STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 51


Episode 51

The episode starts with Basu entering into the Mansion and no one is there Abhi came following her
Abhi: where everyone went? No one is there!!! Did they not ended up with cleaning project
Basu turned: they went to get fresh n up not like you dirty fellow
Abhi: don’t you think you are trolling out me a lot
Basu: is it!!
Abhi: yes (keeping hands on his waist)
Basu: then let it be
Abhi: ok (realised what she said) wait what?
Basu: nothing I was singing a song let it be…. Let it be….
Abhi: you played a prank on me right now again
Basu: may be
Abhi: Basu….
Basu: what!! When you use to irritate me then it is okay and if I am doing so then you are feeling irritated great
Abhi: okay ok do whatever you want to do but tell me one thing we hadn’t brought our clothes how will we change
Basu: maa said there are some clothes which will be useful for us
Saying this she left from there and Abhi was following her suddenly he felt some kind of pain in his back so he sat there itself on the couch and after sometime when he felt good he left from there after few hours it was time about 7:00 in the evening Abhi along with Kaustuki and Ganga went to a park which was near by the mansion Yash was also with them Basu was at home as that time Yashika and Naira were there along with Kabir and Divya they came to meet the rest of the Mehra’s there they were having common chit chats when suddenly Kaustuki came in running she directly went to Basudha and fell in her lap

Basu handling her : careful Kaustuki what happened? Why are you in rush! What happened?
Kaustuki: wo maa papa (she started sobbing)
Basu: Kaustuki calm down and tell me what happened stop crying why are you crying first tell me
Naira: tell me if that idiot had hurt you I will show him hell
Yashika: I will see that dada ji how dare he scared you
Kabir: what happened bete sahab stop crying and tell us
Divya: stop asking question bring water for her first
Priyansh brought water but she refused to drink she was huffing a lot seems she was running non stop
Abhigya: what happened Kaustu tell us at least something
Prateek: drink water beta otherwise how will you be able to tell
Subuhi: where is Yash did he asked to play this kind of prank on us
Subhash: yes tell us
Vibha and Shreya: what has happened at least speak a word
Prabhas: is anything serious
Basu being irked shouted: enough all of you let me talk to her everyone is shooting question on her let her take breath

She took a glass of water and asked Kaustuki to drink but it seems she was totally feared Basu felt a bit emotional looking at her because she was looking totally scared and was huffing she wanted to tell but air was gasping she controlled her emotions and embraced her in her arms started rubbing her back gently so that she will be able to breathe properly she was continuously saying “Enough relax just relax good girl relax now” after few minutes when she felt normal then Basu asked
Basu: now tell me what happened?
Kaustuki: we were playing in the park with nanu and papa
Basu caring her face: yes then what happened something happened to Ganga!
Kaustuki nodded no
Basu: then!
Kaustuki: we were playing suddenly Papa held his back and started making faces we thought he is acting as most of the times he use to do
Yashika: I was sure he played prank on her
Basu: oho Yasho let her speak first
Kaustuki cried: Mummy suddenly he collapsed on the ground and we asked him to stop his acting but he didn’t woke up then Nanu checked him and he was really fainted Mummy he took him to hospital
Basudha was hell shocked hearing it so was rest of the family members but she controlled herself
Basu: okay where is Ganga then?

Kaustuki: Nanu took her with him too (while crying)
Without wasting a minute Abhigya called Yash and asked him about his location and he told that he was at city hospital along with Ganga and without wasting time everyone rushed there Basudha was going with Prateek Abhigya and Ranvi along with Kaustuki Shreya rest of them decided to live at mansion itself because doctor can raise objection over this much people for one patient so The four of them went and Kabir, Divya, Yashika and Naira were in another car
Prateek while driving: what is the case Basudha what happened suddenly do Abhishek facing some kind of a problem?
Basu who was sat lost somewhere didn’t noticed what was being said by him so he gestured Abhigya to ask she was lost when Abhigya jerked her slightly she came back to senses
Basu: haah!
Abhigya: what happened where are you lost?
Basu: no where maa tell me what happened?
Prateek: what happened suddenly do Abhishek facing some kind of a problem?
Basu; I think that must be that back pain
Abhigya being clue less: how can back pain be a problem?
Basu: it is not normal na he was facing it most of the times once it was so major that we had to admit him into the hospital that time doctor said that it can be a major problem too but they didn’t got it what is the reason of that regular back pain after that treatment he was facing it often but not regularly but still I said him again and again to consult with a doctor but as usual he never listened to me lets see what problem is there now hope not any big problem
Prateek: hmm

