STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 38

Episode 38
Abhi with a smile on his face was sleeping on the terrace itself as last night he was here Kaustuki came there and gave that swing a slight jerk to make him awake but he didn’t responded and was just smiling while sleeping she poked on his arm to wake him up but he still didn’t got up then she clapped in front of him he turned himself to another side but didn’t awake (he was sleeping on a swing which is like cot) she got irritated to the core so went down in anger. There Yashika was setting out the table for breakfast and looking at Kaustu asked
Yashika: Hey what happened in morning itself you are coming from terrace you never use to go there so why today?
Kaustuki: Bua it was not my wish I went there in search of him
Naira: so did you found him?
Kaustuki: of course I found him there
Yashika: so why he didn’t came back with you?
Kaustuki: He will come back with me if he will be ready to open his eyes but no he is not and you know he continuously smiling while sleeping I called him out so he turned to alter side and slept again
Naira: hein even sun rays are high then also he is sleeping?
Kaustuki in an irritated tone: seems like he got some kind of protection shield… Bua you leave him you give me breakfast and tell me who is going to leave me school today
Naira cupping her face: I will go today with my dearest darlo come
Yashika: and I will see how he will not wake up
Kaustu had her breakfast and went to school here Abhi was still in his dreams when Yashika came there she also tried a lot ways to make him awake but he was in his deep sleep she got irritated
Yashika: Abhi beta….
Abhi in sleep: just five minutes more please
Yashika: sure beta….
She went and unbolted two chains of swing by which it got imbalanced and he fell down with great jerk
Abhi: aaaahh… who the hell….
Yashika: Abhi what have you done you have broken the swing her favourite swing fatso what have you done
Abhi: Yasho didu! You why are you here and how I came here
Yashika: waah beta jaha soya wo jagah bhi yaad nahi tu sahi insaan hai bhai (very good forgot where you was slept great Ha)
Abhi: I was slept on terrace!
Yashika: that also in deep sleep that your eyes were not ready to open in this much sunny environment too
Abhi rubbing her eyes: aah my back! But tell me how this swing broken
Yashika: nothing I just took out these two bolts and then the swing got imbalance and then sweeee… you fell down
Abhi: don’t you feel shame you did this just to wake me up
Yashika: what I could have done! You were not ready to wake up so I did this only now come down and get fresh n up you are already late
Abhi: sometimes I curse myself why am I your brother god could have send me to someone who could be sensible
Yashika: there is no one sensible than us Mr you have your luck that you got us as your sister otherwise no one will think that weather my brother is ok or not weather my brother is having everything perfect in his life or not understand
Abhi: Ok okay I understood now don’t take credit too much
Yashika: so who asked you to wait here go and get fresh n up spoilt brat
Abhi: what! Do I look like…
Yashika cuts him off: yes you are a spoilt brat
Saying this she left and Abhi was totally irked now he looked at the swing then Yashika and thought “How the hell this lady unscrewed it”
Screen shifts towards dining hall here Yashika was having breakfast when Abhi joined her and he was still looking happy she felt something fishy
Yashika: Abhi!
Abhi: yes dadi ma
Yashika: have you gone mad? (asked casually)
Abhi: and why are you asking so
Yashika: if you will smile like this idiot who the else will not think that you are mad
Abhi: didu tell me exactly that how much problem do you have from me, if I am sleeping late then you have problem, if I am not eating then this is the problem, now when I smiling then it is also a problem for you, so do one thing note down in a diary that how many problems do you have then we will solve them together ok till then bye, bye dear didu
Saying this picked up his bag and was about to go when Yashika who was staring at him said
Yashika: you met Basudha right!
Abhi widening his eyes tried to cover up: wo… wo didu wo..
Yashika: waah beta yahi dosti yahi pyar beech me aa gayi ladki ki deewar (great brother this was your friendship this was your love… ha one girl and everything… just end)
Abhi cursing himself mentally for not sharing that matter with her: nothing like that didu I just saw her yesterday and more than that I was tired so….
Yashika: what an excuse bhai you have done PHD in that now before my anger raise go from here and don’t show me your face before evening
Abhi kissed at Yashika’s cheek: oh sweet sister I will be late as today also I will go there for sure
Yashika punched on his back: go from here these buttering will not work up here understood.
Abhi trying to calm down her anger: Hayee meri behen gussey me kitni haseen lagti hai (ohh god my sister looks extremely beautiful)
Saying this he escaped from there and Yashika smiled slightly at his words said “Idiot”
Here Basu was also in same condition she was looking happy today even being living like hostage was also not bothering her Abhigya looked that and asked from Prateek
Abhigya: don’t you think she is looking happy more than the limit
Prateek: what do you mean by that! Don’t you want to see her happy
Abhigya: nothing like that but I am saying as yesterday she was not happy an unknown sadness was there but look at her today…
Meanwhile Yash also came there
Yash: because that idiot person came here yesterday
Abhigya with cheerful eyes: hein he came here why you didn’t told me then
Prateek: haan you must have told her then she would have welcomed him then doing his aarti she would have spill beans on our plan….(teasing tone) oh come on Abhu enough of your in law love
Abhigya: I didn’t meant that
Prateek: exactly you were wishing something more
Abhigya: huh Prateek you can never understand me
Saying this she left
Prateek: why the hell can’t she understand that no one can understand her!
Yash: hahaha Jijs I agreed
Few days spent and Abhidha started meeting like that only and no one stopped them because Abhi make them remind of his question again and again this was his advantage but one day the plan backfired on him he went to meet her but before she could come to window someone grabbed him and pulled him another side
