STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 44


Episode 44
Prateek yelled: stop Abhishek I said stop Yash, Prabhas, Subhash stop him now…..
Abhi ran from there in full speed Basudha was laughing hard that how her husband was turning into insane and doing all such activities here Abhi ran escaping from all some servants came to catch him but he pushed them and all of them ended up hugging each other and then he threw one cushion when Yash was coming to catch him in his legs and he fell down stumbling into it when Prabhas was coming towards him he held him a vase and he was thinking why he did so and he managed to run from there but Prateek was still following him and in mid when he was going out Abhigya was coming he held her both hands and started playing ring-a-ring-a-roses singing “arey meri sasu jii.. pyari pyari sasu ji… (oh my mother in law my sweet mother in law) and when Prateek was coming he left her and she fell in his arms Prateek said to her while following him “why the hell you are playing with him” he ran out but till then Abhi was escaped successfully”
Prateek while huffing: damn is this a man or mouse he escapes from everywhere even a small space too (he was standing near the fence which was having an enough hole to pass a healthy kid)
He was looking here and here when suddenly a loud voice which was very near to him reached to his ears “I am not a mouse I am a full human being” Prateek turned around to see and it was Abhi he got totally irritated and again ran towards him but he ran from there teasing him “catch me if you can papa but you will not be able to catch me” he was running when again Abhigya came

Prateek: Abhigya you again here why can’t you stop him damn it?
Abhigya: whom
Prateek: the man who is hiding behind you (pointing at Abhi)
Abhigya: why will I do that and why would I catch him
Prateek: Abhigya…..
Abhi: do as much efforts you can I will not go anywhere after all I had paid advance for living here
Prateek being clueless: what!
Abhigya: yes he is saying right actually he came in morning to me and at that time I was in good mood so I never allowed him to enter at my place and then he offered me something to which I agreed
A small flashback is shown
Abhigya was drinking tea and reading something on her I pad that time he entered inside the house and she stopped him from getting entered into the house
Abhigya: Abhishek wait there itself don’t move (going towards him)
Abhi stopped with an annoyed face
Abhigya: where are you going and that also with this luggage!!
Abhi: wo maa I am shifting here itself
Abhigya: with whose permission?
Abhi: only with your permission
Abhigya: what!!!
Abhi: actually I was thinking that many rooms in your villa are left just like that so you can rent one right!! And if you will rent me that room then two tasks will become easier
Abhigya: and what is that?
Abhi: one you will be able to pamper me a lot and second I will be able to meet my daughter I will play with them and they also become happy that their father is here right because when I met Ganga na I felt very bad that she is feeling bad because her mother is feeling bad and if she is feeling bad then everyone is feeling bad because making her feeling bad the thought itself is bad because she is a kid and making a kid sad makes me more sad and looking her sad makes me…
Abhigya: enougghhhh……….. have you ever counted how much bad you just used?
Abhi: is there anything bad in using bad
Abhigya: what is bad…. Ugh it’s too irritating
Abhi hugging Abhigya from back: Oh maa you know one thing it is advantage for you too you will be able to pamper me na (said like a kid)
Abhigya caring his cheek: ohh how sweet of you sure you can live here but give me my advance
Abhi: advance!!! But I didn’t got my salary yet!!
Abhigya patted on his forehead gently: stupid I am not asking about money but I am asking about something else
Abhi smiled: anything for you mother just order me
Abhigya: okay then if you have called me mother then as an advance to live in one of the room of this villa you have to do work for me so start from now go and bring the latest magazines about newly launched music and music makers then go to this store and bring my favourite coffee and then you have to Hotel royal Palace I have finalised them for my daughter’s wedding so you have to bring their catalogue so that I can show it to Kirti and then you have to go Royal emporium to heir a designer and that also of Indian and ethnic class and then you can live here and you have to do such small works daily as a rent
Abhi rolling off her eyes: maa this much royal it is looking like royal is going to marry the groom not the girl
Abhigya: do as I say otherwise reverse your steps
Abhi: going I am going extremely going after all it’s your wish right
Abhigya: good
Saying this she went from there and Abhi said
Abhi: well played leave brother and sister this lady herself is enough to kill a person
Flashback ends
Abhi: so according to deal you can’t throw me out of this house as I have already paid the advance and as Baba will credit my account with my money I will pay the rent too so let me rest now excuse me please (showing attitude) may I go maa

