STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 39

Episode 39
She closed gave that ball to Ganga and she started playing with it She was admiring her and soon she felt slept by getting tired and then slept Basu kept that ball aside and lays beside her it was the time of dinner when Vibha came there along with Abhigya having their plates as trio use to do dinner together that time while taking the glass of water from table that ball fell down as they were doing dinner she thought she will pick it up later and so they all had some chits chats for a while but something strike in mind of Basu she asked from Vibha
Basu: mami..!!
Vibha: yes what happened?
Basu: you didn’t tell me where is Ranvi?
Vibha: He is busy in looking off his grandfather’s music company as none of us are doing so first Yash was doing so but now he is also busy in other contracts so he is doing so..
Basu: OH! I asked because I met everyone leaving Rohit Subu maasi’s son Ranvi and Kirti
Abhigya: I don’t like Rohit’s attitude that boy is too much
Vibha: exactly leaving his parents he is living abroad with his family and hardly use to come to meet her
Abhigya: just connected by call every time his excuse is that he is busy huh
Basu smiled: Maa at least he is connected by call that’s the positive thing that he remember his one family is waiting here also
Vibha: Oh leave him you tell me one thing do you want to meet Ranvi?
Basu: is it a question to ask of course I want to but if she will let me go out of this room only then (in teasing tone)
Abhigya: look girl I have given you full permission to meet him but the question is with Yash Subu and Prateek if they will allow you can go out
Basu: ok… where is Prabhas mama?
Abhigya: Oh I know where he is you don’t think about him his mood was off so when he will feel good he will be back
Vibha: where else he could have gone of course at
Vibha and Abhigya in chorus: Mehra Mansion
Basu: really! Where is it and what’s special there?
Abhigya: something which we don’t want to share with anyone and more than that, it is the place where our childhood our life has spend
Basu: Oh I wish I could see it
Abhigya: of course we will take you there but after resolving this issue for sure
Saying this they both left the room and Basu after washing her hands immediately after checking whether anyone was there or not she locked the door and checked out that ball a corner of paper was coming out from that ball and she was fully hopeful that only he has send this, she opened that and started reading as she got to know that her doubt was true it was him who wrote this she started reading it

Dear Silly..
I don’t know what’s going on yr to be honest I thought that when you will meet your family it will be a great fun, you will live happy, more than that we will live happily, but this is getting alter yr… see what happened they closed you in a room and not permitting me to meet you too…. I have a question now from god that why there is sudden twist in a tale uff… you know how much I am missing you, no one is there to call me out in the morning by gently messing my hairs (Basu smiled) my morning coffee that is also not there but the thing which is bothering me a lot is that small celebration which you use do whenever I get something. I am missing it yr don’t know where my words get lost whenever I come to meet you today what I am writing I don’t know just writing in a flow if you feel hurt by something please ignore it, but really I am missing you yr you know what happened now a days didu is here and she unbolted that swing to wake me up rather than waking me up by pouring water on me or kicking me she did this (she laughed imagining that) I know you must be laughing by imagining it, laugh as much as you can because I know that you must be looking cute, by the way I got something from the word cute you know what, when I looked at you after this much time you was looking so cute (she shook her head with a smile) arey don’t do that yr if you will keep on increasing this cuteness then I am sure I will forget everything and keep on admiring you,, now you will be thinking that I am praising you unnecessarily (she smiled and said “wo to aap kar rahey ho (that is what you are doing)) but my dear silly I want to tell you one thing that One day, if you sometime admire yourself from my eyes, then you will get to know that What all is hidden from your eyes, and if you can’t then tell me I shall show you.. arey if you will see in mirror na then The mirror will begin to say an unsaid story understood (she raising her eyebrows said “Really!”) uff I know that you must be thinking that how I am speaking this much today but let me tell you that my silence also said many things you never understood or pretended that you didn’t got what I am thinking but if you will think na then you will pick up talks from my silence, and weave praises from the thread (of these talks) whenever you are near me na I feel today like what I was not until yesterday.. and believe me My praise is not false..even I am saying it freely that My style is your gift silly.. I wish if I could be a poet or singer and then One day if you would have called yourself from my tongue, The poetry that is hidden in you, I would have say that poetry to you.. all I can say that This relation of two hearts, cannot be said openly we cant tell exactly what relation we are sharing beside being a husband and wife there is something more for sure (she said smilingly “there is it I know it”) okay this page has come to an end dear I have to stop myself here if you get this please give me your reply throw this ball in same manner okay but not just after reading it when tomorrow I will flash head light of my car (she laughed at his fear) okay so see you next time

