STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 42


Chapter: trapping Mehras part 1

Episode 42

Yash: Basudha open the door I know that cheap man is inside your room open the door I said
Basu stood up with shock expression : oh god Mama now what to do
Abhi: ye budhau phir aa gaya yaha (this man again) I think my trap is no more a trap
Yash: Basudha just open the door today I will not leave that cheap man he trapped me I will not leave him
Basu: now what to do!!! He is out you are in everything is looking out just messing
Abhi: what??
Basu: nothing just think something how you will go out
Abhi: look madam I am not going out let him do what he can do this time because I also have some plans for him now
Basu: I think you have gone mad seeing death in front of you
Abhi: no my dear just go and open the door then see what will I do?
Basu: are you sure
Abhi: 200% sure
Basu: maro siyappa (jerking her hands out)

Here Yash was shouting “Basudha open the door I say”
Hearing him others also arrived there
Abhigya: what happened why are you shouting like this my daughter might be sleeping inside
Yash: she is not sleeping but that cheap man is inside the room
Abhigya with wide smile and widening her eyes: hein….. son in law is there Basu beta open the door let me meet him na (going ahead)
Prateek dragged her back: enough of your crazy love for your son-in-law stay back here
Abhigya making a pouty face: rude
Prateek: let it be…
Prabhas also banged the door; I said open the door its my order
Yash: Oh Bhaiya is it going on military training you are giving orders let me handle him you all stay back
Yash was totally in anger looking at him Subuhi said “I think today someone is going to face hell”
Prabhas: yes Subu after papa and this dumbo his anger is worst and I think today someone going to be his drum for sure (aaj to koi iska dhol banega pakka)
Subuhi and Prabhas in chorus: God pay mercy on him please
Here Basu opened the door and he entered in the room found Abhi was still there Yash looked at him in anger and in reply with a smiling face he shook his hand saying “Hi Mama” and Yash held his collar saying “you are truly a cheap man” he started moving and Abhi while waving bye to Basu said “Basu mai chala (Basu I am going)” Subuhi and Prabhas were laughing the expressions he made and how Yash was dragging him he was moving down and Abhi was looking in opposite direction as Yash was dragging him holding back collar
Abhigya: Yash treat him calmly please look at his sweetness okay bhai
Prateek: Abhu… (in a stern voice)
Abhiya: kya….. (holding her both the hands together and resting her chin on it) kitna sweet hai wo dekho to (how sweet he is look at him)
Prabhas: Prateek come please this dumbo has turned into mad now
All of them went following Yash and Basu was looking all that dumbstruck that what happened to all of them even today her husband was also behaving weird here she went out to see what was going on

Here screen shifts towards Yash he dragged Abhi till hall and left him there saying “Get Out” Abhi stood there hearing him folding his hands then again Yash said
Yash: I said get out now.
Abhi: be silent otherwise I will be violent
Basu was looking at him in shock what he said just now
Abhigya being crazy: woah son-in-law what a dialogue 100 time shower of love (waah kya dialogue mara hai 100 baar vari jaun)
Abhi giving a funny smile encircled his arms on Abhigya’s shoulder : you liked it!!! I have many more such dialogues shall I tell them
Abhigya pulling his cheeks: hayee cutie pie why you didn’t told me earlier I would have saved you
Abhi pulling her cheeks back: hayee my sweet mother in law you never told me before that you love bollywood dialogues
Abhigya: see how sweet my son-in-law is
Abhi hugged her from back resting his head on her shoulder : and see they are dragging your sweet son out that’s not fair maa (teasing Yash)
Yash dragging him again: your tricks will not work here cheap man just get out from here
Abhi being in attitude spouted his shirt holding collar : okay ok I am going but listen try as much as you can I will meet her daily it’s my challenge (jaa raha hoon jaa raha hun aur haan rok sake to rok lo roz milne aaunga mai dekhta hun kaisey rokte ho)
Abhigya: haye what a dialogue I am flat over you son
Abhi smiling at her: it was good na, today itself I have learnt it (accha tha na aaj hi seekha maine)
Prateek dragged Abhigya aside: now you may go my dear and you come with me now a days you are turning more mad don’t you think
Abhigya: but see how…
Prateek: shut
Abhigya: but…
Prateek: shut
Abhigya stamping her feet: rude huh
She went from there then Prateek said

