STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 46

Episode 46
Abhigya along with Prateek, Yash, Subuhi and Prabhas left from there here Abhi and Basudha were left all alone in the outhouse Basudha looked at Abhi and then from there she left towards the veranda which was connected to the outhouse and Abhi was just remembering all the incident that what happened there few minutes ago and his thought were broken by Yash who came back with one message for Abhi and that was “Didi and jiju have called you along with your stuff inside the house” with a smile he said and moved from there a bit then turned to him again and patting his shoulder lightly said “SORRY I didn’t knew that you were the pain soother of our junior otherwise we wouldn’t have asked you to do anything because you are the person who has made her life stable specially I am thankful to you and sorry too because I troubled you more right!” Abhi held his hand and said

“please don’t ask sorry from me not because you are elder but because you introduced a new me to everyone in all these responsibilities and hectic schedule I was forgotten totally that I am also having friends I have someone who is waiting at home to talk with me after a long time I enjoyed my time with my sisters and realised that there is someone who is still waiting for me (looking towards Basu) so no need to be sorry because you made me introduce to a person who was lost in me somewhere beside that I want to say Thanks to you and you know what I liked you most among all of them” Yash showing attitude said

“This is what charm of Rock star Yash called” he smiled a bit and Yash left from there Abhi was moving towards Basudha but to his surprise she already left the place crossing veranda he understood that she wasn’t feeling easy after all expressing her thought in front of everyone wasn’t so easy but she did it today and that too for keeping his respect just because he shouldn’t feel that her family doesn’t want his presence her family is thinking that he is not worth of their daughter just because he shouldn’t feel that he is not capable to convince her parents itself a chain of unknown thoughts were running through his mind he was looking her going towards the villa folding her hands and walking on the velvet path of green grass her stole was flowing away in air which was blowing her hairs were brushing her cheeks and within a few minutes she vanished off from his eyes he then turned and looked towards the sky which was turning cloudy and seems that weather was about to turn rainy he looked at the sky and then went away and started packing his bags to move he packed his all the clothes were packed then he looked towards the picture which was actually a family picture of him with rest of his family members that was with Divya, Kabir, Naira and Yashika who were standing encircling their arms over him it was the only picture he kept with him every time his family which was including Basudha, Kaustuki and Ganga was at only one place which was his bed room he never kept it near him ever but this picture was always with him and he sat on bed holding that picture and remembered something a small flash back is shown

It was the day just before his marriage he was sitting silently in his room when Divya and Kabir entered with his costumes
Divya: Abhishek just try it once if it has some mistake we will change it now itself
Abhi being lost in thoughts just nodded his head in yes and went to change his attire which was brought by his mother and when he came out Divya said
Divya: it’s perfectly perfect Kabir please final this
Kabir: as your wish my lord

Divya smiled and Kabir went Divya was about to go but stopped when she looked Abhi being lost somewhere looking himself in mirror she went near him and keeping hand on his shoulder laughing lightly asked
Divya: Abhi..!!!! What happened? You are lost as if you are leaving this house just calm down boy you are not going anywhere girl will come at our place why are you looking scared?
Abhi came out of his thoughts: haah maa!! (clueless expression as he didn’t paid attention when Divya was talking to him)
Divya: I am asking why are you so scared you don’t have to leave this house girl will come here

Abhi smiled a bit taking off his stole which was with his dress
Divya: what happened? (smilingly)
Abhi: nothing I was just thinking that what if she didn’t accepted the environment of our house I mean she started pointing out at everything like I shouldn’t be so frank with Yasho and Naira didu like at every place happens DIL becomes the reason of everyone’s separation then what will you do?
She smiled a bit and a voice came from out of the room it was Yashika and Naira
Yashika managing her lehenga as it was very heavy: areh aisey kaisey objection karegi mai baal na noch loongi uske (arey how will she object on us and if she did so then I will scratch her hairs for sure she will never ever try to mess with us)
Naira: uski aisi ki taisi humey rokegi wo bhi apne dada ji jaisey bhai se milne ke liye (to hell with her if she stopped to meet us with our dada ji like brother)
Divya: relax girls she is not like that
Abhi: how can you say that when you have met her only once and neither one of us had even got her sight

Divya smiled a bit: I am saying because every boy have this tension that weather his life partner will be able to love his family respect his family like him or will she love them more than him so your fear is genuine my son
Abhi: but…

Divya cuts him off: look Abhi every relation needs respect if she will respect you true heartedly she will respect your thoughts truly then every day the only thing which she will want is your reason of happiness should be with you and if it is your family then she will respect you more because if she will respect you then only she will be able to accept us she will accept us without any change and this will be the reason that she will become our loved one before she can become yours loved one. So just think about the fact that weather she will respect your thoughts and your feelings or not if she will respect you she will have a special place for you in her heart then my son she will accept everyone of us as we are and think that we are her family only so don’t think about this any more and let all the events happen calmly which kind of DIL is written in our destiny we will get to know in sometime
She kept her hand on his cheek and smilingly left the room leaving Abhi again in thoughts
Flashback ends

