STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 48


Arya dear yes they are there but in a very short role but not rabul only Koyal when she will come and how you dont have to wait much for that lets see when she will show her face 🙂

Episode 48

The family was standing in front of the gate and were looking at the closed Mansion it was the time of night all were stood in a row Basudha, Abhi, Priyansh and Gaurav was at back of them along with Kaustuki and Ganga all the Mehra family was looking towards the Mansion when Priyansh said to Pragya
Priyansh: didi did they have any plan of going inside or just to look at the mansion like this only
Gaurav: what if they have forgot the address of mansion and are confused weather it is their home or not
Abhi: I wonder is this a mansion or a ghost house
Basudha: how will I tell whether it is a ghost house a mansion!!
Kaustuki with excited eyes: if this is a ghost house then I am going to experience adventure tonight
Abhi patting her head: haan your greatest adventure is not meeting a ghost but it would be four days later at your parents teacher meeting
Kaustuki: that will not be adventurous papa that would be my funeral
Basudha: will you both shut up already this mansion is looking like ghost house and you both are talking about funeral and all

Priyansh: both are out of mind didi you stay with us otherwise they will make you out of mind
Basudha: you also shut up
Gaurav: haw didi you are asking us to do our shirt up it is too cold here
Basudha being irked: okay give me your shirts now
Priyansh being scared: what are you saying don’t you feel shame
Basudha: why would I!!! you are my brother only right and you are getting a wrong time to joke like zero no.1
Gaurav: jijs now you are only our saviour
Abhi and Kaustuki looked at each other then in chorus said: Mummy take a chill pill
Basu turning her face aside: Okay fine I will not speak but if you get any trouble then don’t ask me to solve it later on huh

Saying this she went ahead as all were moving inside the Mansion rest of them also followed her
Priyansh: jijs what was that
Abhi: what!!
Gaurav: that chill pill and all
Abhi: don’t try to try it on her because only we have the authority to use that actually it is a pause button to make her relax this is the only medicine
Gaurav: Ohhh that’s why it have a name pill the medicine hahaha
Priyansh and Gaurav shared high five
Abhi rolling off his eyes: poor joke boys

He moved ahead following all of them and soon they entered to the main gate of mansion and as they entered all of them were having wet eyes and all rest of them were looking here and there at the view of mansion all lost in that view but Mehra’s were only remembering their past all the four of them got separated in four direction Abhigya was looking at the study room where most of her time use to spend as Abhi was her only teacher which was best for her she started moving towards the study room but stopped when she was near the kitchen remembering how she use to steal chocolates from the fridge and then Pragya use to chase her a small flash back is shown

Flash back
Abhigya is about at the end of her teen age Pragya is working with Abhi in the music room and Abhigya ate all the chocolates in the fridge then after sometime when Yash asked about it and didn’t found the chocolates in fridge she yelled
Pragya: Abhu, Subu, Prabhas come here now itself
Prabhas: what happened ma
Subuhi: again papa troubled you!!
Pragya: there were chocolates in the fridge where are they
Abhigya: chocolates are chocolates it doesn’t matter where are they but it matters where they are not
Pragya twisting her ears: it means you are the one who cleaned all the fridge haah
Abhigya: aah maa it is paining leave me
Pragya: then what is this habit of eating chocolates daily and that also you are doing now a days.
Abhigya: maa whatever happens let it be happen chillax babes
Pragya: babes!!! Wait I will tell you
She started running and Pragya chased her finally she caught her and said
Pragya: beta mother is always mother don’t try to over come me understand
Abhigya kissing on her cheeks: sorry
Pragya: hmm now go and say sorry to him whose chocolate you finished just now
Flashback ended

Abhigya was having tears in her eyes after all it was after long time they were back to home screen shifts towards Subuhi she was stepping in the direction where her room was she stopped at a point and remembered something