Prateek: this lady will spill beans on our plan for sure
Here screen shifts towards Basudha she was seated on bed and was trying to figure out that what this all was going on but wasn’t able to think she started walking here and there in the room thinking how to get that what was going on why all of her family members were behaving like this with him she was thinking when suddenly strike to her mind she called someone and after few minutes both were there (yeah she called Priyansh and Gaurav)
Priyansh: Didi you called us we are here
Gaurav: Boys at your service sister
Basu: Ok okay now listen to me brothers I need your help
Gaurav: anything for you sister
Basu: how sweet of you
Priyansh: now tell us what we have to do
Basu: nothing more you know right!!! That now a days all the family members are behaving weird so you have to figure out what the hell is going on in mid of all of them
Priyansh: just it!!!
Gaurav: just give us few hours sister we will tell you the whole what is going on in the house
Basudha: that’s like my brother now start your mission
Priyansh: aai aai captain
Saying this they left the room and Basu got hope that atleast now she will be able to know that what is going on……

Here screen shifts towards Yash and rest of them they were talking to take their plan to next level and that moment itself both the boys heard all the stuffs and then they both looked at each other and silently rushed towards Basudha’s room and there they narrated whole matter to her and she was at peak of anger said
Basudha: oooh…. So this was the matter they are doing this just for the lame reason and that also for proposal
Priyansh: didi I think this idiotic idea must be given by our father
Gaurav: yeah he is only expert in doing all such things
Priyansh: but the strange thing is all of them are accompanying him
Basudha: whatever they have to do they have done now its our chance what say boys will you accompany your sister
Priyansh: we have already said that anything for you sister
Basudha: enough of all of them now its my turn so listen what we have to do
She shares the plan which was muted and screen freezed on her determined face sharing high five with Priyansh and Gaurav

Next day
All were busy in their work and Basu was thinking something then she saw that Shreya was reading news paper and there was the news for last concert of Yash (actually on page3 column some photographs) and passing an evil smile gestured something to Priyansh who was busy in tab playing something
Basu picking up that paper: Priyansh…… see these photographs are from Mama’s last concert
Priyansh: yeah the same in which many girl fans were there right Gaurav!!!
Gaurav: Haan Bhaiya and how closely he was surrounded with them (in loud voice intentionally to make Shreya hear)
Shreya first ignored that but when Gaurav said too closely she paid attention to them and being curious asked
Shreya: how do you know all this?
Gaurav: we went there last night naa maa that’s why
Priyansh: some of the girls were too close Mom that I felt embarrassed that he was doing that
Shreya: what was he doing?
Basu: what’s the need of asking Mami see it is clearly visible from these photographs that how close he was see that girl how much closely she is hugging him
Shreya was looking at picture and her blood started to boil
Gaurav: arey mom they were too close that even there was no space of even air too and you know what I guess he was enjoying it because that hug was too close
Priyansh: arey that’s nothing I even heard he was saying Love you too, to that fan
Basu: hein…!!! I think she must be any old girlfriend
Shreya’s blood was boiling to such an extent that she can burst out anytime and looking the situation the three of them left the place and went in a corner sharing high five
Basu: half of the work is done now left half is to be done by you both
Priyansh: no didi if you will accompany us result will be so cool
Basu: Ok lets go…

They started to search Vibha and found that she was in kitchen and Gaurav showed some signature sign to Priyansh and Basudha they understood and standing near the pole which was near the kitchen door started talking loudly
Priyansh: you know didi I saw bade papa yesterday he was spending his time with one girl
Basudha: aah impossible!! After all he is father of a son who is young enough
Vibha heard the name girl and started moving towards them but remained in kitchen hiding behind the door started hearing them Basudha giggled as she saw Vibha moving like that
Gaurav: no didi Bhaiya is saying right I have also seen him sometimes whenever he gets angry he use to go out right!!
Basu: right
Gaurav: he use to go out and talk with one lady I don’t know who is she but I think something is fishy
Priyansh: of course I think Mami should spy on him what is he doing escaping from her
Basu: what are you trying to say mamu can’t have girl friends he is too old yr all this is crap
Priyansh: arey love is blind didi everything can happen
Basu : ho hi nahi sakta (impossible)
Gaurav; ho sakta hai (possible)
Basu: sawaal hi paida nahi hota (a single question doesn’t arise)
Priyansh: paida ho sakta hai (question may arise)
Basudha: if it is then we will see it later first go and find out where my daughters are
Gaurav: sure

