Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 22

**************revelation of mistake***************************************

Days were passing rapidly and now there was some improvement in her she was not that child any more but she still doesn’t remember anything completely she wasn’t able to recognise anything completely she was remembering only few incidents and still it was awaited to recollect her complete memory she because the only improvement in her was that she wasn’t reacting as a child now but the worst part was that beside Rohit and team and her family she wasn’t remembering anyone this time Abhi also she was behaving like stranger to him because she doesn’t remember the days after her school or college and Abhi was extremely hopeful beside feeling bad that she is not remembering him his only hope was that as she remembered her friends she will remember him also once her memory get back completely and now the work which was on full swing was searching Rajveer it was about 6 months were spent all of them including Milind was collecting the clues that where is he hidden and they were successful also now they were just one step far from him and the whole searching was done by the great Roy

he was very active person on social website and then the next one was Soham as he was the auctioneer and because of him they all got to know that Rajveer’s original business is the sale and purchase of antics all the items which can provide extreme wealth he use to deal in them and his presence was confirmed by Milind and Rohit as they both were business man and they both trapped Rajveer by saying that they want some antic interior for their office and now the wait was just for revealing himself when he will come to deal with them and they all will catch him red handed it was going on in very smooth manner they just normally trapped him by normal way changing their identity it was not difficult to trap him but the difficult task was to spy on him which was done by Sumit and Somya main task was for them as they both were belonging to media Sumit was a reporter who use to roam around places and bring a new story and Somya was a photographer who use to bring new locations for various books covers and articles beside that she was a blogger also Sumit and Somya was spying him every where it was not a difficult task for them as they both cooked up a fake story in their offices that they may get some story on various places so they were doing so with the help of office expenses and as the places were all time new so Somya was getting various different kind of photos so actually their cooked up story was turning true and now the current location of Rajveer according to Rohit and Somya’s report was Rajasthan according to them he was there to attend an auction of some of antics from there in Bhangarh fort and his next destination will be Madhya Pradesh and they made a plan to make a sudden change in his plan they decided to trap him after he return from Madhya Pradesh

as now they allotted one work to Soham which was doing a great auction of some famous paintings which he have in contract after he go to Madhya Pradesh and the work which was allotted to Rohit and Milind was that they have to order their interior as per the plan from him and first they have to finalise the contract and then according to the plan he will come to the auction cum exhibition and then when he will come to deliver the item they will take him in their believe without getting doubt in his mind all and Abhi’s statement was we have to take him our side just and make him await up to that time Pragya gets well fully then she will see him herself as he is her culprit not ours what we have to do we have to just stop him here only because he is a traveller so he won’t stop at anyone place but now he have to stop and Richa was like their leader all the plan was working according to her and it was made by her which was accepted by everyone and she was the one who was spending money on this without any single thought in her mind she was in full swing to get Rajveer punish for his deeds.

It was the time of February all were busy in their works and Abhi wasn’t allotted any kind of work because he was for taking care of Pragya although she didn’t remember him she was extremely irked of him but he was with her because Richa made an excuse that he is here for taking care of her every need At this time Pragya was sleeping and Abhi went to his room and looked at calendar it was 7 February the beginning of valentines week and he smiled for a while looking at the calendar then a lone tear escaped from his eye.

Flashback starts
Abhi and all were in third year of college it was their final year and now Abhi’s feelings towards Pragya were became strong and now everyone knows about him that he loves Pragya a lot but only one person was there which was unaware of that and that was Pragya although she was also behaving different she was extremely sweet with everyone and use to smile staring at various lovely couples in college so Abhi and all were suspicious that she is also having crush on Abhi as now she use to ignore eye contact and mostly talking with him now she use to stay alone so gathering full courage and with the support of their friends he decided to propose her and started preparing for it and it was the day 14 February the valentine’s day Abhi was extremely happy and was on cloud nine as today he was going to propose the girl whom he loves the most he was going towards the college imagining about the reaction of Pragya he was smiling in himself and while he was going he purchased a large size bouquet of red roses as he entered the college all were happy to know that finally Abhi was going to propose Pragya as they know that how much he loves her he was getting nervous and thinking what if she refused then what will I do ok I will tell her that I am sorry but just be friends is it ok and all were encouraging him that she will agree for sure and giving him all kind of positivity they asked him to go and he went they also followed him hiding themselves and Abhi started searching Pragya and he finds her finally she was in there in red suit yes was wearing red suit today don’t know why but for the first time in college she was wearing suit and all the boys were admiring her as she was looking extremely gorgeous and Abhi was feeling extremely happy that he was going to propose her and as he started forwarding his steps towards Pragya suddenly he stopped and felt shattered after looking that what was happening in front of his eyes the bouquet he was handling fell down and he was in shock and then Rohit and company also got shocked looking at scenario because what they saw was Rajveer kneeled down and Proposed Pragya before them and she also agreed and to their shock he proposed her for marriage and she accepted that Abhi was feeling like he has lost all his happiness in just a moment he was standing there like a lifeless body and Rohit and all were feeling extremely sad for him one side and other side they were extremely angry upon Rajveer because he trapped Pragya he was the one whom her mother and brother selected for their marriage but that time she refused to marry him but how suddenly she agreed and how suddenly she accepted to marry him and that also happily this was the question in their mind when they saw it.

