STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 43


Episode 43

They were talking in a mild tone when they heard someone getting inside the room they kept quiet the foot steps were getting closer they were managing to hide themselves when the footsteps came closer
They both were getting sweated thinking what if the person coming inside is one of them they were thinking that and closed their eyes as much tightly as they can and here screen shifts towards the door the person who was coming in was none other than Abhi ye stamped his feet on the ground and said to himself
Abhi: damn it where the hell is Basudha that Yash mama wasn’t enough that these ladies are also turned into wrestlers if I get caught into those men then there is chances to escape but if I got trapped into these ladies it will be RIP for me in advance damn

He was murmuring in himself when he hears some kind of sound of whispers and started to move ahead in search from where the voice is coming then he found four legs coming out of bed and slightly bent to see who is it and then got to know that it was none other than Yash and Prabhas his naughty mind filled with ideas within a minute and then he went in front of bed and bent down looked there face they were closing their eyes so tightly Abhi smiled then said
Abhi: arey mama ji you here what happened today mami gave you work of searching the lost stuffs under the bed!!! By the way how is the environment inside is it suitable shall I order some tea or coffee for you???
Yash being irked: you!!!! Cheap man I will kill you today
He was shouting aloud then Shreya shouted
Shreya: Yash I said come out where are you I can hear your voice if I found you I swear I will dig your grave on my own and become a widow
Yash like a scared cat went back inside the bed
Prabhas tapped on his head: you idiot you want me to dead before my son’s marriage If she found me then I will kill you for sure

Abhi in teasing tone: poor mama ji see what your condition has become you are hiding from them huh!!!
Prabhas and Yash both of them came out and held his collar
Prabhas: this boy is so shameless this much time we insulted him but he again and again coming back here
Yash: he can’t even propose her and see how he enters in the house and Bhaiya that also with new directions
Prabhas: tell me one thing idiot how you use to get in after this much security
Abhi laughed: if I told you then you will close all the ways so I will not and now leave my collar otherwise I will shout and both the ladies will be in

Prabhas: shout as much as you can because if we got caught then you will also be treated na
Abhi: don’t be over smart mama ji because if I got caught then I will be just thrown out of this house but you have to stay here itself and they both are searching for you so decide weather you want to get killed or want to save yourself
Yash and Prabhas both were looking each other that he is having point then they left his collar and went to sit aside
Abhi showing attitude: by the way mama ji why don’t you both face them
Yash: they are this time wounded tigeress it is not safe to go in front of them this time
Abhi taking a seat with them: arey you are from the family of great Abhishek Prem Mehra and you only told me that he was expert in composing his wife

Prabhas: so what do you think we should also start singing and dancing like him
Abhi: You was expecting the same from me
Yash: look boy it was his style and more than that maa loved that so he use to do but none of us can do so
Abhi: so why was you expecting same from me
Prabhas: Vibha will never understand what I am trying to say and other than that she will turn me to the black and blue for sure
Yash: Do you think I will sing for that pagal aurat!! No never ever
Prabhas: and by the way why are you advising us? Your life itself is messed up
Abhi: ooooh…. My life has made messed up by you all otherwise I was living happily with my cutie pie and two daughter happily and more than that did you ever saw her angry from me
Prabhas: having point!!

Abhi: then why you use to do such things by which you get tangled in such situations
Yash: we haven’t done anything but don’t know why they both are mad on us
Abhi stood up and encircled his arms on their shoulders
Abhi: be a man boys be a man go and show them that you are not scared of them and more than that they are your better halves your lives you have to keep them happy because when they will live happy then they will keep everyone happy so mama (Yash) go and calm her down in your rockstar style and you go and calm her out in your own style do what she likes just remember what she loved in you and do that and if you are talking about me then I am leaving because when you are tensed then there is no fun in teasing you both so I will come sometime later
Saying this he went winking on them and they both thought something for sometime and went out Shreya and Vibha looked them Shreya was about to hit him but he held her hand and stopped her she was totally angry on him and Prabhas bent when Vibha was about to hit him he did it repeatedly and now Vibha was irked she went to her room stamping her feet and Yash and Prabhas started singing
Prabhas to Vibha: suniye to rukiye to (please listen, please stop!)
kyon hain khafa arre kahiye to (why are you angry? please tell me!)
aisi kya jaldi jaane ki (why are you in such a rush to leave?)

deewana hoon maana suniye deewane ki (i’m mad for you, understand? listen to the one who’s crazy for you)

He was pulling her cheeks and asking for the matter that they are angry for and she was jerking his hands from her face then the screen shifts towards Yash he was holding his ears infront of Shreya but she pushed him aside and moved ahead

Yash joining his hands in front of her: suniye to rukiye to (please listen, please stop!)
kyon hain khafa arre kahiye to (why are you angry? please tell me!)
aisi kya jaldi jaane ki (why are you in such a rush to leave?)

deewana hoon maana suniye deewane ki (i’m mad for you, understand? listen to the one who’s crazy for you)