They trio left from there leaving Vibha in raising doubt and Shreya here was also boiling in anger and went to their room and laughed out loudly
Basu: now we have to just wait till the evening
Priyansh: did you saw badi ma’s face damn I am sure she is going to kill him today
Gaurav: just wait and watch till evening
All were laughing hard and screen freezed on their faces

*******************At evening**************

Yash and Prabhas both of them came back from somewhere Vibha and Shreya were waiting for both of them in their rooms in anger as it was usually late from the time they use to come back home it was almost 6:00pm in evening Prabhas entered inside the room
Vibha: you came back!!!
Prabhas: so according to you I shouldn’t have come back??
Vibha: can’t you answer straight?
Prabhas: a useless question will always have a useless answer
Screen shifts towards Yash and Shreya
Shreya: where was you?
Yash: with lady Gaga. Do you have any problem?
Shreya: really!!! You only got her to date!!!
Yash: have you madness got overloaded today?
Shreya: of course you will find me mad after all you have got someone out to enjoy right!!!
Yash: what!!! (in shock)

Here screen shifts towards Prabhas
Prabhas: what are you saying do you have any idea what’s nonsense is all this
Vibha: Oh so my words are looking nonsense to you I must have understood it earlier that why you are ignoring me at home because you have someone else in your life right!!
Prabhas: Vibha just shut up
Vibha shouted: you shut up Major sahab I will kill you today for sure
Screen shifted towards Yash
Yash: Bhagwaan bachao ye aurat pagal ho gayi hai aaj (god save me this lady is really turned into mad today)
Screen shifted towards Prabhas
Prabhas: Pagal waagal ho gayi to kya Vibha (have you gone mad Vibha)
Vibha holding a broom stick: ye pagal hota hai waagal kya hota hai tum sab ka yahi hai sala ginate do ho boltey ek ho aaj mujhe batao ye sab kya chal raha hai warna khair manao apni (what do mean by that you all use to say two but mean only one today I want to know what the hell is going on otherwise ask god to save you)

Screen shifted towards Yash
Yash: Shreya my love listen to me once you have just a misunderstanding (moving back trying to escape as she was holding a rod in her hand)
Screen shifted towards Prabhas
Prabhas: look biba, I mean miya, I mean diya, I mean Vibha haan Vibha look you just got the misunderstanding nothing else
Vibha yelled: Major sahab you are not remembering my name and talking about misunderstanding just pray as much as well wishers you can because today I got to know what is truth understood
Prabhas rushed out of room and Yash too at same time they both ran from there with full speed and Vibha and Shreya also came out at same time Yash looked back and ran from there and entered one room which was dark and hide under the bed Shreya yelled

Shreya: Yash come out I said today I will not leave you how dare you cheated on me come out I said because if I found you then I am damn sure that I will use knife beside this rod come out Yash…
Yash here under the bed : Oh god this lady is mad I know but today she is ready to bite me God save me mummy…… save your son please papa come back down and save me yr I have saved you many times you can’t save me once please come down back come back

Here Vibha was also searching Prabhas and he also did the same in same room he got under the bed from opposite direction and when he bumped into Yash
Prabhas: you are also here!!!
Yash: Bhaiya you also here!!!
Prabhas: Wo… I was playing hide n seek with Kaustuki and you???
Yash: same with Ganga
Prabhas: oh!!!
That time Shreya and Vibha both shouted
Prabhas: Ganga!!!!
Yash: Kaustuki!!!!
Prabhas: stop teasing now the fact is how both the women got mad at same time
Yash: don’t know but if they found us sure they will kill us
They were talking in a mild tone when they heard someone getting inside the room they kept quiet the foot steps were getting closer they were managing to hide themselves when the footsteps came closer

Screen freezed dividing one side scared face of Prabhas and Yash and one side the foot steps getting more closer

Precap: arey suniye to rukiye to kyu hai khafa kahiye to

Spoiler: Serial wala twist
okay so i am leaving you with this lightm light episode and your imagination of expressions enjoy 😉

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