And unknown happiness ran through her feelings after reading his letter she kept that letter in her diary in which she use to write about some special persons only she kept that letter at the page where she has written about him and then closed the diary after that she took one note pad and started writing reply to him she was that much happy that she wasn’t getting what to write she started writing what she thinks and a song plays In BG
qissa ham likheinge dil-e-bekaraar ka (I shall write the story of the restlessness of the heart)
khat mein sajaake phuul ham pyaar ka (in a letter adorned with the flowers of love)
lafzon mein likh denge apna yeh haal-e-dil (With words I shall narrate the state of my heart)
dekheinge kya javaab aata hai phir yaar ka (Then I’ll see what answer comes from my beloved)
She was writing unknowingly and here Abhi was imagining her reaction after reading his feelings he was smiling on one side and on the other side slapping himself mentally thinking that she must be thinking this time he is acting as silly with these thoughts he slept and next day after continuing his schedule he went to her home again and as per instructed she threw ball to him and he took of her letter and send his to her through that ball again they both read each other’s letter after dinner and when everyone was slept BG continued
Abhi was reading her letter leaning himself on the wall and smiled while doing so BG continued

dil ka diwaanaapan kahata hai yeh sajan (Beloved, the madness of my heart tells me)
kadmon mein aapke luta duun apni jaan (I would squander my soul at your feet)

She was reading his part and after reading his she hid her face in his letter BG continued
jaan hamaari ho jaan se bhi pyaari ho (You are my soul, you are more precious than my soul)
aapke pyaar ki to dil mein hai jagah (Your love’s place is in my heart (not at my feet))

screen shifts towards Abhi he was reading her letter now laying himself on bed BG continued

dil mein hi basaake rakhna tum sada (Place and keep me in your heart forever)
ham to na chhodenge yeh saath kabhi dildaar ka (Never will I leave the company of my heartmate)

Screen divides between both of their faces and with writing a reply for both of them they slept and next day again the same thing continued

She opened his letter and was reading it hugging the pillow laying on stomach BG plays

chanda sa chehara jab aata hai yaad kab (When I remember, her face seems like the moon)
din mein bhi chaah jaata hai raat ka samaan (and so, even in the daytime, I long for a season of night)

screen shifts to Abhi he was reading her letter sitting on an arm chair and with smiling expressions BG continues

raatein behaal hain sona muhaal hai (The nights are a torment; sleep is impossible)
aankhon mein aap hain ji nindein hain kahaan (You are in my eyes; where is the sleep that should be there?)

Abhi closed her letter and looked towards the moon resting his head on his arm which was visible from his room window and thought something taking a deep breath BG continues

meri bhi nigaahon ka ab sun le ek savaal (Listen, too, to the question in my eyes)
puuchhti hain kab aayega mauka phir tere didaar ka (They ask when they will have a chance to see you again)

