STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 47


Episode 47
It was a fine morning for all but seems it was not fine for the great Mehra family along with two Sangwang people (Abhigya and Prateek) all were looking towards a room from which some kind of loud sounds were coming out Priyansh and Gaurav were there too and were making annoying faces
Priyansh: I wish I would have got a normal father but it seems I have to do which we resisted long ago
Gaurav: we have to do it for our mother also
Both were looking towards the room now it was clear that they were only Yash and Shreya who were fighting at morning itself

Abhigya patting their heads: what do you want to say what you both were thinking?
Priyansh: nothing but we were thinking to consult a psychiatrist as we are tired of these fights
Gaurav: What to do Bua see in morning itself they have started it is too irritating yr
The screen shifted towards Yash and Shreya
Yash: what do you think of yourself how dare you threw off my favourite jacket
Shreya: leave the hell that topic first you tell me why you did that and you are asking about your favourite jacket then let me tell it was looking worst than the beggar’s clothes
Yash: just you just shut up!!! First you have done what I don’t like and then you are arguing with me over what I did you mad woman
Shreya being irritated: mad man
Yash: pagal aurat
Shreya: pagal aadmi
They continued and then the screen shifted towards Subuhi
Subuhi: I knew it he would have fighting over a lame matter this boy is just ugh…. Come on let’s leave its their daily activity

All laughed and left from there the screen shifted towards Basudha’s room there she was writing something in her diary and was packing her stuffs too when with that sudden voice Abhi woke up
Abhi being sleepy: Good morning
Basudha replied busy in her work: Good Morning
Abhi replied: what’s going on why this much is sound is there
Basu: wo Mama started over in morning itself
Abhi: what!!! Fighting at morning itself and no one is trying to resolve the matter!!!!
Basu: because they know that it’s their daily habit they can’t live without fighting with each other
They were talking just then a loud sound of Shreya came and both of them rushed to see what happened! Suddenly when they were going down they stopped in mid as Shreya was coming out of the room in full anger
Shreya: this man is impossible don’t know why he is written in my destiny only
Yash: me (stressing on word) and your destiny!!! Look at your face Shreya even your eyebrows are not proper how can I be in your destiny
Shreya yelled: Yash!!! (stressing on name) you know very well it is just because of you then you have no right to taunt me over that
Yash: oye pagal how can you blame me for that did I gave you that slight cut like haircut on your eyebrows
Shreya: yeah it was only you if you would haven’t started talking with that parlour girl so friendly then she would have never get de concentrated and would have given me that cut while doing my make over
Yash: oh so you will blame me for that actually it was not my fault she was my fan and I can not ignore them okay and by the way it wasn’t your makeover it was getting all over and over and over
Shreya being irritated : you must have got someone who would have killed you yet why the hell you are with me
Yash: I am not with you, you are with me
Shreya being irritated: ugh God please take me with you I can’t live with him
Yash: go somewhere else then why you are living here
Shreya being totally fed up: now I will not live anymore I will commit sue side and believe me I will do it for sure
Yash: are you sure!!
Shreya: yes I am
Yash: okay then wait
Shreya: I knew it you can’t live without me

Yash: eeh pagal hai kya mai to keh raha tha kha pee ke jaiyo raasta lamba hai bhagwaan ke ghar ke khali pet jayegi to acidity ho jayegi khali fokat wapis aayegi aadhey rastey se isliye poori taiyari ke sath ja taki wapis na aana padey (eh
Mental I was saying that go after having some food because journey towards God’s home is too long and if you went just like that then you can face various problems like acidity, constipation and all and then you will return from mid way so better go with all preparations okay)
Shreya stamped her foot in anger then left the place screen shifts towards Abhi
Abhi: what was that!!!
Basudha: nothing he was just irritating her
Abhi widening his eyes: he was just irritating her!!! But why
Basudha: he finds fun in that now she will surely go to garden and cry then he will go there to cheer her up in his own style
Abhi: what’s this silly thing!!
Basudha while leaving place: Ahm you want to know then go there after half an hour you will get the reason
She left the place and he was finding it disgusting that how can a person irritate someone just for fun

