STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 57 (part 1)

planning to end this marriage sequence in short time that’s why uploading the episodes bit longer but as i am running out of time thats why in short parts i am uploading it
Now time to answer Nirmal
Nirmal dear Basudha was never known to Abhi as Basudha he only knew her name as Pragya but once for making her agree for job he got to know that by some of her certificates and i have mentioned it in episodic series i think they were in line of 20 to 30 didnt remember the episode no clearly but yes i have mentioned it that and she doesnt know about him that she is only his crush because he was in another department according to the story and was gone crazy just by her writings here she is working presently as his assistant if this info doesnt satisfied you then dont worry dear i will write an episode story at a glance till now just to clear out some doubts 🙂

Now back to story

Episode 57

The episode starts with Basudha and all arriving at Dream residence (Abhigya and Pratik’s house) as all of them entered they get a warm welcome after meeting Anirudh Abhigya asked sorry to him and as a decent and loving brother he forgave her she met Basudha and mother daughter hug each other tightly then Abhigya goes to meet others and Basudha’s eye fell on a person who was stood there talking with Prabhas it was none other than Ranvi it seems all got fine among them but not to such an extent as Ranvi was still hearing him like he is listening to his professor Basudha went there and patted his back

Ranvi giving her warm hug and a wide smile: Hey sister…. how are you?
Basudha: ha call me sister now when I am in front of you otherwise don’t even remember that I am also there (complaint)
Ranvi: what are you saying Basu it is been only one month I didn’t meet you
Basudha: didn’t met me!!! You didn’t talk to me too Mr.
Ranvi smiled and held his ears: sorry baba
Basudha smiled: that’s okay
Ranvi: leave all that tell me how are you
Basudha: just as you are looking me
Ranvi: no
Basudha: what do you mean
Ranvi smiled: Bhai hu tera aur ussey bhi pehle dost to mujhse to jhoot na chalne wala chhori (I am your brother dear and more than that I am your friend first so lie will not work with me)
Basu: I am telling truth only okay Mr.
Ranvi: Look sister your eyes are telling something else and you are saying something else something is there for sure now tell me what is it and if you don’t wish to share it then it is a different matter
Basu: nothing like that but yes there is something and I will tell it to you later
Ranvi: I am always free for you madam
Basu laughed: haha okay
Ranvi in teasing tone: aayee hayee zara muskurahat to dekho madam ki nazar na lag jaye (woah look at the smile it should get any evil eye)

Basu hit his shoulder lightly: poor joke Ranvi
Ranvi: Haha Okay now leave me please because papa asked me to book a costume designer for Kirti’s engagement
Basudha: really!! But where is she
Ranvi: don’t ask me about that crazy bird before sometime she was chirping here only now don’t know where she went
Abhigya came from back: she went with her friends will be back after sometime you take rest
Basu: but I had never seen her I thought I will meet her you know she was about 5 when Shitiz mama took her here
Pratik: I can understand my dear but what to do that girl is just crazy you can’t imagine when she is here and when she is unavailable
Vibha: yes, and this time madam went for a party with her friends
Shitiz: till then meet me madam I am also here

Basudha hugged him and he said
Shitiz: so, long time I am looking this girl this Anirudh na he made everything worst
Anirudh: what I have done idiot you only went so far and didn’t contacted too huh these kind of friends Pulkit was right that it is better to have enemy than having a friend like you
Shitiz: oye bhai ke bare me kuchh na boliyo (oye don’t say anything about brother okay)
Prabhas: bhaiya relax fight later first let them take some rest they must be tired
Pratik: my girl you go and take rest
Abhigya: where is Abhishek Basu
Basu’s smile faded off: he will come after a week as he is attending a business meet
Abhigya: oooh I wish
Pratik: no wish for him just shut up your wish to meet him never dies
Divya laughed: don’t worry Abhigya he will be here soon along with Kabir
Yash: okay so everyone is busy here with themselves and no one cares for me
Subuhi came from back: haha no one cares for monkeys as they have only work to jump here and there
Shreya accompanying her: right Didi absolutely, right
Yash: yeah, yea then who is interested in talking with you I was talking with my brother and sisters (hugging Prabhas from back) ha bhaiya

Prabhas: yeah, yea Subu don’t tease him please
Everyone laughed then suddenly a screaming sound came from back all turned to see they were Yashika and Naira looking at Basudha they came running down and pulled her into bone crushing hug
Yashika: oho Pragya how much time you took to come
Naira: you know how much we were missing you
Yashika: and where is dada ji he didn’t come with you!!
Naira: let him come I will kill him for sure how dare he sent you alone
Divya: excuse me girls you didn’t ever bother about your mother only Bhabhi is everything for you haah
Yashika: Bhabhi!!! Who the hell is Bhabhi here??
Naira: we don’t even have brother and you are asking about Bhabhi (shared high five with Yashika)
Divya: then who is Abhi
Yashika: Abhigya aunty you like that dada ji more na then keep him with you we are okay with our girl right Pragya
Basu: if you will leave me then I will answer something
Yashika leaving her hold from her: oh sorry

