STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 40

Episode 40
Divya: why you all are forcing him you know right! If he got irritated then he will leave everything
Kabir: Madam not will he did that today itself sir have taken one week leave from office god knows what is going on his mind
Yashika: ego papa ego
Naira: Han he will dead but never let his ego down in front of anyone for sure
Divya: one week leave!! What the hell is he thinking?
Divya: why you all are forcing him you know right! If he got irritated then he will leave everything
Kabir: Madam not will he did that today itself sir have taken one week leave from office god knows what is going on his mind
Yashika: ego papa ego

Naira: Han he will dead but never let his ego down in front of anyone for sure
Divya: one week leave!! What the hell is he thinking?
Yashika: god knows
Naira: exactly climate on hill stations and his mood both are same we can’t estimate when they will change
Yashika: didu is extremely right
Divya: shut up both of you! Every time trolling him is this only business left for you? Can’t you support him once!
Yashika in a mild tone: Maa…!! What are you saying now you will say like this to us? This is your love for us you don’t love us? Now he is everything for you?
Naira: you don’t believe us? Now your son is important to us? Are you looking Baba daughter got married so no love for her only son see (keeping head on Kabir’s shoulder)
Yashika doing same on this other shoulder: she is feeling bad on just trolling him!! Now we can’t troll him too
Divya: Oho I can’t deal with your emotional blackmail better not to do that okay! I know you both very well now end up this drama soon.

Kabir: don’t scold them Divya you know they are saying right you are concentrating on him more than anyone else huh!!
Divya widening her eyes: Hein…!! Now you also want concern you trio father daughter have gone mad for sure
Yashika faking cry: aaaannn…… no one wants us here
Kabir accompanying her: Oh God only this day was left to see…. Now no one wants us
Naira: Baba better to leave this cruel world
Trio leaves from there holding hands of each other Divya was nodding her head in disbelief Meanwhile Kabir’s mother comes there, she asked to her
Dadi: Oye Divya what are you looking there opening your eyes like owl what is there
Divya: I am looking your son that how drama king he is turning out into
Dadi patting her shoulder: Hayo rabba this woman is saying her husband as drama king what a generation!!! In our times we don’t even use to look our husband’s face just use to talk with their shadows and see this woman God time is changing very fast

Blabbering like this dadi went from there and Divya stood there thinking
Divya: talking with shadow!!! Who use to talk with shadow (shadow se baat kaun karta hai bhai!!) aaah I this is not a home this is drama company who is having only drama kings and queens and this lady (to dadi) is the head of all dramabazi uff (holding her head)
Dadi: arey you will keep complaining or will bring my food also
Divya: is budhiya ke insano ke khargosh k kaan hai kaam ki baat chhod k baki sab sunayi deta hai (this old lady doesn’t have ears of human being she is having ears of a bunny she can hear anything leaving important stuffs)
Dadi: budhiya kisko bola (to whom you said old lady)
Divya making an oops expression: apne aap ko bola maa khud ko bola maine (I said that to myself I said that I am an old lady)
Dadi: haan then it’s okay now go and bring my food
Divya thought: better to leave from here Divya otherwise this lady will eat up all your brain
Making an irritating smile she went from there.
Here in the room Abhi was looking out from the balcony sitting at the bed keeping one leg at the chair which was nearby table and one on floor, and was keeping on running something through his finger rolling from up to down face was looking totally determinant then he stopped rolling of that stuff and grabbed it in his fist and said “Wait and watch Mrs. Basudha Mehta now you will meet someone whom your family will love for sure and I swear if I don’t made your Yash mama mad over me” a wide determinant smile ran across his face.

******Next day*************

Kabir, Yashika, Naira and Divya were in dining hall having their morning chats along with their morning tea
Yashika: that idiot didn’t came out since last night
Naira: hope he didn’t committed suicide (laughed aloud sharing high five with Yashika)
Divya: you both don’t you think now a days you are turning out to be more trolling persons ever
Yashika: that is also necessary maa otherwise life will become boooaaariiiinnnnngggg…
Divya: if you would have given less stress on this word boring then also I would have understood
Kabir: arey stop all this! Tell me one thing why you both are here without any notice and all and where are your kids
Naira: as you know both of our husbands are business partners
Yashika: so they went for a business trip of five months so for five months we were all alone
Naira: yeah and Dhruv and Manav are in hostel as both of them said that it is good to live there and continue their studies as sometimes we also have to go with them, so better not to disturb their studies
Yashika: and then we came here as in laws suggested us
Kabir; that’s great now you can attend Kirit’s wedding too
Divya: yeah see how lovely Abhigya ji are she invited us for her daughter’s marriage in first meeting itself
Yashika: if is it like that then we are going to rock it for sure
Naira: yeah it has been long time we haven’t tasted marriage buffet

