have teased her before her marriage must be because of that
Basu: they both are accompanying her
Ranvi: ladies don’t you dare tease her other wise I will turn into angry young man
Naira: really
Kirti: listen what Mr. irritation is saying
Ranvi: Basu you come with me yr. they all have gone mad
Basu: you are saying right bhai
They both left from there and here Kirti again drifted into thoughts Yashika and Naira shook her

Yashika: Yeh din hai chhote chhote Toh badi lambi lambi raatein
Abhigya who was having little tears in her eyes Kirti went to her and taking tear drop on her finger sung : Arre lo, saawan se pehle Hone lagi barsaatein
Yashika teasing Kirti as she was happy: Kisi se hone lagi hai Sapno mein mulaqatein
Kirti in sarcasm: O jaao, mujhko sikhaao na tum Aaisi vaisi baatein
They trio again looked Basudha she was going taking something they again went to tease her this time being in irritation she sung to them: Tum teeno ne milke jaan meri le li
Trio of them laughed at that and then Shreya also joined them all the four started: Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli (Oh girl, what is this riddle)
Aaisa vaisa kuch kyun hota hai saheli (Why does this happen, my friend)
Tu du rum
Tu du rum, tu du rum, tu du rum
Tu du rum

They all were busy in themselves when a same tone came from back they turned it was Yash and Pratik who came there with some persons with them Ranvi was also with them and they were none other than Yashika’s husband Rishi and Naira’s husband Sidharth both of them felt extremely happy
Pratik getting a side so Rishi came forward: O dekho, koi tasveer nahi Yeh ek paigaam hai (O look, it’s not a photo It’s a message)
Yash showing Abhi’s arrival confirmation to Basu: Kisi ne door se bheja Tum sabko salaam hai (Someone has sent from far A salutation to all of you)
Pratik showing the way to Sidharth: Badi hi pyari si soorat Bada pyara pyara naam hai (It’s a lovely face
It’s a lovely name)
Ranvi dragging Basu a side as it was Abhi’s call winking at her as she was looking extremely happy: Dilon ko mel karana Achche doston ka kaam hai (To connect the hearts Is the job of good friends)
Pratik and Yash teasing Kirti: Tum mein se ek hai dulhan woh naveli (One amongst you is the new bride)
All of them in chorus: Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli (Oh girl, what is this riddle)
Aaisa vaisa kuch kyun hota hai saheli (Why does this happen, my friend)
Tu du rum
Tu du rum, tu du rum, tu du rum
Tu du rum

to be continued…

lets see whats going to be happen next Abhi has called Basu their convo will be in next part so wait for it darlos till then enjoy this one

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