Abhi balancing himself: what the hell! Who is this?
Yash: it’s me dear your beloved mamu…
Abhi: why you dragged me like that!
Yash: because you can’t meet her
Abhi: you can’t stop me
Yash: and why is It so….!
Abhi: you forgot what I have said that day to you?
Yash: I know very well what you said Mr you asked me to prove that she is my sister’s daughter right!
Abhi: exactly
Yash handling him over some papers: hence proved
Abhi: what is this now?
Yash: you must know to read right! So read it what is it
Abhi read that and with shocking expression: DNA report!
Yash: proved that she is her daughter
Abhi : how can I believe it! What if you have bribed the hospital authority to make them in easy words what if they are fake!
Yash smiled: I knew it you will say that cheap man
Abhi: stop calling me that
Yash handed over some more papers to him: these are four reports from four different hospitals and all are same now Mr if you know then I can bribe one doctor or two but spending money on four just for bribing impossible man go and check yourself you are a media person know how to check original and fake so do it and check it but believe me boy I proved it now you may get out from here until you fulfil our wish okay dear
Saying this Yash left from there and dumbstruck Abhi was looking at reports then Yash and said “This Man is Mad this time he Nailed it”
He went from there with a huge disappointment here Basu was thinking that why he didn’t came yet she was still stood at the window as today Abhi was not happy so Naira and Yashika felt that something must has happened when they asked him, he shared his whole problem to them and they both burst out into laughter
Naira while laughing hard: he nailed it brother
Yashika: what an interesting character he is, I mean you just said it and he took that seriously
Abhi: now you both are laughing at my situation
Naira: we are not laughing at that but we are laughing because
Yashika: just to prove you wrong he took DNA test and that also by four hospitals isn’t it funny
Naira: he is totally crazy bro
Abhi: you are laughing at that and I am thinking that how did he took that test
Naira: oho idiot DNA test is possible even by the sample of hairs or nails so he must have got something like that
Yashika: but now the question here arise that is how will you talk with her now even the medium of sign language also end up here
Abhi: that’s a big problem now
Naira: I have one idea
Abhi: please tell me
Yashika: haye re desperate (pulling his cheeks)
Naira: ok okay so my plan is that why don’t you write her letters
Abhi: haan then I will post it and then the postman will come to me and bang that letter on me saying idiot when the address is nearby then why the hell you need to post the letter and if he didn’t did so then it will take about a month to reach at its place
Yashika: he is having point
Naira: then purchase one Pigeon and then go in front of her window and handling over the letter to pigeon he will take that to her but before that you have to trained him too
Abhi clapped: waah aur agar uski khud ki setting rastey me mil jaye to mera love letter uska love letter ban jaye hai na (very good and if he found his own love in middle then my love letter will turn into his)
Naira: ooohh so you will love letter aah..
Abhi: nothing like that
Saying this he went from there
Naira: this man is getting mad day by day
Yashika: exactly see how he is behaving
Naira: uff.
Next Day
Abhi was in his office and he reminded of Yasho’s words that he must write a letter he wrote it he wrote his every feeling that how he was feeling without her and how lonely the time was he was having his sisters to share everything but that talks in nights which were filled up with some thoughts which were having sharing of various experiences of life he wrote everything on a paper and decided to give it to her at evening he checked out whether anyone is there or not then thought to give her that letter but now the problem was how he will send that letter to her if anyone caught him doing so then they will never ever let that letter reach to her he was in a dilemma that how to do so when he saw that two boys were standing there on the road and looking at the ball which was in their hands
Boy1: damn it! This ball is not bouncy at all we can’t play cricket with it
Boy2: how can we! When the ball is torn off see
They both threw it on the side and went from there towards the way where other kids were playing Abhi again started to think the way when suddenly something striked in his mind and he got out off the car, he went and took that ball which was thrown by some boys and opening it he kept his letter in that ball, he prayed to God “Oh God please give me the strength to escape after doing so” and with a full force he threw that ball on Basudha’s window in result of which Ball went inside her room and glass was broken before anyone could notice him he went in his car which was parked in darkness and prayed that Basu must come to know that what is there in that ball.
Here as glass was broken Basu looked that ball and checked outside that who did that she was hoping it must be him but she didn’t found him instead she found children playing cricket on that lone road she was about to throw that ball back when Ganga pulled her dupatta and asked her to give that ball to her she tried to make her understand that it is not her ball but she wasn’t ready to listen so she gave it to her and she started playing with it.

screen divided between Abhi and Basu with lost expressions

Precap: Subuhi and Yash takes Basu to somewhere with full protection and a boy starts following her and teases her saying “please don’t start sulking if I should say to you, if I were to dwell in these eyes, then what?” she gets irritated
will Basu get to know that Abhi send that letter to her or this plan will going to be a flop and who is this teasing Basu how Yash and Subuhi agreed to take her out lets see in further episodes and Fatima i am sorry i didnt answered your question dear actually i neither like Honey SIngh nor Badshah but i can tolerate Honey SIngh for a while but not Badshah and why is it so i will tell you thorough these updates only and i cant escape from Honey Singh because my both the brother sisters are mad over him so no escaping from his i have to bear him dear

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