STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 56 (part 2)


Episode 56 part2

Yash while following her said to Abhi and Basudha “Didi called me and asked me to give you these tickets you are having flight after two days for the US now excuse me… My dear pagal wife is angry from me I had to pacify her so see you soon at dinner time” he went saying that and then Priyansh said
Priyansh: It seems this time he is worried
Abhi: How can you say so
Gaurav: the way he is rushing to her calling out her name in serious tone… it’s clear that this time he is worried
Basu: and if she didn’t respond to his apology then either of two things will happen
Priyansh: he will feel guilty and become silent for few days
Gaurav: or he will get irritated and then surely, he will irritate everyone
Basu: then he should stay quiet because I don’t want to get irritated because of his irritation
Priyansh: hope he get irritated this time because we can’t see him silent it’s too hurting when he turns out to be a silent person
Abhi: oh! Sorry but why Is it so

Gaurav: if everyone is silent no one bothers but if Dad is silent it means he is not happy and that means he will not listen to anyone and then everyone will get tensed as he will never leave his work then we won’t like that busy dad
Kaustuki: Oh! No, I don’t like silence
Ganga: silent Nana no, no Papa Save Nana
Basudha: if it is then it is a big problem we should talk about this with her
Abhi: I think you all are right
They were talking about the matter when Yash went out in rush he was looking totally upset so he just took his car keys and went out but before that Priyansh stopped him
Priyansh: Dad where are you going
Yash keeping hand on his head: I will be back after a while bachhey don’t be tensed
Priyansh: dad!!

Yash giving a smile: I said na nothing is there just chill
Saying this he went from there and Gaurav said “We told you already now see he Is upset and I am sure thing is mom’s another prank
Basudha: let’s see
They all went to her room and she was adjusting the bed to sleep
Basudha: Mami….
Shreya: arey Basu!! Come here
Abhi: we are here to ask you something actually
Shreya smiled: about Yash right!!

Priyansh: Mom what is all this you know right!! That we can’t see him hurt and your prank did it
Gaurav: he went to his silent mode now what
Kaustuki: how happy he was sometimes earlier
Ganga: sad Nana sad Ganga
Shreya: relax all of you, I have neither played a prank and nor I am playing
Basu: then you are really, angry from him!!!!
Shreya: not like that but
Priyansh: but!! What maa
Shreya stood up from there and went to close the door and then whispered in Basudha’s ear something hearing which her eyes got widen and when Abhi asked she whispered it to him and he laughed then he told the same to Priyansh and Gaurav
Priyansh: oooh so this is the reason!!!
Shreya: yes, my cute son this is the reason now let me do it and you all just wait and watch how I turn his mood into cheering one again

Gaurav: tell us if you need any help
Abhi: till then let him stay in shock
Kaustuki: what’s going on will anyone tell us
Basu: no, not at all after what you did today all day I will not permit it to know about it
Ganga: tell please….
Abhi: no please
Priyansh: but what if never returned home
Shreya: he will, because he hasn’t taken his keys of recording room so he will be back for sure now all leave and do as I say we have less time

All of them rushed out and started doing the work as Shreya instructed and Shreya left towards Kitchen here while doing work Abhi didn’t left a single minute without teasing Basudha sometimes she was getting irritated and sometimes she was laughing like mad as now-a-days her sweet simple husband was turning into funny one either he was using some filmy dialogues or some heavy words which poets use to write in their poems and it was turning out to be a Mr. silly matter to her and sometimes Mr. silly was getting trapped into her brother’s topic and then it was the matter to laugh for her because he was getting irritated with their irritated talks then Kaustuki and Ganga were still unaware that what is going on in their surrounding so Gaurav took their responsibility and took them to terrace they played there for some time and when they came the full home was cleaned and then there was a small decoration on the table and the space was made so that everyone can stand there and that was the time when Yash came back and with his car honk everyone understood he is there so all the one rushed and Abhi said
Abhi: Priyansh and Gaurav do that again what you did some time back
Priyansh: okay jijs
Basu: but not from the main switch
Gaurav: ji Didi

Both of them went and put off all the lights and when Yash entered he was totally upset and didn’t noticed anything just went directly towards his room and that also with the help of his mobile torch and taking the keys he was about to go when he heard a sound from back it was Shreya who sung for him “Jaiye aap kahan jayenge ye nazar laut ke phir aayegi door tak aap ke peechhe peechhe meri aawaz chali aayegi (Go wherever you wish to go, your foot prints your gaze will follow till far afar behind you following you my voice shall echo.)” he turned and called out “Shreya!!! Is it you”
Shreya: of course, my love it’s me
Yash: you are not angry from me!!!
Shreya: I was never angry from you
Yash with a little happy and excited voice: really!!! But where are you and why it is so dark here
Shreya: put on the light and find yourself
Yash turned the lights on and then all of them shouted “ SURPRISE, SURPRISE”
Priyansh and Gaurav in chorus: HAPPY BRITHDAY DAD
Yash: it’s my birthday!!! I totally forgot about that but how you know
Gaurav: Mom told us
Shreya: how can I forget your birthday Mr. after all it was the same day when we were met with each other and fell in love too