Abhigya: room is all yours son
He went from their passing a victorious smile
Prateek: great Abhu now I got to know why Prabhas call you Dumbo all the time he trapped you and you also got trapped like a pigeon in net bewkoof aurat (stupid lady)
Abhigya: that was too rude
Prateek: rude!! You spoiled our mood
Saying this he went from there and Abhigya went following him he told to everyone that Abhigya has offered one room to Abhi and everyone was looking at her and she said “What!!”
Prabhas: if you want to keep him then you can do so but he will live in outhouse not in side and one more thing I want 50 percent share in that rent
Abhigya: In outhouse!!! But
Yash: Bhaiya is saying extremely right and I also want 25 percent share
Subuhi: I also want 25 percent share
Abhigya: really!!! You three took 100 percent now what will I get
Yash: your son in law you admire him most right!!! Then keep him only it’s your punishment

All left from there and here Basu who heard everything was feeling like flying in air because every time she was looking such things happening in movies and this time it was happening with her and the difference was just it that it was not her boyfriend or fiancé but her husband, it was not looking like they are married but going to be married she was feeling like jump in air as he managed to get in the house and they will be able to talk daily with these thoughts she went to her room and there was flying high in her thoughts and in that excitement she didn’t put on lights of her room it was total darkness in the room when she felt that one light was flashing which was very irritating for eyes she saw it was flashing on mirror and then went to see in the direction from where the light was coming and what she saw was totally surprising for her one mirror was near her window just opposite to the mirror in room when she out one was at the tree whose height was little short but enough that someone can climb so one mirror was kept there just opposite to the one which was on the window then one mirror was at the bench in the garden which was in just opposite to the mirror on the tree and all the mirrors were facing each other and the ray of light on those mirrors were coming through one mirror which was big enough and that mirror was in outhouse she understood whose work was that as one face came out smiling towards her it was Abhi she was having wonder expressions that how he manage to do all this and that also with this much perfection that every angle was right and the message he wanted to give her was already conveyed they were looking each other for sometimes seems they are talking through silence only sometimes later both went back to their room and Basudha remembers all those words which was written in that message which was flashed through mirror it was written “Meetings are written in our destiny with whom we have to meet and when it is already decided just follow the path and you will meet your person so our destiny also have our meeting lets meet tomorrow at evening at the same place where you and me both lost each other in the voice which is the only way to convey our feelings to each other” she smiled a bit as she understood which place was it she understood that he was talking about beach as it was the only place where both of then use to forget themselves in voice of waves which touches their feet those long walks having hands in hands it was feeling like a long time has spent and they didn’t met each other but more than that the thing which was troubling her that was that how is he getting and from where is he getting such ideas of communication sometimes he is flashing head light of the car sometimes sending letters through that torn ball sometimes he entered inside the house but from where and now this mirror idea he is so strange” she was lost in her thoughts but suddenly smiled and said to herself “leave it yr how he is and what is he doing it is too much fun I think this is something special and let it be happen” with these thoughts she drifted to sleep.