After few minutes all came to the main hall Basudha was busy with Abhigya and Abhi was talking about to something with Prateek it seems they were became very good buddies Subuhi was also with them
Abhi: Okay tell me one thing I know I shouldn’t ask it but I want to know
Subuhi: you can ask us about that without any hesitation
Abhi: okay then tell me one thing that why was the fight going on in morning itself and why you all were not stopping them I mean its not good right!
Prateek: oh everything is good they were not fighting its their habit son that one of them make each other irritated for sure and if the matter goes beyond limit then also it doesn’t matter coz they know how to cheer each other you are new that’s why you don’t know
Subuhi: yeah that boy is too copy 100% copy of papa he also use to make ma irritated to the core and whenever she gets too much angry then he use to end up with a challenge or cheering her up in his own rock star style so we don’t inter fare in them because that boy is just mad

All started laughing on her statement then Prabhas said
Prabhas: hey why don’t we all visit to MM its being long time we didn’t returned to our home yr after and these kids will also see their grandparents place and our home
Prateek: not a bad idea Prabhas we can go there
Abhigya: okay then we will go today itself
Subuhi: just after two hours as till then Subhash will also be back
Abhigya: great so get ready to visit for MM
Abhi: wait a minute what’s MM!!
All of them in chorus: the great Mehra Mansion
Abhi: so what’s the need of shouting in it (making an annoyed face)
Subuhi: stop being so decent there must be some craziness and tell me one thing what would you do if you will go home after a long time ha

Abhi joining his hands: Oh sorry meri maa sorry
Subuhi: that was awesome do it once again (ye mast tha ek baar aur kar na)
All of them headed towards their room leaving him and he was shaking off his head in disbelief Basu also left from there and he was looking at her going with Abhigya, screen shifted towards Yash he went following Shreya she was seated in the garden totally upset with what happened few hours ago there he sat beside her and held her hand but Shreya jerked and turned to alter side he pulled her cheeks but she moved from there while she was going but he stopped her by holding her wrist
Shreya: leave
Yash: never ever
Shreya: you don’t need me
Yash: yes I don’t
Shreya: then leave me
Yash: I don’t need the angry one but want my lovie dovie
Shreya: she is lost somewhere today
Yash: No she is here somewhere but I am not able to find her did you saw her
Shreya: no I don’t and don’t wish to see her too
Yash: really!!! Let me see what if you have hidden her somewhere tell me where is she otherwise I will blame you for missing her Oh Shreya (with fake cry) where are you this cruel world is killing me where are you see this lady is killing me
Shreya: these tantrums will not work here search something new idiot
She was about to go but Yash again held her hand and sung
Tumhari Nazar Kyun Khafa Ho Gayi(Why has Your gaze become upset?)
(Why have You become upset from me?)
Khata Bakhsh Do Gar Khata Ho Gayi(Please forgive me if I’ve made a mistake)

Shreya showing irked face:
Humara Iraada To Kuch Bhi Na Tha (I had no intentions as such)
Tumhari Khata Khud Sazaa Ho Gayi(Your mistake itself has become Your punishment)

Yash rounding his hands to her shoulders:
Sataate Na Hum To Manaate Hi Kaise(If I didn’t ill-treat (trouble) You in the first place,
how would I be able to coax/cajole You later)
Tumhein Apne Nazdeek Laate Hi Kaise (How would I be able to bring You closer to me)
Sataate Na Hum To Manaate Hi Kaise (If I didn’t ill-treat You in the first place, how would I be able to coax You)
Tumhein Apne Nazdeek Laate Hi Kaise(How would I be able to bring You closer to me)
He was doing some antics and Shreya smiled helplessly after all it was his only way to express his love first to make her irritate and then sing a song for her irritating her was not his motive any time but he always use to search excuses to sing for her or sing with her that’s the reason that day he sung with her with an excuse that he is teaching Abhi and then looking her mad man she sung in replied

Isi Din Ka Chaahat Ko Armaan Tha(My desire/love was craving for this day to come )
Kubul Aaj Dil Ki Dua Ho Gayi(The prayers of my heart have been answered)

Tumhari Nazar Kyun Khafa Ho Gayi (Why has Your gaze become upset?)
Khata Bakhsh Do Gar Khata Ho Gayi (Please forgive me if I’ve made a mistake)

Humara Iraada To Kuch Bhi Na Tha (I had no intentions as such)
Tumhari Khata Khud Sazaa Ho Gayi(Your mistake itself has become Your punishment)