Abhigya: relax nothing would happen
Basudha smiled: if you want to console me then do it by saying “everything will be fine soon” not by saying that nothing will happen because I know nothing will happen to him
Prateek: so sure hmm’
Basu: why I won’t after all he has promised me!!
Prateek smiled looking her positive attitude and she again started looking out of the window resting her face on her palm and caring Kaustuki’s head with one hand soon they reached hospital and all went in they were the first who reached there after Yash Kabir also reached there with in a fraction of seconds Basu rushed towards Yash he was stood there holding Ganga in her hands she was slept
Basu: Mama what happened what did the doctor said?
Yash: don’t know Basu they are examining him they asked us to wait for sometime
Basu went ahead and looked inside the room her eyes were searching for him for him and finally she was able to see him when the nurse took a side she was looking all that from the window of that door oh he was there with closed eyes how dull he was looking she was just imagining that pain which he went through how much high it could be that this time resulted like this that he got fainted her eyes got filled with emotions looking at him like that he was lying there like a lifeless body she was just thinking that how much he would have tried to hide that but finally ended up with this she was all lost in thoughts not thoughts but thoughts which were describing that what pain he must have went through her chain of thoughts got broken when Ranvi kept his hand over her shoulder

Ranvi: It’s Okay sis doctor will come out soon come let’s wait there
Kabir: your brother is saying extremely right bahu beta come with us
Basu nodded in okay and went with them they all were waiting outside the room for the doctor to come and tell what happened to him Divya was crying as if something major has happened but she was calm according to everyone
Prateek: are you looking Abhu we all are tensed and look at this girl how calmly she is seated as if nothing has happened I liked her positivity a lot this should be with everyone
Abhigya smiled: The more she is looking calm Prateek more than that she is tensed from inside we can’t imagine what she is feeling right now she is just pretending to be not affected but she is affected the most but something is there which is stopping her to think negatively hope her positivity results good
They were talking when the Doctor came out of the room and Divya rushed to him asking what happened to her son Yashika and Naira were with Basudha Kabir was stood at back of Divya
Kabir: Any major problem doctor
Doctor: the major problem is there who are the family members of him we need to talk with them
Kabir: we are his parents
Doctor: okay come with me
They were going then suddenly Divya stopped
Kabir: what happened?
Divya: we forgot someone

She went and held Basu’s hand, said “Come we have to go” and took her with them Kabir felt extremely happy with this step of hers that she understood it is her right to know what has happened to her husband Abhigya and Prateek too felt happy. Screen shifts towards the doctor’s room he took them all inside and asked them to have a seat
Kabir: what happened doctor? Is anything serious there why you didn’t told us before
Doctor: Mr Mehta your son is suffering from spinal tumour
The two of them were hell shocked listening it and as for the Basu she was sure that his problem was not normal she was getting clues looking him in extreme pain sometimes that he is not able to move but thing was everyone neglected her thought saying it is normal back pain from which he is suffering since childhood
Divya: Spinal Tumour!!! How is it possible he is suffering from this problem since childhood and we consulted many doctors they said that this is normal
Doctor: it happen many times that this problem doesn’t show its effect till very long time and that is what happened in his case he was facing back pain and you all thought that’s normal as it was getting well in short time and doctors whom you consulted also didn’t got that point because may that time problem was so minor that you didn’t got to know but this time problem is big and he is suffering from it
Kabir: so what’s next now!
Doctor: we have to do his surgery within 24 hours if you want to get rid of it otherwise you may proceed with medicinal procedure which will take several years to get end but mark my words waiting for more time can convert it into cancer too

Divya: What rubbish how can it convert into cancer
Doctor: Madam sometimes excess of medicines also cause to such a huge disease that’s why I said and that is common in case of spinal tumour
Kabir: do whatever you want to do but I want him to get rid of this problem that’s it
Doctor: okay then please complete the procedure and pay the fees as the doctor who will come to do so will not start his work without following the rule of hospital
Basu finally spoke: what do you mean by rules if a person is dying over there then you will not pay attention to him just because according to the rule the patient didn’t paid the fees totally crap
Doctor: madam I can understand but the fact is I am junior doctor and If I want then also I can’t raise my voice against it these are the rules made by hospital authority
Basu was about to shout again but Divya held her from the shoulders
Divya: Relax Pragya relax come we will talk
She took her out of the room