A voice came from back just then it was Kaustuki and Ganga
Kaustuki: Bua we don’t, matter to you anymore na that’s why you didn’t even asked about me
Yashika: Oh, my junior honey Singh how can you even think like that
Ganga: and me
Naira: Oh, we are sorry Gudiya you are the VIP of this place
Kaustuki: if it is so then let’s go for outing
Basu: no need of that just go in
Yashika: oh well you know Manav and Dhruv are also here
Kaustuki: really!!! Then it is bingo
Ganga pulling Kaustu’s cardigan: who are they??
Kaustuki holding her hand: they are our brothers Gangu lets go and meet them
Naira: they are in the room you go
Pratik: I will show the room to my grand daughter
Kaustuki: let’s go Nana

Pratik took Kaustuki with him everyone was smiling at them then suddenly a voice came from back everyone looked in that direction there was one boy and girl both were looking in their 30s they were looking too happy and Basudha was looking confused as Yashika and Naira also as the boy just came and gave a bone crushing hug to Basudha and he was again and again calling out her name Pragya
Boy: Pragya finally I met you, you know how much I miss you every time I wished to meet you but my job didn’t allow me to do so, but see god is also with me he sent you here itself Oh my dear
Basudha was getting hell irritated with him then finally realizing her situation Yashika asked
Yashika separating him from her: hello Mr. who are you and why the hell you touched her in such manner if you wanted to wish her you could have done it from some distance don’t you have manners that you shouldn’t do it with girls/ladies
Boy: what are you saying madam and why will I think before doing it she is my friend after all we studied together it was another thing that we were transferred here in US after that
Anirudh: you are Rajiv!!!
Boy: yes, uncle I am Rajiv
Anirudh blessed him: OH! Rajiv Pragya he is the same with whom you use to spend time a lot and see she is also here his sister then she must be Ranjita

Ranjita: you got me so soon uncle (to Basu) how are you dear I am looking you after a long time how is your life going on
Basudha was feeling bit uncomfortable with them which was noticed by Yashika and Naira but the question was how to take her out from that area where everyone was doing their introduction session but this problem of them was solved by someone (who else it must be her best friend) it was Ranvi who looked at his sister’s uneasiness he went there and said
Ranvi: oye girl!!! Come here Kirti is back come let’s do introduction with that crazy bird
A million dollar smile came on Basu’s face as she understood that like always he helped to escape her after all since her childhood he was expert in doing so whenever guest use to trap her or she was trapped in parents argument he always use to help her in escaping every time till now he was expert in doing so the secrets of her which was known by Abhigya more than that were known by Ranvi he was more than a brother for her the thing which she was hesitated to share with Abhi also he was a perfect choice of her to share that thing and same he did this time also he took her from there taking an excuse then said to her while moving towards Kirti’s room
Ranvi: that idiot troubled you, a lot??

Basudha: kind off, I didn’t even remember who the hell is he and he is pretending as if he is my boyfriend
Ranvi: Teri tang Tod Deni Hai Maine je tune aisey Bandar ko apna boyfriend Kaha to agar tune banaya bhi hota isey to mai na isko zinda gaad deta (I will break your legs if you said that monkey as your boyfriend if you have committed with him too then also I must have broken his legs and the I would have buried him into the earth so deep understood)
Basu: why are you angry on me I was just saying
Ranvi: he is not worth of saying too he and his sister ugh I hate them to the core
Basu pulling his cheek: you look so cute when you are angry by the way what she has did
Ranvi: the day when I have come here from the moment itself she is not leaving a single chance to tease me
Basu: wa chuhiya si dikhan wali chhori tanney pareshan kar ri hai manne bataya kyu na tuney maine uske baal chuhey se katarwa dene hai (that idiot girl who just look like a mouse is troubling you why you never told me before I would have left so many rats on her hairs)

Ranvi: the fact is we both have one idiot for ourselves here whom we have to bear until this marriage gets over
Basu: until marriage!!!
Ranvi: yes of course until marriage because those two idiots are Bua’s neighbor and as they are neighbor they will show their irritated face daily to us
Basu: no….
Ranvi: unfortunately, yes now let’s go before that bird goes away
Basu: sure
He took her to Kirti’s room there she was eating something in dark Ranvi putted the lights and said
Ranvi: statue
Kirti looked in shock then taking a relieving sigh breath said
Kirti: what is this bhaiya!! Is this the way you will scare me you know if mom would have seen me eating these wafers she would have killed me?
Ranvi: leave all that meet her