Abhi is going out being busy in his phone Subuhi is about late teenage (17 to18) she is coming out of her room when she saw Abhi going down busy in his phone he was about to step at stairs but she thought something and started shouting sacredly
Subuhi shouted: papa rat papa rat
Abhi jumped in fear: where
Subuhi: under your feet
Abhi was looking like he is dancing
Subuhi: papa there beside your leg no no right leg no left one papa on your pant papa
Abhi: oh god how the hell these rats came here
Subuhi sarcastically: aah there was no rat
Abhi becoming normal: oh thank god
Then he realised what she said just now
Abhi: wait what!! There was no rat she again made me mad
Subuhi went down saying: Papa shocked Subuhi rocked
Flashback ends

A layer of tear formed in her eyes and here the screen shifts towards Yash he was moving towards the music room Shreya held his hand
Shreya: Yash where are you going
Yash with an emotional voice: this was their music room you know I always use to stay there after my school and I wasn’t having any interest in books rather than music and papa always use to say that I am his useless son
A small flashback is shown
Yash plugging headphones in ears is seated in music room Abhi enters and see him like that he taps on his head
Yash: aah what are you doing you know I was listening music yet you disturbed me!
Abhi: disturb ke bachhey what are you doing here your pre boards are going on right!! Then why are you not studying
Yash: I am the future rock star
Abhi again tapped his head: future rockstar!!! If you will waste your time like this I wonder you will not be a future beggar too
Yash: papa don’t you feel guilty you call your charming son useless like this
Abhi: no I don’t even I will find some more ways to call you useless now escape from here before I call your mother
Yash: if you called her then I will tell her that you was with a lady last night that also too close
Abhi: it is a lie
Yash: what proof you have
Abhi: you are trying to blackmail me
Yash: I am not trying I am doing
Abhi: I will see you on the day of your result till then good luck
Saying this he went and Yash realised what he said but till then Abhi was went
Yash: papa I was joking wait don’t do that
Flashback ends
Yash: I never knew those moments will be the one I will miss to such an extent
Shreya: I can understand Yash but think about that how to check what is everyone hiding from us
Yash: yeah you are right lets go

Screen shifted towards Prabhas he was looking at the corner of the main hall and remembers something
Flashback is shown
Prabhas is hiding there in the corner with his mobile in his late teenage being busy in that all the family members were searching him madly when Abhigya found her
Abhigya: maa papa this idiot is here
Pragya: Prabhas what are you doing here
Prabhas: nothing maa this dumbo is lying
Abhi takes his phone and while looking in it says: what else he can do clash of clans
Yash: trapped Bhaiya
Abhi: by the way how much you earned in it
Prabhas: nothing much just 4 Crore
Abhi: 4 crore!!! Seriously!! How you did that yr
Prabhas: just made my army strong first
Abhi encircling his arms around his neck: hein tell me also I am beggar in this game yr
Prabhas: sure
Both father son went from there Pragya nodded her head in disbelief Yash said to Abhigya
Yash: I always wonder how Bhaiya use to escape our father is useless I think sometimes
Pragya patter his head: I am still here
Yash: sorry
Flashback ends

He was moving forward but turned as he heard a voice at his back Vibha was screaming out someone’s name and when he saw the person on the door he got shocked as it was none other than Ranvi
Vibha: finally you are back finally you know how much we were missing you
Abhigya: welcome back Ranvi
Subuhi: you were living like playing hide n seek where were you
Yash: he was in Moscow for our music promotions
Prateek: its good that you came back you know someone was so desperate to talk with you
Ranvi with hopeful eyes: was it papa!!
Vibha with a sad monotone: he also wants too but someone else is there
Abhigya: let me call her
Ranvi: but who is she Kirit!!!
Prateek: your sister your best friend your crime partner
Ranvi with moist eyes: Basudha!!!
Prateek: yes

Abhigya called her name and she came down Kaustuki and Abhi both were following her it seems they were trying to cheer her up after chill pill she was not listening
Abhi: Look listen we are saying that we were joking
Kaustuki: mummy please na don’t do this you want to punish then you can punish him on my behalf but not me
Abhi patting her head: why are you trying to put your punishment on me?
Kaustuki: I am not trying I am doing it directly
Basu shook her head in disbelief and went down
Basu: what happened ma? Why did you called me is there something you want to show
Abhigya: see who is there
Basu: who?
Prateek: The for whom you was asking again and again
Basu: Ranvi!!!