Next morning
Yash and Prabhas went out with Vibha and Shreya as yesterday they were angry upon them and they both were taking them out just for cheering up their mood and here Abhigya was busy on phone and Prateek was in the hall doing something on laptop Subhash was doing something in study room and Subuhi was busy in talking with their son Basudha looked all that and then called Priyansh and said
Basudha: Priyansh way is totally cleared come let’s start work
Priyansh: ok but where is this Gaurav
Gaurav came there: I am here let’s go
Basudha: ok you go to Subhash uncle and I will go to Papa
Priyansh and Gaurav: done
Trio left for their work, Basudha went to Prateek
Basudha in anger tone: disgusting totally disgusting
Prateek: what happened? Why are you turning out to be angry young woman?
Basudha: because I am
Prateek closing his laptop: what happen Basudha?
Basu: papa did you ever saw maa hiding something from you?
Prateek: no
Basu: but she is hiding you know what she did!!
Prateek smiled and looked at her asking “What she did?” as she was complaining like a kid
Basudha: Maa!! You know what maa is doing she is making Gajar Halwa and that also not for us for him
Prateek: for whom?
Basudha: arey for him.. that same person who is living in outhouse and when I asked that why we don’t have share in that you what she said
Prateek: what she said?
Basudha: she said that I am not worth of that halwa and your father I will not give it glance it also
Prateek: what!!! She said this
Basudha making an irritating expression: and handed all the halwa to him (hugging him slightly) you know how much I like gajar halwa still she did that
Prateek: I will tell her how much we are worth of you don’t worry
Basu: not only this papa she is hidingly passing him all the good food like yesterday night I saw her she was passing him choco truffle and pineapple cake that also made by her only and you know right that how much we like that still she didn’t gave us even a piece to taste
Prateek: really!!!
Basudha: really you don’t believe me
Prateek: so everything is happening like thieves let me teach a lesson to her
Basudha: yes for sure do it because she is treating him more than his own mother this is not done
Prateek : okay beta you go I will see it
Basu went and with a wicked smile shown thumbs up to Priyansh and both the boys went to their work
Priyansh while entering in study: what the days have come
Gaurav while sitting on a chair: seriously
Priyansh: I mean who use to do so yr and that also with their own blood
Gaurav: I don’t know what she want!!
Subhash: what happened boys
Gaurav: Uncle did bua ever pampered you like how she is doing with jijs
Subhash: what!!!
Priyansh: pakaude she is making pakoras for him and when we asked she said that today it is not our day I mean it is not our day!!! Now jijs is here so she will ignore us like this
Gaurav: if this is our treatment then he was good when he was out of our house only
Subhash: really!!! She is doing so? Where is Yash then!
Gaurav: he has become love bird now so went out with mom and badey papa also
Subhash in a stern tone: Gaurav is this the way to talk about your father?
Gaurav: I mean to say he went out with maa on date and badey papa also
Subhash: but what happened to Subuhi suddenly I can’t understand
Priyansh: suddenly!!! From day one she is doing so everything is going for him and that also hidingly you know just like a thief

Gaurav: did she ever make sweater for you
Subhash: no never she doesn’t know it how to knit it
Priyansh: she know it you know last night only she gifted one muffler to papa and one to jijs that also made by her
Subhash: really!!! If is it so then let me handle her this time I will not leave her for sure this much cheating and that also with me her personal husband
Priyansh: personal!!! So rest of them are not personal
Gaurav: come bhai lets leave
They both left from there and shared high five then told to Basu that work is done and Basu said “lets wait for the impact now”
After sometime Abhigya went to her room where Prateek was already present and here Subu went to her room there Subhash was thinking something
Subuhi: now why are you seated like a statue here don’t you have any work?
Subhash: all the work has become angry on me as one thief theft it….
Subuhi: What!! You know what are you blabbering?
Subhash: leave that Subu and tell me where are my pakauras?
Subuhi laughed: what!!! You want pakauras just look at yourself Subhash your face itself is like a pakaura this time
Subhash: I knew it you will give this answer only as all that you have given to Abhishek
Subihi: what!!
Subhash: well played with my emotions Subu well played
Subuhi: now from where the emotions came in pakauras you have gone mad I know it and believe it too
Subhash: leave it Subu but the fact is I love you thought you are a decent lady and you left me thinking I am mad (maine tujhe pyar kiya abla samjh k tune mujhe chhor diya pagla samjh k) now don’t you dare ever see my face never ever
This words of his hurted Subuhi to the core as she was looking that someone has prank him but this prank worked worsen because his eyes were clearly showing he was not happy and just to teach her lesson he said that never to see his face which hurted her a lot she thought to talk about this Abhigya as she is the only one who can save her so she went to Abhigya when she was about to enter she saw Abhu was coming out having rage in her eyes
Subuhi: what happened didi?
Abhigya: your jiju have gone mad he is saying that he don’t want to see my face just because I have given all the gajar halwa and cake to Abhishek now who will make him understand that it was his first time he was tasting food of my hand so I thought to make something sweet but no this man has gone mad for gajar halwa don’t want to see my face okay fine I am going to jump from the terrace and commit sue side then never think that I will come back understand
Saying this she went from there towards terrace and Subuhi also followed her
Subuhi: didi are you really going to die
Abhigya being irked: yes
Subuhi: okay then I am also coming as same situation is with me
Abhigya: these men have gone mad come
Abhigya in anger tone was walking towards terrace and stood near the boundary and here Subhash and Prateek thought ladies are going to die really so they thought to stop them and started singing