both of them slept being lost in each others thought
It was a fine morning Basudha was sleeping hugging Ganga in her room as she was writing letters till late night here the Mehras along with Prateek Vibha and Shreya were in living hall discussing about something serious when the door bell ranged, Dinu Kaka opened the door and a smile formed on his face as it was Kaustuki on the door
Kaustuki: Hello kaka how are you!
Dinu: I am fine bete sahab how are you! And you came alone
Kaustuki: kaka you will play KBC here itself or you will allow me to get in
Dinu: sorry, sorry come in please
Prateek heard sound of some chattering : Kaka..!!! who is on the door? With whom you are talking?
Dinu: Kaustuki is here baba!
Abhigya: Kaustuki! Here! And that also alone?
Kaustu came and jumped on Abhigya’s lap: why nanii.. I can’t come here!!
Yash: you can, but our question is how you came here alone?
Kaustu: oho nanu… Dadu dropped me here he will come to meet you at evening along with Yasho bua and Naira Bua
Abhigya: Oh is it! So your dadu agreed to leave you alone here!! Do your papa know it?
Kaustuki: If Dadu left me here it means he also cant say anything because it is the decision of senior Mehta sahab
Prateek: to bad Kaustu you are always trolling your father
Kaustu: haan to I am trolling my own father not someone else!!
Yash: Good answer junior
Prateek: you are spoiling her Yash
Yash: Oh jijs tell me something new please
Prateek: you are spoilt brat
Yash: I know that too
Kaustuki: You are just like Lil Golu
All of them in chorus: now who is he!!
Kaustuki: Lil Golu!! Oh come on don’t tell me you all don’t know him
All were looking each other’s faces
Kaustuki: Oh nani at least you must know him yr he is rapper just like my Yo yo Honey Singh
Abhigya made a weird face: what do you mean by that your yo yo yak don’t tell his name in front of me that boy is so irritating
Yash: now that Lil Golu was something new that’s why I love you junior
Kaustu: Thanks.. and Nani…. Don’t say anything about yo yo please I can’t hear a word against him
Abhigya: and I can’t hear a word for him
Prateek: Oh ho! Enough both of you
Kaustu and Abhigya both looked in opposite direction
After few minutes Kaustuki went to Abhigya who was still irked with Honey Singh Kaustu poked her finger lightly on her shoulder
Kaustu: nani….
Abhigya: what!!
Kaustu: where is mummy!! Tell me I haven’t met her since long time please call her na
Abhigya: ok I will but first you promise you won’t hear that idiotic creation Yo Yo
Kaustu: this is impossible
Abhigya: then I will not tell you where is she
Prateek: Oh Abhu you are fighting with a kid come on yr
Yash: don’t do this didi with my cutie pie please
Abhigya: don’t you dare open your mouth Yash and Subu no one will tell her where is she
All of them kept quiet as Abhu warned them
Kaustuki: so you won’t tell me
Abhigya: no
Kaustuki: are you sure
Abhigya: yes
Kaustuki: I am asking final time
Abhigya: my decision and answer is final
Kaustuki: ok then lets play a game if you won then I will leave Yo yo forever and if I won then you will tell me where is mummy
Abhigya: done
Kaustuki: ready!
Abhigya: since childhood
Kaustuki: ok so this is rapid fire game you have to answer without thinking
Abhigya: ready
Kaustuki: okay then, tell me what is the name of emperor who built Sanchi Stoopa
Abhigya: haah so easy emperor Ashoka
Kaustuki: who kept the first building block of Qutub Minar?
Abhigya: Qutub-ud-din-aibak
Kaustuki: where is Qutub Minar?
Abhigya: in Delhi
Kaustuki: who was the emperor ruled all over India for a long time?
Abhigya: Akbar
Kaustuki: where was his fort?
Abhigya: Agra
Kaustuki: what was his mother’s name?
Abhigya: Hamida Bano
Kaustuki: how many mothers did he had?
Abhigya: one own and two stepmother so total three mothers
Kaustuki: Where did Hamida Bano lived?
Abhigya: In Agra with him
Kaustuki: how many mothers did I have?
Abhigya being lost in game: one
Kaustuki: what is her name?
Abhigya: Basudha
Kaustuki: where is she living?
Abhigya: first floor first room
Kaustu smiled: thank you nani (pulling her cheeks)
Abhigya then realised that how easily she trapped her and all were laughing at her expression as Abhigya was totally dumbstruck she was left shouting there that this is cheating and in that interval of time she reached at her room as she opened the door she looked that Basu was still sleeping and Ganga was with her so beside disturbing her she lays beside Ganga and soon she also drifted into peaceful sleep after a long time that warmth of her mother was present with her so it didn’t took time to feel her sleepy…..