All nodded in yes she saw him and a layer of tears formed in both of their eyes she went ahead and gave a bone crushing hug to him Abhi saw that and said to Kaustu
Abhi: oye see someone is there and wait why your mummy is hugging him like world is going to end
Kaustuki: she never hugged me like this and who is he
Abhi: come lets see
Both went to see them
Ranvi: where were you silly girl you know how much secrets I have in your absence I was never be able to share them with anyone
Abhi: excuse me how you said her silly that is my copyright only
Kaustuki: who is he you never hugged me or Ganga like this but you are hugging this uncle
Basu tried to speak
Abhi cuts her off: and how you permit him to let him take the name which I have given you
Basu: just..
Kaustuki cuts her off: and how dare he became the one who will share is secret you never asked me about my secrets then how can you ask him
Abhi: and how dare he said that your absence was affecting him
Kaustuki: he is saying as if your absence doesn’t affect us
Ranvi being in serious tone: who the hell are these monkey like creatures and how dare they scolded my sister like this
Abhi was about to say but realised what Ranvi said
Abhi: she is your sister!!
Ranvi being serious: best friend sister everything
Abhi making an oops expression: sorry
Kaustuki: I always knew it he might by my uncle only but he only said no haah bad thing Mr alarm clock I was about to get trapped because of you

All were laughing at them then Basu being irked held both of their hands and said “Excuse us” she dragged them both from there to a corner
Basu: what do you want?
Abhi and Kaustuki in chorus: happy mummy
Basu: am I looking sad!!!
Abhi and Kaustu again in chorus: no but angry
Basu folding her arms: and who did that
Abhi: because of this Kaustu
Kaustu: don’t blame me you yourself did it
Basu yelled: oh enough both of you
Abhi and Kaustu again in chorus: sorry
Basu: no one can make you understand anything just go
Abhi: no until you forgive us no
Kaustuki: first time he is right
Basu: okay I forgive you both now fine
Abhi: are you sure
Basu making an annoyed face: if you didn’t went from here then this offer of forgiving will be expired
Kaustuki: ok we are going

She went from there towards Ganga who was holding Shreya’s finger and Basu again joined Ranvi and all
Ranvi: I am sorry I called you monkey
Abhi: oh its okay it wasn’t new almost three times a day I get new names from the moment I have met him
Yash: did you just taunted me
Abhi: no extremely no
Ranvi: okay so he is your husband Basudha right!
Basu nodded in yes
Ranvi: glad to meet you
Saying this he went ahead towards Vibha she hugged him saying my child and Abhi whispered into her ears
Abhi: Oye Basu this angry young man is your brother!!! Then I have to be careful what if he turned me black and blue if you cried a bit then!!!
Basudha making an annoyed face: Kuchh bhi!!! Apne aap me hi kuchh bhi matlab (anything!!! What you want to think you will think!!! Anything crap!!!)
Abhi: precaution is better than cure by the way I liked this person his simplicity is the one which stolen my heart
Basu again mad an annoyed face: stealing my heart!!! I am scared!!! From where you are getting these lines I am telling you are having bad company now-a-days
Abhi: yeah company of yours
Basu widening her eyes: what!!! Okay them roam around the mansion alone I will never come back go
Abhi: I didn’t mean it you took it so seriously sorry yr
Basu: what do you mean you didn’t meant it
Abhi: I mean I didn’t mean it
Basu: what you want to say
Abhi: what you want to hear
Basu: aan you can’t do so you are irritating me
Abhi: No extremely no how can i irritate you after all you are my silly and silly is so silly that she is thinking have done so