Prateek to Abhigya :
Aji Thahero Zara Dekho (Please wait a little, look here)

Prateek holding Abhigya’s hand:
kuchh socho jara samjho (Think a while, try to understand)

Subhash to Subuhi holding her hand:
Aji Thahero Zara Dekho (Please wait a little, look here)
kuchh socho jara samjho (Think a while, try to understand)

Both the ladies jerked them and sung while walking towards boundary of terrace in anger:

Subuhi and Abhigya in chorus
hamto mar jaayenge leke tera naam (I will die taking your name)
toot gaya jab dil to jeene se kya kaam (When the heart is broken, then what is the use of being alive)

Abhigya and Subuhi joining there hands in anger towards both the men:
ham to chale jo kaha suna ho maaf kar dena (I am departing, forgive me for any misgivings)

They both thought that Prateek and Subhash are trying to cheer them up but what they did made both the ladies more irritated

Prateek to Abhigya in teasing tone with a smiling face:
ho jaate ho jaana jaana (If you going my love)
aakhri salaam lete jaana (Accept my last farewell)

Subhash with a smiling face:
ham ko wahaan na bhulaana (Don’t forget me there)
aakhri salaam lete jaana (Take the last bid of farewell)

They thought that they would try to stop them from committing sue side but everything was getting alter those two were teasing them to the core then they both stamped there feet on ground and Abhigya holding Subuhi’s hand stared walking towards parking lot and there she laid down on the floor assuming this time with the fear of accident they will come as there was no car available today so when it will come they will get fear but this time also everything alter happened

Abhigya taunting to Prateek:
pyaar naa jaane paapi duniya (the sinful world doesn’t know love)
to aa chal karen yaara (So let’s do this my friend)

Subuhi taunting Subhash:
maut ki patri par so jaayen (lie on the death path)
mil jaaye chhutkaara (So we find freedom)

Abhigya pushing Subuhi down:
jaldi kar meri jaan tu (Be fast my love)

Subuhi pulling Abhigya down:
jaldi kar meri jaan tu (Be fast my love)

Prateek who was looking all this folding his hands sung:
aji suniye jara suniye (Hey, please listen)
aise nadaan mat baniye (Don’t be so naïve)

Abhigya showing her anger:
o ham to kat jaayenge ab gaadi ke neeche (We will be cut into pieces by the car)

Subhash taunting them:
wo aane waali hai do ghante ke peeche (It is going to come two hours later)

Abhigya and Subuhi forwarding their hands to both of them:
aisa hai to haath lagaakar hamko uthaana (If that is so then pull me up)

Prateek and Subhash looked at each other then smiled and sung to them walking in opposite direction:
o lete rahiye mausam hai suhaana (Keep lying down, the weather is lovely)
aakhri salaam lete jaana (Am bidding my farewell)