All laughed at that statement but stopped when they saw at stairs and all of them were having shocking expressions on their face it was Abhi who was coming down from his room everyone were looking on him as today he was in his old look wearing white T-shirt, while blue check shirt as jacket, blue jean along with sneakers and he was coming down while whistling and rolling off some keys in his finger he was coming down
Yashika: I think today sunrise happened from some other direction (lagta hai sooraj kahi aur se nikla hai)
Kabir: Don’t think beta because it happened really
Divya: but what happened to him suddenly he returned into his college look
Naira: I think I know what happened to him
Kabir and Divya in chorus: What?
Naira: haan isey pyar hua pyar hua allah miyan (love happened)
Yashika: didu is extremely right
He comes down and was going directly but stopped as Yashika and Naira started teasing him

Yashika patting his shoulder sung: Challa ki labda phire yaron da ghar keda………. logan nu puchhda phire……… What do I look for? What do I look for like mad? Where is my house, I keep asking people..
Abhi: what!!!
Yashika: Oh kithhe chaliye gobi da phool ban k (where are going taking getup like a cauliflower)
Abhi being irked: chahti kya ho aap dono (what do you both want?)
Yashika: today someone will go and say
Yasho and Naira in chorus: mai tujhko bhaga laaya hun tere ghar se………. tere baap ke dar se tere baap ke dar se…………. (I made you escape from your own house because of being scared by your father) (it’s a song)
Abhi: nothing is like that okay
Kabir: if it is nothing like that then it is reprimand on you (agar aisa nahi hai to dikkar hai tujh par)
Divya: laanat hai (shame on you)
Yashika: don’t say like this maa
Naira: say like this shame on you very, very shame on you (bhar bhar ke laanat hai)
Abhi: I mean I am going but not in that means like you are saying
Yashika: aye hayee munda kamaal hai (oh ho boy is genius)
Naira pulling his cheeks: Hero no.1
Abhi’s cheeks turned into red hearing that he managed to hide his smile at that time too
Abhi: I don’t want to say anything just want to talk with baba
Kabir: yes tell me I am hearing
Abhi: not here!!! But in alone
Kabir: is it a kind of secret?
Abhi: exactly….
Kabir: Okay then excuse us ladies boys want to talk something important

He went from there with Abhi there and Divya thought
Divya: huh!!! Did he say himself boy!!! What this man is thinking of himself turning into late 60s and talking like late 20s I think his mind is lost now
Screen shifts towards Abhi and Kabir
Kabir: yeah tell me why did you called me like this?
Abhi: wo baba…..!!
Kabir: Abhi you are going to tell it or shall I leave?
Abhi: I want some tips that how to impress her that’s it
Kabir with a shocked expression: you want tips from me!!! And that also to impress your personal wife!!!
Abhi: stop joking baba I asked you because you know all that after all your and maa’s marriage was love marriage right so you can tell it to me better
Kabir: yes it was but I will not
Abhi: please baba….

There was a minute of silence among them then Abhi again pleaded him this time taking a sigh of relief Kabir said calmly
Kabir: No, Nahi, Nakku, Naai, Naahi, Noi, Nah, No means no
Abhi: Okay Ok I understood there was no need of telling No in different languages… huh hopeless
Saying this he went from there and Kabir smiled at him as he was irked now
Here screen shifts towards Sangwang villa all the Mehra were gathered in dining hall expect Yash he wasn’t there neither his wife Shreya they were in garden talking about something Abhigya was in kitchen it seems she was preparing something special for all of them Kaustuki was sleeping, Prabhas was talking something with Prateek, Subuhi and Subhash. Pragya was also with them she was busy in some kind of magazines when she heard a sound, it was Kaustuki who was coming down rubbing her eyes and calling out her name she replied that she is in dining hall Kaustuki went there and sat beside her and kept her head on her shoulder
Kaustuki while yawning: why everyone is conducting press conference here in early mornings
Basudha: it is not early morning madam it’s 11 in the clock and by the way why had you worn your t-shirt from wrong side
Kaustuki: it’s for sleep na so doesn’t matter and if it is 11 then I have to get fresh n up I am going
She was going towards her room when she bumped into someone and it was none other than Abhigya she protected her
Abhigya: oh ho be careful girl
Kaustuki: yeah yea I will now leave me I want to have a bath
Abhigya: you didn’t have bath yet!!! And more than that you have worn your t-shirt from wrong side!! When will you learn all this?
Kaustuki being irked: Look Nani…

Main ulti t-shirt daaloon meri marzi (Whether I wear the t-shirt inside out, it’s my wish)
Main gaaun ya naa gaaun baby meri marzi (Whether I sing or not, it’s my wish)
Hygiene wala naatak-shaatak mujhse nahi hota (I can’t do the hygiene etc. drama,)
Saat din na nahaaun baby meri marzi (If I don’t take bath for seven days, it’s my wish.)
Abhigya being irked: Oh ho again that damn Honey Singh what the hell is this
Kaustuki shrinking her eyebrows: my wish
Abhigya: If I tell you something then this song of your honey Singh that is also copied
Kaustuki: Oh come on Nani it was an old song so he copied from that but not like others
The argument was getting heated then Basudha came and interrupted her
Basudha: oh ho maa you also got heated up with a kid leave it na Kaustu go and get fresh n up now
She went from there and Abhigya went with Basu here screen shifted towards Abhi he was out of the Sangwang villa he was getting in from the back door and unfortunately got caught by Yash again
Yash: cheap man trying to get in like thief
Shreya: why are you calling him cheap!!! Is he available cheaply??
Yash being irked: shut up pagal aurat!! Can’t you think anything else rather than shopping prices and price tag
Abhi: look I am not in mood of arguing I am getting in that’s it
Yash: oh ho ho see his attitude!!! Beta this will not work here first tell me weather you are going to do that what we asked or going to do time pass
Abhi: actually I will think that after meeting her
Yash: what do you mean?