They started in themselves and the screen shifted towards Prabhas he came there
Prabhas: Vibha why are you shouting who is there whom you called here
Vibha moved aside and he was clearly able to see that it was his son Ranvi and looking at him after a long time a layer of tear formed on his eyes he wanted to hug him but he turned his face and said
Prabhas: why you called him here
Ranvi moved towards him and hugged him and said in a mid emotional tone
Ranvi: fault is not hers I only insisted to come here sorry
Prabhas felt extreme pain in his voice he was about to hug him back but stopped himself which was noticed by all of them Ranvi left him and went towards Basudha who was still struggling to identify what Abhi exactly trying to say here screen shifts towards Abhigya
Abhigya: Enough of you Prabhas what the hell that boy has did that you don’t want to even look at him
Vibha: I also want to know that why you are punishing him and for what sin
Subuhi: Bhaiya you was his role model he admired you and you are doing this from the day he is returned you didn’t even saw his face why
Prateek: Prabhas even a simple ignorance have a reason so what is the reason that you are angry on him
Subhash: Bhaiya you can’t tell the whole thing but you can tell us minor of that
Prabhas: I don’t want to answer any question
Yash: you have to answer today Bhaiya it is not so easy being ignored by someone whom you love you are the only reason he is staying out of the country most of the times
Prabhas yelled: because his nature makes me remind of him whom I hate most his every single word his politeness his attitude everything reminds me the person whom I don’t want to remember got it yes you guessed it right Abhu same as Mr Pulkit Mehra just a difference of face otherwise everything is same and the whichever make me remind of him I will leave did you all got answer
He left from there in anger upwards towards a room and locked it from inside and All were remained in tears looking at his hate towards their beloved Dada and BG plays
Krodh ke bojh ko mann pe uthaaye kaahe chalata hai praani (Why do you walk with the weight of anger on your heart O fellow)
Kshama jo shatru ko bhi kar de, wahi mukt hai, wahi gyani (He is free and intelligent who forgives even his enemy)
Prabhas is shown inside a room trying hard to control his tears he looking at the wall continuously the room is fully dark and here screen shifts towards Abhigya she was walking towards one room and Subuhi and Yash also separately as every corner of the mansion was giving memories to them today BG continued

Samay ka pahiya chalata hai, din dhalata hai, raat aati hai (The wheel of time turns on, the day passes by, and the night arrives)
Raat mein jab ek chhota sa nanha sa dipak jalata hai (When a small and tiny lamp burns in the night )
Uski jarasi jyot sahi, par dur se usako dekh (It’s flame may be slight, but seeing it from distance)
koi barson ka musaafir girte girte sambhalata hai (a traveller of years manages to balance himself from falling )
Samay ka pahiya chalata hai, din dhalata hai, raat aati hai (The wheel of time turns on, the day passes by, and the night arrives)

Here small tiny lamp is used for Ranvi Vibha was thinking that he reminds him the most now he will be the only one who will take him out from that trauma for sure from which he is suffering he will be the one who will make him realise that it happens with everyone here screen shifts towards Prabhas he came out of room and felt like someone is calling him he turned to see it was Pulkit (he was imagination) his eyes filled with anger
Prabhas: you!! Why the hell you came here
Pulkit: where I was went chhote
Prabhas: don’t call me by the name
Pulkit: I was never went anywhere Mr I am always in your heart and you are pretending that you are angry on me
Prabhas: I hate you, you left everyone one in pain that unbearable pain which was really painful
Pulkit: I know it
Saying this he vanished off and Prabhas hit his head as he was trying hard to divert his mind but it was becoming impossible for him he was looking him at every place where ever he was going he was standing folding his hands laying on wall the BG continues