Yash: yippiee I got my wife back
Shreya showing a bit attitude: no she is not
Yash widening his eyes: still not!!!
Shreya: she will be back if you will show me how was Dada I mean your elder brother who was elder than Abhu didi and Prabhas bhai
Yash: please don’t ask me that because I don’t know myself how he looks according to what Maa told me I was just four or five when he passed away and no one shown me how he looks because it was his wish that he should remain past and his absence shouldn’t affect anyone’s present or future that’s why I never know how he looks and who was he
Shreya: which kind of wish is this!!! I mean how can a person can wish such things!!!
Yash: I don’t know but this is the only reason Prabhas Bhaiya is always angry hearing his name because papa at his last day was in extreme pain according to him but what was the reason he never shares with anyone
Shreya: what could the reason be!!!
Yash: don’t know you leave them yr why to spoil our brain thinking what we don’t know
Shreya: Okay then Bhaiya asked us to come to MM right then we will search for him for sure
Yash: yeah and then didi will kill us no, no, no she will not kill us but she will give us punishment and that also hang till death

Shreya: offo Yash what’s bad in trying we should at least try to search out what is the mystery behind Prabhas Bhaiya’s anger towards him and what is the reason that they never took us to MM after our marriage too
Yash: I think you are saying right we should try to find out but the problem is the MM is not so small area it is too big if we will try both ourselves then it is impossible to search out the reason we need partners for sure
Subuhi: why don’t we ask Basudha and Abhishek they can help us
Yash: why would they
Subuhi: we will ask them for something else making any excuse we will search out what are the mysteries hidden there and what I think is the reason of hate towards Ranvi is also hidden there
Yash: haye meri pagal aurat itni bhi pagal nahi (oh my mad women is not fully mad)( pulling her cheeks)
Shreya: oh leave let’s go and talk with Abhishek
Yash: come we will go
They left the place and went to Abhi in Basudha’s room but he was not there but Basudha came there

Basudha: oho zero no.1 in my room what happened and mami you should not roam around with zero no.1 it will leave bad impression
Yash: I am not zero no.1 I am hero no.1 understood tedhi no1 (twisted no.1)
Basudha: no you are not hero but zero no.1
Shreya: okay, ok relax continue your fight later but tell me Basu where is Abhishek we want to discuss something important with her
Basudha: maybe down stairs or in out house because I also haven’t seen him from past one hour
Yash: this wife is perfect never bothers where her husband is and see mine always hanged from my neck
Shreya: did you said something just now
Yash: no extremely no
Shreya: ok if he comes then tell him that we want to talk something with him okay
Basudha: okay
Saying this they went from there and a thought striked in Basudha’s mind that where the hell Abhi was she tried his phone but it was switched off then she started searching him here and there he was no where in the house she asked Kaustuki and Ganga who were busy in playing they said that he was with them about an hour ago after that they seen him going out with his car she felt somewhat relaxed but not truly as still he wasn’t picking up his phone and time was running out they have to go out but he was not there so she asked rest of them to leave giving the address of the mansion and she will be there when he will come no one agreed to this statement they asked her that they will wait for him till he comes she was feeling worried now that he never goes anywhere like this without telling anyone she called at

Metha’s residence and someone picked up the call finally and it was Yashika without giving a chance to speak she started speaking
Yashika: hello, hello this is Yashika here no one is at home with whom so ever you want to talk call later I cant talk as I am busy in eating so bye bye
Basudha rolling off her eyes: Yashika this is me
Yashika: arey Pragya you!!! Tell me how you remembered me that I am also alive you are so busy now a days that you don’t have time to talk with me
Basudha: stop taunting me Yasho tell me one thing did he came there!!!
Yasho: no dada ji didn’t came here
Basudha: Oh God
Yasho: what happened you sound so worried is anything serious
Basudha: Yasho it is been six hours he has went somewhere and didn’t returned and phone is also switched off I have searched him every where and talked to everyone whom he use to meet with but no where he is don’t know where he went
Yasho: is this boy mad or what where did he went wait let me talk with Naira didu she will tell us where he is because more than us she knows him well
Basudha: wait if you are going to ask then let me ask myself
Yashika: wait Basu I will put the call on conference okay we both will talk to her
They called Naira