Now he was thinking that she was right she respected him more than the love which was she having in her heart was his respect she wasn’t wishing anything else with him she was just wishing to be with him at his every moment weather it is happy or sad it doesn’t matter and that’s what she expressed few minutes ago he was thinking that she was right if she wouldn’t have respect his thoughts then it was impossible for her to accept his family as hers after all his sisters were too choosy in making friends but now Basudha was their best friend the secrets which he don’t know she knew it the things which they both were hesitated to share with Kabir Divya or him they were sharing it fearlessly with Basudha that’s what her presence was at his home for Divya she was in ideal person who never gives her chance to complaint and for Kabir she was his third daughter but more than that she was an ideal person for him who knows how to manage everyone’s happiness at a time she won every heart of his family members including him but the sadness which was within her she never ever tried to share it but that also she did slowly, slowly and he became that person of her life who knows every bitter truth of her life with these thoughts he kept that photograph in the bag and moved towards the veranda and with a calm smile on his face again drifted into the pool of thoughts that how every time calmly she handled his anger and how she every time expressed her feeling that what her thoughts are about to love wait what!!! Love she never know anything about love after all she was so busy every time either in her studies or in household works and started thinking that what she deserves and what she is getting if she has such feelings for him then he should also have value of her feeling with these thoughts he went in and picking his bag started moving towards the villa as he went in Abhigya welcomed him with a calm smile and shown him the way to her room and he moved ahead when he reached there he saw that the lights were off Ganga was sleeping along with Kaustuki there he caressed their foreheads and started looking for her she was in balcony staring at the road which was in front of her view keeping her hands on the railing of the balcony a lone blackness was there on the road an empty path was in front of them he went and kept hand on her hand she turned and looking that it was him she again started staring at that direction there was a complete silence in mid of them and breaking the silence he said

Abhi: sometimes we never know when these paths get alone and when they have their companion
Basu still looking at the path replied : the path will never get its companion if there is no traveller if the traveller is there the path will have its companion and if no one Is there then the path will look alone just like it is looking now
Abhi: If the traveller is genuine then the path will never be alone just like that (pointing at the person who was walking there talking on the phone in to and fro motion)
Basu: that’s what I said too that path will never get its companion if there is no traveller

Abhi: just like us!! (without looking at her)
They both turned to see each other and then again turned towards the direction where they were looking while talking
Basu: then who are you the path or the traveller (with a calm smile)
Abhi: a companion who will never ever leave his path alone
Basu smiled lightly: it’s been very late come lets sleep
Abhi just smiled in assurance: you go I will come after sometime
Basu smilingly left the place and he was looking at her while going a BG plays he was looking at her
tohse naina laage piya saaware (My eyes are entangled with you, o my spiritual lover)
nahin bas me ab yeh jiya saaware (My heart is not in control of myself, o my spiritual lover)
mohabbat to ek jaaveda zindagi hai (Love is eternal/spiritual life.)

mohabbat to ek jaaveda zindagi hai (Love is eternal/spiritual life.)
tohse naina laage mili roshni (My eyes are entangled with you and I got light)
tohse man jo laaga mili zindagi (Mt heart entangled with you and I got life)
tohse naina laage mili roshni (My eyes are entangled with you and I got light)
tohse man jo laaga mili zindagi (My heart entangled with you and I got life)
mohabbat to ek jaaveda zindagi hai (Love is eternal/spiritual life.)
mohabbat ki hai daastaan zindagi (Life is the story of love)
mohabbat na ho toh kaha zindagi (If love is not there, there can’t be life)
mohabbat ki hai daastaan zindagi (life is the story of love)
mohabbat na ho toh kaha zindagi (If love is not there, there can’t be life)
mohabbat to ek jaaveda zindagi hai (Love is eternal/spiritual life.)
tohse naina laage (My eyes entangled/involved with you.)

He was thinking all the while about the scenario which was happened few hours ago it was difficult for him to forget all that as he never expected such things from her he was feeling happy as well as determinant to give her cherish life now his only motive was she will never be only a household women for sure his lady love he wanted to give his all time to her only and with such imaginations he went in and found she was slept on the bed facing the wall he knew it that she will be bit hesitant to look him for some days as it was her habit that whenever she supports someone she was unable to meet her eyes with him or her for some days don’t know what she use to think but it was true that she use to do so and then he laid on the other side of the bed and screen shifts towards Basu who was still awake staring at the wall remembering all those things which he did just to get a sight of her or to talk with her and then she was remembering that how she spoke for him and an unknown smile formed on her face the BG played

shama ko pigalne ka armaan kyun hai??? (Why the light wants to die/melt)
patange ko jalne ka armaan kyun hai??? (Why the light insect wants to die by burning itself in light)
She looked towards him turning little bit he was also laid turning towards other side

isi shaqt ka intehaan zindagi hai (Test of this power/passion is life.)
mohabbat jise baksh de zindagani (Love which forgives/gives someone his/her life)
nahi maut par khatm uski kahaani (his/her story doesn’t end with his/her death)

Screen shifts towards Abhi he was also still awake remembering how he melt his anger at the beach

kaise jiya jaaye (How lo live)
kaise jiya jaaye (How lo live)
fir (then)

nahin koi insaan mohabbat se khaali (No one in this world is without love)
har ek ruh pyaasi, har ek dil sawaali (Every soul is thirsty for love, and every heart has a question)
He took a slight turn and looked towards her she was still lied facing the wall
mohabbat jahaan wahaan zindagi hai (Where there is love, there is life)
mohabbat na ho toh kahaan zindagi hai… (If love is not there, there can’t be life)
tohse naina laage mili roshni (My eyes are entangled with you and I got light)
tohse man jo laaga mili zindagi (My heart entangled with you and I got life)
mohabbat jise baksh de zindagani (Love which forgives/gives someone his/her life)
nahi maut par khatm uski kahaani (his/her story doesn’t end with his/her death)

screen freezed and parts between there lost happy faces

Precap: A visit to MM
Okay apology for being late but was busy as have to work according to sir PM lol i think every one is suffering from that problem my problem didnt solved yet as banks were closed so didnt uploaded as all the time all were doing that work only and as tomorrow banks are opening so GOD knows the work will happen or not but i have to say well played PM well played ;-P

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