Maine jaate jaate jaana kaun hai apna kaun paraaya -(By going from this world, I have understood who is my own and who is a stranger)
Bas tu hi mera apna hai, bas tune pyaar nibhaaya (Only you are mine, only you have fulfilled love )
Prabhas remembered all his moments with him playing pranks over Abhigya together and making her calm down all those memories which were buried somewhere then he saw that his dada which was actually his imagination is saying something to him

Kaam, krodh, aur lobh main dhaj kar ja sakata hoon (I can bury the feelings of love, anger, and greediness)
Tujhko chaahu bhi toh main kaise bhula sakata hoon (But how can I ever forget you even if I wish )
Tera pyaar bhi ek bandhan hai (Your love is only a bond)
tu hi bata kya main mukti pa sakata hoon (You only say whether I can be liberated)
He vanished off from his eyes again and he looked at Ranvi who was getting interrogated with Kaustuki and Ganga Kaustuki was so calm with him as like she was never mischievous and then he noticed that what he was BG continued

Tu nahi jaanata tu mera abb hai kya (You don’t know what you are mine now)
Tujhko hoon dekhata toh dil kaise pighalata hai (When I see you, my heart melts for you (in your love))
Samay ka pahiya chalata hai, din dhalata hai, raat aati hai (The wheel of time turns on, the day passes by, and the night arrives)
But being stick to his anger he turned his face and went towards a room which was of Pulkit he was looking here and there and memories of them again started to strike his mind he was trying hard to ignore and was going out but a picture on the study table caught his attention it was their family picture he cleaned it with his handkerchief then looked around the whole room BG plays

Din mein soya, raat aayi toh abb jaaga soya kab tha (I slept in the day, when the night arrived, I woke up)
Abb kya suraj dhunde pagale, dub gaya suraj kab ka (Now why to search for the sun O insane, the sun has set long time back )
Barson pehle jo thi ik nadi pyaar ki (Years ago, there was a river of love )
beh gayi woh nadi (that river has gone)
Haath abb tu kya malata hai (Now, why are you lamenting on it )

Samay ka pahiya chalata hai, din dhalata hai, raat aati hai (The wheel of time turns on, the day passes by, and the night arrives)

He was looking at the picture when a voice came from back
Ranvi: Maa is searching you
Saying this he went from there and Prabhas looked at him going BG plays

Raat mein jab ek chhota sa nanha sa dipak jalata hai (When a small and tiny lamp burns in the night)
Uski jarasi jyot sahi, par dur se usako dekh (It’s flame may be slight, but seeing it from distance)
koi barson ka musaafir girte girte sambhalata hai (a traveller of years manages to balance himself from falling )
Samay ka pahiya chalata hai, din dhalata hai, raat aati hai (The wheel of time turns on, the day passes by, and the night arrives)
He was looking at him then felt that someone is saying to him that “MOVE ON BROTHER MOVE ON” he looked here and there no one was there finally a lone tear escaped from his eyes and he felt a hand on his shoulder it was Abhigya without wasting a time he hugged her tightly and she was patching his back
Aasma mein jagmag taare, meri aankh mein jhilmil aansu (There are shining stars in the sky, and in my eyes tears are shining)
Kaha chhupa hai koi isaara toh de de tu (Where are you hiding, just give it a sign)

Abhigya: now will you share that pain with me which you are hiding and the reason for your anger
Prabhas: I will tell you but will you able be listen that
Abhigya: is it related to papa or ma
Prabhas: not Maa but papa
Abhigya: who ever I want to listen
Prabhas nodded his head in okay

to be continued……..

Precap: Yash and Shreya in a room it is time of early morning sun rays entered the room shreya being shocked “Yash come here see this” yash comes and gets shocked looking the scenario
second scene Abhi and Basudha in a room she finds something Basu” listen see this” Abhi comes to her and when both looks at that thing they gets puzzeled

what is Prabhas hididng what is the reason of his anger will Ranvi ever be able to know that stay tuned for that and what is more hidden in mystery mansion lets see

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