Screen shifts towards Vibha she being irked that Prabhas was following her she went out and the view was clear of sea from that area as the home was little bit far from beach she sat there and Prabhas came there and trying to compose her sung

Prabhas to Vibha holding her hand:
ye shaam ka dilkash manzar (this charming view of the evening,)
ye saahil aur samandar (this shore and ocean)
kehte hain aap na jaayein (they tell you not to go!)
hum par ye karam farmayein (this duty commands me!)
suniye to (listen)
kehti hain balkhati lehrein (the twisting waves say to you)
She started to move but he held her and made her look towards sea which was having high waves

aap zara kuchh der to thehrein (just stay a little longer)


suniye to rukiye to (please listen, please stop!)
kyon hain khafa arre kahiye to (why are you angry? please tell me!)
aisi kya jaldi jaane ki (why are you in such a rush to leave?)

deewana hoon maana suniye deewane ki (i’m mad for you, understand? listen to the one who’s crazy for you)
Here Vibha managed to hide her smile and Prabhas understood that he held her hand and said to her “I have never cheated you and neither I will think or do it ever you was the only one you are the only one and you will be the only one for me” she smiled and kept her head on his shoulder he held her hand tightly in return and both stayed there for sometime here the screen shifts towards Yash he held Shreya’s wrist tightly and she was trying to free herself from his grip but he wasn’t ready to leave her and sung
Yash to Shreya :
ithlaati shokh havayein bheegi rangeen fizayein (the sprightly, flirtatious breezes, the atmosphere drenched in color)

jo aapko dekhe jaaye to seekhe aur adayein (watching you, they learn new ways to charm)
She managed to free herself and turned to leave by which her loose hairs fell on his face he sung when she was little far from her

suniye to (listen)
ye zulfein jo dekhe badal (these locks of hair which resemble the clouds)

saare baras barse vo baadal (may those clouds shower down forever)

She smiled but didn’t showed it to him and moved ahead being in attitude that he will do some more efforts to cheer her up here he smiled as he won this time and managed to compose her he moved ahead and twisting her hand lightly towards her back said “ listen Mrs Yash Mehra this mad man had only one mad woman in his life and she is mine and will be mine forever it doesn’t matter that whether anyone comes in my life she will be there only forever and that mad woman knows that very well
Shreya: and what if that mad woman doesn’t forgive you then!!
Yash twists her hand more tightly: try to say it again
Shreya: its paining Yash leave me such a wild person you are
Yash: wildness is in my blood but you didn’t thought that how it hurts when you doubts on me
Shreya: okay but leave now because for you this is your style of love but others will think that you are doing violence on me
Yash left her hand and then she turned towards him
Yash moving back: now you will prove that you will never doubt on me
Shreya showing her tongue to her along with thumb: no never

She ran from there and Yash chases her Basu was looking all that and thought in mind “may be now they will think that it is not good to mess up anyone’s life” she went to room thinking of next step that what to do next when she felt that someone is at her back and too close that she can hear his breath she knows it was Abhi who was at her back but before she could turn he said to her “there was the only one who was the reason of my every happiness there is only one who is the reason of my smile and there will be the only one who will be the reason for my happy life” she managed to hide her smile and was about to say something but to their fate the door opened and it was Prateek he saw Abhi there and again Abhi making a weird face said “Basu bye (Basu mai chala) see you soon” Prateek yelled “you how the hell you managed to get in and where was Yash” Abhi resting one hand of his on Prateek’s shoulder
Abhi: the fact is that papa, that today both the mama’s are spending their quality time with their wives so I also found this time suitable to spend with my wife isn’t it and what I think you must also spend some quality time with yourrrr wiiiifeee (pushing him back ran from there)

Prateek yelled: stop Abhishek I said stop Yash, Prabhas, Subhash stop him now…..
Abhi ran from there in full speed Basudha was laughing hard that how her husband was turning into insane and doing all such activities here Abhi ran escaping from all some servants came to catch him but he pushed them and all of them ended up hugging each other and then he threw one cushion when Yash was coming to catch him in his legs and he fell down stumbling into it when Prabhas was coming towards him he held him a vase and he was thinking why he did so and he managed to run from there but Prateek was still following him and in mid when he was going out Abhigya was coming he held her both hands and started playing ring-a-ring-a-roses singing “arey meri sasu jii.. pyari pyari sasu ji… (oh my mother in law my sweet mother in law) and when Prateek was coming he left her and she fell in his arms Prateek said to her while following him “why the hell you are playing with him” he ran out but till then Abhi was escaped successfully”

Precap: Jatey ho janey jana aakhiri salaam lete jana (the Mehra’s trapped part 2)
okay i know it is short update but running out of time so manage this for today and yes prabhi of course we are friends yr and sure i will fulfil your wish then i am not going to end this ff yr it has many more sequences to show and yes sunday leave we will meet on monday and that also positively 🙂 so happy week end guys

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