Both of them went leaving drama queens aside and Abhigya said
Abhigya: what the hell they both!!! What do they think of themselves
Subuhi: this much tantrums!!! They don’t even bother what we are doing
Abhigya: wait let me check with the next stop okay follow me Subu
Subuhi: of course didi
Abhigya: they have to feel sorry what they said to us
Saying this they moved ahead and both the men were seated in hall then Abhigya and Subuhi walked towards kitchen holding matchbox Prateek and Subhash also followed them when they saw a big match box in their hand and one can also they followed them and saw that in kitchen both the ladies were pouring something on themselves

Abhigya sung looking at Prateek and pouring that thing on Subuhi:
pyaar hamaara sach hai kitna (How true is our love)
dikhla den ham dono (We both will show it)

Then Subuhi took the can and looking towards Subhash sung:
tel chhidakkar aag lagaa len (sprinkling oil/kerosene, lets set us alight)
jal jaayen ham dono (we will burn ourselves)

Abhigya trying to lit the match stick:
jaldi kar meri jaan tu (Be fast my love)

Subuhi doing the same:
jaldi kar meri jaan tu (Be fast my love)

Prateek shook his head in disbelief walked towards her:
aji do pal ruk jaana (Hey, tarry a little)

Subhash walking towards Subuhi:
ye hansega ye zamaana (The world will laugh)

Abhigya showing attitude sung:
o hamne to kar li hai jalne ki taiyyari (I am prepared to burn us)

Subhas empting the container:
dabbe me paani tha tel nahin tha pyaari (the container contained water, not oil, my dear)

Abhigya and Subuhi in chorus being irritated:
maachis me bhi aag nahin hai kaisa zamana (The match doesn’t light, what a world is this)

Subhash and Prateek offering a lighter to them:
lighter se kaam chalaana (This lighter will do it for sure)

Prateek showing hats off to her:
aakhri salaam lete jaana (take my last salutations)

Abhigya and Subuhi looked that their plan was getting fail again and again so they were walking here and there when Prateek and Subhash came in and dragged both of them they both were having knife in their hands and both the ladies were looking them stunned

Subhash to Subuhi:
idhar aao batlaayen ham jaaneman (Come here, let me tell you this my love)
Prateek keeping knife of her wrist:
tumhe jaan dene ke laakhon jatan (you have thought of so many ways to give life)

Abhigya being scared:
hamen shaukh marne ka kab hai sanam (When do I have the interest to die my love)

Subuhi encircling her arms on Subhash’s shoulders
bas ik baar kahdo tumhaare hain ham (Just say once that I am yours)

Prateek and Subhash moved back and sung indicating their thief act for Abhi:
ham unme nahin jinki aadat buri (I am not one of those who has bad habits)

Abhigya and Subuhi in chorus with their helpless face:
magar ab to chori se tauba meri (But now secretly, lord forbid!)

Abhigya holding her ears:
ab tauba meri tauba (Lord forgive me)

Subuhi holding her ears:
ab tauba meri tauba (Lord forgive me)

Subhash and Prateek widening their arms:
aisa hai to phir jaane jaana (If that is so then my love)
pyaar ka salaam lete jaana (Take the bid for love)
ham ko bhi yaar na bulaana (You also don’t forget me my love)

and a happy ending of this fight happened Basudha was laughing out loud as her parents being so kiddy

Precap: “the one who lives in eyes will remain there only doesnt matter that the person is far or near” “the one who lives in heart can never be on feet” “the one who wish to live an era with someone doesnt wish of anything else” “i wish to be with you in your sadness so that you can never get a chance to forget me”

okay i know it was lame but for today this was the one which came in my mind and who said this to whom lets see then one more thing that we are at the end of this track so be happy but cant assure you weather the proposal will take place or not so dont hope for that lolz i am telling it honestly and then the begining of the twist is waiting for you all the serial wala twist

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