Basu: Maa why you called me out I must have told him how do the rules are to be followed
Divya noticed that she was having tears in her eyes but pretending that nothing is to worry she looked those eyes which were getting wet hearing the cause but why didn’t she was letting them out why was she stopping them this was an unsolved question for all of them she just pulled her into tight hug
Divya caring her head: relax beta don’t bother yourself thinking about that all just think about him now
Basu broke the hug and in anger voice: I was saying that this problem is not normal I don’t think this is normal back pain but you all never heard me always said me scolding that we know it is normal it is his childhood problem now see
Saying this she left from there and Divya felt a hand on her shoulder
Kabir: this anger is genuine she is saying right that we all neglected her saying that all we always scolded her if we would have heard her once then this problem might have solved long time ago
Divya: we always neglected her and she always thought for us only
Kabir completed all the procedure and came back his face was looking tensed
Prateek: what happened? You are looking tensed still
Kabir: I am tensed as they didn’t accepted the payment
Abhigya: why? Is there any problem in that?
Yash: just because of the decision which came sometimes earlier that notes of 1000 and 500 are not valid now
Divya: what!! But what will happen now
Yash: they have given time for the hospitalised patients that they can make payment with those notes
Kabir: but still these hospital authority is not accepting all those notes they are saying that we have to bring change for them
Divya sat there holding her head: what kind of a problem is this now how will we make the payment and without payment they will not start the treatment

Basu who was hearing all that was becoming angry at every word Kaustuki asked her
Kaustuki: Mummy will he never get fine if we didn’t paid the money?
Basu caring her head: nothing will happen you don’t think about all that I will do something you wait here
She went somewhere saying that to her and Abhigya, Prateek saw her going in anger towards out side Abhigya shouted her name but she didn’t heard and in a rush she went out she stood there for sometime but then suddenly something strike into her mind and she rushed towards their home not towards Mehra Mansion of Sangwang Villa but towards their home the home where she use to live with him she rushed towards the home and there she rushed inside the home like storm and directly went towards her room there she called someone and talked for sometime then hanging up the laptop picked up the laptop then started doing something and after few minutes she closed the laptop having a smile over her face then she left the room and while leaving her gaze fell on the picture which was over her bed it was their picture she smilingly said “Get well soon Mr Mehta” saying this she left the room and locking the door went towards Hospital back after few minutes when she reached the hospital she saw that Kabir, Yash and Prateek were arguing with the doctor she went towards them

Yash: but how can you do this when there is an order to accept these currencies
Prateek: Okay if you don’t want to do so then at least start the treatment we will submit the rest of it within 24 hours
Kabir: we are assuring you for that
Basu joined them: just start the treatment because you don’t have any right to stop the treatment after and that also when the payment is made
Doctor: Madam payment is not made yet!
Basu: just check it once more few hours ago I have made the payment check it
Doctor: if you are saying then let me check it once
Doctor went and checked it through the reception and to their surprise payment was made
Basu: now will you start the treatment
Doctor: sure mam

He went saying that and all of them were looking towards her face that from where did she paid the whole amount
Basu: what!!
Prateek folding his arms: how?
Basu: just paid
Kabir: well done bete sahab
She was going when Prateek called her name in a stern tone
Prateek: Basudha….
Basu turned towards him making faces Kabir and Divya were laughing at her expressions as how his one voice was enough to scare her
Basu: wo I thought something then I went home and there I called Ruchika our account holder in Bank and asked her about some procedures so she said that if the hospital is Pvt. We can pay the fee online directly in the account of bank but I wasn’t having access to it so I asked her to do so then she accessed my account through internet and then I made payment directly in the account of hospital and returned back here that’s it nothing more
Prateek patted her head lightly: silly girl thought extremely right thing
Basu: papa we can do so as we are having amount in bank too but what about those who are struck in this situation badly
Prateek: the decision is good but it will cause a big problem for sure our is solved but many will suffer
Yash: okay, ok papa’s doll now take your doll as it is so difficult to handle this child while sleeping
Basu: yeah yea zero no 1 can’t handle a girl
Yash: I am leaving you okay just because there is problem but don’t think I will leave you after that
Basu: let’s see