Abhi encircling one of his arm around Yash’s neck: arey mama ji the fact Is I want to do that deeply but I don’t know how to do that!!! I am so poor in these matter so I asked from Baba and he said he will not tell me so tell me who will give me the tips for that after all its my first love yr and I don’t have any friends also near by
Yash: oh is it like that!!! Then I am here na ask me I will tell you
Abhi: then tell me please
Yash: of course I will tell you but you have to do that for sure
Abhi: arey first tell me then see I will do it for sure
Yash: okay then Shreya come I will need your help
Shreya: of course
Yash and Shreya went ahead and Abhi passing a wicked smile said “Trapped”
Yash, Shreya and Abhi were in garden near the outhouse. Yash was as usual with his guitar
Yash: look boy to propose her first you have to impress her and for that you have to praise her
Abhi: how
Yash: just have a look assume I am you and she (Shreya) is Basu okay do as we say
Abhi: okay I am looking
Yash: okay then you know how to play that guitar right!! So play it we will tell you
Abhi did that he pulled the strings of guitar then Yash started
Yash: Agar main kahoon mujhe tumse mohabbat hai (If I tell you I love you)
Meri bas yehi chaahat hai toh kya kahogi (and you are my only wish, what will you do?)

Shreya : Main tumse kahoongi, (I will tell you)
is baat ko agar tum Zara aur saja ke kehte, zara ghooma-phira ke kehte Toh achcha hota (If you would have said this thing indirectly and in good way, then it would have been better)
Yash was irked with her answer he stared at her and she said that she was just getting into the role nothing else he calmed down himself and said again
Yash on his knees: Agar main kahoon (If I tell you)
Tumko jab dekhoon lagti ho jaise nayi (When I see you you look new/fresh)
Honthh hain pankhadi phool ki (Lips are like petals of flower)
Aankhein jaise jugnu chamke huwe (Eyes are like fire-flies)
Soche mera ye dil dhadakte huwe (This is what my heart thinks while beating)
Agar main kahoon (If I tell you)
Agar main kahoon ye jo chehra hai (If I tell you that this face of yours)
Jaise koyi chaand hai toh kya kahogi (is like moon, then what will you say?)

Shreya showing attitude: Main tumse kahoongi (I will tell you)

Mujhko bhoole se bhi chaand tum na kaho (Don’t ever say me moon)
Chaand mein toh kayin daag hai (Because even moon has scars)
Mujhe phool na kehna woh murjhaate hain (Don’t say me flower, coz they also get dry)
Jugnu bhi na kehna woh kho jaate hain (Don’t say me fire-fly, the get lost)
Ye baatein puraani hai, jo mujhko sunaani hai (All these talks which you have to tell me)
Kissi aur adaa se kehte, zara ghooma-phira ke kehte Toh achcha hota (If you would have said in some other better way than that would have been better)

Yash being irked: shut up shut up just shut up
Shreya making an annoyed expression: now what happened?
Yash: why are you taking this much footage can’t you get agreed in one time who asked you to show tantrums
Shreya: you was giving demo to him right!!! So what if she said like that !! he must know how to handle that situation and how to convince her why are you getting mad over me
Yash: it was his problem but when I am doing that you shouldn’t have done this if you would have shown me this much tantrums while I did that then I myself would have refused you
Shreya: what you said just now repeat it again
Yash: if you didn’t heard then it is totally your problem not mine okay
Shreya: you are crossing your limits now Yash
Yash: no limits no deravatives at all just the truth I am telling to you
Abhi interrupted: Ahm mama ji I have to do this also?
Yash and Shreya in chorus: just shut up
Yash: how dare you scold him it was my right
Shreya: oho it was your right then tell me who gave you that right
Yash: birth right
Shreya: oho it means mummy ji and papa ji gave you that right
Yash: did I said it in Arabic
Shreya: pagal aadmi (mad man)
Yash: pagal aurat (mad woman)
Abhi smiled as they were started being in fight and he went in escaping from both of them

Precap: rooth na jana tum se kahun to mai in aankho me jo rahun to

aah finally i am back and one note please note that i will give short updates from now as shortage of time and sorry for not giving abhidha scenes but you will get them in next episode for sure and Mukund sorry please if you are getting bored i am just following my story line nothing else and if you are getting bored i am totally sorry please

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