Abhi: great planning haah!
Basudha: now don’t waste time please
Ganga: cut the cake cut the cake
Kaustuki: please nana cut the cake now we can’t wait for this delicious cake which Nani made from her hands
Yash was bit emotional as after a long time he got such kind of surprise according to him it was last when Gaurav was born that time she surprised him with new guitar which is his favorite one till now and now this surprise birthday party on his 45th birthday he was totally overwhelmed and Shreya too but then he remembered how she troubled him so he became angry with that when Priyansh again shook him and again asked to cut the cake he did that and feed everyone it was Shreya’s turn but he didn’t feed her instead he ate it himself and Shreya asked
Shreya: my piece!!!
Yash: who are you!!
Shreya: Yash!!
Yash: Priyansh please ask your mother not to trouble me now as I am already troubled (teasing tone)
Gaurav: Okay they again started Jijs Didi lets go from here
Shreya: okay I am sorry but it was just to surprise you!!
Yash: whatever

Saying this he left from there and Shreya followed him, she tried a lot to convince him but he was showing tantrums (after all he is copy of rock star ;P) Shreya thought something and smiling broadly started singing
Shreya holding his hand: Acha ji mein hari, chalo maan jaao naa (alright i admit defeat, please now don’t be mad at me)

Yash jerking her hand away: Dekhi sabki yari, mera dil jalao na…( i have seen your friendship, now do not tease me anymore)
Shreya pulling his cheeks: Chote se qusur pe, aise ho khafa (why are you mad at one small mistake ?)

Yash telling her that it was she who did that same with him: Ruthe to huzur the, meri kyaa khataa (but it was you ,who was sulking , why blame me ?)

Shreya warning him lovingly: Dekho dil naa todo (look, do not break my heart)

Yash jerking her hand: Chodo haath chodo (leave my hand )

Shreya making a pleading expression: dekho dil na todo (look ,do not break my heart )

Yash moving aside: arey! chodo haath chodo (arre ! leave my hand)

Shreya in warning tone: chod diya to haath maloge samajhe? (if i left your hand then you will repent , understand ?)

Yash making an irritated face: aji samajhe! (ah i understand)
Shreya holding his hand: Acha ji mein hari, chalo maan jaao naa (alright i admit defeat, please now don’t be mad at me)

Yash jerking her hand away: Dekhi sabki yari, mera dil jalao na…( i have seen your friendship, now do not tease me anymore)
Shreya rounding herself in his arms :jeevan ke ye raaste, lambe hain sanam (dear paths of life are long)

Yash freeing her from that forced hug: katenge ye zindagi, thokar khaake ham (will spent this life learning by stumbling)

Shreya in a pleading tone: oye! zaalim saath le le (o cruel one ,take me with you)

Yash pushing her aside: achchhe ham akele (no thanks ,i am fine by myself)

Shreya joining her hands: zaalim saath le le (cruel one ,take me with you)

Yash making her sit aside saying bye: arre ache ham akele (arre,no thanks ,i am fine by myself)

Shreya being irritated: chaar kadam bhi chal na sakoge samajhe? (you won’t be able manage even four steps without me, yes?)

Yash: haan samajhe! (yes! i do)
Shreya holding his hand: Acha ji mein hari, chalo maan jaao naa (alright i admit defeat, please now don’t be mad at me)

Yash jerking her hand away: Dekhi sabki yari, mera dil jalao na…( i have seen your friendship, now do not tease me anymore)
Shreya teasing him: jaao reh sakoge na tum bhi chain se (alright go ahead ! you won;t be able to live in peace)

Yash being irritated: tum to khair lootna jeene ke maze (and of course , you will be having the fun of life)

Shreya: kyaa karana hai jee ke (what’s point of living ?)

Yash being irked: ho rahana kissi ke (enjoy being someone,s else )

Shreya trying to stop him: kyaa karana hai jee ke (what’s point of living ?)
Yash: arey, ho rahanaa kisii ke (arey ,enjoy being someone,s else)

Shreya being irked: ham naa rahe to yaad karoge, samajhe?(if i am not with you, then you will miss me badly , got it ?)
Yash in attitude: samajhe! (got it !)
Shreya joining her hands: Acha ji mein hari, chalo maan jaao naa (alright i admit defeat, please now don’t be mad at me)

Yash jerking her hand away: Dekhi sabki yari, mera dil jalao na…( i have seen your friendship, now do not tease me anymore)

And he went from there showing his own attitude here Shreya made a helpless face and stood there

to be continued….
again running out of time so enjoy this part till next and final part and less response i am getting i think i have to give it a break and continue it later on is it!!! if it is tell me i will give it a break for sure till then enjoy this and keep thinking that whether shreya will get successful in convincing Yash or not

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