Pragya and Rajveer left from there and Rajveer passed a wicked smile which was intolerable for Rohit and Sumit but they didn’t reacted that time because they were trying to console Abhi he was fully shattered as he believed that now she will not return to her all the time in college he was escaping from Pragya and at the end of college he went to home without meeting anyone but Sumit went to his home beside going to his home there Kamakshi answered that he is in room and looking lost somewhere so Sumit understood that he is unable to forget that scenario so he went in and talked to Abhi and kept hand on his shoulder as he was seated down near his bead being lost somewhere
Sumit : Abhishek are you ok (Abhishek tu theek to hai?)
Abhi didn’t replied
Sumit: Abhishek bhai look I know what was happened was not right but …(Abhishek dekh bhai mujhe pata hai jo hua wo sahi nahi hua par..)

When Abhi interrupted
Abhi: but.. what Sumit see I was living in false hopes and now the truth came infront of me that this was my love one sided love nothing else all finished just in a moment Sumit all finished you know what when we call it LOVE we feel it is a complete but actually when we say it is as Pyar then you know what it clearly indicated that it is not completed ever because its first letter itself is half in hindi what else can I say it is proved that love is never completed yr those are lucky whose love completes but now I am thinking why she came in my life that I changed this much I was never like this anyone’s ignorance never killed me like this but her ignorance for a while kills me Sumit see now all ended here itself (par kya sumit yr dekh aj mujhe pata chal gaya hai ki mai ek jhoothi duniya me jee raha tha aur aj such sabke samne hai yr kuchh nahi bacha kehna sunne ko sab khatam tujhe pata hai jab hum log bolte hai love hume

sab complete lagta hai par agar usi cheez ko kaha jaye pyar tab pata chalta hai ki wakai Pyar kaha kisi ka poora hota hai pyar ka pehla akshar hi adhoora hota hai yr lucky hote hai wo log jinka pyar poora ho jata hai par ab mai soch raha hoon ki wo aayi hi kyu meri life me kyu mai theek tha jaisa bhi tha usne badal diya yr mujhe kabhi kisi ki ignorance se itni taqleef nahi hui jitna uske ek pal k muh fer lene se hoti hai mujhe nahi pata sumit aisa kyu hua haan par ek baat tay hai ki ye sab aj khatam ho gaya)
Sumit was having tears in his eyes : that’s why I didn’t said anything to Somya yet because I am also feared that my hopes will shattered down as same I can live without her I can live with continuously fighting with her but if I will hope that she will accept me if I will propose her and then if she rejected me I wont be able to tolerate that Abhishek that’s why I didn’t proposed her yet because I was having the same fear yr.

Just then Rohit Roy and Soham entered in his room and they trio were looking extremely angry and when Sumit asked what happened then Rohit said
Rohit: That Rajveer you know why Pragya accepted his proposal
Sumit: Why
Roy: because he lied to her that he wrote all those letters for her which this Mr our crazy lover was writing for her you know
Soham; which he use to hide in her bag or locker and she was thinking all the while that she is having an secret admiral and about which he was very well aware
Rohit: now get up Abhishek and tell her the truth that you have written all of them get up now because I don’t believe a penny on that Rajveer he is very double faced according to me.
Sumit: how dare he I will break his bones to the extent that he will never be able to get treatment for that he lied this much Abhishek get up I said and lets tell the truth to Pragya
They all were insisting him but at last he answered

Abhi: NO I will not
Rohit: but why ? you know he is cheating right! Then why you are saying NO
Abhi: You are thinking from my point of view but atleast think from her point of view you didn’t looked her face when he was proposing to her she was extremely happy and if I will tell her the truth then she will not accept it and I don’t want to hurt her if she loves him then its ok because I can see only her happiness not her hatered towards me no I cant.
Roy: But..
Abhi: No arguments further Roy I just want her happiness
Rohit in huge anger: Ok fine Mr Abhishek Mehra fine we agree with you but remember one thing that if anything wrong happened with her in future then its responsible will be you only you no one else understood .

Saying so he left the room and then rest of them also followed him. From next day onwards Abhi behaved normally with Pragya although she was praising Rajveer all the time and he was feeling like someone is stabbing him now decided that he will leave delhi after completing his exams and soon the day of final exams also came and as per his decision he left Delhi after completing his exams making an excuse that his father needs help in his business in Mumbai and on last day he took promise from everyone of them that they will never tell Pragya about the truth and they four promised and Abhi left…

Abhi: All were right Pragya all were right I am the only one who is responsible for your this condition that day why I thought of your happiness and hiding the truth from you why I did that. That one day changed our lives completely. (tears were rolling from his eyes)
He was thinking when his thoughts got disturbed by a phone call it was Somya
Abhi: Yes Somya speak up
Somya: Abhishek I big problem Is there

Abhi: what happened?
Somya: Now that Rajveer is not going to MP he is directly coming to Mumbai now you have to do everything fast because he will leave from here in three days just now I heard him talking with one of his client
Abhi was hell shocked hearing that because now everything has to be changed he hanged up the call and rushed to tell this to Richa

Screen freezed on his tensed face

so this was the reason that everyone is blaming Abhi but the question arises here is it the actual reason? well for that now lets see whats going to be happen next now everything is messed up as Pragya dont know about Abhi first when she was not well she remembered him but now as she is improving she forgot him did she really forgot him or there is anything else lets see in further updates so to know that just stay tuned as now the story is going to take major change

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    1. SURBHI

      I am extremely sorry nannu actually it is game of destiny posted on the name of story of faith by mistake I am extremely sorry for that

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    Dekha Na Tha Kabhi Hum Nay Yeah Saman 
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