Here screen shifts towards Prateek he was lost this time somewhere a flash back is shown
Flash back
Basu: Papa…. Please tell me where is remote program is about to start
Prateek: Basu your exams are starting from day after tomorrow you should concentrate on that no TV go and study
Basu: But Hard Kaur’s concert
Prateek: you can see its repeat telecast too now go
Basu keeping hand on her waist: so you will not tell me
Prateek: no
Basu: extremely no!!
Prateek: extremely no
Basu: Ok then where are my books?
Prateek: that must be in your room
Basu: my copies!!
Prateek: at same place last time where you kept
Basu: my pencil box
Prateek: on table there
Basu: then.. my bag
Prateek: in your room
Basu: my pencil
Prateek: in pencil box
Basu: then remote!!
Prateek: in that draw
Basu: thanks papa how sweet of you
She went and started watching TV and Prateek was left shouting “this is cheating”
Flash back ends

After some time it was 10:00am in the morning when Basu woke up she noticed that one hand was on her which was trying to cover her but as it was short so it was only covering Ganga and when she opened her eyes she saw that Kaustu was there sleeping beside them first she thought that it was her dream then realised that it was reality she was there, she hurriedly woke up and after getting fresh n up she called Abhigya and asked that when Kaustu came? She answered that in early morning itself she was here and how she trapped her Basudha laughed at that and then when she was having breakfast that time Ganga woke up and went to Basu she made her sit beside her then she said
Basu pinning her hairs at side: what happened why you rushed here my dear
Ganga whispered in her ears: Mummy…. I saw… didi sleeping there….!!
Basu: really!! Didi is sleeping there?
Ganga: is she ghost?
Basu laughed on her statement: why don’t you check yourself
Ganga: bhoot….
Basu laughed and both headed towards her room when Kaustu was still sleeping both of then sat beside her, she called out her name gently caring her head Kaustu….
Kaustu while snuggling into pillow: five minutes more na mummy…
Basu looked at Ganga: see she is didi herself how she is sleeping, go ask her to wake up go!
Ganga jumped in happiness: didi is here….
She jumped over her and patting her cheeks said
Ganga: get up get up get up
Kaustu: umm… Dangu please yr
Ganga: get up na!!
She wasn’t ready to get up then Basu gestured something to Ganga and she picked up few hairs of Kaustu’s braid and started tickling with it in her ears and with that irritation she woke up
Kaustu: Ganga yr what!! I want to sleep
Ganga: but Ganga wants to play with didi
Kaustu: I want to sleep with mummy (hugging Basu by waist)
Ganga pulled her t-shirt standing near the bed: come na… I will play with you didi come
She wasn’t ready to listen Ganga pulled her with full force and as she was at the corner of bed she fell down
Basu: oye…
Ganga got feared and hid behind Kaustu’s back as she thought now for sure Basu will scold her Kaustu smiled helplessly
Kaustu: are you looking mummy… see how cleverly she is trying to escape behind my back her target and protection both only ends up at me only
Basu: she is younger na that’s why, haha leave that and tell me one thing (pulling her towards her) how are you?
Kaustu: how can I be! Without you! You know how difficult it is living with papa now a days he is not waking up early daily driver uncle leave me school either Naira bua is going with me but he used to sleep till late he is enjoying fully you know
Basu: really! Don’t worry once I will be back na then I will see him by the way Kaustu Naira is here!
Kaustu: yeah Naira and Yasho bua both are here as uncle went for some kind of business meet I heard while she was talking with him
Ganga: didi…
Basu: ok okay leaving your didi madam take her go… (said to Ganga) Kaustu go dear play with her
Kaustu: you don’t go anywhere mummy I want to talk to you a lot
Basu looking at her room: haah… where will I go dear I am here only
She went with her both Kaustu and Ganga played for the whole day Ganga wasn’t getting bore today Subuhi came to take her with her but she refused to go and clutched Kaustu’s hand tightly that she is not ready to go Subuhi went from there feeling strange that today she doesn’t need anyone to pass out her time it was the time of evening when Kabir along with Divya, Yashika and Naira came there to meet the family all of them greeted each other then as Ganga looked her dadu and dadi she went and jumped in Divya’s lap Kaustu went and called Basu, she came and greeted Kabir and Divya, Divya hugged her tightly and said
Divya: you forgot us haah! Two Sundays have spend bete sahab and you didn’t came to meet us arey leave them you didn’t came to meet me and took my sweetu away too, too bad Pragya.. (Kabir and Divya call her by that name only)
Basu: nothing is like that maa, met with maa after a long time so only…
Divya: hmm got birth mother then you forgot this mother right!
Basu: I am telling na…
Yashika: don’t tell her anything now-a-days she have got habit of emotional blackmailing now also she is doing same