Kirti: hey beautiful lady, how are you? Are you thinking to accompany him in spoiling my diet then don’t even think so okay!! Because he is insane person and I am the mad one you can’t match our personality
Basu: I am…
Kirti cuts off: listen girl don’t even think to accompany him I forgot to tell you that by the way you didn’t tell, me yet who are you
Basu was shocked to hear her nonstop blabbering as she wasn’t giving a single chance to her to speak something then stopping her Ranvi said
Ranvi: she will not tell you, you try to find out yourself who is she as she is one of the person who is close to your heart
Kirti: then she must be Koyal bua
Ranvi: if you want to kill me so do it directly why are you taking her name
Kirti: just to tease you haha by the way let me guess
She looked at Basudha then being in shock she said to Ranvi
Kirti: bhaiya punch me
Ranvi: what
Kirti: I said punch me so that I could feel whether I am dreaming or didu is really in front of me
Ranvi: as you wish behena
He punched her hard she shouted
Kirti: aah who punch like this idiot
Ranvi: what do you mean by who I use to do so
Kirti: anyway, leave it (turned to Basu) Didu you are here really you are here you can’t even imagine how happy I am
She just hugged Basu so tightly Basu was having tears in her eyes as she was meeting her after a long time but Kirti was jumping in happiness that she met her finally she was jumping like a crazy girl that she demanded that she will spent her time with Basudha only that night and as usual it happened they talked for hours and hours that they didn’t got to know when the evening turned into the dark night Basudha remembered about her girls she went to see them but they were settled with Yashika, Naira, Dhruv and Manav she went back to Kirti she again started her blabbering resting her head in her lap she was laughing at her as she was behaving like crazy totally and don’t know when they slept talking like that.

Next day it was about 11:00 am in the clock, the designer was there for taking measurements of dresses and the style which everyone wants to adorn everyone stated their choice most of the girls suggested gowns for the day of engagement and as usual being different from others Basu suggested saree for herself it was the time for girl everyone looked out for Kirti but she was not there and then Abhigya shouted
Abhigya: I knew it this girl will never get up on time Pratik I am telling you that you have made her a spoilt one
Pratik: why the hell you are shouting on me what I have done
Abhigya: let me go you wait here I will bring her down
She went up and there Kirti was hidden herself totally in blanket Abhigya called her several times but she didn’t respond and when she checked earphones were plugged in her ears she removed it again tried but in vain so she went few steps back and pulled up the blanket with such a force that she felt cold with that sudden step she cuddled in pillows
Kirti: Mom please few hours more
Abhigya: few hours!!! Girl get up now

Kirti in sleepy tone: even if there is an earthquake I have no mood to do so
Abhigya being irked: this is not way Kirti now you must change your habits you are going at yours in laws home they will not accept all these kind of behavior
Kirti: I will leave them then
Abhigya being irked: then don’t come to me crying if someone said bad about you understood
She was going when she heard a sound from her back it was Kirti who was seated on the bed holding pillow and smiling at her with sleepy eyes she sung
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge (I am the way I am and I will be like that)
Ab koyi khush ho, ya ho khafa, ham nahin badlenge, apni adaa (If someone is happy with it or angry, I won’t change my ways)
Samjhe na samjhe koyi ham yahi kahenge (Even if someone understands this or not, I will say only this)
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge(I am the way I am and I will be like that)
She thrown that pillow on Abhigya and holding her waist with one hand and on hand on her shoulder started doing ball dance with her singing those lines and danced like mad on the bed jumping on it Abhigya was shouting at her not to do so but it seems she is in no mood of hearing her finally Abhigya shook her head in disbelief and said to her “crazy girl god knows what will happen to her” she left from there and Kirti after getting fresh n up went down designer was taking measurement but she was not ready to stand straight everyone asked her to do so then designer ended her work and she hiding behind Basudha sung
Haan… ham dil ki shehzaadi hai, marzi ki mallika(Yes… I am the princess in my heart, the queen of my own decisions)
Sar pe aanchal kyun rakhe, dhhalka toh dhhalka (Why should I have a veil on my head, if it comes off, let it)
Ab koyi khush ho ya koyi roothhe,( now, no matter whether someone is happy with me or irritated,)
is baat par chaahe har baat toote (even if we have a falling out)
She kissed Basudha’s cheek and ran from there Vibha who was praying in the small temple in their home she dragged her veil down and went from there blaming it on Basudha and she was stood in shock that how she blamed her then Pratik looked at her with anger eyes and she pulled his cheek and hid behind Prabhas Pratik laughed at her this kind of antics

Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge (I am the way I am and I will be like that)
Ab koyi khush ho, ya ho khafa, ham nahin badlenge, apni adaa (If someone is happy with it or angry, I won’t change my ways)
Samjhe na samjhe koyi ham yahi kahenge (Even if someone understands this or not, I will say only this)
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge (I am the way I am and I will be like that)

She escaped from there and ran towards out here Abhigya was following her and Pratik too as she done some kind of naughty antics inside

to be continued…
so how was Kirti did you all liked her or not well see you with next part till now enjoy this one

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    Nashe si chadh gayi oye
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    Nashe si chadh gayi oye
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    You asked na how is Kirti’s character , this is the song ? that comes in my mind after reading her part.
    So this is dedicated to both Kirti and my didu. The song ? you added was super awesome”ham dil ki shehzaadi hai, marzi ki mallika,
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