She went towards Divya and Kabir
Basu: maa, baba you both go home I am here
Divya keeping her hand over her head: god bless you
Kabir: now we can go for sure as we know till you are with him nothing can create problem for him
Basu: now go and take rest Baba I am here and take both the girls with you too
All of them left the place as she insisted to go and she herself waited there along with Yashika and Naira the trio waited for the doctor to come out after few hours doctors came out of the room She rushed to him
Basu: he is fine right!!
Doctor: Mrs Mehta he Is perfectly fine now you can meet him once he gain consciousness it will take about a month to recover then he can do anything all the worries are off Mrs Mehta as we ended it on initial stage itself
Basu was feeling like a big trouble has left her Yashika and Naira jumped in happiness they hugged her tightly
Naira having tears in eyes: thank you Pragya you saved our brother
Yashika: yes if you wouldn’t have thought that then his treatment would never have started
Basu smiled and hugged them both back
Few more hours spent and then doctor allowed them to meet him
Yashika: you go first Basu as it is your right to meet him first you are his saviour
Basu: but..
Naira: she is saying right Pragya you have the right first

Basudha smiled and went in he was still in unconscious state she sat beside him holding his hand when he opened his eyes she was looking at him when he opened his eyes her eyes started flowing
Abhi : Mrs Mehta time for crying went now why are you crying
Basu in scolding tone: you better don’t talk with me is this the way I was saying again and again but what you said to me “its is nothing you are worrying unnecessary”
Abhi holding her hand more tightly: sorry my lord
Yashika who just came in: don’t you dare forgive him Pragya this dada ji he scared us to the hell
Naira: our friend suffer just because of you we will not forgive you for sure
Abhi: this time I am not stopping you from scolding me as mistake is mine too but be ready I will take revenge for sure
Basu: just shut up revenge and all Yashika tell him I don’t want to hear anything and tell him to take rest too
Abhi: oho so much angry from me but still concerned

Basu turning her face aside: didu tell him I will be angry because of him my daughter was crying a lot he don’t have even idea that how much she cried and if he was feeling pain then what was the need of hiding it tell me
Naira: now she called me didu Abhishek Mehta answer now why you troubled my sister like this
Abhi: sorry… (in a faded voice)
Yashika: Pragya we are leaving you both alone give him whatever punishment you want to give him
They both went from there
Abhi looked at her: now what is my punishment madam
Basudha held his hand and in crying tone : you never ever hide anything from me even a small problem from when did this difference came in mid of us that you started hiding things from me? You never told me that your reports were positive too
Abhi: I never wanted to see you tensed as after a long time I have seen a fearless happiness on your face so…
Basu kept her head on his hand: don’t do this again please
Abhi kept his another hand on her head: never ever I promise
Basu looked at him happily that he was perfectly fine now they started talking about something and BG plays
jeena ka tu sahara (you are the support for my life,)
tu hi roshani (you alone are the light.)
kehta hai har sitaara (every star says,)
meri tu chaandni (that you are my moonlight.)
hum judaa ho jaayein aisa mumkin nahi (that we be separated, is not possible.)
dhoop ho tum meri (you are my sunshine,)
chhaanv bhi ho tumhi (and my shade too.)
paas ho to door hain tanhaaiyan (if you are near me, loneliness is far from me.)

screen freezed over their happy faces

Precap: Little bit fight, little big anger, little bit apology, little bit fun
okay the problem here is problem everywhere but the fact is some are taking it postitively some are cursing and i am one of them who is looking just problem every where people are facing it some are not even bothering it but for some this problem is just like recession so keep that aside and lets enjoy the update now thanks to Lucky Lotus and all the new ones who commented in yesterday’s episode thank you so much ninni you to dear shivika thanks to you too your comment matters alot dear and now a difficult situation for me and you will find its solution okay dont get scare i am not asking to bring change of 1000 😛 lol but the problem is SHALL I CONTINUE THIS STORY OR STOP HERE AT SOME POINT ITSELF majority will be followed AND IF I HAVE TO CONTINUE THEN WHAT NEXT YOU WANT TO SEE OR SHOULD I CONTINUE IT IN MY WAY decision is all yours readers because without a reader writer is nothing worth of so tell me your decision through your comments and give me idea for new montage too till then bye bye see ya

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