Divya: don’t you feel shame you are telling like about your own mother
Naira: this is fact ma…
Divya: no one understands me huh!
She went taking Ganga from there
Basu: see you made her angry
Yashika: leave her she is acting I know very well in morning also she did same exactly same with me and didi
Naira: by the way how are you and this much big home will you not show us your home?
Abhigya: yes you may go and look out our whole house
Yashika: come Basudha we will go
Basu: ok..!!
Then trio moved to look out the house having some chit chats after few minutes Yashika and Naira left the place and went back to the place where rest of the family members were it was the time when usually Abhi use to come so she decided to go back to room but when she was going something unusual happened she was being dragged by someone in a room which was there in the dark corner
Basu: who the hell…
She was about to complete when she saw a familiar face standing in front of her yes it was Abhi
Basu: you!! How you came in? I mean mama, I mean no one…
Abhi: stop your mean median mode yr and tell me where were you going?
Basu: waah you are saying if you don’t know where I was going!!
Abhi turning aside: oh means got someone who is better than me
Basu chuckled: of course I got him and you know he is much better than you
Abhi: great then have a great time with him
Basu: of course I will but for that I have to go out from this home prison
Abhi smiled: when you will not try even for once then how you will get rid of it
Basu: but what to do you saw that right! Whenever I use to do something Yash mama arrives then all plan gets flopped what can I do?
Abhi grinning his teeth: your Yash mama ugh… that man is creating his image like villains of 90s
A voice came from back: so am I
Soon Abhi felt a hand on his collar
Abhi: Basu why am I feeling that he is at my back
Basu nodded in yes
Abhi: so he is at my back
Yash: yes cheap man I am here only
Basu: cheap man!
Yash: yes
Abhi being irked: he is saying it now why are you highlighting it by repeating the word
Yash: now get the hell out of here
Abhi: I am going but tell me one thing how do you get to know I am here
Yash smiled: actually when your sisters entered at last that time something got into my mind and then one mini spy cam which my son uses on me I just attached it on her dupatta and then on my mobile everything was visible
Abhi and Basu were looking each other dumbstruck
Yash: now get out or I have to call someone
Abhi: I am going but yes do one thing is sure it’s good that you wasn’t there at time of our marriage otherwise our kids would be look like of mini spy cam and CCTV according to your this step (achha hai meri shadi ke time ap nahi they warna mere bachey bhi min cam aur CCTV jaisi shakal k paida hotey pakka)
Yash: that’s why I use to say this man is cheap see how low his thoughts are he is limited at spy cam and CCTV idiot at least you must have use DSLR beside these name
Abhi making a weird face shook his head in disbelief: Basu I am going see you soon
He was going when Yash interrupted
Yash: yes but after fulfilling our wish
Abhi gave a glare look to him and went from there Basu was in mixed emotion she was enjoying this too but feeling bad for him also she looked at Yash
Yash: now what are you looking for go inside
Basu: but mama
Yash: go…
Basu: but ma…
Yash cuts off: go
Basu: ma..
Yash: hurr…
Basu went from there with an irritated face
All of them went back to home Divya and Kabir were with Abhi he was driving the car and Yashika was seated with them and Naira with Abhi in front they left Kaustuki there with her as next day was Sunday while Abhi was driving all his family members were keep on praising Yash and Subuhi’s decision he was getting irked to the core all of them reached home and without uttering a words Abhi went to his room directly here all of them came in following him
Divya: why you all are forcing him you know right! If he got irritated then he will leave everything
Kabir: Madam not will he did that today itself sir have taken one week leave from office god knows what is going on his mind
Yashika: ego papa ego
Naira: haan he will dead but never let his ego down in front of anyone for sure
Divya: one week leave!! What the hell is he thinking?

Precap: 1.Basu gets relief from being hostage, 2. Yash gives training for proposal to Abhi nok jhok between Yash and shreya 3.Abhi’s entry in Sangwang villa

Spoiler: a sudden transformation

finally got time to upload all the writers so sorry didnt got time to read as in day i was busy in diwali prep and at night TU wasnt responding that is the reason didnt uploaded the episode too but got time and read every update today it was way too superb now coming to the story then what is going to be happen lets see in further episodes and please try to understand i will be regular in November after all this festive season ending so till then enjoy this one hope you like it

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