Naira: what happened two of you at a time is anything special
Yashika: didu dada ji is missing somewhere
Naira: what!!!
Basudha narrated the whole matter and Naira seems to be very serious hearing all that
Naira: okay so this was the matter then tell me one thing did he talked with you since last night after that incident
Basudha: no he didn’t uttered a word rather than saying good morning and asking about the happening going on here
Naira: okay then I know where is he!
Basudha: where is he tell me
Naira: at monk’s garden
Yashika: Monk’s garden why the hell he went there is he thinking to turn into saint or something else
Naira being serious: No my dear whenever he gets confused for something or wants answers from himself he use to go there and surely he is there
Basudha: okay let me go there and check
Naira: sure dear
Yashika: hold his ears and pull his hairs if you found him there how could trouble you like that
Naira laughed and saying “sure” Basudha hanged up the call then she rushed towards the car and taking one of them drove off towards Monk’s garden (it’s my imaginary place) and soon she reached there and started searching him here and there and found him near a small pond sitting there holding his knees by encircling his arms around them and being lost in thoughts she was about to shout but when she saw him lost in some deep thoughts she just went there and kept hand on his shoulder Abhi sensed that she was there he said to her without looking her
Abhi: you searched me here too (calmly)
Basu: why? You wasn’t wishing to do so!!!!

Abhi smiled: nothing like that!! I can never wish that you don’t think about me (while saying this he stood up)
Basu also stood up: now tell me why are you here and phone is switched off too
Abhi taking a deep breathe : some unanswered questions were there and I need there answers so ended up coming here
Basudha held his hand gently: when problem is with master then it is problem of the slave too and when if he wish to share then the slave can also answer those questions
Abhi looked at her: none of us is master and none of us is slave
Basu smiled: yes I am! Slave of your love and you master of my thoughts
Abhi smiled again and while looking towards that lake asked
Abhi: if someone loves you deeply then what should we do to give more than that what we are getting
Basudha: nothing special to make them feel special just make them feel your presence with them
Abhi: if someone just needs your well being and ready to sacrifice anything then isn’t our responsibility to respect that courage
Basu: if the person is sacrificing everything for you then you should realise the feeling what the person had not to assume that you have to give them special treatment if you will treat them special then it is possible that the person will no longer be the same

Abhi: what is he or she is really special for you
Basu: if they are really special for you then just remain with them and never make them realise at every time so that they becomes so close to you because separation begins with more closeness (dooriyon ki shuruaat aksar jyada nazdikiyon se hi hoti hai)
Abhi: what is the face of love what exactly it is what is its shade!!
Basudha: love doesn’t have any shades its every shades shows how you feel
Abhi: how can you say that
Basu: some question are better to remain unanswered and let their answer come to you by time itself now if you permit shall we leave from here everyone is waiting for you as they want to leave to MM
Abhi nodded his head in okay and said sorry for being late they started moving and Basu was walking ahead still holding his hand and a BG plays on them
Tera naam (Your name..)
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq (This red love, this remorse of love,)
Ye aeb ishq, ye bair ishq (this defect that love is, this enmity of love,)
Ishq ishq, ishq (Love, love, love..)
[In a little convoluted manner, it’s said that love is passionate (red), remorseful, a defect or weakness, and even an enmity.] Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa (I have had such an enmity with you,)
Raha na main phir apne jaisa…( That I haven’t remained like myself anymore..)
[Here, he’s talking to the one he loves, of course.] Mera naam ishq, tera naam ishq (My name is love, your name is love,)
Mera naam tera naam mera naam ishq..( My name, your name, my name, it’s all love..)

Tera naam (Your name..)
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq (This red love, this remorse of love,)
Ye aeb ishq, ye bair ishq (this defect that love is, this enmity of love,)
Ishq ishq, ishq (Love, love, love..)

He drove the car this time and was thinking again and again something which made more determinant

Precap: “aan you can not do this you are irritating me” Abhi “No extremely no how can i irritate you after all you are my silly and silly is so silly that she is thinking i have done so”
Okay now i am free as all the work is completed and now one reply t Myna dear i am so sorry i didnt replied to your comment dear yes you can call me what ever you want i also use to call every one bhai and most of the commenters know it very well lol dear sorry once again and get ready to resolve the suspense in MM till then keep guessing

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